How to clear the open items and parked items for customer

Hi Experts,
I need to clear the open items and parked items for customer.
So any one could let me know the transaction code and procedure for clearing the items for customer.
Best regards,
Kesava balaji.

Parked items will have NO RELEVANCE, unless you post it.
You CANNOT clear parked items.
You can clear the posted items using F.13 or F-32

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  • How to clear the open documents in case if document currency and local curr

        Can anyboday advise how to clear the open document of a particular vendor for a particular company code. Here the issue is that balace is netted to Zero in the document currency but not in the local currency. The document was posted in Currency CAD and the local currency is GBP.
    When i check the FBL1N, there is it showing net balance is ZERO, but document is still in open
    status. I tried using Transaction code F-44, but it is not allowing me.
    Can anyboday advise how to perform this. Points will be awarded.

    In the Company code global parameters(OBY6),select the check box "NO FOREX RATE DIFF.WHEN CLEARING IN LC"
    and try clearing again.(You can have a F1 help on the check box to see what exactly it is).
    Hope this will resolve
    Assign points if useful
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  • How to use the selection profile and status profile for production order?

    Hi expert,
       I want to know how to use the selection profile and status profile for production order. what's the usage for these two selection profile and status profile ?
      Please help me.
      thanks in advance.

    Hi George,
    There are are two types of statuses.One is system status and second one is user status.These statuses will tell us current situation of an order.
    We can't change system statuses.But we can create our own statuses through status profile.With this profile we can control user statuses.
    In this status profile,
    1.We define the sequence in which user statuses can be activated,
    2.We define initial statuses
    3. Allow or prohibit certain business transactions.
    Selection profiles are used to select the objects (say production orders) with different status combinations.We assign status profiles to selection profiles in BS42 T-Code.
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  • Does anyone know how to get the vendor ID and product ID for NI-Visa? TIA

    Does anyone know how to get the vendor ID and product ID for NI-Visa? TIA

    This question has already been addressed in this thread:
    Does anyone know how to get the vendor ID and product ID for a USB device in NI-Visa?
    John M
    National Instruments

  • Does anyone know how to get the vendor ID and product ID for a USB device in NI-Visa? TIA

    Does anyone know how to get the vendor ID and product ID for a USB device in NI-Visa? TIA

    Exactly which USB device are you referring to? Is the device a NI product?
    The Product ID for National Instruments DAQPad-6020E is 0x12C0. The USB vendor ID is 0x3923. This is a 16-bit hexadecimal number(1093) (that is decimal 4243).
    Also, here's a document on our website that will help you in configuring NI-VISA to control your USB device:
    Swapnil P.
    National Instruments Engineer

  • Delivery document how to print the BOM Parent and Child items

    I have a production BOM. In Delivery document how to print the Parent and Child items Item Code and Qty.At the time
    of add a delivery document Inventory stock redused only in Parent Item not child item because child item stock already reduced in issue for production.

    If you need to print both the BOM Parent and Child items, you have to create your own report. BOM is only for production if it is not Sales type.

  • How to identify the source column and source table for a measure

    Does anyone have a query that I can use to positively identify the source column and source table for a cube measure in an SSAS cube?  Visual Studio shows ID, Name, and Source, but it is nearly worthless in a large cube and database.
    Also - the same for a dimension would be great.
    If no query exists for this, can someone please explain how to find the source column/table for a measure and for a dimension?

    DMVs don’t expose the DataSourceView content. AMO is much better suited for object model operations like
    this than the DMVs. PowerShell is also sometimes an option, but in this case C# code would be much easier because analyzing the contents of the DataSourceView is much easier using the .Net DataSet class.
    Hope this helps.
    Denver, CO

  • How to clear the open item for non-leading ledger?

    Hi, Experts,
    I have two valuation area VA001 and VA004 and two accouting principle GAAP and IFRS.
    Then I assign VA001 to GAAP (post to leading ledger) and VA004 assgin to IFRS (Post to non-leading ledger "IF").
    There are two ledger group ,one is  0L and the other is IF.
    When i run TBB1, system generate 2 FI documentes.
    Then  I run F13E to clear the GL account, because some GL is open item management.
    But only ledger 0L is cleared, the other non-leading ledger "IF" is not cleared.
    I don't know is there any possiblity that system will clear open item for leading ledger and non-leading ledger together?
    TKS a lot.

    Hi Louise,
    you do posting in TRM, but clearing is done in FI, so I moved the thread.
    BR, Tomislav

  • How to  find the Open sale orders till date for  given plant and material ?

    Hi experts,
                     I have a requirement to calculate the open sale orders for a given plant and material. I have tried in VA05 wherein i can get only for the material and sales area combination. From the document nos obtained from VA05 i can then find the plant. But my question is how do i get the output of VA05 into my progra. (can i use submit for a module pool report ).
    Also if ther is some other standard table or Function module to find the open sale orders till a given date ,it will be even more which case i can drop the VA05 route.
    Kindly help
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ashwin,
        You can use SAP Tables VBAK and VBUP to get to know if the document is complete or not.
       VBUK-GBSTK is the field that will give you the status of the Sales Order .
      VBUK is used at header level , whereas VBUP is used for Item level.
      So in your case what I would do is :
      Get the Sales Orders that satisy the plant and material criteria from VBAP table , take this Sales Document numbers and go to VBUK or VBUP table to get the Sales Order Status. 
       If I need to find the open quantity as well I will link to VBFA table based on the document number.
      Reward if helpful.

  • How to determine the system color and set them for my app?

    I'd like to set the colors of my application to the system's colors. Especially the backgrounds of my JPanels, JButtons and so on should look like in the operating system. If you change the systems color scheme, my application looks really wierd with it's grey canvas an components and the border and menu of the window is displayed in the system's colors.
    any idea??

    The UIManager only seems to have control over
    awt-controls. All swing controls are not listed, when
    you try this:
            UIDefaults defaults =
    for(Iterator i = defaults.keySet().iterator();
    ator(); i.hasNext();)
    String name = (String);
    }It would be nice to have it set globally somewhere in
    the program.
    koemActually, the truth is quite the opposite, the UIManager only has control over swing components.
    There are many ways you can set these globally. You can sublcass your own look and feel, use the system look and feel, call UIDefaults.put() etc.

  • How to enable Like/Unlike, paging and searchbox functions for customized blog view list with JSLink.

    Hi All
    I am trying to customizing a view list which based on a blog template( =AllPost.aspx ) bu JSLink. The view need below 3 functions.
    1. User can set Like/Unlike for each item on the list view.
    2. User can move page by standard like page navigation buttons( prev/next ).
    3. User can search the specific item by searchbox keyword.
    I tried to overrideCtx.Templates.Item and overrideCtx.Template.Footer in .js - customized footer returns RenderFooterTemplate(ctx).
    a). Like/Unlike function worked fine.
    b). Page navigation and search did not worked.
    Next, I tried to overrideCtx.Templates.Body -
    a). Like/Unlike function worked not fine. - when the user clicks Like/UnLike on the page(n>2), list view moves top(n=1) after the below code executed.
    EnsureScriptFunc('reputation.js', 'Microsoft.Office.Server.ReputationModel.Reputation', function ()
    b). Page navigation and search worked fine.
    Finally, I override both Item and Body with almost same code(differs set for the item object).
    After that all functions work fine, but I can not understand
    Does anyone have explanation of that or another way?

    try this links for button funcitonality:

  • How to get the CanGoBack property and GoBack() method for windows 8 store app

    Hi Everybody,
            I m working windows 8 store app with webview. Here I have two buttons for go back and go forward. But i didn't have default  property for goback and goforward. How can i achieve this? 

    Thanks Rob Caplan
    Actually I want solution for XAML.
    I achieve this by using list and maintaining the the current item position of current URL.
    See the Sample code:
    In webview loadingcomplete event track the url navigations
    private int _bacListPositionElevate = -1;
    webView.LoadCompleted += (object s, NavigationEventArgs e) =>
    _currentUri = e.Uri;
    if (_currentUri != null)
    if (_currentUri != elevateNavigationStack[_bacListPositionElevate])
    Now in the back button decrease the position like this:
    BackButton.IsTapEnabled = (_backStackPositionElevate != 0);
    FrwdButton.IsTapEnabled = (_backStackPositionElevate < elevateNavigationStack.Count - 1);
    Now in the forward button increase the position like this:
    imgElevateBack.IsTapEnabled = (_backStackPositionElevate != 0);
    imgElevateFwrd.IsTapEnabled = (_backStackPositionElevate < elevateNavigationStack.Count - 1);

  • How to pass the low value and high  values for select options.

           In selection screen I want to display the first date, last date of this month as a default value in low and high fields.  Please exaplain me how.
    Thanks and Regards,

         Very thanks ,
            I  did it what u said now. but those contents does not displaying on the screen.
    In this order I write the code. Please explain me
    SELECT-OPTIONS s_date FOR likp-wadat_ist.
    DATA  BEGIN TYPE wadat_ist.
    DATA LAST TYPE wadat_ist.
    s_date-low = BEGIN.
    s_date-high = LAST.
    at selection-screen output.
        datum                =  SY-DATUM
        month_pst            =  '0'
        month_ftr            =   '0'
       BEGDA                =  BEGIN
       ENDDA                =   LAST
      INVALID_VALUES       = 1
      OTHERS               = 2
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.

  • How to get the sql id and sql text  for the pid which is completed.

    Hi All,
    I like to know how the get the details of sql_id and sql_text using the proecess which is completed already (ie., no more showing in the top command).
    But I have the details of the process id.
    Database name: 11g
    os: sun os
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    If the session is still connected you might try this:
    - query v$process where spid = os-process-number
    - then join v$process to v$session using ADDR (in process) to PADDR (in session)
    - then look at PREV_SQL_ID in v$session.
    - use that to get the SQL_TEXT in for instance V$SQLAREA.
    Could work, if all info is still in the SGA...

  • How to Clear the JFrame

    I want to know that how to clear the JFrame window, and how to remove the component of the container.

    Try using the remove(...) and removeAll() methods.

Maybe you are looking for