How to add a filter/selection into the report title?

Hi experts,
Currently I try to fugure out how to set up a field into the page header (title) of a report in order to dynamically adapt the title to selected filter criteria. I tried to use the Reprot Filter Summary, but since I do have several sheets in my reports the information given through it is not applicable.
What I would like to achieve is that the end user can select e.g. a category X and Y and the title says: "Report title - categories: X,Y" Somthg like this. I'd appreciate any tips.
Best regards

Hi guys,
thanks so far. I managed to show prompts in the report. But still my problem is nor 100% solved
I would like t achieve that the filtered criteria in the report title is separated through a comma like in the report filter summary - e.g.: {001, 002, 003, 004} followed by just 1chart/table that is including the whole information.
When I however just drag a variable into the report it automatically created different sections, right? Like ........ table, chart, whatever... .......table chart whatever........

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    Hello Sanjit,
    Thank you for your feedback!
    I was facing quite a few issues I had to focus on before being able to concentrate on this sorting-topic.
    Would you provide some details about the mentioned possibilities available with Business Catalyst?
    Merci !

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    Here the scenario like,
    Data from Table_1
    AAA 10 1 1.2
    BBB 12 2 3.1
    AAA 20 2 4.1
    CCC 23 1 5.2
    Here, In the matrix report the NAME and UNITS are row fields and 'DAYS' is column field , RATE would be the cell field, and
    Data from Table_2 ,
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    AAA 2
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    To get the multiple 'Basic' for each 'Name' using a ref cursor .
    and, using a function to do further calculation based on the basic value
    select basic into v_basic where name =:name;
    and return the calculated value to the report. But at that time cannot accommodate the value in the matrix report with other groups frequency.
    looking for your valuable help. Thanks Bcj

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    Thanks for that information.
    I did not see that the “go to view link” could change documents. I thought it was only within a document.
    I manually added two “go to view links” and that seems to work on both mac and pc computers.
    That brings up two questions.
    For old files can a acrobat java script batch file be setup to read the hyperlinks in a pdf document  and replace them with a “go to view link” style?
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    Thanks & Regards

    Are u sure about  the report version.
    Please do upgrade  while  even in oracle  they almost stopped for new version -Developer suite

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    It's vital for this project I'm working on and I can't find any guide for the 3D features in the extended edition that is free.
    The Help?
    Have you checked out 3D > Merge 3D Layers yet?

  • How to add a formula column in a report

    I have made a report based on a query.
    There are 3 columns in the query and all the 3 are displayed.
    Now I want to add a new column (fomula column) to the report.
    I want to write a query inside the formula column. To execute the query col1, col2 and col3 values are required in the formula column.
    Could you please tell me how to add a formula column in the report and how to pass database column value to inside the formula column

    Here is how you would create a formula column:
    Open data model of the report.
    Formula column button is on the left side of the tool palette.
    Click on that button.
    Now click in the query group where you want to place the formula column.
    You would see a new field something like CF_1. That is the formula column.
    Double click on the field CF_1. It will open property inspector.
    You would see, Datatype of the formula column is Number. Change this as per your requirement.
    Double click on PL/SQL Formula property. It would open up a editor. Here you can write the code.
    And now to access the data model column here, you can use : and column name. i.e. :col1 or :col2, etc
    And remember you have to return the value back to the formula column. Like this: RETURN(some value).
    You can also take a help from here:
    Hope this helps.

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  • How to create  some columns dynamically in the report designer depending upon the input selection

    Post Author: ekta
    CA Forum: Crystal Reports
    how  to create  some columns dynamically in the report designer depending upon the input selection 
    how  export  this dynamic  report in (pdf , xls,doc and rtf format)
    report format is as below:
    Element Codes
    Employee nos.
    Employee Name
    Carers leave
    O/T 1.5
    O/T 2.0
    Total Hours
    PHAN , Hanh Huynh
    I , Jungue
    GARFINKEL , Hersch
    In the above report first column and the last columns are fixed and the other columns are dynamic depending upon the input selection:
    if input selection is Normal and RDO then only 2 columns w'd be created and the other 2 fixed columns.
    Can anybody help me how do I design such report....

    Hi Developer life,
    According to your description that you want to dynamically increase and decrease the numbers of the columns in the table, right?
    As Jason A Long mentioned that we can use the matrix to do this and put the year field in the column group, amount fields(Numric  values) in the details,  add  an filter to filter the data base on this column group, but if
    the data in the DB not suitable to add to the matrix directly, you can use the unpivot function to turn the column name of year to a single row and then you can add it in the column group.
    If there are too many columns in the column group, it will fit the page size automatically and display the extra columns in the next page.
    Similar threads with details steps for your reference: 
    If your still have any problem, please try to provide us more details information, such as the data structure in the DB and the table structure you are currently designing.
    Any question, please feel free to let me know.
    Best Regards
    Vicky Liu

  • How to use Hierarchy Filter Selection?

    Hi, experts !
    Could anyone give me a detail for how to use hierarchy filter selection ?
    When i locate a Hier filter selection in the template and execute it, a false info
    accured while filtering data,and the IE inferred the hier node object was missing.
    Then i add another hier filter in the same template, and the secend runs well, however the first one didn't.
    At last, i hide the first one, but the second one can't either.
    Help me !!!
    Thx in advance!

    Thanks Toja !
    Sorry to reply so late !
    The error is line: 51. error:'document.HIERARCHY_MENU_1.NODEID' is null or is not the object.
    The code on line of 51 says:document.HIERARCHY_MENU_1.NODEID.value = i_node;
    Could you please give me some documents on the topic of Hierarchy Filter Selection ?

  • How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title

    Dear All,
    How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title? I have selected a value in the selection screen for sorting , but i need that values by which i have sorted with in the report title. Can you please throw some light on this!!
    Good day,
    Thanks and regards
    Arun S

    Hi Arun,
    Try this.
    1, Set one dynamic parameter,
    2, Drag and drop that parameter into  your report title.
    3, Pass the value(sort value) dynamically from your application,
    4, Cheers..
    Other wise Try with Dataset, create a dataset and fill thev alue into that.. Then  set the data source from CR designer. and darg and drop that data column into the report.
    Hope this will work,
    Edited by: salahudheen muhammed on Mar 25, 2009 11:13 AM

  • How to add a radio station to the library

    just loaded itunes 6 (windows box) and can't find out how to add a radio station to the library

    If your current stations in WMP are .pls or .m3u URL's, they may work in iTunes also. Use the "Open Stream" command from the Advanced menu and put in the URL that includes .pls/.m3u. If the URL is a .mwv variety, those are Windows proprietary format and not supported by iTunes. Same with .ra streams (Real Audio).
    .pls & .m3u usually indicate MP3 based streams supported in iTunes. It's up to the original radio station/streaming site to select the format and make it available. & are great resources for mp3 based streams.

  • After creating a new user account, how do I move my files into the new user?

    I have an issue where my 'Desktop/Screensaver' prefs seem to be corrupt somehow. When I click on that icon in System Preferences, it stalls and I get the spinning ball, thus resulting in a force quit. After reading a Mac Format magazine where someone wrote in with a similar issue, they said to trash various prefs (did that and made no difference) and if that didn't work, try creating a New User account (therefore creating brand new system prefs) and move your stuff over.
    Well, I've created the New User account, but I can't figure out how to move/copy my stuff into the user folders. After copying and attempting to move stuff in, I see folders with a red circle with a white line through it (like a 'no entry' sign).
    Any clue as to how this can be done? All I'm trying to do is to reinstate the system prefs so they are not corrupt anymore on my log-in.

    No. Not the main Library folder. Make absolutely sure you are in the Home Library folder and not the main Library folder.
    Your Home Library folder is hidden in Lion. To get to it, in the Finder menu, select GO and hold the option key down. Select Library in the submenu. The Finder window will open in your Home Library. This is where your user prefs are stored.
    Once there, you will see the Preferences folder. Open it up, select all items within it and move them to the trash. You will need to restart in order for the new Finder preferences to be recreated.
    Once you restart, then you will be back to the default preferences to the system and all applications. And yes, it will affect all settings including your Dock, just as logging into a new user. You will have to reset everything there also.
    If you wish to do a selective method, instead of deleting all preferences, try deleting the one associated with your problem. Screen saver problems should be affected by the system preferences, so try deleting this:
    Note that when you delete system file preferences, a restart will be required. For applications, just quit the application before trashing preference files.

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