How to create MS (Mid Side) tracks from a stereo file

Hi everyone.
Can anyone tell me how to create MS tracks from a stereo file?
I used to do it on old analogue desks but can't figure how to it in logic.
Would appreciate assistance.

Hi guys. Here's what I'm really trying to do...It's to do with digital - DAB - radio.
I've noticed on DAB radio that certain songs exhibit weird and severe loss of stereo image. e.g.
When listening to "Riders on the Storm" by the Doors the keyboard solo goes missing. Totally vanished, bar a weak reverb remnant.
When I first heard this problem it reminded me instantly of an experiment I made with MS encoding on an analogue desk with that very track some years ago: which I mentioned in my first thread.
I'm not attempting to use MS here for a positive purpose. Quite the reverse! It is the INCONPATIBILTY that I am after.
DAB is broadcasted in the UK using MP2 encoding, which divides the spectrum into 750Hz portions. That makes 13 portions, roughly, if you divide 750 into 10000. I've just set up 13 versions of Riders on the Storm and have bandwidth limited each accordingly: 20 Hz-770 Hz, 770 Hz-1520 Hz, 1520 Hz-2270 Hz etc.. Low and behold, weird things are already starting to happen to the stereo image. Jim Morrison's vocal exihibits a 1.5 second time delay (i.e. loss of reverb intergity, reverb transformed into a discrete one beat time delay) when all thirteen tracks are played together. Now I'm going to try MS encoding this to replicate the way DAB would send these chunks across the airwaves.
If you've got time, try it too! And please give me some more tips on how to create MS from stereo files.
Power Book G4 15   Mac OS X (10.1.x)  
Power Book G4 15   Mac OS X (10.1.x)  

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