How to bring the RFC table values to front end

I want to display a table in front end
For that I connect to the RFC .Get into the table .
Here pl tell me how to get the values from the table
I did the following
JCO.Function func = getDefaultJCoConnection().getJCoFunction("Z_TestRFC");
JCO.Table records=func.getTableParameterList().getTable("ET_TestTable");
ArrayList list=new ArrayList();
for (int i = 0; i < records.getNumRows(); i++, records.nextRow()) {
return list;
But the table contains 4 columns Name,Address,age,remarks
In the above code I'm able to take just one column which is "Name" which works fine
I want to take all the values to front end
Please suggest

If I iterate all other fields where do I store them to take it to my jsp
If u see I added that column value in one ArrayList
So you want me to create 4 ArrayList and add populate them inside that for loop.
could you please elaborate on the same.or could you please improve that code and post
Thanks in advance

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      SET CONNECTION :con_name
      CONNECT TO :con_name
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      EXEC SQL PERFORMING evaluate.
    where set_id = :SOURCE-SETID ORDER BY MEM_ID
      if SOURCE-SETID = '80000000'.
       mfilename = '/tmp/aesorg'.
      elseif SOURCE-SETID = '80000006'.
       mfilename = '/tmp/Consolidation_Manager'.
      elseif SOURCE-SETID = '80000010'.
       mfilename = '/tmp/10org'.
      elseif SOURCE-SETID = '80000012'.
       mfilename = '/tmp/20org'.
      elseif SOURCE-SETID = '80000018'.
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    ************************This was i tried***********************
      open dataset mfilename for output in text mode encoding default." IN
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         FILENAME         = MFILENAME
         FILETYPE         = 'ASC'
         data_tab         = matab1
         file_write_error = 1
         invalid_type     = 2
         no_authority     = 3
         unknown_error    = 4
         OTHERS           = 10.
    loop at matab1 .
    transfer matab1 to mfilename.
      clear matab1.
    loop at matab1 .
    transfer matab1 to mfilename.
    close dataset mfilename.
         MFL5 = '0'.
       CLEAR MFL5.
    FORM evaluate.
      if MFL5 = -1.
        MFL5 = ''.
      concatenate MFL1 ','   into MFL1.
      concatenate MFL1 ','   into MFL3.
      matab1-MFL1 = MFL1.
      matab1-MFL2 = 'ZBUE,'.
      matab1-MFL3 = MFL3.
      matab1-MFL4 = ' ,'.
      matab1-MFL5 = MFL5.
      append matab1 .
      CLEAR MFL1.
      CLEAR MFL2.
      CLEAR MFL3.
      CLEAR MFL4.
      CLEAR MFL5.
    *&      Form  GET_SOURCE
      source-setid = setid.
      append source.
      clear source.
    ENDFORM.                    "GET_SOURCE

    Hi Rammohan,
    You cannot use OPEN DATASET to transfer data from application server to presentation server.
    You can do the following :
    <b>Do 1st point in BACKGROUND</b>
    1. Read the data file from application server into an internal table using OPEN DATASET
    <b>Do 2nd point in Foreground</b>
    2. Once you get the data into an internal table, then use FM GUI_DOWNLOAD to download it on presentation server
    You cannot use the above 2 point together in Background because its not possible. Hence you need program it partially in background and partially in foreground.
    Best regards,

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    How to get the latest procured value of a spare updated in material master

    See table MBEW via transaction SE16.
    However, you may need to look at the last PO created for that material.

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    We have created the Cost components for those mentioned items and what criteria we can bring the values to Costing.

    It's a big topic, ahah.
    Depreciation, Interest and Capitals  must be different primary cost element, right?
    Maintain cost component structure TC:OKKN to make sure your cost component split is by primary cost element splitting. Assign the cost elements of depreciation, interest or capitals to relevant cost component.
    Two way to define the cost bring to cost components,
    1. Define splitting structure TC: OKES and assign to manufacturing cost centers TC:OKEW
    2. Conduct activity type dependent planning through TC:KP06.

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    How to let sql server 2008 know the table created at front end in c#

    The best solution is to create table type and pass the DataTable as table-valued parameter. I have an article on my web site about this:
    The full article is a bit of overkill for what you are doing right now, but just the few first pages should get you going.
    Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, [email protected]

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    with regards

    First of this not hte mysql or database forum so don;t repeate again.
    to get diff between two date in mysql use date_format() to convert them to date if they r not date type
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    Here they have stored the name of pdf file . from this code pdf file is displayed

    Thanks for your response. It is PM related.  When I run a T Code - IK18,  the field Total Counter Reading field appears. I am looking for that particular fields actual table name and field name.  I think I have found it in IMGR table. Now I want to get IMRG-READG in my report, but there is no common fields in neither MKPF or MSEG table. So what can I do to connect IMRG table with either of them ?

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    how to create the custom table
    There are two approach in creating a table.
    1. Bottom-up approach
    2. Top-down approach.
    Both are valid and you can choose which approach is suitable for you. I always use the bottom-up approach. Here are the steps to create the tables with this approach.
    1. SE11 will take you to the DDIC and enter the name of the new table to be created. Let us say Zname. Click create.
    2. Enter the short discription of the table and enter the field of the table. If it is primary key and you have to check the box.
    3. Enter the data element and double click it, you will be asked to save and will take you to data element discription page. Enter the short discription of the data element and enter the information of domain like the length of field and type of field.
    4. If you wanted to use the existing domain then its fine, or else, you have to create one. Enter the domain name in the data element page and double click it. Page will ask to save and jump to domain creation page.
    5. In the domain page, you have to save the information which you have already given in the data elements page and check it. Before going to data element page, you have to activate the domain.
    6. Go to data element page and save, check and activate.
    7. Go to main table page and save, check, and activate.
    8. Also, you have to save the technical settings of the table.
    The table is now ready for operation. You can use it in your program or you can use it to enter information.
    Check table: It is the table which will have all the information about the Foreign keys which are the primary keys in the check table.
    It can be created by creating the foreign key from the main table. Click foreign key in the main table and it will take you to a page which will ask for table name and field to which foreign key relation has to be associated. Enter the information and you can create the check table automatically.
    SM30 is used for maintenance of the table, that is to realease the errors occured during the creation of the table.
    how to integrate the table with defferent R/3
    Transport the Table to the another server/client/qas/prd
    Kanagaraja L

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    Just add to combobox ItemListener. When item is changing in itemStateChanged arrives 2 events. ItemEvent.DESELECTED and ItemEvent.SELECTED with corresponding item's values. Just write something like this:
            comboBox.addItemListener(new ItemListener() {
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  • How to Call the RFC in Webdynpro abap application

    Dear Experts,
    Good Evening to all...
    I have to add two numbers using RFC in webdynpro abap application. If we give the numbers in the input screen then the RFC should add it and give it in the output screen. This is the application for that I have created the RFC.
    But the problem is i don't know how to call the RFC in that Webdynpro abap application and how to link the input view and output view with that RFC...? I am new to Webdynpro abap. Please kindly help me on this... I am struggled here... I need your help in this....
    Thank You.

    Hi Jaga,
    You asked the same question again.
    Without closing the [previous one|Re: Where SAP store the uploaded files?].
    I think Abhi has answered your question.
    If not please elaborate on the problem.
    The solution btw is to create a Service Call.

  • How to call the RFC from R/3 to SRM, when we use webdynpro abap? (Urgent)

    We use SRM Server 5.5 with classic scenario.
    We want to call RFC in R/3 from webdynpro ABAP.
    How can we do that?
    We are developing the web report using webdynpro abap.
    So we need some of R/3 data such like PR(EBAN)and PO(EKKO,EKPO).
    When user choose the search parameter, report diplay the Shopping cart, PR and PO data on webdynpro.  So we call the R/3 RFC to display the PR, PO data.
    But I tired to call the RFC in R/3, We could not call it.
    How to call the RFC from R/3 to SRM, when we use webdynpro abap?
    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

    <b>Please look at the following threads as well -></b>
    WebDynpro in SRM
    BAPI's /RFC's in SRM
    BAPI to Change Shopping Cart by RFC
    SRM60 and webdynpro
    Webdynpro Services Exception
    WebDynpro using BAPI has an error
    SRM60 and webdynpro...
    <b>SAP uses META Function modules in SRM to get data from R/3 back-end.</b>
    <u>For getting Purchase requistion data, use the function modules -></u>
    META_REQUISITION_CHANGE        Change purchase requisition              
    META_REQUISITION_CREATE        Create Requisition                       
    META_REQUISITION_DELETE        Delete/close purchase requisition        
    META_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL     Display requisition details              
    META_REQUISITION_GETITEMS      Display requisition items                
    META_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO    Get Releasease Info for requisitions
    <u>For getting Purchase order data, use the function modules -></u>
    META_PO_CREATE                 Create purchase order                    
    META_PO_DELETE                 Delete reservation                       
    META_PO_GETDETAIL              Display purchase order details           
    META_PO_GETITEMS               Display purchase order items             
    META_PO_GETRELINFO             Display purchase order release information
    Hope this will definitely help. Do let me know.
    - Atul

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