How to get out of full screen mode in Firefox

Have tried to get out of full screen mode by pressing F11 and f11 and esc but nothing works.  any suggestions?

Shift-CMD-F toggles full screen off and on in Fx. Also, if you've put the Full Screen icon in the Firefox Toolbar, bring the mouse cursor up to the top of the screen. This will reveal the toolbar and you can click on the icon to return to normal.
Get the icon from View>Toolbars>Customize. Drag it into the Toolbar somewhere.
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  • How to get out of full screen mode in Firefox 4?

    How to get out of "Full Screen Mode" in firefox 4 ?

    Pressing the F11 should do it.

  • ITunes: how to get out of "full screen" mode in Lion?

    running Lion for the first time - I hit some kind of a a wrong button on iTunes, and it went into some kind of goofy full screen mode.  How do I get it back to the original mode?

    You  must have tripped over the double-headed arrow symbol at the right end of the menu bar.  To get back, slide your cursor to the top of the screen to display the menu bar and slide right to the double-headed arrow (now enclosed in blue) at the right end of the menu bar.

  • How to get out of full screen mode

    This can't be difficult but for me it is annoying. It would probably help to know how I got here in the first place

    It would help to give us more information about your computer. If you can, use EtreCheck  Etresoft: EtreCheck  to generate a system report and paste it in a response here.
    Does this happen with other apps, or just chrome?
    Try a safe boot (restart, hold down shift until you see the Apple logo). If this eliminates the symptom, then you know the problem is with some third-party software you have installed. Mac OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?

  • How do I get out of "full screen mode" on my tablet?

    I don't know how I got into full screen mode first of all and I can not figure out how to get out of full screen mode. I have a tablet, my toolbar with the menu symbol is missing at the top and the bar at the bottom is missing. I don't have any keys with "F" features, so I can't press F11. Does anyone else have this problem? I have windows 8.

    Argh. There aren't many things more frustrating than an app hogging your entire screen.
    Do you have a compact keyboard? If so, there should be a key labelled ''fn'' and another key which is labelled ''F11'' (maybe in blue writing). Try holding down fn and press the F11 key.
    Alternatively touching or swiping right at the very top of the screen should reveal Firefox's toolbar - you can press the [[Image:New Fx Menu]] at the top right and then select ''full screen'' to shrink Firefox back down to size.
    Hope those ideas help! :)

  • How do I get out of full screen mode?

    How do I get out of full-screen mode? This happened after installing Lion.

    Shift-command-F should get you in and out of full-screen.

  • How do you get out of Full Screen mode in Excel? No red or yellow buttons visible.

    How do you get out of Full Screen mode in Excel? No red or yellow buttons visible. Using just installed Yosemite iOS 10.10.2

    I Don't think Microsoft updated it for those buttons. Look for a blue button with arrows in it on the right side of the menu bar.
    Also try Esc key.

  • How do I get out of full screen mode on an iMac?

    Can't get out of full screen mode. Have latest iMac. This should be a no brainer!!!

    Use command+Shift+F

  • Connect from Windows through screen sharing (VNC) and get out of full screen mode

    How do you get out of fullscreen mode?
    I connect to a OS X Lion computer through a Windows computer (which actually also is remote).
    I use TightVNC software on Windows to connect. It's the only VNC software I am able to connect to OS X Lion with. TightVNC is kind of weak otherwise in the way that it does not have features for OS X targets - like you can't send "command" key pushes, or even Ctrl pushes and other F2 etc keys just don't really work.
    Which means I cannot exit full screened apps by way of Command-F or similar. Moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen also does not pop down the menu (although on some occasions I have been able to do this, I'm not sure how and it's terribly hard to reproduce).
    I'd need a on-screen way (like a button to click) to get out of full screen mode.
    Any ideas???

    Are you using TightVNC because you found it was the only VNC client that worked well with Mac OS X built-in VNC server?  Or is there another reason?
    Vine Server (aka OSXvnc - free to use the server)
    plays nicer with 3rd party VNC clients, so that you could try any number of other WIndows VNC clients.  Maybe one of those will do a better job of sending Command/Control/Option keys.
    But if you do install Vine server make sure you turn off Mac OS X Screen Sharing (and/or Remote Managment) so that you do not conflict with port 5900.  Or via Vine Server configs, tell Vine Server to use a different port number, such as 5901, then make sure you connect to the correct port from your Windows client.


    I was at a website and expanded the view to full screen mode. i pressed ESCAPE but it would not return the screen to smaller size. I had to press CONTROL+ALT+DELETE end the session. Now, when I restart Firefox it wants to restore the session. I have no status bar at the top and returning to home page. I hope this information helps.

    Thank you very much! I tried that already but did not move the cursor high enough.
    Dear Apple designers: please bring back something like a button, to help those who can not find this type of thing. Minimalistic design should be in such way that you find how to do these type of things without going to a forum.

  • Getting out of full screen mode in Messages

    I'm using mountain lion and I'm stuck in full screen mode in Messages. How can I get out of that?
    thanks for any suggestions.

    So if you move the mouse to the top of the Screen you do not see this (top right) ?
    This was a pic of Firefox that I put in Full Screen Mode first.
    Then I moved the pointer to the top of the Screen and the Menu Bar appears.
    Far Right is the blue reverse action/Windowing icon.
    In Firefox I can also enter the View Menu and select the Exit option (from Full Screen) from there once the Menu bar has appeared.
    It is late where I am and it will be a while before I reply again.
    It is also why I don't have Messages open at the moment.
    10:11 pm      Wednesday; January 8, 2014
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Mavericks 10.9)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad

  • On an Acer W3 w/win 8.1 there is no way to get out of full screen mode.

    I have the latest version. You can't pull the top menu into view but if I try hard I can get the - to appear and this, with a great deal of effort will let me return to regular desktop mode. This is only a problem with this tablet. Need to have some easy way to return.

    Please see:
    If you can bring up the keyboard with your tablet, you can hit F11 to get out of Fullscreen mode.

  • I cannot get out of full-screen mode???

    After the recent update of Safari, somehow our screen is locked as full screen. When we try to reduce the size using 'esc' or the arrows it just moves the full screen to the right. We are unable to completely close the window fully. Being new to Mac, what are we missing? We appreciate any help you can provide.

    Move your mouse to the top of the screen and look for the little blue box in the right hand corner when the menu comes up. 

  • How do I  get out of full screen in iPhoto ? Can't find a place to click to return to regular size.

    How do I get out of full screen mode in iPhoto?  The screen will not go back to regular
    size, and there is no place to click to do this.

    Tap the esc key (top left of your keyboard, or note the arrows extreme top right - moe your mouse up there to see them.

  • How do i get out of full-screen view in Safari?

    When i am in full-screen view, the dock below disappears and so does the menu-bar above. Then I don't know how to get out of full-screen view. What should i do?

    Press the escape key, but, when you move the cursor to the top of the screen, doesn’t the menu bar reappear? It is supposed to.

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