How to change a rss.xml file for m3u file for my podcast

I actually produce as well a podcast with unless 3 mp3 file,and that's ok ... But, on one of my post, I stream a playlist to a page of my website , and I noticed, after generating a playlist from my player when streaming (.m3u file)... I notice that I can play it in i tunes in a continuing stream (I can connect from this file in itunes on another post to my stream (note that I use a static IP from my access provider, in order to a stable connection to my web site - without using No IP) ...
My question is,as the application recognizing the file and playing it,how to configure my rss.xml for this type of file(*.m3u)...
Thank you for replying

I don't think you are going to be able to do this: podcasts are not intended to contain streams or playlists, only specific audio or video files. The fact that the iTunes Application can connect to it doesn't mean that it will work in a podcast feed. However if you want to ask iTunes Support for advice it's at at - click on 'Other iTunes Store Features' in the list and then on 'Podcasts'.

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    how to change nat type 3 to nat type 2 for adaptation 4? i am havng a complicated time with this im'm just trying to play online and been at it fotr 3 days i have tried about everuyhing n i have a Cisco Linksys E1000

    Hi ceasar14. I actually found some steps (from a source) that worked for me. I'm not sure if it will work for you. Here are the steps:
    1. Get the MAC address of your PS3. To find your MAC address simply go to
    Settings > System Settings > System Information
    2. Assign a static IP address on your PS3.
    3. Access your router's user interface to open a few ports. 
    4. Under Applications and Gaming > Port Range Forwarding, open the following ports:
    TCP: 80, 443, 5223
    UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658
    5. Once this is done, powercycle your PS3 and the router.
    6. Run a connection test and check if it is now on NAT2.
    Good luck.

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    How to change "home" address on IPhone 5s map app for navigation purposes

    OK I tried that.  I have two apps that need updating and it STILL shows the old Apple ID from the App store.  I even tried logging off iTunes and powering off the phone, then powering it back on and logging in.  Still shows the OLD Apple ID in the app store.  The correct one is showing in the Settings/iTunes.  Any other thoughts?

  • How to change the HTML/XML test data to test my_abap_proxy in SE80?

    I am trying to test my_abap_proxy in SE80 by usng a HTML/XML file of my desk top, the test data is as below
    so on.......
    Now, i want to change the Loading date in this test data, so, i tried after Loading file in Test Service Provider screen of my_abap_proxy of SE80, but i could not make change ANY data in this test data, pls. let me know how to change the data?
    Thank you

    Hello ABAP_SAP_ABAP ,
                                          Youneed to select the option "generate template data " and then on the displaying template there you will see the option for editing in the top left corner toolbar.
    Then after editing you can do a XMl syntax check and test your proxy.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to change the value of variable in .bpel file

    How can i change the value of variable in .bpel file at time of deployment.
    Can it be possible with configplan.xml or deployment descriptor?

    You cannot change the value of variable in .bpel file using config plan. If you want to change value at runtime , you can use Preference variable. Below is the blog to help you understand more.
    Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.

  • How to change the replication group information after db files are created

    Since group information is persisted in the database, I am wondering if there is a way to update the information.
    We want to implement some kind of Berkeley DB master relay mechanism for our two data centers, which has slow link in between. Basically have one master populating a database file and launch another two node as master to replay that to other nodes of its own group. It will be much efficient this way so we don't have to copy the data multiple times over the slow link.
    We periodically (once a day) update the Berkeley DB content from customer's feed on a backend node and upload (rsync) the Berkeley DB File to two the data centers. We would like to have a master node in each data center to read the pre-populated data file, replicate the changes to the web node (read only) while they are still running. I simulated local and if I trick the nodeName and nodeHostPort setting, it should work (basically, fake the replication node on the backend node using tampered hostfile so they get registerred). However, it is not very convenient and definitely a dangerous hack on the production servers.
    If there is a way, after the creation, to update the group information (for example, change all the nodes information) without corrupt the log file/replication stream, it will be much easier for us. Basically, we would like to have the node/group information and data file de-coupled?
    Any ideas how to do that, or is there a better way to design such a replay of data using Berkeley DB?
    Thanks in advance!

    2. You mentioned to not clean up the log file. Is there a point where I can safely call clean up on the environment when BDB is still online as I can imagine we will run out of space very soon if we don't clean up.The approach outlined above (steps 1 to 5) will ensure that no log files are deleted on A while you are updating B and C. The use of DbBackup ensures this. For more information on how this works, see the DbBackup javadoc.
    Whether this causes you to run out of disk space on A is something you'll have to evaluate for yourself. It depends on the write rate on A and how long it takes to do the copy to B and C. If this is a problem, you could make a quick local copy of the environment on A, and then transfer that copy to B/C. But you must prohibit log file deletion during the copy, using DbBackup, or the copy will be invalid.
    You should perform explicit JE log cleaning (including a checkpoint) before doing the copy to B/C. This will reduce the number of files that are copied to B/C, and will reduce the likelihood that you'll fill the disk on A. See the javadoc for Environment.cleanLog for details on how to do an explicit log cleaning.
    In your earlier post, it sounded like the updates to A were in batch mode -- done all at once at a specific time of day. If so, you can do the copy to B/C after the update to A. In that case, I don't understand why you are afraid of filling the disk on A, since updates would not be occurring during the copy to B/C.

  • How to change name of Broadcaster/Precalculation generated workbook file ?

    I am using the Broadcaster in 7.0 in order to precalculate workbooks and to send them via email to the users.
    The users receive an email with in attachment the workbook with (for example) as name :
    The second part is the technical ID (workbook_id) of the workbook. But what the users want to have as filename in their mail is the description of the workbook (to find in table RSRWBINDEXT)
    This doesn't look like too big a change, but the problem is this filename is generated automatically and there is nowhere an option to change this.
    So I started looking in programs and classes to find where this filename is set (in order to change the coding there) but I have not been able to find the exact place.
    I came up with following classes (and the methods there under) :
    but I can't find the exact place.
    Does anybody know where this can be changed, or has another solution perhaps ?
    Thanks in advance !

    Hi Axel,
    We had similar kind of requirement and here is how we solved it.
    As mentioned in the various blogs, its NOT possible to broadcast the Workbooks with
    the file name instead of the technical id. But there is a workaround for this requirement.
    This can be achieved through Backend
    1) Go to SE38 program  RS_PREC_PLAN ( Precal test program). Enter the Technical id and
    the Variant ( Its mandatory) for the workbook and execute by entering the emai id.
    you will receive the workbook as the attachment with the File name and not technical id.
    2) The only issue here is the subject of the mail will always be TEST.
    3) Create a copy of this program Z_RS_PREC_PLAN and have the Subject and date field in the Selection screen
    . you can make changes so that the date and the Text for the subject will be populated with the values you enter in the selection screen.
    Hope this will help in your requirement

  • Changing faces-config.xml after deploying ear file

    What would be the steps to follow if we want to change contenets of web application configuration files (for example, faces-config.xml) after app.ear file has been deployed?
    The app.ear file contains the faces-config.xml, and we are using Oracle AS 10.1.3.

    see my answer at
    Change web app config file of deployed app

  • How to change web-app display name within EAR file?

    Currently we are deploying an EAR file (which contains a web-app and an EJB) per
    BEA recommendations. The web-app shows up on the admin console with '/' as the
    name. Is there anyway to change this to the name I want?

    FYI - here is the entire content of applicaiton.xml in the EAR file we deploy:
    <!DOCTYPE application PUBLIC '-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD J2EE Application
    1.3//EN' ''>
    "Erik Johnson" <[email protected]> wrote:
    No, you can't change that in the console. It's defined in the application's
    descriptor file.
    "Matt Savino" <[email protected]> wrote:
    Currently we are deploying an EAR file (which contains a web-app and
    an EJB) per
    BEA recommendations. The web-app shows up on the admin console with'/'
    as the
    name. Is there anyway to change this to the name I want?

  • How to change the date and time during OVM installation for Fusion Apps

    The customer is using Fusion Instance which is a V1 (Build 19) OVM installation shipped by Oracle with Demo Data (including seeded user IDs and roles) in it.
    Now they have issue with Date format for the application on the screens is showing MM/DD/YYYY where as it should be (Singapore) Standard is DD/MM/YYYY.
    Q/A: How to change the date/time in OVM image
    Refer SR : 3-5640792461
    Ganesh Ananthapadmanaban

    Not a problem. There are a number of other system and network setup commands that you might find useful at some time. From within the Remote Desktop Admin in the Send Unix Command window type:
    networksetup -help
    systemsetup -help
    That will give you lists of the commands, including the one I posted above, with their basic syntax. They're handy to know.

  • How to change the name / IP address and domain name for BOE Server

    We want to change the name / IP address and domain name for BOE Server, please could you indicate the steps or procedure to follow?
    I need your help
    thank you

    If it's 3.1 just change them, shouldn't cause any issues if by domain name you are referring to changing the domain the computer belongs to. If you are changing your domain for AD authentication then you will may have to take quite a few steps if the old domain is going away. Let us know.

  • ConfigPlan.xml | How to change datasource values in .bpel and .xsl files

    We have used sql queries inside Transform (XSL) files and also using them in Assign activity,
    Now when moving from Development environment to Test Environment, how can we change the
    JDBC values by using the ant script, in the configplan.xml file I dont see any place where I can change these
    values, is it at all possible, if Yes then how.
    Please advice,

    You can go thru below link to make changes in .bpel file.

  • How to change the argument input in a jnlp file?

    A question associated with the following few lines of jnlp codes:
    <application-desc main-class="Main">
    My question is: "How can 'arg' be changed dynamically?
    Thanks for help.

    Thank Dietz for help.
    I tried the following jsp code. But it can launch the application only when "test2.jnlp" file exists. "argument to change" can't be passed to the application.
    <% response.setContentType("application/x-java-jnlp-file");
    out.println("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>");
    out.println("<jnlp ");
    out.println("spec=\"1.0+\" ");
    out.println("<information> ");
    out.println("<title>RTLAFrame viewer</title> ");
    out.println("<vendor>XXX, Inc.</vendor> ");
    out.println("<description>RTLAviewer Application Demo</description>");
    out.println("<description kind=\"short\">A viewer.</description> ");
    out.println("<offline-allowed/> ");
    out.println("</information> ");
    out.println("<security> ");
    out.println("</security> ");
    out.println("<resources> ");
    out.println("<j2se version=\"1.3+\"/>");
    out.println("<jar href=\"test.jar\"/> ");
    out.println("</resources> ");
    out.println("<application-desc main-class=\"RTLAFrame\">");
    out.println("<argument>argument to change</argument>");
    out.println("</application-desc> ");
    out.println("</jnlp> ");

  • How to change data in decision table using excel file in operating system?

    Hello, BRF Experts
    I now brf + for the first time in the current project is being developed.
    Now, project has been facing a big problem.
    Develop system that was developed in the history of decision table in the operating system can be used to update excel file, etc. I do not know whether.
    So, I was tested, but can not change data in decision table.
    [ error message : system is not change allowed ].
    The operating system itself to the current system setting is immutable and check it
    : changes and transports for client-specific object -> no changed allowed
    : cross-client object changes -> no changes to repository and cross-client customizing object.
    Decision table in the operating system can update the details if I want to know what to do.
    Maintenance view can be modified in the operating system as a decision table, I wonder if you can create a view.
    Edited by: Sung-Wook Ha on Jan 13, 2012 2:02 PM

    Hi ,
    Exchanging data with Microsoft Excel is done with the help of the XML-based file format (file extension .XSLX) introduced with Microsoft Excel 2007. If you are using an older version of Microsoft Office, you can download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to upgrade the supported file formats from the Microsoft Download Center ([Exchanging Decision Table Data With Microsoft Excel |]). Once you have downloaded the Compatibility Pack, you have to install it on every workstation that has an older version of Microsoft Office installed.
    Please refer the link-
    [BRFplus-Data exchange with MS Office 2007|]
    Hope this helps.

  • How to change the incoming xml to a different namespace

    I have a xml file coming into XI (file ->XI)without namespace. I would like to change the root elment with ns tag add the namespace values with it.
    Coming in as
    I would like to change it to
    <ns:Vendor xmlns:ns="urn:group01:legacy">

    I did create all interface objects and mapping objects by adding "urn:" on the software component namespace table.
    In that I did import external definition with no name space schema and did create message interface out of it.
    Then in urn:group01:legacy namespace i did create message mapping between no namespace to with namespace and test it works great.
    In the message interface it did allow me add the new source with no namespace and the target with interface with namespace. The source and target interface I add to on top of the exisiting vendor:group01:legacy to target CREMAS:CREMAS03. But I couldn't select to add the second mapping. The message mapping allows only one.
    This is what I have
    Interface Mapping
    Source Interface -
    Vendorwithnospace -
    Vendor_out  -
    Source Message --- Mapping Program -
    Target Message
    Vendor -
    <does not allow to add>--- Vendor
    Vendor  -
    Vendor_CREMAS03 -
    I thought I can do the first mapping to add the namespace and have the output to feed it as input for the second mapping.
    I know I can always use the configuration directory to output and make it as two jobs, but all I need is to add the namespace to the file root element.

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    From my template I need to have the tag editable but not the content. for eg. <p class="red">I went to the park</p> I need to have 'red' editable but non of the rest of the string. so you could change it to <p class="blue">I went to the park</p> Any