How to clear line items with withholding tax manually

hi Experts,
i posted a vendor invoice with withholding tax and i made payment as well but not through f-58.
now i wanted to clear these two through f-44 but it gives the message withholding tax information ignored and didnt display the invoice as open item.
how do i clear both the trasactions

hi Praisty,
thanks for the reply
i have a second opinion on your statement that no matter whatever tcode you use for payment it will clear the open item. Even in F-58, if u make partial payment it will not clear you open item. But i didnt use f-58 as i said earlier.
i used FBV1 for parking the document through which i entered the payment details...ofcourse it doesnt have the option for clearing the open items, cheque printing and it will not update your cheque register. i posted the parked document through FBV0. for all practical purposes, this is my payment document but it didnt clear my open item, in order to clear it i now used f-44.

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  • How to clear line items..

    hello friends,
    I am not able to clear line items with F.13 transaction for special G/L Account..i am inputing the values with the Transactions F-48 and F-43....we can view the details in  Tr.code-FBL1N.
    Can any one help me...plzzz

    Hi Vamshi,
    please check the following:
    1. In transaction F.13 (automatic clearing), check box "Special G/L transactions" for vendors
    2. In transaction OB74, check that the associated G/L account for the special G/L indicator is included in the ranges of accounts to be cleared.
    I hope it helps. Best regards,

  • F110: how to pay an invoice with Withholding Tax and a credit memo?

    Hi All,
    in my SAP I've defined a Withholding Tax type for Payment Posting.
    I've posted a vendor invoice with with Withholding Tax.
    Later I've posted a credit memo with Withholding Tax which must compensate the prevuois invoice.
    When I launch t.code F110, SAP, in the right manner,  proposes to pay the invoice less the amount of the credit memo. 
    But the calculation of the Withholding Tax (that it should post al the payment time) is wrong: SAP proposes to post the amount of the Withholding Tax recorded in the table WITH_ITEM at the moment of the posting of the invoice. Instead, from it, SAP should detract the amount of the Withholding Tax recorded in the table WITH_ITEM at the moment of the posting of the credit memo.
    Why does SAP doesn't consider the amount of the Withholding Tax of the credit memo?
    Could anyone help me?

    Dear Rossi,
    if You defined the WT TYPE at the payment time this means that the WT amount will be calculated at posted during the F110 run as per the invoice as per the credit memo.
    If they are the same amounts and refer to the same wt type and code, when You run F110, they should match even for the WT calculation. It is clear that if You inserted manually the WT base amount or the WT amount into the invoice, the system will not do any automatic calculation but it will use these amounts that can be different from the one auto matically calculated by the system for the credit memo.
    I hope this can help You.

  • Standard LSMW for open vendor items with Withholding tax

    Hi All,
    I am searching the direct input LSMW which is having the Withholdig tax. There is a direct input program in LSMW ( RFBIBL00) but it is not uploaded the withholding tax for open vendor and open customer items.
    If anybody know which LSMW is recammanded or anthing related to BAPI or IDOC for this requirements.

    If you need to upload the WT tax you have to fill the structure BWITH of std BI RFBIBL00, so your LSMW project should create a file like this:
    ---> Session data
    ---> Document data
    BBKPF (Header data
    BBSEG (Vendor or customer item)
    BWITH (Withholding tax data)
    BBSEG (G/L item)

  • Entry tax posted in Gr & excluded in IR. How to clear open item in Entry Tax Clrng gl??

    Hi Experts,
    Issue is as below.
    Material Po Value 1000
    Entry Tax value        10
    Grn Posted with entry tax hence accounting entry as below
    Material Stock Gl Dr 1010
    Gr Ir                                  Cr 1000
    Entry Tax Clrng                 Cr    10
    But while posting vendor Invoice, user excluded Entry Tax line item
    GR/IR Dr  1000
    To vendor Cr  1000
    Now Gl Entry  tax Clearing gl has open item for rs  10.
    I tried MR11 ( Delivery Cost Accounts) Is it the right way to clear this open item???
    plz suggest

    Does your po is like the indian scenario ? and you told that you maintained the Entry Tax condition in the MM pricing procedure and the Entry tax condition is like frieght condition definition . Is this right ?
    If so in the MIRO screen with refernce to the PO post as delivery costs . Normally for posting the entry tax what will you do while MIRO ? You select the goods services + planned delivery costs ? if is that process you followed , then you can post the missed one like as above.

  • How to clear line items in accounts not managed on an open item basis

    We are getting ready to archive FI accounting documents from years 1993-2002.  We encountered a great deal of documents that did not archive during testing because the documents have open items.  We were given bad advice in the beginning on how to set up accounts. Several accounts were not set up on an open item basis and these accounts will not get archived until the line items are cleared. We have set up new accounts to replace these accounts that are now being managed on an open item basis. Our FI users are unable to clear the documents using F-03. Does anyone have a way of clearing these type of documents (not managed on an open item basis)?  Thank you in advance.

    One of our users has proven that the line items on GL accounts not managed on an open item basis are not holding up the archiving. The reason for many documents not archiving is that the item posted to the vendor is still open.

  • BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for debtor with withholding tax

    I'm using the BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to generate debtor invoices applying withholding tax.
    In order to obtain the withholding tax information, I'm using structure ACCOUNTWT, but when the document FI is generated, it has not line item for withholding tax, and table WITH_ITEM has no values for basis amount and withholding tax import, though the withholding indicator is there.
    With help of a colleague from basis team, I've been debugging the process and all the parameters seem to be OK. So I guess there's something missing that is doing table WITH_ITEM is being informed incorrectly.
    Another point is that I'm not sure if it's necesary to inform component SECTIONCODE (Withholding tax section) in structure BAPIACAR09 (Debtor position), and in this case, which value it expects to be passed.
    Could you, please, help me with this issue? Any idea will be welcome.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    Hi Maurizio,
    Many thanks for your reply!
    I've checked the parameters you said, and they seem not filled. I'm going to ask a basis colleague for analyzing what's missing and doing the corresponding modifications.
    Thank you very much once again

  • Enhancement on F.13 to clear line items automatically

    hello friends,
    i am not able to clear line items with F.13 transaction for special G/L Account..i am inputing the values with the Transactions F-48 and F-43....we can view the details in Tr.code-FBL1N.
    Can any one help me...plzzz

    hi Vamshi,
    chekc if on the selection screen of F.13 the special G/L transactions are properly selected. Also check the customizing for automatic clearing (i. e. which fields have to match).

  • How to pull PO line item with "Block" indicator

    Hi all
    In ME2N, how do I pull all the PO line items with the "block" indicator set?
    I couldn't find a field in dynamic selection.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. In ME2N -
    >Go to EDIT menu and then select Dynamic Selections (Shift+F4).
    Next select Purchasing Document item and double click on deletion indicator.
    Select the indicator and excute.
    Hope it helps..

  • Can we clear more line items with different currency within one Vendor

    Dear All,
    Please guide us the following issue is
    Can we clear two line items with different currency within one Vendor (i.e., Down Payment entry passed in EUR and Invoice in JPY).
    Thanks in advance.

    I suppose this should be possible in F-44, for any difference in forex enter a new line item 'Charge off diff.' to Dr/Cr Forex gain/loss account
    Thank You,

  • GL Line Item with Tax Base Amount Posting

    Dear Expert,
    I have a GL account with tax and CO object. And, I am using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to do the GL posting. I would like to post the GL line item with tax base amount as it will show in FB03 line item, the posting is successful but no base amount is in GL line item in FB03. (I can manually post it in Tcode FB50).
    Any idea on this and what is the problem? Appreciate if can help..
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

    Hello Weng,
    I also looked on SAP notes. 
    There is a note with much information about Tax Postings with accounting BAPIs and it's a consulting note.  The note number is 626235.
    Rae Ellen Woytowiez
    Edited by: Rae Ellen Woytowiez on Dec 21, 2010 10:11 PM

  • Issues with Withholding tax on advance paid

    Dear Experts
    Our client deducts TDS on the Advance amount paid and on posting of Invoices from the Vendors. The documents are posted with withholding Tax types configured for this purpose in F-48 and FB60 respectively. Document splitting has been activated in the system with all required configuration.
    The problem arises when we try to clear the advance amount against the Invoice along with the balance payment in F-53 if the invoice has more than one expense line posted to different Cost Centers in FB60. The system gives an error message " Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 004 not filled ". Please follow the example given below for better understanding.
    Advance posting:
    vendor a/c....dr (Profit center 3)
    To bank Clearing (Profit center 3)
    To TDS on payment
    Expense ....dr (Cost Center1 / profit Center 1)
    Expense ....dr (Cost Center 2 / Profit Center 2)
    To vendor a/c
    To TDS on Invoice
    Up to here the document splitting works fine with Profit Centers and segments getting displayed in all line items in GL view. The issue comes when we select both the documents in F-53 and try to pay out the balance amount.
    Please note the issue does not crop up if we do not populate the withholding tax code while posting the advance entry. The system automatically posts to the relevant profit centers and segments in F-53. But this is not the business scenario.
    It would be really helpful if somebody can throw some light on the above issue.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: sid_das on Dec 14, 2011 11:26 AM

    Resolved at our end.

  • How to transfer Line Items

    How to transfer Line Items from One GL account to another GL account.
    We, at the time of changing Non Open Item Manged account to Open Item Manged account, how can we transfer Line items to make this GL account Zero, If suppose line items are more than 200.
    Points assured.

    If you are attempting to change the account from Non Open Item managed,  you need to make the account balance zero. The change will be be effective only for future transactions. You need not transfer all line items,  find the balance and  make an  entry to debit or credit to make it zero, to a temporary account. Later, once you have activated, you can reverse that transaction.
    The OSS 606977 refered may be helpful if you are looking for reverse activation. i.e from Open to Non Open. Here is a brief:
    In the G/L account master record, you can activate/deactivate the 'Open item management' indicator if the balance of the account is zero. In this case, the system does not check whether postings exist on the account.
    If postings exist, this could lead to problems, for example, if the clearing is reversed after the change to the indicator is made.
    Other terms
    FS00, FS02, FSS0, FS02, FH190, XOPVW
    Reason and Prerequisites
    The transactions for the maintenance of the G/L account master record did not check whether postings exist on the account. Now the program checks whether postings exist in the current year or previous two fiscal years.
    Implement the attached correction or import the corresponding Support Package. Since it could make sense to change an account with balance zero from open item managed to non-open item managed (and vice versa) - despite postings to the account - the message is delivered as customizable (with error as a default setting).
    The check is also carried out, when open-item management is activated, is postings exist on the account.
    If you implement the note you must also carry out the following:
    Use Transaction SE91 to create message 190 in message class FH with the following text:
    Account balance = 0; however, postings exist on the account
    Use Transaction SM30 to insert the following entry into view T100S:
    Application area   FH
    MsgNo              190
    Allowed            EW
    Standard          E
    Afterwards, the message can be customized in View V_T100C. To do this, you can use Transaction OBA5.

  • Customer as Vendor --while making payment f110 how to deduct line item wise

    Dear all ,
    My Requirement like this please help me come out this issue.
    we have 5 company code , we have created customer as a vendor.In one company code ,for eg(10000 is a customer and mean time same as Customer as  Vendor(10000) in another company code.
    Now we have raised customer invoice ,
    For eg   10000 for fertilizer.
                  10000 for Drip irrigation
                  20000  some loan.
    These transaction incurred in one company code.
    In other company code these customer as a vendor ,
    Here we have enter Vendor invoice,
    For ex Invoice amount is 70000.
    while making payment i want to deduct this amount from customer invoice amount.
    like in 10000 for Fertilizer in that ,I want to deduct partial  amount in line item level  for different purpose.
    How to deduct this amount .and how to map this scenario in the system.
    Please guide me come out of this issue.
    Thanks in advance

    vendor and same as a customer functionally is possible with in one company code.  in that case you will be able to clear the customer open items when you are doing the vendor payment.  
    but in my knowledge this functionally is not possible with other company codes. as per your query you are maintained the vendor in one company code and customer in another company code.  you want to clear the line items with one transaction in F110.
    i think its not possible.  becuase payments and receivables are with in company code.  

  • Clearing Line Items

    Hello Experts,
    We have created GL Account for Bank with only Line Item Management Activated and user has created the entries.
    Then user wants incoming and outgoing GL account with open item management.
    So, user reversed all the entries without taking any reference of original document. Balance is NIL and we have marked it as open item management.
    Now the problem is, when user tries to clear the document with t Code   f-04, the system is not showing the open items which were cleared without reference.
    How to clear this document?
    Is there any alternate way to do this?

    First you have activated only Line item. After that you want open item management so you are cleared all teh line item into nil.
    Now you want to clear each line item with reference as open item.
    It is not possible in SAP please read the open item management.
    Open items are incomplete transactions, such as an invoice for which goods or services have not yet been received.
    In order for an open item transaction to be considered complete, the transaction must be cleared. A transaction is considered cleared when an offset value is posted to it, so that the resulting balance of the items is zero.
    In the above example:
    Two invoices are posted to the Customer account. These invoices are regarded as the open items because at this point the corresponding payment has not been received.
    The payment is received and the invoices are set off against it.
    The transaction is now cleared and the resulting balance is zero.

Maybe you are looking for