How to create a multi-level configuration sales order?

    My client use configurable material to sell computers. And the production mode is MTO. One sales order item correspond with a production order
    Now my client also sell array which consist of two computers, two storage, one UPS power etc. That means I must realize multi-level configuration. First, choose the computer type. Second, based on the choosed computer in first step, choose the cpu, disk and so on. And then based on the sales order item, there must be several production order related to the same sales order item.
    Now I have semi-finished product B1,B2--computer. Class type is 300. Many characteristics is allocated to the class. B type material has the BOM which consist of cpu,disk etc.
    Then I created the finished product A--array. Class type is 300. Allocated characteristics is the B1,B2. A has the BOM which consist of B1,B2 etc.
    When I create sales order, I can only config the first level,choose computers for A, can not choose cpu,disk for computers.
    So, how can I find a solution for this scenario?
    Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Waza
1.  Does the Sales order BOM explode in the sales order?
No. Just one top item would be ok for my client.
2. Why do thy want this in the sales order?  They can explode the BOM in the production order, do they then need pricing at the component level?
They do not need pricing at the component level. Exploding the BOM in the production order is acceptable. But how can I config the configurable material in components of production order?
I tried collective order, but the second level of configurable material can not generate production order. I just make use of special procurement 52 in MRP2 of top finished product. Is there something I missed?
Thanks again.

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    Make the following settings-
    1. Create sales document and billing type
    2. assign billing type in sales document type config VOV8
    3. Activate itemcategory as sales order related billing
    4. Maintain copy control header and item level between sales order and billing
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    You have to use the sales order tables VBAK,VBAP and VBEP
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    and treat this date as Order creation data audat field in VBAK.
    based on this fetch the data from VBAK and VBAP  with the following fields like
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    To understand splitting behavior, see SAP Note 546668 - FAQ: Delivery split when creating deliveries. And yes, incoterms happens.
    I think that with the help of question 6 you can try to force the merging of SO. Then, see SAP Note 166397 - Delivery split according to customer field ZUKRL, and handling the field ZUKRL in a VOFM in the copy rule I think that you can try to do it.
    Finally See  Note 4505 - Duprec when adding delivery (VL04, VL01, VL10*) to avoid problems while you are merging.

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            AKASH TAMBI

                  You can combine different orders in to one delivery ,But for the customer Order combination should be checked in  the sales area data of the shipping tab,we can combine orders but the ship to party,Route,Inco terms,Shipping date,shipping point should be same,you can do in T.code VL04 & VL10
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    Thanks & Regards

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    The Standard Form NAme is RVORDER01

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    Version is "Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production".
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    Thanks and regards

    Correction pls 
    OSS note 105621

  • Configured material(Material Variants) with VC multi-level configuration

    Hi experts,
    I have a question about VC, VC can be a multi-level configuration, and it can be configuration level by level in sales order, this configurable material replace by a configured material(Material Variants ) . however I can only config the first level in Material Variants(MM02 MRP3; the configrable material is a multi-level)! how to solve it?
    If we can not multi level config the VC materil in the configured material, how can it replace the configurable material in sales order?

    Hi Lance,
    You can do straight away also without user exit .
    There is feature called Variant Matching in Variant configuration. If you can go throgh this and do the step by step configuration and in configuration profile setting you have to set Variant matching Indicator , then Make the Exclusion characterstics ,
    With all the steps , Once the Configurable material is configured in Sales order if it finds the variant matched with the existing variant in the system , then Config Material will be replaced by Material Variant as a line item in the sales order.

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      So, in my opinion, we can't revise the pricing both at header and item, right? if not, please give me more advices and teach me how to solve the problem. thanks a lot.

    Dear Lakshmipathi,
      Thanks a lot for your kindly and useful answer for me and I learn more for the pricing technology.
      I didn't notice the way that you reminded ago therefore I also saw the button at the condition tab. And your suggestion makes me know more.
      And I had tested the way that you said, I met with a question. Below is my opinion for my testing.
      I had created one SO and the pricing was $10, then I revised the pricing from 10 to 15 by VK11. It can't be updated automatically at SO and I must update it manually by clicking the "Update" button. This is OK for my testing, but I have another question to disturb you for the use of "Active" button. When I click the button and nothing is responsed, it's quite different what you said. So, please give more detail for the Active button. Thanks a lot.

  • How to configure Sales order item text copy to Purchase requisition item

    How to configure sales order item text copy to Purchase requisition text then copy to PO item text.

    Hi Rajesha,
    Thanks for your reply, some of the items in sales order are procured externally by us and our customer maintains text related to price and specification in the item details of the sales order, MRP creates planned order for these materials and these planned orders are always converted in pur requisition, we want that text from the sales order item details should be copied in to the purchase requisitions converted from planned orders.
    is there any user exit which can be called at the time of saving a purchase req or user exit for converting planned order in to pur req.?
    if there is any such exit available, then I think I can read the pegged requirement of the planned order where sales order item will be found then read the text in the item then copy this text in pur req then save pur req may work.
    but this will be a bulky development, please let me know if we can shorten the development.
    Thanks again

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    Hi vishwas
    Please follow the thread where a similar requirement was posted.
    Re: Drop-down list box / pick-list with multiple selections at a time
    Here the suggestions say that a workaround could be to associate a table view to the field.

  • How to restrict header text changes in sales order level

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    how to restrict header text changes in sales order level change mode

    Hello Chandu,
    how to restrict header text changes in sales order level change mode
    In order to restrict changes to Sales Order Header Text, the appropriate User Exit would be USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_TVCOM_H. With the help of ABAPer, you can include the simple logic on the basis of Header Text type such that whenever any changes are incurred on the Sales Order header text, updates would be prevented.
    Please try out this approach and let us know your latest observation on this issue.

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    number of the Sales Order to be changed is huge. How can I handle this situation ?
    immediate replies would be rewarded

    Repricing is only possible if your pricing record has a valid from date that is equal to or before the pricing date on the order. Otherwise, your pricing rate change will be applicable only from the begin date of that record.
    Assuming that it is allowed by config, you can go to VA02, go to conditions, and then there is small button at the bottom, that says 'Update'. By pressing that, your system will automatically reprice the sales order, provided, as I said, all pre-conditions are met. Once you know that you can do this, then you can adopt any of the technical solutions that Rich had suggested above to do the mass changes.

  • How to create an invoice from multiple sales doc.

    how to create an invoice from multiple sales doc.

    hello, friend.
    assuming that your settings in VTFA and VTFL allow, you can create 1 invoice for many sales orders or deliveries by using VF04.  choose all documents that apply and click "collective billing document". 
    you can also click on "simulation" if you want to test if the combination is possible and the system will give you a split analysis if this is not possible.

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