How to display dynamic header title in the report?

I have a req to display dynamic header title in the report.
When a id is entered in the prompt text, it will display the user data based on that user_id.
so similarly....the header title should vary each time when you select different user_id.
How can we implement this?

Zack H wrote:
> Lazaro,
> It depends on what you want displayed in the heading for each id.
> Please elaborate.
> Thanks,
> Zack H.
Zack..I have several projects listed under several project id's...
so when a user selects project id 00164 then it should display something like "Project document for Jon Doe"
again when the user selects project id as 00192 then it should display something like "project document for Zimmerman"
Did you get it??

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    Hi ,
       If i understand u correctly, u want to have the value which u get from the selection screen to displayed in header.
    if that is the case then use top-of-page and write the value which u get from the  selection screen.

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    Gentlemen any luck..!

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    Edited by: anne on Oct 25, 2011 2:39 AM

    Hi Anne,
    If you want to implement Dpka's solution (hardcoding table and column values in column heading and add line break in between), you will need to add the below entry in instanceconfig.xml file. Refer
    This will enable the HTML elements to be treated as HTML and not plain text. After adding the above entry in the xml, restart your presentation services and test your solution.

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    define a condition for all characteristics and for specially the keyfigure. Set it to < 0. That should do the trick.

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    Hello Expert,
    I have a requirment to show the ETL run date in the title of the report.
    Eg: " Sales Vs target Report : Data loaded as on date: <ETL run date>.
    The ETL run date is coming in the fact table.
    I am working on the OBIEE So pla help if it is possibe.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Thanks for response.
    I tried to do the same. but unable to achieve. I did the following,
    1. Created a init block with SQL which extract the value of ETL rundate ans associate with a repository variable (ETL_RUN_DATE). This init block was retriving the data.
    I put the folowing in the Title as well as sub title view:
    Data loaded as on date: (@{biServer.variables[ETL_RUN_DATE]})
    I also tried to put Data loaded as on date: @{repository.ETL_RUN_DATE} this also didnot worked.
    So could you please provide me the steps with actual syntax, then it willbe very much helpful for me.

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    What I would like to achieve is that the end user can select e.g. a category X and Y and the title says: "Report title - categories: X,Y" Somthg like this. I'd appreciate any tips.
    Best regards

    Hi guys,
    thanks so far. I managed to show prompts in the report. But still my problem is nor 100% solved
    I would like t achieve that the filtered criteria in the report title is separated through a comma like in the report filter summary - e.g.: {001, 002, 003, 004} followed by just 1chart/table that is including the whole information.
    When I however just drag a variable into the report it automatically created different sections, right? Like ........ table, chart, whatever... .......table chart whatever........

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    I want to change the Format of the Date in the title(Query run Date)taken by report through the variable "&Date" .
    The Format available is DD-MON-YY
    Desired Format is DD-MON-YYYY.
    Please let me know the same as early as possible.

    Hi NP,
    What I try to do is to reformat the default &date inserted into the Title for Discovere Plus and Viewer. When you edit the Title for the report, you can select the date from the Insert dropdown list to display the date when the report was run. The Date (shown &Date in the Title) has a default format of DD-MON-YY. As I have other date parameters displyed in the Title that have the format of DD-MON-YYYY specified by the user, I want to have the &Data in the same format. Please advise me how to achieve this.
    Thank yiou very much,

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    Hi! I am new to iMovie - I have figured out how to put a title at the start of a clip but how do I insert a 'title' in the middle of a clip - I guess like a new chapter heading - I want it on a background/title graphic like the ones you select  rather then as text over the top of the video?
    Hope that makes sense .... many thanks

    Hi again Rhonda,
    This article from iMovie Help will give you a bit more information on splitting clips:
    You can access Help by clicking on Help in iMovie's menu, then select iMovie Help. In the window that opens, firstly click on the Get Started tab, then on the Browse Help tab when you are ready for more detailed instructions. Be sure to view the video tutorials, where available.

  • How to display dynamic column added by vo.addDynamicAttribute in jspx?

    I met problem when programmatically add cloumn and display it on screen. Here are my steps:
    0. define a ViewObject using xml. Define a transient column Addtion2. later will add a dynamic column Addtion3, but not defined here.
    1. Implement Application Module, adding a method init() and expose it to client.
    2. In init() method, get target VO and use vo.addDynamicAttribute("Addition3"). Then iterate it use row.setAttribute("Addition3", Math.random()). Add init() to page binding and invoke it.( it's invoked )
    3. In jspx, use dynamic table. But Addition3 never shows up.
    This is my last question: Re: How to display dynamic column added by vo.addDynamicAttribute in jspx? People say I should use dynamic table.
    please have a look at my code:
    Application Module: when it runs, it will print 6 coulmns. vo.getAttributeCount() is <font color="red">6</font>.
    public void init() {
    ViewObject vo = this.getCountryView1();
    if (vo.getAttributeIndexOf("Addition3") == -1) {
    for (AttributeDef deft : vo.getAttributeDefs()) {
    System.out.println(deft.getColumnName() + ": " + deft.getName());
    RowSetIterator it = vo.createRowSetIterator("i1");
    while (it.hasNext()) {
    Row r =;
    r.setAttribute("Addition2", Math.random());
    r.setAttribute("Addition3", Math.random());
    for (AttributeDef deft : vo.getAttributeDefs()) {
    System.out.println(deft.getColumnName() + ": " + deft.getName());
    System.out.println(vo.getAttributeCount()); //vo.getAttributeCount() is 6
    jspx: when it runs, only 5 columns are shown. Column Addition2's values are set as expected. but Column Addition3 never shows up. And #{bindings.CountryView1.attributeCount} shows <font color="red">5</font>.
    <af:table rows="#{bindings.CountryView1.rangeSize}"
    emptyText="#{bindings.CountryView1.viewable ? 'No data to display.' : 'Access Denied.'}"
    var="row" rowBandingInterval="0"
    rowSelection="single" id="t1">
    <af:forEach items="#{bindings.CountryView1.attributeDefs}" var="def">
    <af:column headerText="#{}"
    sortable="true" sortProperty="#{}" id="c1">
    <af:outputText value="#{row[]}" id="ot1"/>
    <af:forEach items="#{bindings.CountryView1.attributeDefs}" var="def">
    <af:outputText value="#{}" id="ot2"/>
    <af:outputText value="#{bindings.CountryView1.attributeCount}" id="ot3"/>
    it's quite weird for me. The vo.getAttributeCount() is 6, but #{bindings.CountryView1.attributeCount} shows 5. And column Addtion3 never shows up.
    what's the matter? How can I show the dynamic added column Addtion3?
    Edited by: simon li on 2012-9-10 下午7:31
    Edited by: simon li on 2012-9-10 下午8:00

    Can you check the tree binding (CountryView1 - in the pagedef) and see it has the 5 attributes hardcoded in it. If yes, try removing everything and then run the page to see if it works fine.

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    Is there a way for me to do this, or am I chasing phantoms?

    *This response is for iPhoto 11 (v9). If you're using an earlier version, please post back and let us know. Troubleshooting steps are not the same for different versions. To find out which iPhoto you have: iPhoto Menu -> About iPhoto)*
    Duplicate the photo first. (Photos -> Duplicate). This means that you will have multiple copies of the master as well as the edited version.
    If you use versions like this often and wish to have only one master then you can do this with Aperture.

  • How to display properties of dimension on the input form and report in bpc

    Dear Expert,
    Please tell me how to display properties of dimension on the input form and report in bpc. I can only display dimension number.
    thanks so much

    Hi Hungh,
    If your are using BPC 10 with EPM add in client, you can use the function:
    EPMDimensionProperty ()
    This function retrieves the properties of a specified dimension in a specified cell range.
    Thanks, Safa

  • How to display multi-channel image in the 'proxy'?

    There're many examples to show how to display composite channels in the 'proxy'. But I don't find any example to show how to display multi-channel image in the 'proxy'. I found that I can use PSPixelOverlay to display alpha channel data like this:
    int nSpotChannel = gChannelCount - 4;
    PSPixelOverlay* overlay = new PSPixelOverlay[nSpotChannel];
    for(int i = 0; i < nSpotChannel; i++){
           if( i != (nSpotChannel - 1) )
                 overlay[i].next = overlay + i + 1;
           overlay[i].next = NULL;
           overlay[i].data = gChannelData + (4 + i) * nPlaneBytes;
           overlay[i].rowBytes = gProxyRect.Width() * gDocDesc->depth / 8;
           overlay[i].colBytes = 1;
           overlay[i].r  = 230;
           overlay[i].g = 161;
           overlay[i].b = 174;
           overlay[i].opacity = 255;
           overlay[i].overlayAlgorithm = kStandardAlphaOverlay;
    pixels.pixelOverlays = overlay;
    Then, Seeing red part, it will trigger a new problem, that is how to get the color value of the alpha channel by plung-in itself? It seems that no channel color value info is in FilterRecord.
    If you have other solution, please tell me. Many thanks!

    This is what I've been doing - was just curious if there was a way to see a more cohesive image.
    If the individual EQ plugins are in fact the answer, is there any way to smooth how the Analyzer displays? The image I posted above, all of the tonal curves are very smooth. The analyzer tool shows a lot of peaks and valleys within the overall curve and it's hard to pinpoint each instrument's "sweet spot." Vocals for example are very hard to spot.
    - Morgan

  • How to display language key (0LANGU) in the query for BW report

    Can someone tell me how to display language key (0LANGU) in the query? I want to display which language (English or French) is used for material description in BW report. Thx.

    check if the infoobject is kept as lang dependent or not  for material text, else you need to create a masterdata attribute with text and lang keys and do corresponding mapping, so then it can be displayed in your report

  • How to display my country flag on the task bar in osx mavericks?

    How to display my country flag on the task bar in osx mavericks?

    System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources
    Checkmark the box beside "Show Input menu in menu bar".

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