How to edit html in iWeb

How can I edit html in iWeb?

but info was needed on how to edit / add additional coding as no obvious way of designing a typical 'Contact Us' form included in iWeb
Then you should have said that in your topic.
And if it did not answer the question, then say so in the same topic.
Anyway, the HTML Snippet was invented for your purpose.
So find the Contact Us code, usually a form, and paste it in the HTML Snippet.

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  • How to edit the same iWeb site on 2 different Macs?

    How can I edit the same iWeb site on 2 different Macs? I know we create a folder with the files, but when copying that to Mac2, iWeb on Mac2 doesn't see that folder - I can't see what the linkage is between the app's interface and the folder of site files....

    The answer is Domain.sites (extension hidden by default). You'll find this on the Mac you used to create the site at Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/iWeb. Copy that file to removable media and drag it to the same location on the other Mac. Launch iWeb and you'll see the site structure in the Site Organizer.
    Once you keep the Domain package in sync between the two machines everything will work smoothly no matter which you use. There's a neat tip here which may help in this respect, but you use whatever strategy you prefer:
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  • How and where do I go to edit HTML in iweb?

    How do I view iweb's html so that I can edit it? What do I need to do after I edit it? Thanks.Kelly

    You can add just about any type of html code, widget, or add-on to your iWeb site if you are willing to do a little post-publish editing.
    Basic Instructions are here:
    (Click on the first "tip" link in the list)

  • Edit HTML in iWeb '08

    I have tried editing the HTML on my iWeb website by opening the .html file on my iDisk in TextEdit and editing it from there, but it did not change the site. Do I need to re-publish the page from iWeb, or do I need to use something other than TextEdit to do the editing of the HTML?

    If you're sure you've edited the proper .html file, try emptying your browser cache, and refreshing your browser. Sometimes closing, and reopening the browser with an 'Empty Cache' seems to be required.
    The 'Empty Cache' option in Safari is available under the Safari menu.
    Browsers cache websites you visit, and you can never be certain you are viewing a cached version of your site, or the actual site. I've always wished there was an option to turn caching off.
    There have been numerous "hacks" to prevent Safari from caching. Here's one,
    Replace the ~/Library/Caches/Safari folder with an empty file of the same name.
    Change the ~/Library/Caches/Safari folder permissions to Read only, and lock it.

  • How to Edit html content of My First Days in ESS

    Hi All,
    My requirement is to change only the html content displayed in My first Days under Life and work event tab.
    Currently it shows content provided by sap.
    e.g ; it displays "Welcome to xyz_Company_name  "  and some dummy content.
    where as we want to customize it as per client requirement i.e. to  display client specific policies and     
    name etc.
    Please help to solve the problem.

    s.r.e.e wrote:
    I am reading this html file in java class file and displaying the template as it is in jsf page, now when user clicks on edit button one pop up should be opened and entered data should be displayed at appropriate place in layout, on clicking clear content should be cleared.
    Can anyone help me how to write the logic to open a popup using html button instead of a4j:commandbutton in jsf and how can I bind the values to backing bean list without using a4j:repeat using normal html template
    I'm not sure you are going to get any binding happening without a lot of cajoling.
    The real question is why are you trying to write (hardcode?) HTML in a Java class that needs to interact with JSF components?

  • How to edit html in Muse?

    Hi, I have an image link that is not functioning correctly on my portfolio site. On the home page I have an image that is supposed to link to the projects page, but using the add hyperlink function is creating the following inoperable link: work:Projects. This leads nowhere. Using the same add hyperlink function, on the work page creates the correct following link:
    I have tried clearing the the nonfunctioning link, then reapplying, with no success. I thought I could just edit the recalcitrant page in BC and replace the bad link with the correct one. But I am unable to edit the link in the wysiwyg page and cannot see how to access and edit the html. Below are the links.
    Home page with bad Projects link: Paula Nichols Design-Home
    Work page with good Projects link: Paula Nichols Design-Work
    Project page: Paula Nichols Design-Projects
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure it's something small and obvious I'm overlooking.

    In hyperlink dropdown , what happens if you hyperlink to project page instead of using work:projects.
    This link will not work as browser will look for actual link.

  • Editing html(?) pages in iWeb

    I created my website ( using iWeb and unfortunately lost the iWeb pages in a hard-drive crash. The website has survived on the server, and I was able to FTP the pages back to my hard drive, but I can't figure out how to edit them in iWeb. Any hope? Thanks so much...
    imac   Mac OS X (10.4.2)   not sure which Mac OSX I have

    Welcome to the discussions.
    You have discovered a glaring shortcoming of the iWeb application--the non-ability to import html into the program.
    iWeb is a generator that produces html upon publishing; everything the application draws upon to create html for your site is stored in a single file, Domain. This file lives in your computer here.
    If this file is lost, as in your case, or corrupted, your ability to access and edit the sites that it contained is also lost. You cannot bring files back down from a server or folder into iWeb. Sorry for the bad news.
    You will need to re-create your site. Copy and paste where possible from rendered pages in a browser, and consider linking back to the existing site from the new, as you rebuild. From now on, backup this file frequently using Varkgirl's automator application, free for download here.

  • How to edit an old website?

    How to edit an older iWeb created published Website?

    Do you have the domain.sites file that was used by iWeb to create the site?  If you do then double click on it to open the site in iWeb where you can make the edits and republish.
    If you don't have the original domain file you will have to recreate the site from scratch. Chapter 2.3 on the iWeb site has tips on using some of the existing files, image, audio, video, etc., from the published site in the recreation of the site.

  • Adobe Muse: how to access HTML code inserted?

    Hi everyone,
    do you know how to edit HTML code already inserted in an Adobe Muse template?
    This code is for analytics purpose.

    This forum is actually about the Cloud, not about using individual programs
    Once your program downloads and installs with no errors, you need the program forum
    If you start at the Forums Index
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says ALL FORUMS) to open the drop down list and scroll for program questions

  • Plain Text will not display correctly, how can i edit html?

    my beloved MacBook Pro has been a godsend, however i have found that it is incapable of displaying Plain Text, in Text Edit, Safari (View Source), or Dreamweaver's code view. Thus, i am finding it impossible to view or edit html.
    the way it displays is either all jumbled and overlapping, or spread out over impossible distances. sadly i cannot post a picture.
    we also have a G3 and a G4 in the house, both running 10.3, and they also have the same issue with plain text.
    I have not found any topic on this, here or in google. can someone please help?
    macbook pro 2.33 3GB   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Tom, very kindly, has got me most of the way to a happy ending.
    one or another font file or cache was causing the problem. i removed all fonts from Home/Library/Fonts, then ran FontFinagler, rebooted, and things display correctly.
    now i must figure out how to establish which fonts are suitable suitcases to be used.
    macbook pro 2.33 3GB    

  • How to edit news from DW side, html editor?

    Anybody know how to edit the news fro the DW side, html editor?

    Hi Liam,
    Thanks for the quick respond.
    No, I don't mean news template which you can import to your desktop along
    with entire site.
    Imean the content,
    since it's an html page i wish to import it to my desktop along with my
    site, edit the comtent via DW on my desktop, simply because I like to use
    the DW html editor localy and then update the BC server With "put" (on
    right pane) dream weaver editor, just like youwould do with any html page.
    I understand that in order to push live it have to be done from BC, server
    side, but this discussion is all about editing the html news page, not the
    news template, and not pushing it live. only editing it via DW editor on
    your local site.
    You did not understand my question, please allow me to try asking again.
    Avi Gombinsky
    On Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 1:44 AM, Liam Dilley <[email protected]>

  • How do I edit HTML after publishing site?

    What does it mean to edit HTML after publishing the site? How exactly is that done? From another thread, it seems that re-publishing will overwrite that HTML - is that true? Thanks for any insight into this.

    This link may help:

  • I don't know how to edit a html document

    I know how to CREATE a html doc using MSWord but don't know how to edit it once it's done. Is there a Firefox add on or plug in that lets one do this? Or is a different program needed.
    Specifically, I had a MSWord doc with several jpeg images and, when I converted to html, all were stripped out and I want to put them back in.

    I don't know either, but this is the forum for the 5g iPods, you may want to post in the Nano forum.

  • How to edit a templates HTML stucture?

    Created a page with the standard "two level tab and sidebar" template and found it to have the users name in the lower left corner $APP_USER.
    A search for the origin of this name lead me into the flow_020200 schema where I found the wwv_flow_templates table to have a CLOB column "footer_template" that contained the HTML I was looking for.
    Question: How to edit the templates HTML structure from the application builder?
    Message was edited by:

    Ok, found the answer:
    Click the name of the template.

  • How to edit non-iWeb created pages?

    I have a personal website that was created using another app. Is it possible to import this and edit it using iWeb?
    If it is, it's not readily apparent.

    iWeb uses a package called a domain file to store your website information. You can "publish" this to a folder but you cannot reverse this. In other words it can't import or reimport data. This is one of the applications's shortcomings.
    You would have to rebuild your existing site in iWeb.

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  • Connectivity to Intranet sites : Security popup

    Hi all, We have provided connection to many intranet sites of clients network as URL iView on portal. These sites work perfectly whenever opened directly in browser. When I try to open the same site through portal (URL iView), I get a popup which ask