How to change Font Size of Object Explorer in "SQL Server Management Studio"

Dear Team,
"SQL Server Management Studio" is a fantastic IDE for the database.
There are so many customization options available but one thing many users missing is that " How to change Font Size of Object Explorer?"
Can you please accumulate this feature in IDE ASAP?
Many Thanks,

Its there
Go to Tools -> Options
Then under Environment you've fonts and colors tab where you can specify a higher font size.
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    I have inherited some SSIS packages that I found I can edit by opening the .dtsx file in my local copy of Microsoft SQL Server management studio.  I then get Control Flow tab, Data Flow tab etc.  I can add or change or delete any of the control
    or data flows.  I have found that if I use the same path to the local file where the packages are stored that exists on the server, I can edit the dtsx file on my local machine and copy the dtsx file to the server into the same directory structure and
    sucessfully execute the package on the SQL 2008 server.
    I have VS 2010 installed.  I have read that I have to install VS 2008 to use BIDS from within VS.  However, this has not worked out very well.  Since I can basically create a new package by deleteing all of the control and data flows from
    an existing package, I am in pretty good shape.  However, I would just like to know if there is a way to create a new dtsx file from within Microsoft SQL Server management studio.  Also one thing I have not been able to change is the event handler
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    Hi Fred,
    We cannot develop SSIS package in SQL Server Management Studio. If we use SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, we can save it as a package but the package is rather simple.
    We use Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) or SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to develop SSIS packages. To develop SSIS 2008 packages, we must use BIDS installed by SQL Server 2008, and the BIDS 2008 can only be integrated with Visual Studio 2008.
    To develop SSIS 2012 packages, we use the SSDT installed by SQL Server 2012 which uses Visual Studio 2010 shell and can only be integrated with Visual Studio 2010.
    Different versions of SSIS package have different package formats/schemas. If you can create SSIS packages project in you Visual Studio 2010, it means that you have installed SSDT already, and the packages you design are SSIS 2012 packages. If you open and
    eidt SSIS 2008 packages in you Visual Studio 2010, the packages will be upgraded to SSIS 2012 package format. SSIS 2012 packages cannot be downgraded to SSIS 2008 packages or deployed to SSIS 2008 server.
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to change font size in a table?

    How to change font size in a table without using the font style of another document?  Please show a sample script.  Thanks!

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you so much for the email.  I tried every object and method I can
    posibly think about such as
    myTable.Rows.Item(1).PointSize = 24
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    I got error message all the time.  These objects don’t support PointSize.
    All I need is to change point size of the text in InDesign tables created
    using VBScript. Could you help me with this?  Thanks,

  • How to change font size on screen

    how to change font size on screen

    I'm not certain what font sizes you wish to change, when on a page you can use command and the += button to zoom in and make the fonts larger. On the finder desktop you can make what ever is on the desktop larger or smaller from the finder menu click view, custom view options, and adjust the icon size with the slider on the top, and the text using the text size box to select the size that your comfortable with.
    Forgot to add these.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to change font size, maximum column size in the result screen ?

    hi All
    That's great when using SQL Dev.
    But I also have a trouble that how to change font size, maximum column size in the result screen ?
    My users think that font in result screen is shown very small, and whenever the data in each colum is long then it's not shown full data in column, they must double click for extend the size. Have the option to default the max size for showing full data in each column ? I try but still not to do that .
    Appreciate for anyone to help us.
    Thanks all.

    You can't change the font for the results screen yet, however you will be able to select an auto-fit option for selected columns, so if some columns have slitghtly wider text you'll be able to set the column widths to handle these wider columns.
    Also, there s the option of switching the layout of a record in the grid.

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    Same situation for report parameter input value font. What ever we do , it is still Arial and size 10.

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    This is a question for the Acrobat support forums – please post there.
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    Concurrent program short name : APXPBFEL
    Prt file : APLASP.prt
    I modified prt file for code 199 like below
    code "199" esc "(8U" esc "(s0p12.00h10.00v0s0b3T" esc "&k11.75H"
    Font size changed for last page only which prints checks, for Void pages its printed with default font. For Page 1 printed with default font and page 2 has reduced font. This change is not intiallized for all pages.
    Please let me know if you any of you know how to change fonts.

    *Default FullZoom Level:

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    how to change font size in textarea?

    to embed a font using actionscript requires adding the font to your library.  to do that, click the upper right of your library panel, click "new font..", select the font you want and click ok.  find the added font in your library, right click, click properties and tick "export for actionscript" (click the actionscript tab if you don't see that option, at first).  assign a class name (eg, WhateverFont).  you can then use:
    var tfor:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
    var yourfont:Font=new WhateverFont();
    tfor.font = yourfont.fontName;

  • How to change font size

    Just purchased Deskjet 1010 & don't know how to change font size.

    Welcome to the HP Community Forum.
    In most cases you can adjust the scale of your documents before you print.
    Please take a look at the following:
    Manage Print Output with Print Preview
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    And...Click Accept as Solution when my Answer provides a Fix or Workaround!
    I am pleased to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP. 
    Kind Regards,

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    Peetwo wrote:
    Thanks for your response.
    The Martin Evening book on Lightroom 5 says that you can.  I can’t discern exactly how.
    Maybe, but you are asking in the Camera Raw forum, so I might be excused for not being telepathic.

  • In SAP 4.6c In classical reports output how to change Font size and Font type

    Dear Experts,
    In SAP 4.6c, in classical and interactive reports  output how to change font size and font type.

    These are HTML formatting questions. Nothing to do with the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL languages.
    With old-style HTML, the font size and family are set using the font tag.
    With modern style HTML, that is done using cascading style sheets (CSS).
    Your favourite search engine will turn up tons of information on both.

  • SQL Server Management Studio has stopped working when changing fonts and colors

    I installed sql server management studio 2012 about 3 months ago to test drive and from time to time I'll attempt to change my background color of the TSql editor "In the fonts and colors option under tools"; however, the entire studio crashes
    and restarts.
    This has been ongoing since I first installed it 3 or 4 months ago, and have waited on posting to a fourm for help, assuming I am not the only one this is happening to I've waited for an update that might fix the issue.
    I've got to start on some heavy scripting and that god awful white background kills my eyes. I've got to have a black background or my work day is cut off by about 3 hours becuase of strain.
    What can I provide to someone that would help me with this?
    Thank you,
    Specialize in software for the construction industry.

    Could you please apply the following updates and let us know the results?
    Hope this helps.
    Alberto Morillo

  • How to fix SQL Server Managment Studio?

    I am still fairly new to MS SQL (2012).  Our company is converting from Sybase to MS SQL next month and I have been trying out tools to hook our code repository to the database code.  I have tried RedGate SQL Source Control and Agent SVN. 
    I was having issues linking the RedGate product to our biggest converted test database and was waiting on their support so I uninstalled it to tried Agent SVN.  It seamed to work fairly well.  When RedGate got back to me I uninstalled Agent SVN.
    The Problem: 
    After I did that, SSMS would no longer start up.  When accessed either from a command prompt of by directly clicking on the application, nothing happens.  When clicking on the product in windows explorer, the cursor might change for a split second.
    My Attempts to Fix:
    I started by trying to repair SSMS.  No change.
    I then uninstalled and reinstalled SSMS.  No change.
    I then uninstalled SSMS, uninstalled all things .net, uninstalled all visual C++ items that were installed the same day and the original SSMS install and reinstalled SSMS.  Still no change.
    Short of reformatting and reinstalling everything on my development computer, I am out of ideas.

    Have you tried to launch the SQL Server Management Studio by click Ssms.exe directly in the following path?
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\Ssms.exe
    If you have system restore enabled on your machine, you may restore the system to previous time and see if it helps.
    To restore system will preserve all the software and files before the previous restore point. And all of your private date will be preserved.
    Tracy Cai
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to register VSPackage into SQL Server Management Studio?

    Hi All,
    I am a newer to VSPackage, I want to create a VSPackage for SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS), now I can create a VSPackage project and debug it in Visual Studio but don't know how to debug it in SQL Server Management Studio and how to deploy VSPackage to
    SSMS by MSI? Thanks

    By the way I find a extension.vsixmanifest file and some .pkgdef files under
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\Extensions\  folder, and they are very similar with VSPackage files. Do know this is useful or not.
    Hi Vic Zhang,
    After some research, There are some notes. SQL Server Management Studio is built upon the Visual Studio Isolated Shell, which inherently supports extensibility (add-ins/plug-ins). It is possible to tap into the Visual Studio extensibility services to surface
    custom capabilities within SQL Server Management Studio; however, we do not discourage this, keep in mind that such extensibility is not supported, so there may be issues with backward/forward compatibility. Microsoft does not publish documentation for extending
    SQL Server Management Studio.
    If you want to debug VSPackeage about SSMS, I recommend you debug in Visual Studio and not in SSMS, open the project and attach to the process of SSMS.exe, then debug it.
    About the issue of finding the “RootKey”, a .pkgdef file is way to encapsulate application configuration information in an easily editable, distributable, and deployable form. And it registers the Extension Manager (which is written as a VS Package). If
    you install SQL Server 2012, the .pkgdef of SSMS is located in the following path, you can check the “RootKey” in this .pkgdef file.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio
    There is detail about a PkgDef, you can review the following article.
    Sofiya Li
    Sofiya Li
    TechNet Community Support

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