How to gather all the assets?

Again: How to gather all the assets used in a Muse site.
What are best practices for archiving or handing over a project? Anyone, please?

Adobe staff does indeed read these forums. The support team, engineering team, and quality assurance team are all quite active on these forums. The first reply to your question was from an Adobe staff member.
There are also many other helpful Muse users on these forums willing to answer questions or suggest workarounds.
Muse does not currently have a feature to collect all the linked files. If enough users ask for it, we'll add it to a future version of Muse. Note that Muse 1.0 shipped less than a year ago. Since then we've added lots of new features and we'll continue to add lots more.
You probably already know what your workarounds are, but I'll spell out the ones I can think of:
1) Always move your placed assets into one folder before placing them so you can keep track of them. As you note, this is hard to always do in practice.
2) When you're 'done' with a project, embed all the links. This way you don't need the linked files if you open the project again in the future. This does prevent Muse from checking for modified links, so it may not match what you're looking for.
3) When you're done with the project use the assets panel to find where all your linked assets are and move them to a single folder yourself. Note that Muse has alittle known feature that might help with this - if you move your files around so that you've got missing links, and then you relink one to a new folder, Muse will look in that folder for all your other missing links.

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    The asset module is configured in my system but we were not using it. Now my company want to use it. During the analysis, I found:
    The assets are created but for maximum assets Value is Zero. But there is some assets have some value.
    Now, When we try to delete these assets with AS06. We are able to delete the asset with zero values. But when we try to delete the assets which have some value, system gives a message:
    Deleting is not possible. The asset already has values.
    Is there any way to delete such type assets. Or can we use Reset Company Code Transaction - OABL.
    Please suggest. Early response will highly appreciated.

    Transactions OABL for data deletion are very critical  transactions to use. Please read carefully the IMG documentation.     
    For a start the reset of a company code is only allowed when in  "test status".
    I'm sorry per forum I an give you no recommendation to reset the cocd (OABL) and Reset Posted Depreciation (OAGL)   
    The impact have to be check on the spot.
    regards Bernhard

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    Hello Gurus,
    Would you please tell me how can i check the Asset Purchase order, which is settled (WBS Element)? How can i see the GR document for the specific asset? & if i treat as a expeneses toward the project where i get the GR/ PO in asset explorer?
    Warm Regards,
    Dhananjay Rahane.

    Purchase order related to asset you can see in Asset Master itself. Go to AS03 - Environment  ( Menu bar ) - Click on Purchase Order. Here you will have all the relevant PO's relating to asset.
    GR you can see in PO at a Purchase Order history. The data relating to asset you can  see in left hand side navigation in AW01N Asset Explorer. Like as Vendor, PO's, etc.
    WBS in PO you can see in Account Assignment Tab if your PO is created with N. ( Network PO ). WBS linked to Network you can see in CJ20N ( Project Builder ). 
    WBS Actual values can see in report CJI3 Actual Cost & Revenues.
    I hope this helps you to solve your issue. If you have any doubts feel free to share.
    Pankaj A Bhalerao.

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    How to get all the values from the dropdown menu
    I need to be able to extract all values from the dropdown menu; I know how to get all those values as a string, but I need to be able to access each item; (the value in a dropdown menu will change dynamically)
    How do I get number of item is selection dropdown?
    How do I extract a ?name? for each value, one by one?
    How do I change a selection by referring to particular index of the item in a dropdown menu?
    Here is the Path to dropdown menu that I'm trying to access (form contains number of similar dropdowns) "window(index=0).form(id=""aspnetForm"" | action=""advancedsearch.aspx"" | index=0).formelement[SELECT](name=""ctl00$MainContent$hardwareBrand"" | id=""ctl00_MainContent_hardwareBrand"" | index=16)", element
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    The findElement method allows various attributes to be used to search. Take the following two examples for the element below:
    <Select Name=ProdType ID=testProd>
    I can find the element based on its name or any other attribute, I just need to specify what I am looking for. To find it by name I would do the following:
    Set x ="ProdType","SELECT","Name")
    If I want to search by id I could do the following:
    Set x ="testProd","SELECT","ID")
    Usually you will use whatever is available. Since the select element has no name or ID on the Empirix home page, I used the onChange attribute. You can use any attribute as long as you specify which one you are using (last argument in these examples)
    You can use the FindElement to grab links, text boxes, etc.
    The next example grabs from a link on a page
    Set x ="Home","A","innerText")
    I hope this helps clear it up.

  • How to get all the values in one column of a JTable

    How to get all the values in one column of a JTable as a Collection of String.
    I don;t want to write a for loop to say getValueAt(row, 1) eg for 2nd column.

    I don;t want to write a for loop to say getValueAt(row, 1) eg for 2nd column. You could always write a custom TableModel that stores the data in the format you want it. It would probably be about 50 lines of code. Or you could write a loop in 3 lines of code. I'll let you decide which approach you want to take.

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    can anyone tell me how to get all the keys and their values contained in a HashMap? thanks

    thanks to u all for ur response, i gues if i need to get both keys and values, i need to use keySet() to get a set of keys first and then using each key to get value. is there any other faster way to get both of them (key and value)? thanks again

  • How to get all the values of a variable with F4 with checkboxes to select

    Dear Experts,
    After Executing a query by giving let 3 values(Out of 10 Values) to a variable.
    To give 2 more input values to the same variable(i.e.,total I wanted to give 5 inputs this time ),after refreshing the query,for that variable if I click F4, I am seeing the historical values(i.e.,3) and remaining 7 values also But with out any Check Boxes besides them to select the 2 inputs.
    In the same F4 Screen, If I click all values(an Icon at The bottom),then also Im seeing but no check Box.
    I hve tried by deleting the Delete Personalization also,but no use.
    Please tell me How to get all the values with F4 with check boxes to select ,whatever I want??
    Thanks in advance

    Take a look at the InfoObject and go to the Business Explorer tab. If the 'Query Def. Filter Value Selection' is set to 'Only Values in InfoProvider', you're only going to get the values in F4 that exist in the InfoProvider, not everything in the Master Data. This would need to be changed to the value of 'Values in Master Data Table' if you want it to show everything possible when F4 is chosen.
    Likewise, you're going to need to look at the query and go to the Advanced tab for the InfoObject. Make sure that the radio button for 'Values in Master Data Table' is selected. If not, then you should change that selection.

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    jdev version -
    use case:- we are capturing all value entered by the user on screen and storing it in the cookie like (key,value) pair where key is id and value is value of the component keyed-in.
    Later when there is browser close or transaction faliure we are retreiving back all the values from cookie on load of page.
    Now the point is when the screen loads back it is not getting the component id dynamically, we are storing manually the id's of the components to retrieve the value.
    But we want to read all the id of all the components dyanamically once page load and store it in javascript array variable.
    Let me know if there is any method to read all the id of the page in ADF javascript.
    Or any other alternative method.
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    Hi all,
    I created a timer which detects inactivity in the first form launched by the forms runtime shortcut :
    when-new-form-instance :
    hWind NUMBER;
    CheckTimer TIMER;
    hWind := get_window_property(FORMS_MDI_WINDOW,WINDOW_HANDLE);
    CheckTimer := Create_Timer('T_INACTIVITY',10000);
    And in the when-timer-expired of the same form :
    if upper(get_application_property(TIMER_NAME)) = 'T_INACTIVITY' then
    if Win_API_Session.Timeout_get_inactive_time >= 8 then
    end if;
    end if;
    My problem is that when I click on a menu item in my menu, and I do nothing during 10 seconds then only the first form's window is titled 'Deconnected' but not the current form .
    I have copied the trigger when-timer-expired of the first form to the form I called but there is nothing.
    So how to make all the windows , whether it is the active window or it is hidden , to be titled 'Deconnected' when the timer expires ?
    Thank you very much indeed.

    execute a system process that will output this data and read/parse the output
    [notice a pattern?]

  • How to select all the colomns_names from a table, with their datatypes ..

    hi :)
    i would like to know, how to select in SQL all the columns names from a table with their datatypes so that i get something like this :
    Table 1 : table_name
    the column ID has the Datatype NUMBER
    the column name has the Datatype Varchar2
    Table 2 : table_name
    the column check has the Datatype NUMBER
    the column air has the Datatype Varchar2
    and that has to be for all the tables that i own ! ..
    P. S : i m trying to do this with java, so it s would be enough if you just tell me how to select all the tables_names with all their colums_names and with all their datatypes ! ..
    thank you :)
    i ve heard it can be done with USER_TABLES .. but i have no idea how :( ..
    Edited by: user8865125 on 17.05.2011 12:22

    The data dictionary view USER_TAB_COLUMNS has one row for every column in every table in your schema. The columns TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME and DATA_TYPE have all the information you need.
    Another data dictionary view, USER_TABLES, may be useful, too. It has one row pre table.

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    How do I find the assets for the Pluralist Brochure?

    Hi Rita,
    Is it possible to speak with you?
    I put in the web address you gave to me and it took me to the tutorial: NiIsIng1dSI6Imltc19uYTEta2V5LTEuY2VyIn0.eyJpZCI6IjEzOTQxMTY4MTQ5NTUtMTgzMGQwZDMtNDk4OC00Y2 ZmLWE3ODYtYzZkZTc5NGQ2Y2EwIiwic2NvcGUiOiJvcGVuaWQsY3JlYXRpdmVfY2xvdWQscmVhZF9vcmdhbml6YXRp b25zLGFkZGl0aW9uYWxfaW5mby5zY3JlZW5fbmFtZSxhZGRpdGlvbmFsX2luZm8uc2Vjb25kYXJ5X2VtYWlsIiwic3 RhdGUiOm51bGwsImFzIjoiaW1zLW5hMSIsImNyZWF0ZWRfYXQiOiIxMzk0MTE2ODE0OTU1IiwiZXhwaXJlc19pbiI6 IjE4MDAwMDAiLCJ1c2VyX2lkIjoiQTBFNDc2QTg1MzA3RTlDMTBBNDkwRDQ0QEFkb2JlSUQiLCJjbGllbnRfaWQiOi JDcmVhdGl2ZUNsb3VkVGVzdDMiLCJ0eXBlIjoiYXV0aG9yaXphdGlvbl9jb2RlIn0.StAmeYFnZ2Bl81D_E9GdQaKw jS9irovZVi2TgXvKvyYFFydbK_moes9zwu8eNCcyzVEW4LKVM4pky15WrQlT3TpBsLj-wubTBFHfrbTy5ShKwVrCW7 ON09EHAgn_5UKmT1mvKDtzPJFN1rVw4ZEWzAbH7IW52Kpt-Mcdzuf1v38N5GHxWfRxtGFob0vcsO_i155mtYRgdRd3 IyGJf5m9ObNztwE6w1phzddkK8itwIr2WhNAPRnHPwHIp10bgIBT14cnN0D8lfXvLfe1C8RV3OoX4b4KeuN7sytv_K lmY97pWrlwNGGJGeKCY7OF0lGV2MEdz1WezTGQYjrm1QjS2Q
    and I do not see a large hero image that you were referring to.
    Thanks Joe (Yogi1948)

  • I have added a 5 songs from a single album and in Ipod it comes as enigma album and in that one song is available and another album named enigma and another song. IT happens for 5 songs also. How to make all the 5 songs in one album name Enigma

    I have added a 5 songs from a single album and in Ipod it comes as enigma album and in that one song is available and another album named enigma and another song. IT happens for 5 songs also. How to make all the 5 songs in one album name Enigma???

    I am working on a friend of mine's 15g ipod(W/dock connector)and I am having the same trouble except it does it to all the songs. I have tried reseting it multiple times, but to no avail.
    I am not sure that this runs on windows XP, it is absolutly archaic (compared to my 5th gen. 30g video).
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    May I know how to find all the tables, related(foreign key) tables for a transaction within SAP GUI?
    Up to my technical knowledge, this can be achieved by looking database diagrams from DB level. But that would be for entire database as a whole. What I'm expecting is to see transaction level relative tables that too from SAP GUI. Please share the possibilities if any.

    Dear Micky Oestreich
    May be we possess expertise or high level experience, it should not show up in our way of communication. Every professional starts with the basic stuff to learn. When the question is raised in such minimum polite way, the same level of courtesy is expected in return. If you felt my question was basic, you might have refused it gently. If you are in good mood or bad mood it doesn't matters.
    Hi Vengal Rao
    Thanks for your response. It helped me.

  • How to see all the list of tables in APEX

    COuld anyone of you help me find out how to see all the tables present in APEX ?
    I can see all the list of tables when i give the command : select * from tab
    But apart from finding like this , is there any way to find out all the list of tables ?

    Hi Tasha,
    For Apex 3.2 ;
    select * from dba_tables where owner in
    (select workspace from APEX_030200.APEX_WORKSPACES)
    tab is a synonym for user_tables
    hope this helps you

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    i joined as a new member in sdn.
    i just want to know how to display all the methods present in an interface

    Java Reflection is the answer. Read a tutorial like this or this ...

Maybe you are looking for

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