How to create a BADI for the sceanrio

Hi abapers,
I have a scenario as follows.
I create a Transaction where in i put the details of the product and quantity for a particular project's site. The amount gets calculated based on the products  unit value and its displayed in net value field. Now the user saves the transaction and a number gets generated. If the net value amount is less than 500 then the user can approve , if its greater than 501 and less than 1500 then a mail should be generated to his superior who is able to approve and ifs amount is greater than 1501 then a mail should be generated to the top of hierarchy who should approve it.
Now the real challenge is if the same project card  has more than 1  new request and the amount is less than 500 the user should not be able to approve  instead it should generate a mail to his hierarchy for approval  since  the site has already been exceeded its limit of approval. bcoz earlier 500 and current 400 which will make it to greater than 500.similarly for the hiearchy.How do i go about  it.
Now i want to create a BADI  on the save event of transaction to check the net value amount as well as check for earlier amounts saved for the particular site.
Any help will be appreciated.
Navin .

hai navin
r u using ECC 6.0 or 4.7 if 4.7 u can create badi defintiion directly form se18 transaction
and define the interface and its methods , once u define them activate them
and to use in ur code u create an instance of ur badi name
and then use
                 cl_exithandler=>get_instance  method in instance name parameter just pass ur badi name and this will create a badi defintion in ur code, and an oen can implement it
if u r usign ecc6.0 then u can either create new badis usign enhancments or classical badis
for clasical badis just go to menu  utilites and create classical badis and follw the sam eprocedure

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    Hi Jacquiline Bersamin,
    You can use validation with the combination of the level and the coding mask.
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    Pre requisite: WBS level = 1
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    I hope this link help you.
    create or replace directory exp_dir as '/tmp';
    grant read, write on directory exp_dir to eygle;
    SQL> create or replace directory UTL_FILE_DIR as '/opt/oracle/utl_file';
    Directory created.
    SQL> declare
      2    fhandle utl_file.file_type;
      3  begin
      4    fhandle := utl_file.fopen('UTL_FILE_DIR', 'example.txt', 'w');
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      6    utl_file.put_line(fhandle , 'eygle test write two');
      7    utl_file.fclose(fhandle);
      8  end;
      9  /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> !
    [[email protected] 9.2.0]$ more /opt/oracle/utl_file/example.txt
    eygle test write one
    eygle test write two
    [[email protected] 9.2.0]$
    SQL> declare
      2    fhandle   utl_file.file_type;
      3    fp_buffer varchar2(4000);
      4  begin
      5    fhandle := utl_file.fopen ('UTL_FILE_DIR','example.txt', 'R');
      7    utl_file.get_line (fhandle , fp_buffer );
      8    dbms_output.put_line(fp_buffer );
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    10    dbms_output.put_line(fp_buffer );
    11    utl_file.fclose(fhandle);
    12  end;
    13  /
    eygle test write one
    eygle test write two
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> select * from dba_directories;
    OWNER                          DIRECTORY_NAME                 DIRECTORY_PATH
    SYS                            UTL_FILE_DIR                   /opt/oracle/utl_file
    SYS                            BDUMP_DIR                      /opt/oracle/admin/conner/bdump
    SYS                            EXP_DIR                        /opt/oracle/utl_file
    SQL> drop directory exp_dir;
    Directory dropped
    SQL> select * from dba_directories;
    OWNER                          DIRECTORY_NAME                 DIRECTORY_PATH
    SYS                            UTL_FILE_DIR                   /opt/oracle/utl_file
    SYS                            BDUMP_DIR                      /opt/oracle/admin/conner/bdumpRegards salim.
    Edited by: Salim Chelabi on Apr 4, 2009 4:33 PM

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    Not exactly true. As absurd as it sounds, if you have just one music track in your playlist, then you can select it from the Playlists section on the iPhone and play your videos, movies etc. one after the other.
    I have created a completely empty music track in Garageband which I drag onto the end of each and every video playlist I create. An ugly solution, but it works.
    You have to remember to check the playlist in both the Video and Music sections in iTunes->Devices->Your iPhone.

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    hello experts..
          I have used gui_upload module to upload the data from flatfile to the internal table, in that how can i create search path for the file selection in the selection screen, also please help me the code to update the ztable.

      If iam not wrong you want to select a file from a location that you don't know so if this is ur problem then use the function module
    this FM helps to locate and select the desired file from the system.
    Sample code that you can check is
    How to get windows filename
    PARAMETERS: lv_file LIKE rlgrap-filename.
    Method 1
        MASK = u2019,.txt,.*u2019
        STATIC = u2019Xu2019
        FILE_NAME = LV_FILE.
    Method 2
             program_name = syst-cprog
             dynpro_number = syst-dynnr
             field_name  = u2019 u2019
             file_name   = LV_FILE.

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    * = I will only give cash if it will replicate it exactly (and I mean exactly)..and it won't be too much..I'm a poor college student. :-P
    Thanks in advance!

    You would do it the way I created it:
    Select the Text tool in Photoshop and set the font and parameters as I have listed.  Then enter whatever text you like.  It will be rendered over the top of the lower layers you may have in the document.  Save as an image of the appropriate type and you're there.
    Note that "lower layers you may have in the document" could conceivably be none at all (i.e., you render the text over a transparent document).  You could imagine saving that as a .png with transparency and get light text in an image that could then be put over the top of anything else.  The alpha mixing will see to it that the edges smoothly blend with the background.  I haven't actually tried this (I usually do try my own suggestions) because of lack of time right now.
    Edit:  Markerline and I seem to be on the same crystal-controlled wavelength. 

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    Fixed on my own..
    I am closing this thread!
    Thank you!

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    Choose Adobe PDF as your printer
    Go to Setup
    Go to preferences
    Choose the standard
    Make sure the rest of your settings are correct for the page size etc.
    It's a big screenshot so I've linked instead of posting here.
    Sorry had to blur out some PDF settings for privacy reasons

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    please help me

    Problem : when i use to create message in notif_create i am getting error message Business Partner Neni_sm cannot be the reporter
    Admin_sm(Key user)
    Neni_sm(sub user)
    Neni_sm1(sub user)
    Step Followed
    1L.ogon to System Admin_sm go to Code:BP
    2.When I use to select Display in BP role as “Employee”
    3 required Data filled in “address tab”
    4.In Identification tab  I can only c subtab
    Employee data:
             Personnel number
             User Name:neni_sm
    5.When I use to select Display in BP role as “Employee in cfloders”
    Employee data:
             Personnel number
             User Name :neni_sm
    Identification number
              External BP number :<SID>< installation number of the system>only this 2 r possible
    Now problem is  When I  logon to Neni_sm(sub user)system  create message in notif_creat i am getting error message <b>Business Partner Neni_sm cannot be the <u>reporter</u></b>
    <b>Requirement</b>: I have to give access to create message for the following user Neni_sm(sub user)
    Neni_sm1(sub user) 
    Where I have already  created user: neni_sm and also   roles
    Please help me

  • How to create a instance for the method

    it is showing me dump error for the call method
    data: i_tab type /SCMB/DM_ORDER_TAB,
          grid1  TYPE REF TO /SCA/CL_SVORDER .
       IS_CTRL      =
        IV_ORTYPE    = gt_po_detl-ortype
        IT_ORDERID   = itab_orderid
        ET_ORDERS    = i_tab
       ET_PROT      =
    u r attempting to use a null object reference access a component (variable 'GRID!")
    an object reference must point to an object (an instance of  a class ) before it can be used to acess a component either the reference was never set or it was set to null using the clear statement

    sridhar loganathan,
    A ABAP Class is just a definition of fields/variables called attributes and routines (like in standard ABAP forms and functions) called methods. Also you can have events, don't care about before necessary.
    The definition itself is just a blueprint. Nothing exists, nothing can be used before you create an instance for this definition.
    DATA: grid1 TYPE REF TO /SCA/CL_SVORDER creates a 'handler' for ( to be created) instances of the class.
    The statement CREATE OBJECT grid1 creates an instance of the class as defined in the 'blueprint' and assigns the reference to this instance (with all methods, attributes and events) to reference field grid1.
    In 999 of 1000 cases SAP creates just one object of a class. In those cases the definition of classes and uses of object oriented programming is more or less obsolete.
    Anyway: Just keep in mind that you can not uses attributes and methods of the class directly (blueprint!) but only of the instance created.
    An Exception to be noted are so-called Static attributes and methods where an instance is not required. Example ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES=>HORIZONTAL_TAB gives the character for horizontal tab regardless of platform and char encoding (unicode!). Class ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES defines static attribute HORIZONTAL_TAB - no instances necessary because this will never change in a given system.
    Hope this sheds some light on it

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    Hi all
    In the ALV report i am getting the
    List of billing documents
    on the selection of any billinfg document
    i wanted to create the spool of the same
    is there any way for the same .
    please help.

    check with the fun module to get the SPOOL ID of the billing doc
    Reward points if useful

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