How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title

Dear All,
How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title? I have selected a value in the selection screen for sorting , but i need that values by which i have sorted with in the report title. Can you please throw some light on this!!
Good day,
Thanks and regards
Arun S

Hi Arun,
Try this.
1, Set one dynamic parameter,
2, Drag and drop that parameter into  your report title.
3, Pass the value(sort value) dynamically from your application,
4, Cheers..
Other wise Try with Dataset, create a dataset and fill thev alue into that.. Then  set the data source from CR designer. and darg and drop that data column into the report.
Hope this will work,
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  • Passing the values from one selection screen to another report

    Hi all,
    This is my requirement...
    I need to hav a selection screen with various input parameter along with 3 radio buttons...
    If i enter the values and select say first radiobutton the corresponding called program needs to be executed .
    NOTE :
    1)The called program selection screen needs to be skipped
    2) the values entered in the calling program needs to be passed to the called program and the output of the called program needs to be displayed.
    3)the selection screen is the same for both calling and called program
    Can anyone plz help in this regard?
    Gowri Shankar

    Use the statement
    <b>SUBMIT zps_called_report WITH SELECTION-TABLE seltab.</b>
    see the following link....
    Hope it helps you...
    Let me know if u have any more doubt...
    Reward points if useful......

  • Reports--  to  validate the  field values in a selection screen

    How to validate a  Particular field ..... in the selection screen ...!
    that is how to  determine the values of the  field in the  selction screen .....

    Check the code below:
    <b>at selection-screen</b>.
           MBLNR = IMBLNR.
      IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
       MESSAGE E016(PG) WITH 'Please select valid Material Document Number'.
    I used it in my program.
    Hope this helps.
    Reward if helpful.

  • Display compounded InfoObject value in BEX selection screen

    Hi people,
    Problem in 7.0
    I have Costcenter compounded with Plant and I am using Costcenter for Selections in the BEx varaible screen.
    After running the report, in the selection screen value help, only the value of Costcenter is displayed, not the compounded value (So it becomes very difficult to identify from which plant  the costcenter is from)
    What should I do so that the User sees as Plant/Costcenter in the Value help?
    Problem in 3.5
    The above issue is not there in 3.5, but.......
    I select COSTCENTER X from PLANT A and execute the report. In the report output, I do not see the records only for COSTCENTER X from PLANT A, but for COSTCENTER X from all Plants
    why is this? Is it how this works or is it a bug?
    Please help. I appreciate your assistance very much.

    Hey there,
    Please understand the behaviour of compounded keys from the below notes:
    1111632   Problem with text display in BEx Query Designer
    1080863   FAQ: Input helps in Netweaver BI
    541253    Restricting characteristics with compound characteristics
    575563    Selecting filter values for compound characteristics
    Hope this can help,
    Diego Seben

  • How excise invoices are sorted in Excise invoice selection screen (J1ij)

    when I do excise invoice creation in Ji1j for customer depatch, in the excise invoice selection screen , the excise invoices are not sorted properly, i.e excise invoice related to 2011 appearing first and then 2008 is appearing then again 2011 is appearing.
    can some one tell me how these excise invoices are sorted?
    Jaya Anand

    Not yet. Already   'EI proc' is set as First in firstout only.
    But Still , 2008 document is appearing in the middle of 2011 documents. i.e first 4 documents is related to 2011 and 5th document is 2008 and then again 6th document related to 2011 ect...
    Can I attach the screen shot in this forum?
    Jaya Anand
    Edited by: Jayaanand on Nov 21, 2011 10:19 AM

  • How can I add a new field in selection screen for this report

    report  zgs_barkodla_hizli_giris.
    tables: mara,
            mchb ,
    type-pools: esp1.
    data: i_message_tab  type esp1_message_tab_type,
          wa_message_tab type esp1_message_wa_type ,
          sc_count type i.
    type-pools: slis, kkblo.
    data: gs_layout   type slis_layout_alv                     ,
          gt_fldcat   type slis_t_fieldcat_alv with header line,
          gt_header   type slis_t_listheader   with header line,
          gt_sortin   type slis_t_sortinfo_alv with header line,
          g_repid     like sy-repid                            .
    define add-fieldcat.
      gt_fldcat-fieldname     = &1.
      gt_fldcat-ref_tabname   = &2.
      gt_fldcat-seltext_s     = &3.
      gt_fldcat-seltext_m     = &3.
      gt_fldcat-seltext_l     = &3.
      gt_fldcat-reptext_ddic  = &3.
      gt_fldcat-ddictxt       = 'M'.
      append gt_fldcat.
      clear  gt_fldcat.
    types: begin of titab,
            sel   type xfeld,
            matnr type matnr,
            maktx type maktx,
            charg type charg_d,
            menge type menge_d,
            erfmg type erfmg,
           end of titab.
    data : witab type titab.
    data : itab type table of titab.
    data : ok_code type sy-ucomm.
    controls: tc_itab type tableview using screen 0100.
    data: gv_header like bapi2017_gm_head_01,
          gv_code   like bapi2017_gm_code.
    BAPI export parameters
    data: gv_headret type bapi2017_gm_head_ret,
          gv_matdoc  type bapi2017_gm_head_ret-mat_doc,
          gv_matyear type bapi2017_gm_head_ret-doc_year.
    data : lv_objek like inob-objek .
    data : ls_inob  like inob .
    data : imseg type ty_t_mseg.
    data : wmseg type mseg.
    data : answer.
    data : count type i.
    data : v_atinn type atinn.
    BAPI movement details
    data: i_goodsmvt_items type bapi2017_gm_item_create occurs 0
          with header line.
    data: i_return type bapiret2 occurs 0 with header line.
         input  = 'Z_ORAN'
         output = v_atinn.
      call screen 100.
    *&      Module  status_0100  OUTPUT
    module status_0100 output.
      set pf-status '100'.
      set titlebar '100'.
      mseg-werks = 1000.
      mseg-umwrk = 1000.
      sc_count = sc_count + 1.
      if sc_count eq 1.
        mseg-bwart = 313.
      mkpf-budat = sy-datum.
      describe table itab lines tc_itab-lines.
    endmodule.                 " status_0100  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  user_command_0100  INPUT
    module user_command_0100 input.
      data field(20).
      data: line_t like sy-index.
      data: lines  like sy-index.
      data line_count like sy-loopc.
      data: begin of cols,
             screen      like screen,
             index       type i,
             selected(1) type c,
             vislength   like icon-oleng,
             invisible(1) type c,
           end   of cols.
      case ok_code.
        when 'DELE'.
          delete itab where sel eq 'X'.
        when 'ENTE'.
          check *mch1-charg is not initial.
          read table itab into witab with key charg = *mch1-charg.
          if not sy-subrc is initial.
            witab-charg = *mch1-charg.
            select single matnr from mch1 into witab-matnr
                               where charg eq witab-charg.
            if not syst-subrc is initial.
              set cursor field '*MCH1-CHARG'.
              message e115(12) with *mch1-charg.
            select single maktx from makt into witab-maktx
                               where matnr eq witab-matnr
                                 and spras eq syst-langu.
            witab-erfmg = 1.
            concatenate witab-matnr witab-charg into lv_objek .
            clear ls_inob .
            select single * into ls_inob
                            from inob
                            where objek = lv_objek and
                                  klart = '023'    and
                                  obtab = 'MCH1' .
            select single atflv from ausp into witab-menge
                     where objek = ls_inob-cuobj and
                           klart = '023' .
            append witab to itab.
            clear *mch1-charg.
        when 'SAVE'.
          if mkpf-budat is initial.
            set cursor field 'MKPF-BUDAT'.
            message e055(00).
          if mseg-lgort is initial.
            set cursor field 'MSEG-LGORT'.
            message e055(00).
          if mseg-umlgo is initial.
            set cursor field 'MSEG-UMLGO'.
            message e055(00).
          if mseg-bwart is initial.
            set cursor field 'MSEG-BWART'.
            message e055(00).
          refresh imseg.
          loop at itab into witab.
            move-corresponding witab to wmseg.
            append wmseg to imseg.
          call function 'ZMM_POPUP_WITH_DATA'
              imseg  = imseg
              answer = answer.
          if answer eq 'Y'.
            perform create_goods_movement.
        when 'P--'.
          clear ok_code.
          perform paging using 'P--'.
          set cursor field 'MARA-MATNR' line 1.
        when 'P-'.
          clear ok_code.
          perform paging using 'P-'.
          set cursor field 'MARA-MATNR' line 1.
        when 'P+'.
          clear ok_code.
          clear lines.
          perform paging using 'P+'.
          set cursor field 'MARA-MATNR' line 1.
        when 'P++'.
          clear ok_code.
          perform paging using 'P++'.
          set cursor field 'MARA-MATNR' line 1.
        when 'SORA'.
          read table tc_itab-cols into cols with key selected = 'X'.
          if sy-subrc is initial.
            field = cols-screen.
            field = field+5(10).
            sort itab ascending by (field).
        when 'SORZ'.
          read table tc_itab-cols into cols with key selected = 'X'.
          if sy-subrc is initial.
            field = cols-screen.
            field = field+5(10).
            sort itab descending by (field).
        when 'PRNT'.
          perform write_alv.
    endmodule.                 " user_command_0100  INPUT
    *&      Module  read_table  OUTPUT
    module read_table output.
      mara-matnr = witab-matnr.
      makt-maktx = witab-maktx.
      mch1-charg = witab-charg.
      mseg-menge = witab-menge.
      mseg-erfmg = witab-erfmg.
      line_count = sy-loopc.
    endmodule.                 " read_table  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  write_table  INPUT
    module write_table input.
      witab-matnr = mara-matnr.
      witab-maktx = makt-maktx.
      witab-charg = mch1-charg.
      witab-menge = mseg-menge.
      witab-erfmg = mseg-erfmg.
      modify itab from witab index tc_itab-current_line.
    endmodule.                 " write_table  INPUT
    *&      Module  exit  INPUT
    module exit input.
      leave to screen 0 .
    endmodule.                 " exit  INPUT
    *&      Form  create_goods_movement
    form create_goods_movement .
      clear : gv_header, i_return[], i_goodsmvt_items[].
      gv_header-doc_date = gv_header-pstng_date = mkpf-budat.
      gv_header-pr_uname = sy-uname.
    GM with reference to reservation
      loop at itab into witab.
        i_goodsmvt_items-material   = witab-matnr.
        i_goodsmvt_items-entry_qnt  = witab-erfmg.
        i_goodsmvt_items-entry_uom  = 'ST'.
        i_goodsmvt_items-move_type  = mseg-bwart.
        i_goodsmvt_items-plant      = mseg-werks.
        i_goodsmvt_items-stge_loc   = mseg-lgort.
        i_goodsmvt_items-move_plant = mseg-umwrk.
        i_goodsmvt_items-move_stloc = mseg-umlgo.
        i_goodsmvt_items-batch      = witab-charg.
        append i_goodsmvt_items.
    find BAPI processing transaction
      if gv_code is initial.
        perform determine_bapi_code using mseg-bwart
                                 changing gv_code.
      call function 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE'
          goodsmvt_header  = gv_header
          goodsmvt_code    = gv_code
          goodsmvt_headret = gv_headret
          materialdocument = gv_matdoc
          matdocumentyear  = gv_matyear
          goodsmvt_item    = i_goodsmvt_items
          return           = i_return[].
    cancel blocking process
      loop at i_return where type eq 'E' or type eq 'A' or type eq 'X'.
      if sy-subrc ne 0.
        refresh i_message_tab.
        call function 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT'
            wait = 'X'.
        wa_message_tab-msgid = 'M7'..
        wa_message_tab-msgty = 'S'.
        wa_message_tab-msgno = '060'.
        wa_message_tab-msgv1 = gv_matdoc.
        wa_message_tab-msgv2 = ''.
        wa_message_tab-msgv3 = ''.
        wa_message_tab-msgv4 = ''.
        append wa_message_tab to i_message_tab.
        refresh i_message_tab.
        call function 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK'.
    write a message as there is an unexpected error.
        loop at i_return.
          wa_message_tab-msgid = i_return-id.
          wa_message_tab-msgty = i_return-type.
          wa_message_tab-msgno = i_return-number.
          wa_message_tab-msgv1 = i_return-message_v1.
          wa_message_tab-msgv2 = i_return-message_v2.
          wa_message_tab-msgv3 = i_return-message_v3.
          wa_message_tab-msgv4 = i_return-message_v4.
          append wa_message_tab to i_message_tab.
      call function 'C14Z_MESSAGES_SHOW_AS_POPUP'
          i_message_tab = i_message_tab.
    endform.                    " create_goods_movement
    *&      Form  determine_bapi_code
    form determine_bapi_code using p_bwart type bwart
    changing p_code type bapi2017_gm_code.
      data: lt_t158b type table of t158b with header line.
      clear p_code.
      select tcode from t158b into corresponding fields of table lt_t158b
      where bwart eq p_bwart.
      loop at lt_t158b.
        select single gmcode from t158g into p_code
        where tcode eq lt_t158b-tcode.
        if sy-subrc is initial.
    endform. " determine_bapi_code
    *&      Form  paging
    form paging using code.
      data: i type i,
            j type i.
      case code.
        when 'P--'. tc_itab-top_line = 1.
        when 'P-'.
          tc_itab-top_line = tc_itab-top_line - line_count.
          if tc_itab-top_line le 0.
            tc_itab-top_line = 1.
        when 'P+'.
          i = tc_itab-top_line +  line_count.
          j = tc_itab-lines -  line_count + 1.
          if j le 0.
            j = 1.
          if i le j.
            tc_itab-top_line = i.
            tc_itab-top_line = j.
        when 'P++'.
          tc_itab-top_line = tc_itab-lines - line_count + 1.
          if tc_itab-top_line le 0.
            tc_itab-top_line = 1.
    endform.                    " paging
    *&      Form  write_alv
    form write_alv .
      perform find_list_header.
      perform fill_field_cat.
      perform fill_sortinfo.
      g_repid = sy-repid.
      gs_layout-colwidth_optimize = 'X'.
      gs_layout-zebra             = 'X'.
      answer = 'Y'.
      call function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
          i_buffer_active        = ''
          i_callback_program     = g_repid
          i_save                 = 'A'
        i_callback_top_of_page = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'
          is_layout              = gs_layout
          it_fieldcat            = gt_fldcat[]
         it_sort                = gt_sortin[]
          t_outtab               = itab[].
    endform.                    " write_alv
         Form  find_list_header
    form find_list_header.
      data : v_datum(10),
      clear: gt_header, gt_header[].
      gt_header-typ  = 'H'.
      gt_header-info = sy-title.
      append gt_header.
      clear gt_header.
      gt_header-typ  = 'S'.
      gt_header-key  = 'Çal&#305;&#351;t&#305;rma Zaman&#305; : '.
      write syst-datum to v_datum.
      write syst-uzeit to v_uzeit.
      concatenate v_datum '/' v_uzeit into gt_header-info.
      append gt_header.
    endform.                    " find_list_header
         Form  fill_field_cat
    form fill_field_cat.
      refresh gt_fldcat.
      clear   gt_fldcat.
      gt_fldcat-key = 'X'.
      add-fieldcat 'MATNR'  'MARA' ''.
      add-fieldcat 'MAKTX'  'MAKT' ''.
      add-fieldcat 'CHARG'  'MSEG' ''.
      gt_fldcat-do_sum = 'X'.
      add-fieldcat 'MEINS'  'MARA' 'Olcu Birimi '.
      gt_fldcat-do_sum = 'X'.
      add-fieldcat 'ERFMG'  'MSEG' 'Adet'.
    endform.                    " fill_field_cat
         Form  fill_sortinfo
    form fill_sortinfo.
      gt_sortin-up            = 'X'.
      gt_sortin-fieldname     = 'MATNR'.  append gt_sortin.
    endform.                    " fill_sortinfo
         Form  top_of_page                                              *
    form top_of_page.
      call function 'REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE'
          i_logo             = 'ZKUTAS'
          it_list_commentary = gt_header[].
    endform.                    " top_of_page

    if it is a normal report program then you can directly create a Selection screen field.
    After the Type-pool you can use Parameters or Select-options to create the selection screen field..
    If it is a Modulpool program then you can create a selection scren field like
    PARAMETERS: p1(10) TYPE c.
    defines a selection screens – 1100 – as subscreens.
    The next screen number of screen 100 is 100 (statically-defined).
      MODULE status_0100.
      CALL SUBSCREEN area INCLUDING sy-repid number.
      CALL SUBSCREEN area.
      MODULE user_command_0100.
    look at the below link

  • Setting only the TO field on the Created on Field in Selection screen to Current date

    We have a requirement to Set only the To date in the Created on Field in Selection screen to the Current date, I have tried through Dynamic variable option to set the Date calculation but I am able to see Options to set the Current date to From or From and To Created on Date fields instead of setting the Current date only to To created on Field.
    We are in 4.7 and are not supported with user defined variables, Appreciate your inputs on this.
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

    sunitha j wrote:
    > Hi ,
    > It would br gr8..if u could give some more info about the usage of this class..i mean if i hav to implement it in my program....wat is the necessary data that needs to b copied...
    > Thanx,
    > Sunitha
    what Text field you want to change.
    Since you are working with Dynpros , you have to split the screen in two parts, and one for the Showing differenet fonts and other your normal Dynpro information.
    you need to use the Method ADD_TEXT Did you check the program DD_STYLE_TABLE.

  • How to display your email and a message to finder on the lock screen of an iPhone?

    I loose things, including phones and keys...
    To prevent a worst case scenario: How to display your email and a message to finder on the lock screen of an iPhone? (6 plus, current iOS)
    That is, I assume most people finding an iPhone would want to try to contact me to give it back to me, if they know how: how can leave my contact information in the phone? This needs to be on the lock screen, naturally, as this is the only view the finder can see. It would be useful to be able to add a message of sorts a la "if found please call my wife ### or email me ###".
    How can this be done other than editing the JPG of the wallpaper, or sticking a business card to the back of the phone (these are the only solutions I came up with, there must be something better).

    Greetings _daniel_, 
    Thank you for contributing to the Apple Support Communities. 
    It seems like you'd like to display a message on your iPhone 6 Plus in the event it is lost. Good news--you can do this with the Find my iPhone feature of iCloud.
    Check out these links for more information:
    iCloud: Set up iCloud
    iCloud: Use Lost Mode
    If you can’t find your device, use Lost Mode right away to lock it with a passcode, display a custom message on the screen, and keep track of its location.

  • How to edit the records value fetched by select statement query in sqldever

    How to edit the records value fetched by select statement query in sqldever 2.1.1.
    SELECT * FROM emp WHERE ename like 'Jaga%'
    Edited by: user9372056 on Aug 31, 2010 2:16 AM

    Although some forum members may be using that tool, there is still a dedicated forum for SQL Developer.
    SQL Developer
    Maybe your chances are better there.

  • How to pass value from the Z Report to the selection screen of the std rep

    Dear Experts,
    i have developed a report and the values are maintained only in internal table based on some condition.  When I execute the report, for example MM60, there is a material number field for multiple selection.
    the report should call the standard transaction and pass the values from the internal table to the multiple selection- material number of the standard transaction.
    the standard transaction should never get executed automatically.  Only the value should get passed from internal table to the standard t code.  Please help.

    Go through the following Documents
    SUBMIT rep.
    1. ... LINE-SIZE col
    2. ... LINE-COUNT lin
    3. ... TO SAP-SPOOL
    5. ... AND RETURN
    7. ... USER user VIA JOB job NUMBER n
    8. ... Various additions for parameter transfer to rep
    Calls the report rep . Leaves the active program and starts the new report rep .
    Addition 1
    ... LINE-SIZE col
    Prints the report with the line width col .
    Addition 2
    ... LINE-COUNT lin
    Prints the report with lin lines (per page).
    Addition 4
    Displays the selection screen for the user. In this case, the selection screen is redisplayed after return from the report list display - the user's entries are retained.
    Addition 5
    ... AND RETURN
    Returns to the calling transaction or program after the called program has been executed. SUBMIT ... AND RETURN creates a new internal mode .
    Addition 6
    Does not display the output list of the called report, but saves it in SAP memory and leaves the called report immediately. Since the calling program can read the list from memory and process it further, you need to use the addition ... AND RETURN . Also, since the called report cannot be requested for printing, the addition ... TO SAP-SPOOL is not allowed here. You can read the saved list from SAP memory with the function module 'LIST_FROM_MEMORY' and then (for example) store it in the database with EXPORT . You can process this list further with the function modules 'WRITE_LIST' , 'DISPLAY_LIST' ... of the function group "SLST" .
    Addition 7
    ... USER user VIA JOB job NUMBER n
    Schedules the specified report in the job specified by the job name job and the job number n . The job runs under the user name user and you can omit the addition USER user . The assignment of the job number occurs via the function module JOB_OPEN (see also the documentation for the function modules JOB_CLOSE and JOB_SUBMIT . This addition can only be used with the addition ...AND RETURN .
    When scheduling a report with the SUBMIT ... VIA JOB job NUMBER n statement, you should always use the addition ...TO SAP-SPOOL to pass print and/or archive parameters. Otherwise, default values are used to generate the list and this disturbs operations in a production environment.
    Addition 9
    Uses variants of the program prog when executing the program rep .
    The programs prog and rep must have the same SELECT-OPTIONS and PARAMETER s. Otherwise, variants of the program prog may be destroyed.
    When using this addition, the specified variant vari of the program prog is taken in USING SELECTION-SET vari . On the other hand, all variant-related actions on the selection screen of rep (Get , Save as variant , Display , Delete ) refer to the variants of prog .
    Executes the program REPORT01 with the variant VARIANT1 of the program REPORT00 .
    Runtime errors
    LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND : The specified program was not found.
    SUBMIT_WRONG_TYPE : The specified program is not a report.
    SUBMIT_IMPORT_ONLY_PARAMETER : Only one value passed to a report parameter.
    SUBMIT_WRONG_SIGN : Invalid value passed to a selection with the addition SIGN .
    SUBMIT_IN_ITAB_ILL_STRUCTURE : Table passed to a selection with WITH sel IN itab had an unexpected structure.
    Try with this Example
    Data: listobject like abaplist occurs 1 with header line.
    listobject = listobject
    OTHERS = 1 .
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    message ID '61' TYPE 'E' NUMBER '731'
    with 'LIST_FROM_MEMORY'.
    Thanks & regards
    Sreenivasulu P

  • How to view movies and iplayer programmes on full screen on the new iPad, can only get letterbox display.

    How to view movies and iplayer programmes on full screen on the new iPad, can only get letterbox display.

    If the Movie is IN wide screen you Got 2 options
    1 letterbox display
    2 display where it Cut the left and right side part to make it fit

  • How to display a Math symbol with Subscript(like  "Xad", make the "ad" be Subscript )

    How to display a Math symbol with Subscript(like  "Xad", make the "ad" be Subscript )
    I need to show "Xad"(ad is Subscript )
    I try to find the letter subscript......but ,Unicode set is not have.....
    I try to use  X<sub>ad</sub>   show it  whit Text.htmlText,   but is not used,   I think Flex's HTML is  not support the <sub> mark.
    can you tell me , how to display a Math symbol with Subscript(like  "Xad", make the "ad" be Subscript )
    thank you very much.....
    and thank you very very muck

  • How can I findout the coulm value contains 0 through 9 for the table

    could u plz suggest me how can I findout the coulm value contains <> 0 through 9 for the table...

    Well I am going to give it a shot, because I believe I am looking for the same thing.
    I have a value that is of type varchar2. How can I determine if it has special characters or alpha characters in it? In other words, I only want the value to consist of numbers. (Initially it had been thought that Letters would be used as well, but now they just want numbers and the datatype of the column cannot be altered since there is data in it.)
    I have gotten this far, but I do not know what else I can use besides '[:alpha:]'? I cannot seem to find this documented anywhere...I can find the regexp package reference, but not the character classes...
    select regexp_instr('1a23456', '[[:alpha:]]',1,1,1, 'i') x
    from dual
    This works fine = returns 3, so I know there is an alpha character.
    select regexp_instr('1$23456', '[[:alpha:]]',1,1,1, 'i') x
    from dual
    This returns 0 - what do I need to change so that it detects the '$' and returns 3?

  • How to display first row value returened from a query as checked as default in a report

    How to display first row value returned from a query as checked as default in a report
    Parameter 1

    Hi Mudassar,
    The issue is caused by the order in which the parameters appear in the report data tab can be difference between our report execution and it failing. In other words, “Parameter2” is execution before parameter “A” due to this issue. We can adjust the parameter’s
    order to solve the issue.
    If “Parameter2” is parameter “A”, we cannot use that expression. Because fields cannot be used in report parameter expression, if we want to display the first value returned from a query as default value, we have to fill the “Specify values” text box with
    the specific value in Default Values dialog box.
    Alisa Tang
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to schedule the background job using current selection screen field val

    Hello Friends,
    How to schedule the background job using current selection screen field values.
    after completion of the job the spool should be sent as a mail to SAP Inbox.
    Is there any way to create the variant dynamically by reading the current selection screen values.

    To get the variant details you can use teh following FM.
    Ankur Parab

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  • Stop in ECC 6.0

    Hi Every 1, Please anybody let me know , which statement replaces the STOP command  in ECC6.0. Bcos STOP is showing unicode error in ECC 6.0. Let me know anyone , urgent please. Regards

  • MBP suddenly not talking to projector or LCD screen.

    After using my MBP 15" at the same venue as before it suddenyl would not talk to the projector (or the other way round), either via TB port or HDMI. It now won't hook up to my LCD screen either. It looks as though the display settings on the MBP are

  • Installing 8i Personal Edition

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  • What's wrong with static methods?

    Answers on an postcard please.

  • A Unique Bex Problem

    Hello All, Heres my problem . i have to display a report which has the list of employees who got terminated.The report format is Employee Code    Employee name    Start Date   Terminated Date This information can be derived from "Personnel Actions" d