How to display selected records on one HTML page?

I would like to display selected part of records on one page in HTML region. For example I have a Master - Detail table set named Procedures and Tasks (each Procedure can have one or more tasks)
I would like to be able to display all Tasks for a given Procedure in one HTML region on a page... The problem is that the number of tasks vary between procedures and can change in time. Also, the 'task description' can be very large so a simple report list of all tasks is something I cannot use... (I would like eg for the task name to be here, and the task_description to be there - unlike the report where everything is in one line...) The following are my ideas but non of them seemed to be feasable here...
1. Use a report based on vertical columns (However I am using Theme 10 for which there are no vertical column templates. The only vertical templates I can see are the default ones but I have no idea how to customize them - where are they?)
2. In HTML region use &ITEM_NAME. substitutions. In order to display more than one &EMN_NAME. (based on eg. EMPID) I suspect that I would need to write some kind of javascript loop. Has anyone have an idea about how would such a script look like?
3. Display each Task in a separate screen. This is something I would want least but better than nothing - to have a customized report which would display one task at a time with some kind of pagination to it...
Please let me know if someone has tried something simmilar or maybe there is a 4th option which will be simpler and easier...
Many thanks,
I tried to make a very simple illustration of what I would like to achive here:
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Just to answer this one myself....
In order to achive the above I used a PL/SQL Dynamic Content page and entered a html content in htp.prn('');
Then, I created a PL/SQL LOOP which searches through the various rows...
In the end, whenever I wanted to display html content I just used htp.prn and for variables I used htp.p(<var_name>);
Maybe, it helps ;)

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    You need the following code between <body></body> tag:The applet tag wont help unless the OP has NN 6.0 or better. The OP will need the OBJECT tag when using IE and EMBED tag when using NN -- evidently he has a JApplet that will need the java plug-in so that it can run. Conversion from a HTML file having the APPLET-tag is done must then be done with the HTMLConverter.
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    FROM ps_rrd_intf_medium -
    where empl_status IN ('A', 'L', 'P', 'S', 'X')
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    This doesn't seem to relate to Adobe Reader. Please let us know the product you are using so we may redirect you or refer to the list of forums at

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    If you used Sequence to Layers, Shift and Control key in the layers palette work just as they would when selecting files in Explorer... If it's a video layer, then you should only see one layer and will have to use the Timeline to navigate.

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    Found the "Search Entire Library" option - click on the small (VERY small for my eyesight) down arrow next to the magnifying glass. Also need to select "Filter by: Songs", and then the songs in the main window show the results.
    I'm going to leave this up on the board because 1) in case someone else has this question, and 2) I don't know how to delete it anyway.

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    in this report I have table with some data (data from DB) and I want to display this data on one page. Unfortunately now this data are moving to the next page and unfortunately I even donu2019t know how switch to the next page (I see only info e.g. 1with 2).
    So how to display this data on one page if its impossible how to torn on pagination.

    So I canu2019t do this, I canu2019t display all data on one page (until Iu2019m using JSF tags)?
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    Can someone please help me to display this formatted RTE item on a page? Btw...I am using APEX 4.0.
    Edited by: Ashwen on Jul 26, 2010 2:23 PM

    user12601765 wrote:
    did you figure out how to display RTE item in a HTML region? Can you share with me how you did it?No he can't. He's not been active on this forum for over a year, and is totally unaware of your post as watches on threads only persist for a few weeks. Please stop posting follow-ups to ancient threads. Many of the participants in such threads will no longer be active on the forum (check the "recent messages" in their profiles).
    Posting follow-ups to ancient threads/departed users is NOT an effective way of getting help:
    <li>Other users may ignore the thread as it appears to be closed
    <li>Your assumption that the questions are related may be incorrect, leading to confusion about the nature of the problem and potential solutions
    <li>Watches on the thread may have expired, so the original participants may be unaware of the new post, or they may no longer be active on the forum
    <li>You have no ability to mark posts as helpful or correct
    Post your question as a new thread, including at least the following information:
    <li>APEX version
    <li>DB version and edition
    <li>Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener)
    <li>Browser(s) used
    <li>Links to related posts and threads using the methods in the FAQ.
    Please read the FAQ and forum sticky threads for more information on using this forum effectively.
    From the information in the Allow users to use Rich Text Editor to build their own HTML/Apex Page you resurrected:
    I am a business user developing apps, so my technical skills are limited.
    you should be considering Websheets. (See this tutorial as well.)
    Also, please update your forum profile with a real handle instead of "user12601765".

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