How to delete mail from mac but NOT from gmail server?

Hi I have around 6GB of space used up by the mail app. I never really use it anymore though, favouring the gmail website. I can't work out how to clear out the mail app and free up that space, without also deleting the emails from the gmail server. Can anybody help?

Hello Jhughes1986,
If you are not using the mail account in the Mail app, then remove it from Mail. When in Mail, go to the drop down menu Mail > Preferences, select the Account tab, select your Gmail account and then hit the Minus ( - ) button towards the bottom to remove the account. 
Mail (Mavericks): Remove mail accounts
-Norm G. 

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    Samsdad wrote:
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    Remember in this Day and Age of Computing the Internet is Knowledge at your fingertips if you choose understand it. -2015-

  • Want to delete mails from Thunderbird but not from the server?

    Please tell me how to configure the settings of Thunderbird so that if i delete any mail from Thunderbird that mail would be delete only from Thunderbird not from server. I'm using IMAP configuration for all my mail accounts and I'm using Thunderbird in my laptop and tablet both.
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    Imap mail accounts keep the emails on the server and you see a remote view of those emails and folders.
    When you subscribe to see a folder, the headers are downloaded, when you select an email to read, the entire folder is downloaded to a temp cache facilitating quicker access. If you synchronize folders, then a copy of that folder is downloaded to an mbox file in your profile, so that you have a copy of the server folder. When you make any changes to a synchronized folder, read an email, delete or move etc, then Thunderbird will resynchronize with the server to update the server. A synchronized folder allows you to work in 'offline' mode and this is the best time to perform a backup as you know there is a temporary stop on synchronizing as you are offline. They will resynchronize when you go back into 'online' mode.
    So, with IMAP mail accounts, the folders you see in Thunderbird are the same folders on the webmail server. If you make any changes via Thunderbird or webmail then you are changing the same folder. You cannot delete an email without deleting it from the server, they are one and the same.
    What you can do is move/copy an email into Local Folders and delete the one on the server. The Local Folders emails are kept in your Profile on your computer, these folders/emails are not on the server, unless you chose to keep a copy of them on the server.
    Pop mail accounts cannot see the folders on the server. They only access the server Inbox folder and download emails not previously downloaded to the mail account Inbox in Thunderbird. These emails are kept on your computer in your profile folder. You can select to keep a copy on the server or not. You can choose to delete emails off your computer and off the server or not.
    If the mail account is gmail , have you subscribed or even synchronized to see the 'All Mail' folder ? Gmail's all Mail folder is their Archive folder, it keeps a copy of all of your non-deleted emails. So, you do not need to subscribe to see this folder as it only shows you what you can already see in other folders. It doubles the disc space.
    Please read section on 'All Mail' at this link.
    You do not have to download/synchronize the entire folder. You could select to only synchronize the most recent xx days of emails.
    see info here:

  • HT4436 I have a laptop Mac and an IPad, and would like to transfer pictures, videos, etc from the ipad to the Mac but not from the Mac to the IPad, how can I set up the iCloud in both devises to do so?

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Your best method would be to connect via USB and transfer that way, since videos are not transferred using photostream.
    However you can stop photos on your mac being added to photostream in the iPhoto preferences > photostream by unchecking the automatic upload box.

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    I fixed it, i had to turn off the syncing of the contacts and the calendar on the phone and then delete them from iCloud. Obviously if i turn on the syncing of these items again the contacts and calendar appointments will reappear in iCloud.
    So problem solved.

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    If you intend to ever sync your phone with your Macbook then you can't delete the app from your Macbook, otherwise the apps will also delete from your iPhone (as you've discovered).

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    you can read here about airprint
    if the printer don't support that then you need to find a printing app in app store
    which will act the role as printer driver for the device to speak with the printer

  • I can conect from my iPad to my Mac, but not from my Mac to my iPad whats up with that

    I can connect face Time from my iPad to my Mac, but not from my Mac to my iPad

    Register/Sync with iCloud on both your iOS devices and your Mac.

  • TS2621 I can access yahoo mail from safari but not from the iphone ipad mail icon after changing password

    I can access yahoo mail from safari but not from the iphone ipad mail app after changing my password

    Go into your settings and remove the account. Add the account again with your new password.
    Best of luck- K.

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    The support article might help you.

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    Hi Wpbpatfl,
    Have you tried running the HP Print and Scan Doctor? It is a quick and easy tool that diagnoses and resolves many printing, scanning, and connectivity problems. Check out the link below for details on downloading and running the tool:
    If I have helped in any way, just click the Kudos star on the left. Also, if your issue has been resolved, don't forget to select Accept as Solution

  • How to delete events in iCal on Mac, but not from iPhone

    Hi everyone,
    I have a reminder set to my phone for something everyday which is great because it's the first thing I look at in the morning. But I don't want this event plastered all over my iCal on my computer as it's unnecessary to see it there. But of course, since I sync my iPhone with this computer, it always ends up there too.
    Is there a way to sync only certain events, but not all of them? Sometimes I want to do the opposite, where I need to see a reminder on my computer for work, but don't need it popping up on my phone.
    Thanks for any help you can give!

    use the following article to delete an icloud calendar event:
    should resolve your issue!

  • If i downloaded a movie from mi pc or mac but NOT from itunes, how can i stream it to my apple tv

    NOT FROM ITUNES, i have downloaded it from the internet and i want to stream it to my apple tv, how can i do it?

    2 ways
    if it's in a format the appletv support then you can just add the file to itunes then the appletv can access it
    read this

  • Delete exchange email from iphone but not from PC

    I just set up an exchange email with my outlook on my pc. We do not use gmail. I want to be able to have my calendar and contacts sync automatically. However, if I delete mail from my phone, I do NOT want it deleted from my computer. I've searched for answers and can't find any that solve the issue. The phone is 5s.

    I really hate to disappoint you, but IMAP and Exchange both act the same way. Mail is stored on the server, when mail arrives, it is synced to all devices. When mail is deleted, it is synced on all devices. You cannot store mail locally in an IMAP or Exchange account. The best answer to your dilemma is to set the amount of days to sync on the phone so you are only observing a smaller amount of mail versus removing the actual mail. Again, as Meg mentioned, you can always manage your mail on the computer and move mail out of the inbox into storage folders if you really want to keep the mail to view/search on the computer, but it would not necessarily be visible on the phone. You can set your Inbox sync to as low as 1 day, so you would only see a single day's mail on the phone, while retaining all of your mail on the server.
    Hope this helps.

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