How to create instant quote tool for website? Customer enters height and width and price is calculated.

I am trying to create a instant quote tool for my site.. so customer type in there height and width and a price appears but I have no clue where to start.. is there any tutorial or would someone kindly give me some advice on how to do this on dreamweaver. I havent used Dreamweaver in years and I cant even remember anything now
Kind Regards

Well this is what I have soo far.. so I want to enter the height /width then if they want to add extras such as fixing options and cut out it will add to the product price ????
<!doctype html>
<div class="summary entry-summary">
        <h1 itemprop="name" class="product_title entry-title">Ral 1000</h1><div itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="">
    <meta itemprop="price" content="160" />
    <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="GBP" />
    <link itemprop="availability" href="" />
</div><div itemprop="description">
    <script src="" type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">gapi.plusone.go();</script>
<p>6mm, low iron, toughened glass, PAR
<div class="shortcode-google-plusone"><div class="g-plusone"  data-size="standard" data-annotation="none"></div></div><!--/.shortcode-google-plusone-->
<form class="cart" method="post" enctype='multipart/form-data'>
        <table id="price_calculator" class="simple_price_calculator">
        <td style="text-align:right;">
<script src=""></script>
$(document).ready(function() {
$('#width').keyup(function() {
var height = $('#height').val();
var width = $('#width').val();
var price = (height * width / 1000000 * 325).toFixed(2);;
$('.price').html('Product price: &pound;' + price);
<p><label for="height">Height (mm)</label>
<input type="text" name="height" id="height">
<label for="width">Width (mm)</label>
<input type="text" name="width" id="width">
<div class=" product-addon product-addon-add-fixing-option">
            <h3 class="addon-name">Add Fixing Option </h3>
    <p class="form-row form-row-wide addon-wrap-1738-add-fixing-option">
    <select class="addon addon-select" name="addon-1738-add-fixing-option">
                    <option value="">Select an option...</option>
                    <option data-price="5" value="silicone-adhesive-tube" >Silicone Adhesive Tube (<span class="amount">&pound;0.00</span>)</option>
                    <option data-price="5" value="screws-and-drill-holes" >Screws and Drill Holes (<span class="amount">&pound;6.00</span>)</option>
    <div class="clear"></div>
</div><div class=" product-addon product-addon-add-extra-layer-multi-coloured-fine-glitter">
            <h3 class="addon-name">Add Cut Out and Notches </h3>
    <p class="form-row form-row-wide addon-wrap-1738-add-extra-layer-multi-coloured-fine-glitter">
    <select class="addon addon-select" name="addon-1738-add-extra-layer-multi-coloured-fine-glitter">
                    <option value="">Select an option...</option>
                    <option data-price="8" value="1" >1 (<span class="amount">&pound;25.00</span>)</option>
                    <option data-price="15" value="2" >2 (<span class="amount">&pound;50.00</span>)</option>
                    <option data-price="25" value="3" >3 (<span class="amount">&pound;75.00</span>)</option>
                    <option data-price="25" value="4" > (<span class="amount">&pound;100.00</span>)</option>
</p><p class="price">Product Price: &pound;</p>
    <div class="clear"></div>
</div><div id="product-addons-total" data-type="simple" data-price="160"></div>
        <input type="hidden" name="add-to-cart" value="1738" />
        <button type="submit" class="single_add_to_cart_button button alt">Add to cart</button>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Untitled Document</title>

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    Next i created a structure in the OVS with the data fields: ID, Name, FilterCriteria and SerchText.
    In the Controller Tab I bound the ValueHelpQuery of the OVS to the (new) Query of the BO with this parameters:
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    - Name : /Root/Structure/Name
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    I'm looking for per image solution that doesn't affect other images or applications like using global gamma.
    I'll greatly appreciate your help

    That's what I use Adjustment layers but they are a big pain because the color picker can't disregard them. So every time I want ot use the color picker I have to hide the adjustment layer and then when I paint I have to enable it again. I want a color picker that picks from all but not the adjustment layer. This makes this workflow impossible. I need this for painting artworks from scratch.
    There are no two equal monitors out there and some are quite off, so I want to create artworks that look as good as possible on all kinds of monitor including miscalabrated ones.These are samples to sell artwork. Not only that but the artwork often is edited from other designers not by brush repainting but using global adjustments like levels. And I don't want to use 32 bit workflows. What I'm asking will serve the purpose perfectly.
    I feel that since PS pulls the preview information from profiles that probably reside in files somewhere, I can modify a copy of a profile and I was hoping if someone here knows more details about this and helps.
    Thanks anyway

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    Please create the account keys or transaction keys in
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    How are you making the .ics file? What value has the METHOD: entry?

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    Hi, experts.
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    and in my use case it's preferable to do this from the UI rather than from business logic layer(EO).
    Also I have read Frank Nimphius' following blog,but in his example the source VO and the destination VO are the same.
    How-to declaratively create new table rows based on existing row content (20-NOV-2008)
    I have tried:
    1.VO1(id,amount,remark1) and VO2(id,amount,remark2) are based on different EO,but render in same page,
    2.Drag and drop a Createwithparams button for VO1(id,amount,remark),
    3.add: Create insertinside Createwithparams->Nameddata(amount),
    4.set NDName:amount, NDValue:#{bindings.VO2.children.Amount}, NDtype:oracle.jbo.domain.Number.
    On running,when press button Createwithparams, cannot create a new row for VO1, and get error msg:
    <Utils> <buildFacesMessage> ADF: Adding the following JSF error message: For input string: "Amount"
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "Amount"
         at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
    Can anyone give some suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: user6715237 on 2013-4-19 下午9:29

    I'm really very appreciated for your quick reply! You know, today is Saturday, it's not a day for everyone at work.
    My principal requirement is as follows: some rows from VO2, and for each selection create a new row with some attributes from VO2 as default values for VO1's corresponding attributes, and during this process the user may be cancel/uncheck or redo some of the selections.
    --so it's better to implement it in UI rather than in EO.'s better to implement this function with declarative way as in Frank Nimphius' blog.
    --little Jave/JS coding, the better. I only have experience in ORACLE FORMS, little experience in JAVA/JS.
    In order to get full information for the requirements of my use case, can take a check at:
    How to set default value for a VO query bind variable in a jspx page?
    (the end half of the thread: I have a more realworld requirement similar to the above requirement is:
    Manage bank transactions for clients. and give invoices to clients according to their transaction records. One invoice can contain one or many transactions records. and one transaction records can be split into many invoices.
    Edited by: user6715237 on 2013-4-19 下午11:18

  • How to create a shortcut menu for the pane

    Hi all
    Well - I know how to create a shortcut menu for a control, but how is it created for a pane? There is the possibility to add an event case for a shortcut menu linked to a pane (see picture), but how can I create this menu?
    Message Edited by becktho on 08-01-2006 11:32 AM
    Using LV8.0
    Don't be afraid to rate a good answer...
    ScreenShot001.png ‏22 KB

    ahlers option works, sorry but I can't add images from work!
    Just use the shortcut Menu Activation filter event? to create a menu.
    Message Edited by TonP on 08-01-2006 12:56 PM
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    Example_BD.png ‏4 KB
    Example_BD.png ‏4 KB

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    You have to use the sales order tables VBAK,VBAP and VBEP
    So keep date field on selection screen
    and treat this date as Order creation data audat field in VBAK.
    based on this fetch the data from VBAK and VBAP  with the following fields like
    VBELN, KUNNR,NETWR,POSNR, MATNR,ARKTX,KWMENG,WAERS  etc and display in the report
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