How to get mouse wheel action in my swing application?

In my mouse, i am having mousewheel to support scrolling.With the help of the wheel, i can scroll the pages in IE browser or any other appliction.
In swing application ,i have scroll bar inside a JFrame.I want to have mousewheel action in my swing application to support scrolling.
any idea ???

As far as I know,there is no facility for detecting mouse scrolling wheel in JDK 1.3.
Check it in the later releases of JDK.

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  • SWF in iFrame - How to get mouse wheel to work

    I have been searching for a solution to this for a few days
    without any luck. I was hoping someone here may have come across
    this problem and know of a solution, or know if it just is not
    I have a static page which consists of an iframe, picture and
    a div with some links. The image is an image map and set to load
    all links within the iframe. The flash itself is a 360 degree
    panoramic view with hotspots (links) within the file that also
    point to other pages. My issue is that the mouse wheel scroll is
    supposed to be a zoom in/out feature, which work with the flash
    file and full screen view. However, when the file is loaded within
    the iframe, the scroll wheel on the mouse will only scroll the page
    and will not interact with the flash file at all.
    The problem seems to be with the following browsers (PC):
    Chrome 0.4
    Opera 9.5
    Firefox 3.0
    The zoom works in IE6, although the page does scroll with it.
    When I disabled the page from scrolling (see index2.html) the zoom
    stops working. This is probably due to the code used to disable the
    mouse. I really need to try to get the mouse wheel to zoom in
    FireFox 3 though. The large majority of our visitors are PC users
    with FireFox 3 or IE 7, so these are the two most important
    browsers to have working.
    The pages are still currently under development but examples
    are online here:
    -Normal page
    -Page with scrolling disabled
    Does anyone have any ideas for a possible solution? Thanks
    for taking the time to help.

    As far as I know,there is no facility for detecting mouse scrolling wheel in JDK 1.3.
    Check it in the later releases of JDK.

  • How to get the system time in a Swing application ?

    I know how to do it in JavaScript, but not java. Please help me, and also how to get the system time in an Applet. Thanks !!!

    Check this link, I hope it helps

  • How to remap mouse wheel in single application?

    I want to achieve simple thing - control audio in Smplayer using mouse wheel. The tricky part is that I need to control the master volume on my AV receiver because the audio in videos is played as bitstream (DTS/AC3 over SPDIF). I'm able to modify the mouse wheel actions in mplayer but unfortunatelly Smplayer doesn't allow such remapping: … f=2&t=6077
    I already use xbindkeys with xvkbd for application specific remapping of both keyboard and mouse. I can remap the wheel for Smplayer window but I'm unable to figure out how to make sure the wheel will work for other applications as well - I'm just unable to simulate mouse wheel action for applications other than Smplayer. (Or is there any other way how to not modify the button for other applications?)
    If I try only simulating the wheel, it doesn't work...
    # .xbindkeysrc
    "xdotool click 4"
    m:0x0 + b:4
    # or
    "xvkbd -text "\m4""
    m:0x0 + b:4
    However if I add "sleep 0.2" before xvkbd or xdotool, it works (but this is unacceptable delay for me). Also if I try to simulate wheel on keyboard press, it works even without the sleep.
    Any help or suggestion?

    not really.. sorry
    Kunal Mittal

  • How to get the source code of a PRT application in the portal

    Does anybody know how to get the source code of a PRT application in the portal?
    Thanks in advance,

    If its Java-based code have a look at the properties of an iView that belongs to the application in question and copy the value of the Code Link parameter e.g. ''.
    Search the Portal installation directory under /j233/cluster/server/ for a .par.bak file of the same name, removing .default from the codelink parameter
    Copt this locally and import into Netweaver Developer Studio. You will have to decompilte the class files with a decompiler such as DJ Decompiler or Cavaj (search with Google).

  • How to get the ablolute path of the web application in WebSphere?

    How to get the ablolute path of the web application in WebSphere?
    For example:
    I have installed IBM WebSphere on D:\WebSphere\Appserver, and I created a new appliction named "myapp" on D:\myapp,. How can I get the absolute path of application "myapp"? In other words,how can I get the absolute path of the application's
    root directory?

    In the WebSphere(default), what directory is the Java Bean's root directory ?

  • How to use Mouse Wheel Events

    Hello Everyone
    I am using Datagrid in my Canvas.
    I use mouse wheel to scroll the datagrid. But in one scroll
    through that wheel make the more than 4 rows to be scroll.
    So Now my requirement is to control the delta value of mouse
    wheel event and how to use that with my datagrid so that i will
    able to scroll one row through mouse wheel scroller.

    please give me some suggestion around it.
    I want to scroll one row of datagrid with per mousewheel
    scroll. I am not getting how to use the scrollMouseWheelMultiplier
    property of the IConfiguration class because i am not able to
    create the object of this class.
    I am using the Flex 3.0 and flash 9 version.
    please help me out around this.

  • How to fire mouse wheel events to parent container?

    When I create a JPanel (let's say jParent) inside a JScrollPane and this JPanel is larger than the current viewport I can use my mouse wheel to scroll the JPanel's containt without coding anything about that.
    But if I add another JPanel-derived component (let's say jChild) to the first JPanel, mouse wheel events are not received by the first JPanel when the mouse is over the new added child JPanel.
    How can I forward child's mouse wheel events to the first JPanel?
    If I use:
    jChild.addMouseWheelListener(jParent)I must implement a mouseWheelMoved() method in jParent that requires some code to work while it was doing it byitself before...
    Thanks in advance for any help :-)

    you have a mouseWheelListener added to jChild?
    if so, in the mouseWheelMoved code include this line
    jParent.dispatchEvent(mouseWheelEvent);//or to the scrollpane

  • How to get an advanced action to respond to text selection in dropdown widgets

    I want to provide a user with a set of dropdowns containing text strings, and if they select the right combination of dropdown entries, give them a Continue button, and if they don't select the right combination then give them an error message and solution.
    The trouble I'm having is I don't understand how to get the action to read the widget selections. I'll go through a demo to show you what I'm doing so far.
    (Context: CP5, and JavaScript/programming ignoramus.)
    Objects in the demo
    My steps so far
    1. Set up two user variables
    2. Create two dropdown widgets (Widget1 and Widget2) each with labels "Right" and "Wrong" and point them to the two variables.
    3. Add a Continue button and a text box labelled Wrong, each set to invisible.
    4. Add a Submit button with advanced interactions to show Continue or Wrong depending on what is chosen in the widgets.
    The full set of conditions and actions are:
    IF vTestWidget1 is equal to Right
    AND vTestWidget2 is equal to Right
    THEN Show Continue
    ELSE Show Wrong
    The problem
    I run this and only ever get the ELSE response (i.e. I can select two Rights and the Submit button still displays the Wrong text box).
    I'm missing some sort of formatting around the text?
    I need something like a submit button for each widget to prompt an update in their associated variables?
    Can anyone help?

    Thanks, for the help guys. However...
    I have triple-checked my variable naming and can't see any problem.
    What I did do was eliminate the "Choose" option from the head of each widget. The demo suddenly worked perfectly!
    BUT  that perfect outcome seems accidental.
    The demo seems to work ONLY when the Advanced Action's success conditions refer to the first entry on each dropdown. That is, if the dropdowns contain values Right and Wrong, IN THAT ORDER, and the Action looks for "Right" and "Right" then you can click Submit and it produces the Continue button.
    However, for example, if you reverse the order of the entries in one widget, so Widget2 contains Wrong and Right, and YOU DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE, then selecting "Right" and "Right" and clicking the Submit button produces the Wrong text box response.
    So the order in which entries are listed in the widget has an impact, at least for me.
    When you guys replicated my use case, did you replicate the Choose entries in the widgets, or did you simply have two top-level Right responses?
    I've uploaded my first demo, without any other changes, to Google Docs, if you want to check it: GMx&sort=name&layout=list&num=50

  • How I detect mouse wheel movement?

    I never use this for now, and I want to intercept mouse wheel movement (up or down) for to change animation panels (divs) or to make another actions.
    Is not for a scroll of a large stage or div, it's only for to know when the user use the mouse wheel.
    Thank you.

    Are you looking for this ? it may be done easily with Edge Commons

  • How to get Mouse Screen Coordinates

    I have code:
    JButton btn  = new JButton("button");
    btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
              //  HEAR I WANT TO GET MOUSE
              //  SCREEN COORDS!!!
    }I want to get Coordinates!!!

    If you have a MouseEvent you can convert it as follows:
    Point point = mouseEvent.getPoint();
    SwingUtilities.convertPointToScreen((Component)mouseEvent.getSource(), point);However, that won't work from your actionPerformed method. If possible, use a MouseListener and intercept the mousePressed/mouseClicked events.
    If you want to capture the mouse position when someone presses a button (e.g, by using an keyboard shortcut) then you'll need a MouseMotionListener to track the mouse pointer as it moves over your component.
    Hope this helps.

  • How To Get GP Process Parameters in a Webdynpro Application runtime

    Hi ,
    Iu2019 ll hope you can help me to solve my problem with GP process.
    Iu2019 m trying to get GP process parameters from a Webdynpro application.
    I have to get parameters during the process runtime in every step of the process using
    a webdynpro application with the following code:
          IGPRuntimeManager rtm = GPProcessFactory.getRuntimeManager();
          try {
                IGPProcessInstance processInst = rtm.getProcessInstance(processId,userContext);
                IGPProcessInstanceInfo procInfo = rtm.getProcessInstanceInformation(processInst.getID(),
                IGPStructureInfo inputstructInfo = processInst.getTemplate().getInputParameters();
                IGPStructure inputparams = GPStructureFactory.getStructure(inputstructInfo);
          } catch (GPEngineException e) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    //          e.printStackTrace();
                manager.reportException("GPEngineException:"+getStackTrace(e), false);
          } catch (GPInvocationException e) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    //          e.printStackTrace();
                manager.reportException("GPInvocationException:"+getStackTrace(e), false);
    But printing the values of attributes with u201Cinputparams.getAttributeAs... ("param name")u201C the value returned is always 0. On the contrary if I check the same parameters structure in the runtime
    GP view of the portal, the values are those that I have set in the start process wizard.
    Have you a solution for this question?
    Thanks in advance

    hi Abhimanyu
    I believe originally access to session was deliberately not made available inside WDA.
    Growing security concerns due to misuse of session information and
    perhaps other reasons as well.
    X.509  is considered a better approach.
    This may not help you in your problem.
    But you may see a trend in WDA pushing more robust and client independent
    Full x.509 access should remove the need for session fiddling.
    Also when developers access such session info directly, there is a possiblity
    when they dont understand the technology exactly that they create a security hole.
    You may know how to do safely, it is however discouraged.
    Im not aware of a way to get at the session info inside the WDA framework.
    Well not without a mod to the framework.
    It may be possible without a mod, but I dont know the trick.
    If someone has a little trick... please post.
    You may need to use BSP, if your only solution requires access to the session info.

  • How to get the list of only installed bundled application on mac os X through programmatically???

    how to get the list of only installed bundled software on mac os X through programmatically???

    I think what you get is below;
    App Store
    DVD Player
    Font Book
    Game Center
    Image Capture
    Photo Booth
    QuickTime Player
    System Preferences
    Time Machine
    Activity Monitor
    AppleScript Editor
    Audio MIDI Setup
    Bluetooth File Exchange
    Boot Camp Assistant
    ColorSync Utility
    DigitalColor Meter
    Disk Utility
    Keychain Access
    Migration Assistant
    Network Utility
    RAID Utility
    System Information
    VoiceOver Utility
    Note if you buy a new Mac with ML preinstalled the list may be larger.

  • How to create the digital clock in java swing application ?

    I want to create the running digital clock in my java swing application. Can someone throw some light on this how to do this ? Or If someone has done it then can someone pl. paste the code ?

    hi prah_Rich,
    I have created a digital clock you can use. You will most likely have to change some things to use it in another app although that shouldn't be too hard. A least it can give you some ideas on how to create one of your own. There are three classes.One that creates the numbers. a gui class and frame class.
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.geom.*;
    public class DigitalClock extends Panel{
              BasicStroke stroke = new BasicStroke(4,BasicStroke.CAP_ROUND,
              String hour1, hour2;
              String minute1, minute2;
              String second1, second2;
              String mill1, mill2, mill3;
              int hr1, hr2;
              int min1, min2;
              int sec1, sec2;
              int mll1, mll2,mll3;       
        public void update(Graphics g){
         public void paint(Graphics g){
              Graphics2D g2D = (Graphics2D)g;
              DigitalNumber num = new DigitalNumber(10,10,20,Color.cyan,;     
              GregorianCalendar c = new GregorianCalendar();
              String hour = String.valueOf(c.get(Calendar.HOUR));
              String minute = String.valueOf(c.get(Calendar.MINUTE));
              String second = String.valueOf(c.get(Calendar.SECOND));
              String milliSecond = String.valueOf(c.get(Calendar.MILLISECOND));
                   hour1 = hour.substring(0,1);
                   hour2 = hour.substring(1,2);
                   hour1 = "0";
                   hour2 = hour.substring(0,1);
                   minute1 = minute.substring(0,1);
                   minute2 = minute.substring(1,2);
                   minute1 = "0";
                   minute2 = minute.substring(0,1);
                   second1 = second.substring(0,1);
                   second2 = second.substring(1,2);
                   second1 = "0";
                   second2 = second.substring(0,1);
                   mill1 = milliSecond.substring(0,1);
                   mill2 = milliSecond.substring(1,2);
                   mill3 = milliSecond.substring(2,3);
              }else if(milliSecond.length()==2){
                   mill1 = "0";
                   mill2 = milliSecond.substring(0,1);
                   mill3 = milliSecond.substring(1,2);
                   mill1 = "0";
                   mill2 = "0";
                   mill3 = milliSecond.substring(0,1);
              hr1  = Integer.parseInt(hour1);     
              hr2  = Integer.parseInt(hour2);
              min1 = Integer.parseInt(minute1);
              min2 = Integer.parseInt(minute2);
              sec1 = Integer.parseInt(second1);
              sec2 = Integer.parseInt(second2);
              mll1 = Integer.parseInt(mill1);
              mll2 = Integer.parseInt(mill2);
                   if(!(hr1 == 0)){     
         String dayOfweek = "";     
                   dayOfweek = "Sunday, ";
                   dayOfweek = "Monday, ";
                   dayOfweek = "Tuesday, ";
                   dayOfweek = "Wednesday, ";
                   dayOfweek = "Thursday, ";
                   dayOfweek = "Friday, ";
                   dayOfweek = "Saturday, ";
         String month = "";     
                   month = "January ";
                   month = "February ";
                   month = "March ";
                   month = "April ";
                   month = "May ";
                   month = "June ";
                   month = "July ";
                   month = "August ";
                   month = "September ";
                   month = "October ";
                   month = "November ";
                   month = "December ";
         int day = c.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);
         int year = c.get(Calendar.YEAR);
         Font font = new Font("serif",Font.PLAIN,24);
         g2D.drawString(dayOfweek+month+day+", "+year,10,80);
         public static void main(String args[]){
              AppFrame aframe = new AppFrame("Digital Clock");
              Container cpane = aframe.getContentPane();
              final DigitalClock dc = new DigitalClock();
              class Task extends TimerTask {
                 public void run() {
              java.util.Timer timer = new java.util.Timer();
             timer.schedule(new Task(),0L,250L);
    class DigitalNumber {
         private float x=0;
         private float y=0;
         private float size=5;
         private int number;
         private Shape s;
         private float space = 0;
         public static final int DOTS = 10;
         private Color on,off;
         DigitalNumber(float x,float y, float size,Color on,Color off){
              this.x = x;
              this.y = y;
              this.size = size;
              this.on = on;
     = off;
         public void drawNumber(int number,Graphics2D g){
              int flag = 0;
                        flag = 125;
                        flag = 96;
                        flag = 55;
                        flag = 103;
                        flag = 106;
                        flag = 79;
                        flag = 94;
                        flag = 97;
                        flag = 127;
                        flag = 107;
                        GeneralPath path = new GeneralPath();
              if((flag & 1) == 1){
              GeneralPath Top = new GeneralPath();
              Top.moveTo(x + space, y);
              Top.lineTo(x + size - space, y);
              if((flag & 2) == 2){
              GeneralPath Middle = new GeneralPath();
              Middle.moveTo(x + space, y + size); 
              Middle.lineTo(x + size - space,y + size);     
              if((flag & 4) == 4){
              GeneralPath Bottom = new GeneralPath();
              Bottom.moveTo(x + space, y + (size * 2));  
              Bottom.lineTo(x + size - space, y + (size * 2));
              if((flag & 8) == 8){
              GeneralPath TopLeft = new GeneralPath();     
              TopLeft.moveTo(x, y + space);
              TopLeft.lineTo(x, y + size - space);          
              if((flag & 16) == 16){
              GeneralPath BottomLeft = new GeneralPath();     
              BottomLeft.moveTo(x, y + size + space);
              BottomLeft.lineTo(x, y + (size * 2) - space);
              if((flag & 32) == 32){
              GeneralPath TopRight = new GeneralPath();     
              TopRight.moveTo(x + size, y + space);
              TopRight.lineTo(x + size, y + size - space);
              if((flag & 64) == 64){
              GeneralPath BottomRight = new GeneralPath();     
              BottomRight.moveTo(x + size, y + size + space);
              BottomRight.lineTo(x + size, y + (size * 2) - space);
         public void setSpacing(boolean spacingOn){
              if(spacingOn == false){
                   space = 0;
         public void setSpacing(boolean spacingOn,float gap){
                   gap = 2;
              if(spacingOn == true){
                   space = size/gap;
         public void setLocation(float x,float y){
              this.x = x;
              this.y = y;
         public void setSize(float size){
              this.size = size;
    class AppFrame extends JFrame{
              this("Demo Frame");
         AppFrame(String title){

  • How to give JASS Security to ADF BC Swing Application.

    Hello Friends,
    ->I read lots of threads about JASS Security in ADF about Web Application.
    ->But i am not getting any solution/Document Which explains, How to Implement JASS Security to ADF BC Swing Apllication.
    -> I Will Explain Which type of application we developed.
    We had developed one Whole ERP Product by using ADF BC [Swing] Technology.We have 480 Forms in our Application.Now i need to give security to my Application.
    ->I Will Explain Structure of Application.
    We have seperate Application Module for each form means i have 480 Application Modules in my application.I create seperate session beans for each Application Module and I deploy it on Standalone OC4J Server
    So please friends help me out to give security to my application.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hello Franks
    First thanks for your reply.
    --> As you suggested two options for me but i would like to go with second option.
    JAZN with ADF BC.
    ---> As you said i need to do property set to "auth".but currently i made it "Test" to trace login user means to set History Columns.
    --->Frank i am waiting for your documents.If you have documents in the format of how-to-do then Please Forward me.
    Thanks Frank

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  • Oracle 9.2.0 on SuSE 8.0 How to link


    Hi, I would like to use IDOCS on my SAP ECC6 EHP4 (ABAP). Our functionals are planning to use HTTP-XML function for IDOCS. My question is , do we require a JAVA stack for it to work? Secondly, does anyone has a configuration guide what to do for HTTP

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    When I click on the "History" icon, I get a new window with "History" at the top. Under it are three sub-options: "view History Sidebar", "Clear Recent History" (which is the one that I want to access), and "Restore Previous Session". Only the first

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