Hi Experts,
I need generate the service for sender soap communication channel for target url to receive the  inbound proxy.
my scenario is like SOAP to proxy. while using  receiver proxy also we are planing using AAE method .
i am using SOAP sender and SOAp receiver communication channel .i need to provide the target url for this communication channel.
how to generate the url for this and what is the transaction code .
Please help us.

Hi Ravinder, scenario is like SOAP to proxy. while using  receiver proxy also we are planing using AAE method.
SOAP to Poxy in this case.
For sender  SOAP system, we can generate the WSDL link in ID part.
for Reveiver proxy give the integration engine URL.
how to generate the url for this and what is the transaction code
There is no transaction code for generating the URL.
i hope this will help.

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    i want to create a bat file for automation purpose to start and stop services
    i have some services in 1st server aand some in 2nd server and some in 3rd servers.
    has you all know i have to follow sequences to start and stop services can any help me in creating .bat by linking 3 servers fo starting and stoping services.
    Thanks in advance

    this is the list of start oder for services in from the Installation and Configuration Guide
    1. Databases for repositories.
    2. Any corporate user directories that you plan to configure for use with Shared Services.
    3. Foundation Services Managed Server application server, which includes Shared Services,
    and EPM Workspace.
    4. Reporting and Analysis Framework — Agent Service (if required for your environment)
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    19. Profitability and Cost Management application server
    to start services on different servers you can use the sc command in your batch file
    for eg
    sc \\ start HypS9FrameworkAgent

  • SOAP communication channel

    I am configuring sender SOAP communication channel. I see only "CENTRAL ADAPTER ENGINE" in the Adapter engine type. I do not see any INTEGRATION SERVER  in the drop down option.
    Kindly help.

    Why do you need INTEGRATION SERVER in the drop down option??
    you have to select the Adapter Engine, Transport Protocol and Message Protocol.
    In the Adapter Engine you need to select the CENTRAL ADAPTER ENGINE . This is since you have only one adapter engine. If there is any local AE, and it is correctly installed, then it will also appear in the drop down.
    But INTEGRATION SERVER, which you are askin never appears!!
    Please explain if u need further clarifications.

  • Alias for Sender SOAP Adapter URL

    When I create a web service for an o/b interface using the wizard, I need to give the URL of the pattern
    Looking at the URL, I think there is servlet that is processing the incoming SOAP messages based on the parameter (channel) and adding the SOAP Header for Sender Service, Sender Interface from that channel before sending it to IE.
    Is there anyway to create aliases for these URLs so that I can have distinct URL for each interface eg. http://<host:<port>/DeliveryConfirmation, http://<host:<port>/InvoiceCheck etc?
    I need to publish web services in custom-built UDDI tool which expects the URLs to be unique. (This uniqueness should not based on the parameter 'channel'). UDDI tool expects the part of the URL before '?' to be unique, which is not in my case. So, I'm thinking of aliases.
    Did anyone create Alias for sender SOAP adapter URL?
    I appreciate your inputs on this.

    Creating an alias like (http://<host:<port>/DeliveryConfirmation) for each web service makes the end Point URL (http://<host:<port>/DeliveryConfirmation?channel=<party>:<service>:<channel>) unique and my custom-built UDDI server would allow it.
    In this case, all the aliases would be for the same context path '/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet', right?
    I see the following on the help page.
    You must first have the J2EE Web applications deployed so that their aliases are added to the list of available application aliases. Then you can decide which one to remove from it.
    Do I need to deploy any J2EE Web Application here?
    I'm thinking that since 'XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet' is already deployed, I just have to create a various aliases for it.
    I highly appreciate your inputs.

  • Problem of Creating Multiple Communication channels for multiple files

    Hi Everybody
    I have a very basic doubt but this struck me...
    For a file-XI-file scenario,if multiple files are coming from same FTP server but with different names then we have to create multiple communication channels for all the files of different names..but is this a intelligent approach?Can we do something so that only one communication channel can receive multiple files of different names?plz explain in detail if possible ASAP.
    I have another doubt as in File-XI-File scenario how the XI understands that a particular file is from this FTP server  needs to be send to another particular FTP Server?is it only the name of the file which we give in sender comm channel & receiver comm chaneel which determines this????that means this name should always be same?plz explain in detail if anybody knows?

    Thanks Aamir.I understood the solution.
    Correct me if I am wrong.......
    1)If there are multiple files with different names & different extensions in the sender FTP then we use-->
    2)if there are multiple files with different names & different extensions in sender FTP & I want only say files of 2 extension types(say .xml & .txt)then we use-->
    in one comm channel &
    in another comm channel rite??
    Also I wanted to ask that only two kinda files we can pick up through sender comm channel rite?
    .xml  and .txt(File content Conversion).Can we pick files of other extensions also?(say .doc,.xls)If we use as u said
    then files of all other extensions will also be picked up rite?bt hw will xi convert them into xml?plz explain......
    One of my other q is not answered yet.........all these same doubts are there for receiver communication channel.......but you all have not said nething abt the receiver comm channel........plz explain the answers to all these queries for receiver comm channel for a receiver FTP........ASAP......thanks once again.......

  • How to set errorDelay parameter in sender JMS Communication Channel?

    Dear XI/PI Experts,
    Do you happen to have a documentation on how to implement the errorDelay parameter and other general parameters in the sender Sender JMS communication Channel? Do you happen to have a step by step guide or pdf that I can use?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Thanks for your replies.
    What I need to do is to implement this bullet point:
    ¡        errorDelay
    The default value for this parameter is 0.
    This parameter determines how long the system waits before processing further messages if an error occurs. In transactional processing, it can make sense to specify a certain time period, for example, because messages with errors remain in the queue following a ROLLBACK.
    In which part of the Sender JMS Comm Channel will I implement this?
    Should I put this under tab /Parameters/Processing/Error Handling Settings or should this be under /Parameters/Advanced/Additional Paremeters?

  • How to create Service and response profiles

    Hello Gurus
              I have configured the IC Web Client in solution manager 4.0 system. But in sservice ticket i am not able to see the SLA info. Please tell me
      where to give these SLA parameters ?
      How to create service and response profiles?
      Shuold i use SLF1 instead of  SLFN to maintain SLA ?
    Please tell me how to do these it will be very helpful....

    Hi Naveen
    The Service and Response Profiles can be created in the easy access menu using the path
    SAP Menu> Service> Service Contracts and Service Plans--> Maintain availability and Response Time
    Availability time is also know as service profile
    And then assign these service and response profiles to your Servie Product Master which will be used in the service ticket.
    For the field to be available to enter teh service and response profile in the product master, assign the set types COMM_PR_SRV to the category in which the product will be created
    Hope this would help.
    Rekha Dadwal
    You gain a point for every point that you reward. So reward helpful answers generously</b>

  • How to create a single SCN [Inbound Deliery]  ' VL31n '   for multiple PO's

    How to create a single SCN [Inbound Deliery]  ' VL31n '   for multiple Purchase-Orders with the help of BAPI or BDC Recording in 4.6 b version.
    Manually its possible.. but how is it possible in the background i.e through BDC Recording or BAPI's.  
    [ As we donot have an option of creating one same  SCN [Inbound Deliery]  for multiple Purchase-Orders in 'VL31n' ].
    Please provide the needful Information.

    These mpeg2 clips do not have audio.
    I simply want to create a script that can read in the files, append to each other and then export to an .mov format.
    I want the process to be called from a command line that will open QT, run the script, read in the files, append and export.
    G5 and Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.4.8) PC's and Windows
    G5 and Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.4.8) PC's and Windows

  • Sender Communication Channel for Integration Scenario IDoc - XI - IDoc?

    Hello All,
    One general question. I have to configure an IDoc - XI - IDoc Scenario. For this Scenario I have to configure an Receiver Communication Channel (IDoc Adapter) to the Backend System but what about Sending Communication Channel for the Sending R/3 system.
    Is the (IDoc) Communication Channel from Sending system to XI required to configured?
    Many thanks in advanced!

    Hi Jochen,
    for sending IDOCs from SAP to XI, sender IDOC adapter is not required. when XI will send the IDOC to a SAP system, then receiver IDOC adapter is needed.
    Rajeev Gupta

  • How to create an explain plan with rowsource statistics for a complex query that include multiple table joins ?

    1. How to create an explain plan with rowsource statistics for a complex query that include multiple table joins ?
    When multiple tables are involved , and the actual number of rows returned is more than what the explain plan tells. How can I find out what change is needed  in the stat plan  ?
    2. Does rowsource statistics gives some kind of  understanding of Extended stats ?

    You can get Row Source Statistics only *after* the SQL has been executed.  An Explain Plan midway cannot give you row source statistics.
    To get row source statistics either set STATISTICS_LEVEL='ALL'  in the session that executes theSQL OR use the Hint "gather_plan_statistics"  in the SQL being executed.
    Then use dbms_xplan.display_cursor
    Hemant K Chitale

  • Failed in Message Mapping for Sender SOAP Adapter

    I am using a synchronous Sender SOAP adapter for sending SOAP messages using HTTP security protocol. I am trying to send SOAP messages to XI and then to RFC-R/3. And Responses back from RFC to XI and then to SOAP. I am getting an error for failed in message mapping in SXMB_MONI for converting SOAP messages to RFC. When I debug it in Message Mapping in Integration Repository, it works fine.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    try to do a full cache refresh

  • How to create SERVICE PR using BAPI_PR_CREATE

    Hi everyone,
    How to create SERVICE PR using BAPI_PR_CREATE
    My Code(it doesn't work,I don't know what's wrong.):
    *& Report  ZWTEST
    REPORT  zwtest.
    DATA: header TYPE bapimereqheader,
          headerx TYPE bapimereqheaderx,
          item LIKE TABLE OF bapimereqitemimp WITH HEADER LINE,
          itemx LIKE TABLE OF bapimereqitemx WITH HEADER LINE,
          account  LIKE TABLE OF bapimereqaccount WITH HEADER LINE,
          accountx LIKE TABLE OF bapimereqaccountx WITH HEADER LINE,
          service LIKE TABLE OF bapi_srv_service_line WITH HEADER LINE,
          servicex LIKE TABLE OF bapi_srv_service_linex WITH HEADER LINE,
          serviceaccount LIKE TABLE OF  bapi_srv_acc_data WITH HEADER LINE,
          serviceaccountx  LIKE TABLE OF bapi_srv_acc_datax WITH HEADER LINE,
          preq_no LIKE  bapimereqheader-preq_no,
          lt_return LIKE TABLE OF bapiret2 WITH HEADER LINE,
          wa_return LIKE bapiret2.
    header-pr_type = 'NB'."订单类型(采购)
    headerx-pr_type = 'X'.
    CLEAR: item.
    item-preq_item = '00010'.
    item-pur_group = '426'."采购组
    item-short_text = '服务类PR'."短文本
    item-plant = '1051'."工厂
    item-matl_group = 'AS07'."物料组
    item-item_cat = '9'."项目类别
    item-acctasscat = 'K'."科目分配类别
    item-pckg_no = '0000000001'."软件包编号
    APPEND item.
    CLEAR: itemx.
    itemx-preq_item = '00010'.
    itemx-preq_itemx = 'X'.
    itemx-pur_group = 'X'."采购组
    itemx-short_text = 'X'."短文本
    itemx-plant = 'X'."工厂
    itemx-matl_group = 'X'."物料组
    itemx-item_cat = 'X'."项目类别
    itemx-acctasscat = 'X'."科目分配类别
    itemx-pckg_no = 'X'."软件包编号
    APPEND  itemx.
    CLEAR: account.
    account-preq_item = '00010'.
    account-serial_no = '01'.
    *account-quantity = '0.955'.
    *account-distr_perc = '95.5'.
    account-gl_account = '4205020000'.
    account-costcenter = '1042000001'.
    *account-co_area = 'CNOC'.
    *account-profit_ctr = '9999999999'.
    APPEND account.
    CLEAR: accountx.
    accountx-preq_item = '00010'.
    accountx-serial_no = '01'.
    accountx-preq_itemx = 'X'.
    accountx-serial_nox = 'X'.
    *accountx-quantity = 'X'.
    *accountx-distr_perc = 'X'.
    accountx-gl_account = 'X'.
    accountx-costcenter = 'X'.
    *accountx-co_area = 'X'.
    *accountx-profit_ctr = 'X'.
    APPEND accountx.
    CLEAR: service.
    service-doc_item = '00010'.
    service-outline = '0000000001'.
    service-srv_line = '0000000010'.
    service-short_text = 'service test'.
    service-quantity = '10.000'.
    service-uom = 'AU'.
    service-gross_price = '10.00'.
    service-currency = 'CNY'.
    *service-matl_group = 'AS07'."物料组
    APPEND service.
    CLEAR: servicex.
    servicex-doc_item = '00010'.
    servicex-outline = '0000000001'.
    servicex-srv_line = '0000000010'.
    servicex-short_text = 'X'.
    servicex-quantity = 'X'.
    servicex-uom = 'X'.
    servicex-gross_price = 'X'.
    servicex-currency = 'X'.
    *servicex-matl_group = 'X'.
    APPEND servicex.
    CLEAR: serviceaccount.
    serviceaccount-doc_item = '00010'.
    serviceaccount-outline = '0000000001'.
    serviceaccount-srv_line = '0000000010'.
    serviceaccount-serial_no = '01'.
    serviceaccount-serial_no_item = '01'.
    serviceaccount-percent = '100'.
    APPEND serviceaccount.
    CLEAR: serviceaccountx.
    serviceaccountx-doc_item = '00010'.
    serviceaccountx-outline = '0000000001'.
    serviceaccountx-srv_line = '0000000010'.
    serviceaccountx-serial_no = '01'.
    serviceaccountx-serial_no_item = 'X'.
    serviceaccountx-percent = 'X'.
    APPEND serviceaccountx.
        prheader               = header
        prheaderx              = headerx
    *   TESTRUN                =
        number                 = preq_no
    *   PRHEADEREXP            =
        return                 = lt_return
        pritem                 = item
        pritemx                = itemx
    *   PRITEMEXP              =
    *   PRITEMSOURCE           =
        praccount              = account
        praccountx             = accountx
    *   PRADDRDELIVERY         =
    *   PRITEMTEXT             =
    *   PRHEADERTEXT           =
    *   EXTENSIONIN            =
    *   EXTENSIONOUT           =
    *   PRVERSION              =
    *   PRVERSIONX             =
    *   ALLVERSIONS            =
    *   PRCOMPONENTS           =
    *   PRCOMPONENTSX          =
    *   SERVICEOUTLINE         =
    *   SERVICEOUTLINEX        =
        servicelines           = service
        servicelinesx          = servicex
    *   SERVICELIMIT           =
    *   SERVICELIMITX          =
        serviceaccount         = serviceaccount
        serviceaccountx        = serviceaccountx
    *   SERVICELONGTEXTS       =
    *   SERIALNUMBER           =
    *   SERIALNUMBERX          =
    * 处理错误消息:通过判断消息的类型,来判断BAPI是否成功
    READ TABLE lt_return INTO wa_return WITH KEY type = 'E'.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
          wait = 'X'.
      WRITE: / '成功创建采购申请', preq_no.
    LOOP AT lt_return INTO wa_return.
      WRITE: / wa_return-message, wa_return-type, wa_return-id, wa_return-number.

    see note:
    1950319 - How to create service PR with BAPI_PR_CREATE.pdf

  • How to create DB partitioning in active data tables for ods?

    hi all,
    Can anyone let me know how to create DB partitioning in active data tables for ods. if any docs pls share with me at my email id : [email protected]

    The following steps will briefly explain you to improve the performance in terms of DB partitioning as well as loading. Please find the same,
    transaction RSCUSTA2,
    oss note 120253 565725 670208
    and remove 'bex reporting' setting in ods if that ods not used for reporting.
    hope this helps.
    This note contains recommendations for improving the load performance of ODS objects in Business Information Warehouse Release 3.0B and 3.1 Content.
    Other terms
    Business Information Warehouse, ODS object, BW, RSCUSTA2, RSADMINA
    To obtain a good load performance for ODS objects, we recommend that you note the following:
    1. Activating data in the ODS object
    In the Implementation Guide in the BW Customizing, you can implement different settings under Business Information Warehouse -> General BW settings -> Settings for the ODS object that will improve performance when you activate data in the ODS object.
    1. Creating SIDs
    The creation of SIDs is time-consuming and may be avoided in the following cases:
    a) You should not set the indicator for BEx Reporting if you are only using the ODS object as a data store.Otherwise, SIDs are created for all new characteristic values by setting this indicator.
    b) If you are using line items (for example, document number, time stamp and so on) as characteristics in the ODS object, you should mark these as 'Attribute only' in the characteristics maintenance.
    SIDs are created at the same time if parallel activation is activated (see above).They are then created using the same number of parallel processes as those set for the activation. However:if you specify a server group or a special server in the Customizing, these specifications only apply to activation and not the creation of SIDs.The creation of SIDs runs on the application server on which the batch job is also running.
    1. DB partitioning on the table for active data (technical name:
    The process of deleting data from the ODS object may be accelerated by partitioning on the database level.Select the characteristic after which you want deletion to occur as a partitioning criterion.For more details on partitioning database tables, see the database documentation (DBMS CD).Partitioning is supported with the following databases:Oracle, DB2/390, Informix.
    1. Indexing
    Selection criteria should be used for queries on ODS objects.The existing primary index is used if the key fields are specified.As a result, the characteristic that is accessed more frequently should be left justified.If the key fields are only partially specified in the selection criteria (recognizable in the SQL trace), the query runtime may be optimized by creating additional indexes.You can create these secondary indexes in the ODS object maintenance.
    1. Loading unique data records
    If you only load unique data records (that is, data records with a one-time key combination) into the ODS object, the load performance will improve if you set the 'Unique data record' indicator in the ODS object maintenance.
    Hope this helps..
    ****Assign Points****

  • How to create the variable variant in process chains for ip

    how to create the variable variant in process cahins for ip

    Hi venky,
    check these links

  • How to create ''from to '' parameter in XL reporter for templates

    How to create ''from to '' parameter in XL reporter for templates
    Can anyone help me in this regard
    Suresh Kannan

    1. Goto Report Designer
    2. there u can find "Advanced Report Builder" on left side of the window
    3. At the below u can find three buttons like "Parameters", "Properties","Apply"
    4. Click on "Parameters"
    5. then Parameters window will populate
    6. Click the new Button
    7. Name: give as u like
    Category: Literal
    Type: Date
    Attribute: Leave blank
    Default Vale: Leave Blank
    Prompt: From Date
    This is the process to create the parameters.

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  • Scroll bar error in list box

    Hello all, I work for a company using BI 7.0. We provide reports in Bex Web 7.0 to our users. They requested us for a problem in list box of selection (or filter). for example the user wants to filter on a characteristic. This characteristic has mult