How to declare the single filed in globally...........

Hi Guru's,
i have a field name required date (VDATU)...
please guide me in systax how to declare the single field as globally...
thanks in advance

Hi all thanks for your inputs and your valube time..and finally i resoleved the issuee you can see the global declaratio in my program logic...
*& Report  ZAREPAS30
REPORT  zarepas30.
DATA : gs_vbeln                   TYPE  vbak-vbeln,
       gs_order_header_in         TYPE  bapisdhd1,
       gs_order_header_inx        TYPE  bapisdhd1x,
       gt_order_items_in          TYPE  STANDARD TABLE OF bapisditm,
       gwa_itab1                  TYPE  bapisditm,
       gt_order_items_inx         TYPE  STANDARD TABLE OF bapisditmx,
       gwa_itab2                  TYPE  bapisditmx,
       gt_order_partners          TYPE  STANDARD TABLE OF bapiparnr,
       gwa_itab3                  TYPE  bapiparnr,
       gt_return                  TYPE  STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2,
       gwa_itab4                  TYPE  bapiret2.
Sales document type
Sales organization
Distribution channel
Requested Delivery Date
Header data
Sales document type
  gs_order_header_in-doc_type = p_auart.
  gs_order_header_inx-doc_type = 'X'.
Sales organization
  gs_order_header_in-sales_org = p_vkorg.
  gs_order_header_inx-sales_org = 'X'.
Distribution channel
  gs_order_header_in-distr_chan  = p_vtweg.
  gs_order_header_inx-distr_chan = 'X'.
  gs_order_header_in-division = p_spart.
  gs_order_header_inx-division = 'X'.
Reguested Delivery Date
  gs_order_header_in-req_date_h = p_edatu.
  gs_order_header_inx-req_date_h = 'X'.
  gs_order_header_inx-updateflag = 'I'.
Partner data
Sold to
  gwa_itab3-partn_role = 'AG'.
  gwa_itab3-partn_numb = p_sold.
  APPEND gwa_itab3 TO  gt_order_partners .
ship to
  gwa_itab3-partn_role = 'WE'.
  gwa_itab3-partn_numb = p_ship.
  APPEND gwa_itab3 TO  gt_order_partners .
  gwa_itab2-updateflag = 'I'.
Line item number.
  gwa_itab1-itm_number = '000010'.
  gwa_itab2-itm_number = 'X'.
  gwa_itab1-material = p_matnr.
  gwa_itab2-material = 'X'.
  gwa_itab1-plant    = p_plant.
  gwa_itab2-plant   = 'X'.
  gwa_itab1-target_qty = p_menge.
  gwa_itab2-target_qty = 'X'.
  APPEND gwa_itab1 TO gt_order_items_in.
  APPEND gwa_itab2 TO gt_order_items_inx.
Line item number.
  gwa_itab1-itm_number = '000020'.
  gwa_itab2-itm_number = 'X'.
  gwa_itab1-material = p_matnr.
  gwa_itab2-material = 'X'.
  gwa_itab1-plant    = p_plant.
  gwa_itab2-plant   = 'X'.
  gwa_itab1-target_qty = p_menge.
  gwa_itab2-target_qty = 'X'.
  APPEND gwa_itab1 TO gt_order_items_in.
  APPEND gwa_itab2 TO gt_order_items_inx.
    order_header_in               = gs_order_header_in
    ORDER_HEADER_INX              = gs_order_header_inx
    SALESDOCUMENT                 = gs_vbeln
    RETURN                        = gt_return
    ORDER_ITEMS_IN                = gt_order_items_in
    ORDER_ITEMS_INX               = gt_order_items_inx
    order_partners                = gt_order_partners.
Check the return table.
  LOOP AT gt_return into gwa_itab4 WHERE type = 'E' OR type = 'A'.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    WRITE: / 'Error occured while creating sales order '.
Commit the work.
    WRITE: / 'Document ', gs_vbeln, ' created'.

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    ♦ Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.
    ♦ Author of Oracle Application Express 3.2 – The Essentials and More

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    HI Sudhakar,
    It's bit complex but will work.
    Just create a new formuale with this option F= SUMCT(Amount)( This is basiclly the "result" option you get when you try to create a formlae.
    Now make a calculate key figure with the logic CKF=( Amount - F)
    This will give you basically this kind of difference
                        F   CKF
    1234 7999 3331 100 300 -200
    1234 8999 3332 100 300 -200
    1234 9999 3333 100 300 -200
    1235 7777 4444 200 200  0
    Now put a condition on the report level that show only those rows where the CKF!=0
    IT will show only those value which have moer then one rows.
    Also you can hide these additional columns depending upon your need.
    I think it will work
    If helpful assign points.

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    Sounds a lot like this question, only with less details.
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    Edited by: Julius Bussche on Dec 5, 2008 1:04 PM

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