How to add document name and document namespace to xml mail sender msg

I have set up a sender mail CC that accepts messages already in XML format. However, the messages are missing the document name and document namespace. I am trying to use MessageTransformBean to add these to the message payload. However the examples I've found so far all talk about converting plain text coming in. When I used convertionTpe -> SimplePlain2XML it messed up the original content with unnecessary xml tags.
Can someone please tell me how to insert the document name and namespace into the payload without converting the original xml content? Thanks in advance.

Dont think there is a way.
As the source is a XML, why dont you create the MessageType with the same name and namespace as the XML file in the email.

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  • How to add folder name to document library view

    Using Project Server 2010.
    We have a set of standard folders on each of our project sites for Requirements, Development, Testing, etc.  Currently, we display this library like you would see in File Explorer - you see a list of folders at the top, double-click on a folder
    to drill down, etc.
    I want to display these same documents as a straight list of all documents - not grouped into folders - but with the folder name displayed next to it (sort of like an attribute).  I can create the list view easily by selecting the "Show all items
    without folders" option in the view settings; however, the containing folder name is not available as a column name.
    Is this possible?

    I do not think there is an out of the box way to do this.
    The immediate solution that comes to mind is using a workflow, that runs everytime  a document is uploaded/item created, which may be too much for your scenario.
    Prasanna Adavi, Project MVP

  • How to suffix user name and password remote pc in shutdown /s command

    We can shutdown a remote pc  using " shutdown /s /m \\ipaddress " command, only if password of remote pc is stored in windows credential  manager.
    But how to  add user name and password when i execute the command for example : when we map a share folder on our pc we use below command with  user name and password
    "net use * \\ipaddress\share password /user:username "
    can we give user name and password of remote pc  while we give shutdown command to turn off  a remote pc (without adding user name and password to windows credentials).
    Thanks in advance..........

    Hello Jayanth kundar,
    Based on my test, I can use the command shutdown /s /m \\ to shutdown the remote computer when the have the same username and password.
    Do you mean that you want to add user name and password when you want to shutdown the remote computer?
    I can't find a user name and password in Windows Credential Manager, please share us a screenshot.
    Best regards,
    Fangzhou CHEN
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  • How to add a record in document library without upload file.

    how to add a record in document library without upload file?
    Is it possible? I want to create a folders in Document Library but inside folders i do not want to upload a file instead of just i want to create a record. I will map my local file path to the records.
    Can anyone help me on it?
    Thanks & Regards
    Poomani Sankaran

    Hello Sankaran,
    document library is to upload documents, without document you will not be able to add a record or Item to it.
    for your requirement you can use a list and enable folders within the list and maintain the local path of the file as an item in list.
    My Blog-|
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  • I forget how to add audio to a document I have made.

    I forget how to add audio to a document I have made.

    lola2610 wrote:
    I can duplicate but that is not what I am looking for.
    This is what it is for. Save As doesn't change the behaviour of Autosave. All changes always get saved at all times. If you want to save as a new document, then do that. If you want to do a save as, just don't make any changes beforehand.
    Second problem is the load of internet pages! It is sooooo slow...
    Try a new DNS server such as OpenDNS. The ones your ISP gives you can be very bad.

  • MSRV* Reports: How to add Vendor name?

    howdy gurus!
    Appreciate very much for any guidelines on how to add vendor name in MSRV* reports.

    Thanks for the inputs guys.
    So there's no technique yet to include it (similar to FBL*N and CJI3/KSB1).
    No available note also in SAPNotes.
    I already developed the Z*  report but the key user requests the possiblities in MSRV*.

  • "Document Security" and "Document Restrictions Summary" different

    Why is there a mismatch of permissions between 'Document Security' and Document Restrictions Summary'?
    I have a pdf file generated with the following security options enabled -- Printing, Commenting (Annotations), fill-in, Content Modification, Assembly. Even though these options show up as enabled in 'Document Security' section of Security tab in Properties (File->Properties->Security->Document Security), they are different to the ones in 'Document Restriction Summary'.
    This results in the inability to use highlighting/commenting tools of Adobe Acrobat Reader (ver. 7 and 8).
    The pdf file is generated using Open Office 3.0 Writer from a file in a .doc (word) format. I have also tried using tools like 'pdftk' with same results.
    According to my interpretation, the 'Document Restrictions Summary' should be in tandem with the 'Document Security'. Am I missing something obvious here? Could anyone kindly clarify how to enable the commenting feature and use it within Acrobat Reader (the free tool)?
    Needless to say this will be environment friendly option, which Adobe has been a strong advocate of.
    Rahul Iyer

    Yes, thats right. I used Open Office 3 to generate the pdf. I have also tried using pdftk and Adobe Distiller 5 with the same result.
    Your statement implies, the 'Adobe Reader' features cannot be fully utilized without a valid Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    This is a document to which I have the source. I have been able to create the pdf with the required set of permissions based on standards. But I am being hassled because I didn't generate it with Adobe Pro! Well, I suppose this must have been a business decision, but its one thats standards contrary and morally low!
    Adobe just lost an avid Reader user. I shall circulate my findings within my work and social circles. Thanks to competition and open source, I am sure to find a standards compliant reader without much delay.
    Thanks for your help - graffiti
    Rahul Iyer

  • JAXB 2.0 with JXDM gives error.  Use and @XmlType.namespace

    I am getting the below error for JXDM when using. It was mentioned in that it is fixed. Still getting this error.
    a) Appreciate if anyone can tell how to use the bug fix b20 that is mentioned in the above? I downloaded the latest jaxb 2.0 from this site and also from the jaxb RI(Reference Implementation and tried both).
    b) Is there any workaround to get through this?
    Will appreciate if any one can give advise on this.
    ************** Here is the error message ******************
    There was this problem creating a context com.sun.xml.bind.v2.runtime.IllegalAnn
    otationsException: 1 counts of IllegalAnnotationExceptions
    Two classes have the same XML type name "usStateCodeType". Use and
    @XmlType.namespace to assign different names to them.
    this problem is related to the following location:
    at protected gov.
    at protected
    CodeType generated.CjsAddressType.locationStateCodeUSPostalService
    at generated.CjsAddressType
    at protected java.util.List generated.CjsPersonType.personAddres
    at generated.CjsPersonType
    at protected generated.CjsPersonType
    at generated.CjsSuspectType
    at protected generated.CjsSuspectType
    at generated.CjsReportType
    at public generated.CjsReportType generated.ObjectFactory.create
    at generated.ObjectFactory
    this problem is related to the following location:
    at protected gov.ojp
    at protected java.util.List
    at protected java.util.List
    at protected java.util.List
    at protected java.util.List
    at generated.CjsBookingType
    at public generated.CjsBookingType generated.ObjectFactory.creat
    at generated.ObjectFactory
    Check this out
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at bpd.MakeNewItem.marshallItem(
    at bpd.MakeNewItem.persistItem(
    at bpd.MakeNewItem.<init>(
    at bpd.MakeNewItem.main(
    ********************End of error message ******************
    Message was edited by:

    In Help > About > Properties:
    sqldeveloper.oci.available = true

  • Enable Document Structure and Document Hierarchy

    We have enable the document browser in SPRO, but the folder do not appear in a hierarchy.  In other words, I can create a FOL type DIR, but it looks like any other document type.  I can not navigate into the folder and add sub folder and documents to it in the Document Browser.
    Is there a configuration that we are missing?
    Max points to the first correct answer.

    Dear Andrew
    First of all please note that in SAP DMS, you cannot view Folder structure as you would expect.
    If you want to create a Folder in SAP DMS follow these steps :
    - First create a DIR using CV01n
    - Convert the DIR into Document structure in CV11 giving Doc. type and Document number
    - Now the DIR is a Document Structure ( Folder) and add other DIR s into it
    - You can also add other Document Structures into this and those will become Sub Folders.
    This is a very time cosuming procedure and if u have large requirment of creating Folders and Subfolders, better install SAP Easy DMS
    In SAP Easy DMS  you can create Folders and Subfolders as in Microsoft Explorer.
    You can dowload SAP Easy DMS from and install.
    SAP Easy DMS is very user friendly tool and requires little training for end users to understand compared to SAP DMS.

  • How to change the name and description of a wim using DISM

    With Imagex we could update the name and description of the wim with on easy command:
    imagex /info img_file [img_number or
    img_name] [new_name] [new_desc]
    imagex /info Win7Combined.WIM 1 "Win7(x86)" "Windows 7 x86"
    Since the ImageX tool is deprecated in Windows 8 and has been replaced with DISM, can someone explain how to update the name and description with one easy command using DISM like we could with Imagex?

    It looks like this person had the same issue. Have you seen this
    It talks about exporting an Index into a new WIM. Which, in a way, would be renaming it. It's really recreating it and you have to give it a name. But it seems to work.
    Dustin Estes - MCP |

  • How to add new row and update existing rows at a time form the upload file

    How to add new row and update existing rows at a time form the upload file
    example:ztable(existing table)
    bcent                      smh            nsmh         valid date
    0001112465      7.4                       26.06.2007
    0001112466      7.5                       26.06.2007
    000111801                      7.6                       26.06.2007
    1982                      7.8                       26.06.2007
    Flat file structure
    bcent                       nsmh         valid date
    0001112465     7.8     26.06.2007  ( update into above table in nsmh)
    0001112466     7.9     26.06.2007  ( update into above table in nsmh) 
    000111801                     7.6      26.06.2007 ( update into above table in nsmh
    1985                      11              26.06.2007   new row it should insert in table
    Sivagopal R

    First upload the file into an internal table. If you are using a file that is on application server. Use open dataset and close dataset.
    Then :
    Loop at it.
    *insert or modify as per your requirement.

  • How to pass user name and password in openConnection method ?

    Hi, Exports,
              I am trying to post data from applet to another application which is
              protected by network password.
              How to pass user name and password when I use openConnection method? In java
              doc, this method looks like do not accept these two parameters.
              ----- my code in applet ---------
              URL url = new URL("");
              URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
              DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream());
              dos.writeBytes("POST " + path + " HTTP/1.0\r\n");
              dos.writeBytes("Host: "+host+":"+port+"\r\n");
              dos.writeBytes("Content-Length:" + buff.length()+"\r\n");
              dos.writeBytes("Connection: Keep-Alive\r\n\n");
              on: form-data;name=\"xmlDoc\"\r\n\r\n");

    you need to negotiate Authentication in ur applet code...
              For example:
              If u r using Form based auth u need to send Post a request with j_user_name &
              j_password to the action j_security_check. and when server returns back the
              u need to hold it and pass that cookie to the each and every request made to the
              protected application.
              Basically u need to imitate the browser.
              David wrote:
              > Hi, Exports,
              > I am trying to post data from applet to another application which is
              > protected by network password.
              > How to pass user name and password when I use openConnection method? In java
              > doc, this method looks like do not accept these two parameters.
              > Thanks
              > ----- my code in applet ---------
              > URL url = new URL("");
              > URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
              > connection.setDoInput(true);
              > connection.setDoOutput(true);
              > connection.setUseCaches(false);
              > connection.setAllowUserInteraction(false);
              > DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream());
              > dos.writeBytes("POST " + path + " HTTP/1.0\r\n");
              > dos.writeBytes("Referer:\r\n");
              > dos.writeBytes("Content-Type:
              > multipart/form-data;boundary=---------------------------7d0b414b04\r\n");
              > dos.writeBytes("Host: "+host+":"+port+"\r\n");
              > dos.writeBytes("Content-Length:" + buff.length()+"\r\n");
              > dos.writeBytes("Connection: Keep-Alive\r\n\n");
              > dos.writeBytes("-----------------------------7d0b414b04\r\nContent-Dispositi
              > on: form-data;name=\"xmlDoc\"\r\n\r\n");
              > dos.writeBytes(buff.toString());
              > dos.writeBytes("\r\n-----------------------------7d0b414b04--\r\n");
              > dos.close();
              > ------------------------------------------

  • How to fetch APPROVER NAME  and approval date dynamically for an user

    Hi all..
    How to fetch approver name and approval date dynamicall for an user in an email template..
    can any help me to sort out this pbm,i am new to IDM..
    Thanks in advance..

    Access policies get a static value.  You can't populate a field with an adapter.  If you must do this, leave the field blank, and put an adapter on the process form for your field that must be populated using code or logic.

  • How to show company name and contact name on the incoming calls of iPhone 4

    Kindly provide me with a useful solution of how to show company name and contact name on the incoming calls of iPhone4.
    even with an application or from the setting of the iPhone itself, but without telling me a solution like writting the company name in the contact name field.
    This is a very important option, i think it is a must, not an option and apple should fix this problem fastly. because it is already available in the older models of iPhone like iPhone 3G and 3GS.
    How an important feature like this could be available in old models, but in the later models is not available?

    Currently not possible without putting the company name in the contact name's field.  AFAIK, it's never been available on any iOS version.
    You might check the App Store for an app that can do this although I'm pretty sure you won't find one.

  • How to validate user name and password in webdynpro.

    Dear All,
    Actually i have created login name and password in view, webdynpro and want to validate the user name and password but  i am not finding proper code to  how to validate user name and password.
    Pl do the needful help.
    Moderator Message: There is a seperate forum for WebDynpro. Please ask your question there.
    Edited by: kishan P on Oct 5, 2010 1:08 PM

    Hello, I don´t get you question. User authentication is ready out of the box in webdypro...
    Regards Otto

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