How to Create a Session variable in JSP?

How to create a session variable and add attributes to it?
For example i want to create a session variable called "name" and add value "user" to it? if i try to do it with setAttribute(), it is giving error as both is of type string? how to do it? kindly help me

This is variable what is working in my aplication
String variable;
if(user == null){
               user=new String("");
     }//if you don'y do this you will have null pointer exception
session.setAttribute("user",user);//put value
          String name=(String)session.getAttribu("user");      //get value;
I hope this will help

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  • How to create a session variable in Apex?

    Hello colleagues,
    Is there someone do know how to create a session variable in Apex?
    How to get them?
    Best Regards

    What do you mean by 'session variable'? You mean something that stores the value int he users session state?
    I really recommend reading the 2-Day Developer guide documentation, there is a complete section on session state -
    Hope this helps,
    Author of Pro Application Express:

  • How to create a session by AppsLocalLogin.jsp

    first, in auth.jsp we check fnd_global.user_name against "ANONYMOUS" to see whether user is logged on.
    if not, we invoke AppsLocalLogin.jsp to create a session.
    the login page shows, page re-directed to report.jsp.
    however fnd_global.user_name doesn't work. it still returns "ANONYMOUS".
    if user logged on OA normally, then the whole thing worked. it seems fnd_global.user_name doesn't like the way we login.
    how should we invoke AppsLocalLogin.jsp so it'll create a proper session?
    part of report.jsp:
    WebAppsContext ctx =WebRequestUtil.validateContext(request, response);
    conn = ctx.getJDBCConnection();
    sql = "select fnd_global.user_name from dual";
    (we tried to invoke RF.jsp instead.
    doesn't work because we don't know how to pass the param1 to report.jsp thru RF.jsp)

    This is variable what is working in my aplication
    String variable;
    if(user == null){
                   user=new String("");
         }//if you don'y do this you will have null pointer exception
    session.setAttribute("user",user);//put value
              String name=(String)session.getAttribu("user");      //get value;
    I hope this will help

  • How to use session variable in JSP function  & How to use both JSP  Servlet

    I am new to JSP and servlets
    Still I am devloping a website in JSP. I am not mixing JSP with servlets, but I do create Java files for bean, logic and database works.
    I try to keep the hard coding part out of JSP.
    I dont how to use both JSP and Servlets in combination.
    Hence If needed I write some functions in JSP.
    but it gives me error
    +<%! public void abc()+
    int intUserId = Integer.valueOf((Integer) session.getAttribute("MySession_UserID"));
    Saying cannot find symbol session
    1) So can u please tell how can I access session variables within JSP function
    2) And also give me some links/tutorials about useing both JSP and Servlets in combination.

    The application architecture when you use Servlets and JSP in a standard MVC pattern is explained here (under the heading "Integrating Servlets and JSP Pages") and here ...

  • How to access the hidden variable in jsp

    hi all,
    i need help to know how to access the hidden variable in the same jsp.
    Following is the code snippet just have a look at that.
    ArrayList arrRankingSummary = (java.util.ArrayList)session.getAttribute("arrRankingSummary");
    <logic:iterate id="rankingSummary" name="arrRankingSummary">
    <input type="hidden" name="allApplicantID" value='<bean:write name="rankingSummary" property="APPLICANTID"/>' />
    <input type="hidden" name="allAdmissionRank" value='<bean:write name="rankingSummary" property="ADMISSIONRANK"/>' />
    <input type="hidden" name="applicantID" value='<bean:write name="rankingSummary" property="APPLICANTID"/>' />
    <TD align=center><Input type=Text name="admissionRank" class=Textverysmall size=2 value='<bean:write name="rankingSummary" property="ADMISSIONRANK"/>' maxlength="10" /> </TD>
    I want to remove the element from arraylist on these condition
    if(allApplicantID.value ==applicantID.value){
    arrRankingSummary .remove("admissionRank");
    Now the pbm is i m not getting how to access the hidden variable in jsp or how to use the values of hidden variable for the condition.
    Pls help me out.
    Thanks in adv.

    hi ram,
    as i mentioned i m creating hidden variables & i m doing some validation on form submit.
    The following is js code snippet for validation.
    for (var i = 0; i < document.forms[0].admissionRank.length; i++)
    admissionRank = document.forms[0].admissionRank.value;
    for(var j = 0; j < document.forms[0].allAdmissionRank.length; j++)
    //alert ("admissionRank : " + admissionRank + " document.forms[0].allAdmissionRank[" + j + "].value : " + document.forms[0].allAdmissionRank[j].value + "\ndocument.forms[0].allApplicantID[" + j + "].value : " + document.forms[0].allApplicantID[j].value + " document.forms[0].applicantID[" + i + "].value : " + document.forms[0].applicantID[i].value);
    if(admissionRank == document.forms[0].allAdmissionRank[j].value && document.forms[0].allApplicantID[j].value != document.forms[0].applicantID[i].value && admissionRank != "" && document.forms[0].allAdmissionRank[j].value != "")
    flag = false;
    if (flag == false)
    In this validation i want admissionRank to be removed from the original arraylist if following condition gets satisfied
    "(document.forms[0].allApplicantID[j].value == document.forms[0].applicantID[i].value )"
    Thanks in adv

  • How to use a session variable in Conditional Format?

    Hi Gurus,
    I created a session variable , called Actual_date,
    using the following SELECT:
    In a report title the following expression worked fine:
    I red in a reply in this forum, under the
    "Oracle BI EE Variables Overview"
    that we can use the above format in Cond.Format.
    However I got an error:
    "The value entered msut date and Time..."
    Any tips?

    It's because when you fired
    SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUALYour variable have a LONGVARCHAR type (if I remember)
    Check here how to find the data type.
    If you just need to get the current date, you can try the system presentation variable current time as :
    @{system.currentTime} Good luck

  • How to get the session variable value in JSF

    This is Subbus, I'm new for JSF framewrok, i was set the session scope for my LoginBean in faces-config.xml file..
    <managed-bean-scope>session</managed-bean-scope> like that...
    So all parameter in LoginBean are set in session right ?... for example i used userId is the Parameter...
    Now i need to get the the userId parameter from that session in my another JSP page.. how i get that ?..
    Already i tried
    but it retrieve only "null" value.. could u please help me.. it's very urgent one..

    Where i use it in jsp or backend bean...
    simply i use the following code in one backend bean and try to get the value from there bean in the front of jsp page...
    in LogoutBean inside
    public String getUserID()
         Object sessionAttribute = null;
         FacesContext facescontext=FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
         ExternalContext externalcontext=facescontext.getExternalContext();
         Map sessionMap=externalcontext.getSessionMap();
         if(sessionMap != null)
         sessionAttribute = sessionMap.get("userId");
         System.out.println("Session value is...."+(String)sessionAttribute);
         return (String)sessionAttribute;
         return "fail";
    JSP Page
    <jsp:useBean id="logs" scope="session" class="logs.LogoutBean" />
    System.out.println("SS value is ...."+logs.getUserID());
    but again it retrieve only null value.. could u please tell me first how to set the session variable in JSF.. i did faces-config only.. is it correct or not..

  • How to create a global variable in forms 6i

    How to create a global variable in forms 6i

    :GLOBAL.my_var := 15; Well, this statement is not correct! Global variables
    stores a character string of up to 255 characters in
    length. Thus, valid statement for Khurram example
    :GLOBAL.my_var := TO_CHAR(15);
    :GLOBAL.my_var := '15';
    But numeric values are implicitly converted by oracle so there's nothing in fact wrong with the statement...
    :GLOBAL.my_var := 15;

  • How to create multiple toolbar buttons in jsp ?

    hi all,
    how to create multiple toolbar buttons in jsp ?
    plz help me

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  • How to Create a Text Variable

    Hi Experts...
    Can you please explain me how to create a Text variable...
    In my Cube i had 3 different date fields....
    and as per my requirment i need to create a rolling report for which will display data for 6 months rolling.
    As the date field which i need to use is not mapped to Time Char's (Cal Year,Cal Month...etc)
    For that reason i created below customer exit variable and used offset variables to achieve the rolling 6 months report
    Code used for Customer Exit VAriable:
    WHEN 'ZC_Cmonth1'. " Current Cal Month Car Expiry
    IF i_step = 2.
          CLEAR l_s_range.
    determine date
        LV_SYDAT     =  SY-DATUM.
        LV_YEAR_ACT  =  SY-DATUM+0(4).
        LV_MONTH_ACT =  SY-DATUM+4(2).
    Set begin date of intervall
    Set end date of intervall
    Fill ranges-tab with: include all values between beginning of year
    and actual date
      L_S_RANGE-SIGN = 'I'.
      L_S_RANGE-OPT  = 'BT'.
    Now i need to create TEXT VARIABLE that will display the Month Name in the column name
    Please update in detail step how to create a Text Variable

    In your specific requirement select the which ever the keyfigure you want  to analyse, go to edit mode of keyfigure propeties there select the newvariable type and create the Text variable by maintaining the proper offset start and length and also maintain the in whcih format u want see the month name in column headers. Maintain the Text format or key format. it totally depends on u r requirement.
    Hope it will help ful for u.

  • How to create an array variable

    Hi folks,
    I'm developing a flowN activity , for each branch created, I need to pass different values (values I get from DB).
    For this my plan would be,
    -create an array variable , load all the values(from DB) into the array
    -pass the array to each branch in flowN activity based on the index
    As I'm newbie to BPEL, I do not know how to create an array variable.
    Could you people guide me please.

    I created my string array like
    <element name="string_array">
    <element name="input" type="string" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
    <variable name="arr" element="client:string_array"/>
    I am able to add values to my array variable named as "arr"
    When I use the following code snippet, it gives my the value of the entire list.
    But when I try retireve values one by one like <%ora:getElement('arr','/client:string_array/client:input',[0])%>, its giving me error.
    Guide to get throu' this.

  • How to create User Defined Variables in Procurement Contract 12.1.3

    We are using Procurement Contract 12.1.3. As per our business requirement while creating contract template we need to use many variables which are not available in 'System Defined' variable list. Please guide us with some samples (step by step) how to create the 'User defined' variables.

    Hi Prabhu,
    Did you get the setps how to create user defined variables in Procurement contracts? if so please share me the setp by step flow.

  • How can we use Session Variable in Answers or Analysis?

    How can we use Session Variable in Answers or Analysis?

    Again, duplicate cross-posting!
    See rukbat 's post here: Re: BI Apps Issue)

  • How to create characterstic formula variable in reporting

    how to create characterstic formula variable in reporting
    tell me any one in steps

    Query Designer -- Select your Char -- Create Char Variable -- Processing type should be Replacment path =In the Replace Variable with drop down box, choose Attribute Value. In the Attribute drop down, select Characteristic Reference
    Hope it helps

  • How to set a session variable

    I would like to know how to set a session variable for the following purpose.
    At the top of my application I have a "Welcome <username>" I'd like it instead to have "Welcome <firstname> <lastname>".
    So the concept would be after the user logs in succesfully this session variable is dynamically set so it can be displayed.

    Hi Scott,
    I realize that I can set items etc in pages. The case I'm referring to is a reference in a template. My template has a "Welcome <user name>" ... so the code looks like "Welcome &APP_USER." Anyway to make it say "Welcome first_name last_name" in the template? Note I'll have to get the first/last names from a query

Maybe you are looking for