How to execute a plsql with another db user but not HTMLDB_PUBLIC_USER?

I have an operastion which is written in plsql and java source in the database and i can run these with sql*plus. I want to use html db for this operation but when i tried to run the same routine from htmldb i got; ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied.
From log4plsql logs i see that the routine is tried to an with HTMLDB_PUBLIC_USER but bot with TERMINAL which is the schema ser for the workspace ; [Jun 14, 16:20:22:63][FATAL][HTMLDB_PUBLIC_USER][block.FLOWS_010600.WWV_FLOW.FLOWS_010600.WWV_FLOW.FLOWS_010600.WWV_EXECUTE_IMMEDIATE.SYS.DBMS_SYS_SQL.block][SQLCODE:-29532 SQLERRM:ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied]
How can I tell htmldb to run this plsql with TERMINAL user?
Thank you very much :)

Anonymous - If you can put an example on the hosted site, someone might be able to take a look. As is, there is no useful information here.

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    Hello Experts!
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    Hi Rob!
    Thank you for your help, but I can't apply this solution, because we need to execute the transaction with a specific user name and not a generic user, besides our user have different authorization, for example the user Mr. Rossi can release only his Purchase Order but not the PO of another user Mr. Bianchi. Moreover we need to see the PO released/modified from a specif user name. So this is our constraint.
    Bye Ale.

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    Hi Russell,
    1) If you have OD set up and "editor" has UID 1111, then when they log in to any machine that's bound to OD as editor, they will get UID 1111. Therefore, there won't be any of these permission errors. This is typically the recommended approach.
    2) I assume you mean "You'd prefer to not using open directory?" Whatever the case, OD isn't mandatory with Xsan -- it's just that with multiple user accounts, managing them centrally tends to be easier. For 3 or 4 accounts and 3 or 4 machines maybe it's no big deal. If you go larger, it could get a lot more complicated. That said, if you set it up such that each machine has the exact same set of users (as you said, Mary = UID 502, Fred = UID 503, William = UID 504), then you can do what you want. Mary can log in from multiple machines at the same time, and in general you won't have permissions problems. Of course, if you try and read and write the same file from multiple workstations at the same time, you will get file locking issues, which will prohibit somebody from successfully writing the file.
    File locking issues are different from general permissions errors. The former basically says "hey, someone else is editing this file. Therefore I won't let you edit it right now... you can read it if you want though." Permissions means somebody saves it, and Xsan thinks you saved it and own the file, when you really don't.
    Quad-Core PMG5, 4 GB RAM, 7800 GT, 1 TB disk.   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

  • HT5622 Update an app but came with another apple id but not my apple id

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    You need to delete that application and then download it from your Apple ID, which may require repurchasing a paid application.

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    iCloud only syncs your iCloud calendar.  It won't sync your exchange calendar.

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    How can I use Bluetooth with another devices?

    You can set up your FaceTime account in Settings > FaceTime.

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    Multi-tier application communication is a somewhat complex matter. It may be made using differents techniques and designs. But like Sum-shusSue said, a typical Java-based solution would use these Java technologies: JSP (Java Server Page) for the presentation side (the client), Servlet or EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) for the server-side logic. The communication with the Database is made through JDBC.
    I suggest that you take a look at the J2EE edition of Java. That stands for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and it is specifically made for enterprise system development, such as Servlet, JSP, EJB, etc...
    This is a whole lot of new subjects and, from my humble experience, it is not that easy. i.e. I would not recommend it for strict newbies. However, if you have some months of Java coding on your side, maybe you should take a look. You can check first the left menu of this site, you'll find, under Technologies the sub-menu J2EE. There's also, somewhere on the site, tutorials on differents J2EE topics. Finally, I would recommend you this book:
    Professional Java Server Programming, J2EE 1.3 Edition, edited by Wrox. Of course, there a lot of other books on hte market. J2EE is a hot topic!
    Hope this help...

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    how to replace a picture1 movieclip with child1 mc..
    PS: i dont want to load picture1 from library.. its on the

    AWT or Swing?

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    How can I file share with another personif both of us are using Mac operating systems (one of us using a Mac laptop and the other using iMac).  Our intention is to have a working document that can be changed by both parties over time and both parties will have visibility to the others changes.

    Use SugarSync

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    See a post of Jeff Bryan's which explains about the
    iPod-to-computer transfer in detail:
    reverse download... from ipod to computer

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    I would like to execute the function K_BATCH_REQUEST with another user-name (a batch name) but I do not found any option to execute this function with another user.
    Someone can help me ??
    <removed by moderator>
    thanks a lot in advance for your help.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Nov 14, 2011 3:02 PM

    Suppose the FM signature looks like
    FUNCTION ztest.
    *"*"Interface locale :
    *"     REFERENCE(PAR1) TYPE  C
    *"  TABLES
    A wrapper program could look like
    REPORT  ztestwrapper.
    TYPES tmara TYPE mara OCCURS 10.
    * no-display allows much more flexibility here
                tab1 TYPE tmara NO-DISPLAY.
        par1 = par1
        tab1 = tab1.
    For the scheduling of the job read [Task Overview: Full-Control Job Scheduling|]

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    Am I able to play a game simultaneously with another iPad user by using game center? For example, can we play a hangman game against each other from different locations if we do it through game center? And if so, how?
    Thank you.

    This is possible, however it is not as easy as that.
    If you want to allow someone to have access to a purchase you have made on your Apple ID, you must log into their device with your Apple ID and download that purchase..You would then simply log back out again.
    Every purchase you make with your Apple ID gives you the licence to store the purchase accross 5 devices.
    On the other persons device, go to Settings > Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.
    Sign into their device the same way, then go into iBooks > Store > Purchased, and download your book.
    Once downloaded, go back into Settings > Store > Apple ID > Sign Out, then sign back in with their Apple ID.

  • Share aperture library with another aperture user

    How do I share the same aperture library with another aperture user on a different computer each using separate aperture software? We have have tried using a hard drive, but the vault is not showing up to download.

    are you trying to work simultaneously from the same library? I'm not sure Aperture will handle that one very well, but as I've never tried it I can't say for certain.
    You may be able to "check out" projects from the main library to work on individually within your own personal libraries. When you're done w/ your work you would check the project back in to the main library for someone else to use.
    I think the danger is in trying to access the same .plist or image at the same time as Aperture wouldn't know who's instructions to follow.

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    No you do not need separate Apple ID's in order to use 3 devices with one Apple ID. I use 4 devices to Message and FaceTime and all use the same Apple ID. You do need to add additional email addresses for the other devices.
    Look at this very informative video for the instructions. l

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    Same as you would if you bought a pc; copy everything from your old computer to your new one.  Then you can just sync everything from the new computer, as you did with the old one.

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