How to get data from hard drive in dead iMac?

I have an old slot-loading iMac (350Mhz G3 blueberry) that just died, probably a dead power supply or something. Won't turn on at all. I don't care about restoring it, I just want to take the hard drive out and grab data from it. I've found instructions for removing the HD ... but any tips on the best/cheapest way to hook it up to get data from it? It's EIDE I believe from what I've read so far. Thanks for any help.

Hey Richard.....Thanks for the reply to my question about my wife's dead iMac.....
Her iMac had been acting up lately, mostly to do with her Outlook Express freezing up in OS9. I dunno if OS9 was freezing or if the application was failing. Regardless, I would have to quit OS9, restart Outlook which at the same time restarted OS9. All would be fine for a while, a day or two and then the scene would repeat itself. But I think that issue is separate from the iMac being "dead". Often we have power outages in the area, more than we should. I had the iMac plugged into a battery backup, some APS product I think it is. I believe it is only good for less than an hour as we have other devices drawing on it too. Most of our power outages are of short duration, just enough to be aggravating, sometimes having to reset clocks, etc...And a couple times, I would have to reset the time and date on the iMac so this told me that the PRAM battery was below minimum voltage. But the iMac would ALWAYS restart, even with the low battery. But the most recent outage, about one hour duration, did in the iMac, somehow or other. I do believe the battery backup basically fully discharged. So I removed the battery, could not find a new battery locally so I drove to the big city and paid the local Apple service dealer a visit. I got ripped big time price wise, embarrassed to say. So I get home, put the battery in the holder, depressed the CMU reset, the powerbutton illuminated as did a green LED by the memory modules for less than three seconds and then quit. I also heard the HD trying to spin up and a high voltage THUMP which I assume is the CRT trying to ignite. If I unplugged the iMac, removed the battery, plug in the power again and hit the power button, the iMac would repeat the same short on period and then quit. So it did not seem to make any difference if there was a battery in place. I read somewhere to pull the battery, pull the AC cord, hold down the power button to dump any current (?) and let the unit sit for 24hrs. After that length of time, I was supposed to replace the battery, depress the CMU reset, wait ten seconds and then feed it AC. Well, when I pressed the power button, I heard life for maybe five seconds, maybe a second longer, then a beep and then it shut down. I pulled the AC cord, pulled the battery, re-inserted the battery, depressed the CMU reset, waited a few seconds, plugged in the AC cord, depressed the power button and I am back at the under three seconds of "power-up" and then nothing, dead, no beep, nothing. I think maybe it is a waste of time trying to mess with this unit, looking for a newer iMac on eBay, the snowball series with the 17" LCD, might be time better spent. Hate throwing stuff away, that's why I am up to my ears in junk, maybe u know that scenario. The wife likes my 19" ACER LCD screen, hooked up to this old dual 800mhz, though she dislikes the noise and the tower. But we both agree the large LCD screen is much easier on our aging eyes than the old iMac CRT. Anyway, I appreciate your help, always GREAT to correspond with an Apple fan.....John Bauer

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    mount -o remount,rw /
    if that don't work you could be borked and you will need to restore the disk
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    Grant Bennet-Alder wrote:
    The powerPC logic board is bad
    How Bad?
    How Bad? Let's Ask Rodney Dangerfield:
    "It's so bad that the logic board makes no sense!"
    "It's so bad that hanklar can't make his toasted cheese sandwiches on the top of the case anymore!"
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    No chance without special tools/knowledge. There are companies that can do it, unless you use multiple format or rewrite data with special erase ustility or unless you have done low level format.

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    You may want to contact the developer of the device for the API and DLL.

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    Hi, first post here. Really hope you guys can help me out
    My mac died over the christmas holidays (the motherboard fried from a water accident) and consequently I cannot get access to all my music and pictures on its hard-drive. I know the hard-drive is still functionable because an employee from a mac reseller store managed to retrieve as essay I desperately needed for it.
    What I want to know is how I can remove the hard-drive from the mac and how i can use it as an external hard-drive so I can retrieve all of the information from it into my new laptop - which is a windows I'm ashamed to say (money is tight!). Also, would the fact my new laptop is windows affect whether i can move the data from the mac hard-drive to it?
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    Hey Robot and sorry for your lose -
    Here's a video to get your drive out: [Video to get Drive out|]. You'll need to go through the the point of removing the EMI shield with the T8. Then put the drive in a a 2.5" SATA enclosure and hook it up to your new notebook.
    Good luck to you -GDF

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    There are many ways to get data into LabVIEW that do not involve NI-DAQ devices.
    I think your easiest option would be to stream it via serial port if the data rate isn't too fast.
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    You need to configure DG4ODBC (=Database Gateway for ODBC). When you install it on a 64bit OS (for example on the same machine as your Oracle database), then it requires a 64bit Postgres ODBC driver. If you install it on a 32bit machine (for example on a 32bit Linux), then you need a 32bit Postgres ODBC driver. Commonly on Unix you also need to install a matching ODBC Dreiver Manager (for example you can get it from when Postgres doesn't ship one with their driver.
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    is created on particular date. 
    in my report, I need to print the sub site "url/Title" which comes from SQL database and list-item column  "Created By" of that sub site list "Sample List".
    I tried using subreport inside a report by using "Microsoft SharePoint List" as a datasource, but when it comes to real time we don't know how many subsites will be created, so we can't create a datasource for each subsite site.
    I guess we need to be using XML as a datasource, but how can we go to particular subsite in query while using XML, since all subsites have list with the same name ?
    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you,

    Hi Kishore,
    SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) supports expression-based connection strings. This will help us to achieve the goal you mentioned in this case:
    Create a new report
    Create a Data Source in the report with the connection string like this:
    http://server/_vti_bin/lists.asmx (We use static connection string instead of expression-based connection string now, as it is not supported to get fields based on expression-based connection string in design time. We will change it to be expression-based
    connection string later)
    Create the data set(as you have done using XML query language). Please use list name instead of GUID in the listName parameter.
    Design the report(e.g. Add controls to the report)
    Now, let's change the connection string to be expression-based. First, please add a parameter to the report, move this parameter to top. This parameter is used to store the sub site name.
    Open the Data Source editor, set the connection string to be: ="http://server/" & Parameters!parameterCreatedInStep5.value & "_vti_bin/lists.asmx"
    In the main report, pass the sub site name to the report we created above via the parameter created in step5
    That is all.
    Anyway, this is actually a SQL Server Reporting Service(SSRS) question. You can get better support on this question from:
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    If there is anything unclear, please feel free to ask.
    Jinchun Chen
    Jin Chen - MSFT

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    DATA: BEGIN OF datos OCCURS 0,
          END OF datos.
    DATA: c TYPE cursor.
      connect to 'LIM' as 'MYDB'
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      into :datos from lims.SAMP_TEST_RESULT
      where     date > '01-09-2010'
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    Please refer the example in this link which deals with Oracle date format.
    You can finnd a command DECODE which is used for date formats. If you have a look at whole theory then you will get an idea.
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    I have a column called from_month in the format of 'mon/yyyy'(already converted from date')
    then the second column is to_month in the same format 'mon/yyyy'
    now i wiil select from_month and to_month like
    from month jan/2009
    to month mar/2010
    how to use between of two months in the format of char.Please tell me how to get two different month between data.

    This may be of help.
    Remember Pointless has made a point ;) (worth millions)
    If possible , DO NOT store dates as strings or numbers.Let dates be dates.
    WITH dat AS
    (SELECT ' THIS IS JAN' x,to_char(to_date('01-JAN-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS FEB' x,to_char(to_date('01-FEB-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS MAR' x,to_char(to_date('01-MAR-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS APR' x,to_char(to_date('01-APR-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS MAY' x,to_char(to_date('01-MAY-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS JUN' x,to_char(to_date('01-JUN-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS JUL' x,to_char(to_date('01-JUL-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS AUG' x,to_char(to_date('01-AUG-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS SEP' x,to_char(to_date('01-SEP-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS OCT' x,to_char(to_date('01-OCT-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual UNION
    SELECT ' THIS IS NOV' x,to_char(to_date('01-NOV-2009','DD-MON-YYYY'),'mon/yyyy') y FROM dual)
    SELECT * FROM dat
    WHERE to_date(y,'mon/yyyy') BETWEEN to_date('01 jan 2009','dd mon yyyy') AND to_date('01 mar 2009','dd mon yyyy')Cheers!!!

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    Hello everyone, i'm new to this forum and to java too. Ok, so here is what i want to do:
    I want to get data from a file containing words and numbers and store them into variables that i will use them after to insert into a database table. For example i have a file called employees.txt in this form:
    eid ename zipcode Hire_date
    1000 "Jones" 67226 "12-DEC-95"
    In C++ i declare variables for each data and store them, for example in this case:
    ifstream in("somefile");
    string name, hdate;
    int eid, zip;
    in >> eid >> ename >> zip >> hdate;
    So i want to do the same thing in JAVA but i can't make it work. So, i would appreciate if someone could give me a simple example how to do it. Thank you.


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