How to get rid of "Computer" in Open and Save dialogs

Is this new? I don't remember that before the last or second-last OS update the computer's name appeared, above the mounted volumes, in the left panel of the Open and Save dialogs.
Note that in the Finder windows, the computer doesn't appear, as set in the Finder's Preferences.
So obviously my question is: How to remove the computer's name from the Open and Save dialogs' left panel?

You can most often just take the default action by pressing the "joystick" center button (without going through the menus).

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    You can most often just take the default action by pressing the "joystick" center button (without going through the menus).

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    Firefox/Preferences/Privacy - small blue type.

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    I got the solution...
    Metalink - Note:357545.1

  • CS5 slow to get the 'open' and 'save' dialog box over networked computer.

    I have been having this problem since the suite was installed, but recently has gotten much slower. Any time I click open or save it takes 8-10 seconds just for the dialog box to come up.  CS1 was lightening fast - I know that was ages ago, but I can't help compare the two.  I have the same problem with InDesign and Illustrator. The suite is running on a Windows 7 machine through a home network, accessing files from an XP machine as well as a Buffalo Linkstation.  Once the dialog box comes up, and I double click, the file is pretty quick to appear.  I have researched online and I believe the problem to be somewhere in the network or the settings.  The network is quick, Windows Explorer has no delay in opening or finding files, nor do other programs outside of Creative Suite. I did an experiment to narrow down the problem - I closed Photoshop, unplugged the network cable, and reopened the program.  AMAZING - it was SO FAST to open the dialog box for both opening and saving files!  I then closed Photoshop again, plugged the network cable back in, and opened Photoshop.  It was back to the slow opening of the dialog box.  Everything else in the programs runs fine - no delay when performing operations in any of the Creative Suite - it has to do with the network and how CS is looking for the files.  Can anyone help me, I am so frustrated - this is adding unnecessary time to everything I do and I dread opening and saving any files!!

    Once again - thank you!
    We used to have a network storage device attached to our home network, but it crashed and we replaced it with another model.  A while back I had added it as an item to display in the places bar.  When we removed it from the network, the link on the left side disapeared, so I forgot all about it.  When I read your posting it jogged my memory.  I searched the subject to remember how I had made the change and found this posting from Adobe Community: (its in #6).  I found the original storage device in the places bar, removed it and replaced it with the new device.  I opened Photoshop and Acrobat and both open and save dialog boxes appear as they should - the problem has been resolved!  THANK YOU!

  • Open and Save dialog boxes are sorted reverse alpahbetically by default

    I have a user that experiences the same frustrating experience every time she restarts Apple Mail. All of her open and save dialog boxes in Mail are sorted from Z to A. She can click the name field to change the sort, but it will return to Z-A if she quits and reopens the program. The Finder is set (and stays) at A-Z. Other applications do not exhibit this problem. I am loathe to reset the preferences since that means having to set up accounts again. Restarting the computer and removing user caches made no difference. Any suggestions?  This is an iMac Mid 2008 running Mac OS X 10.6.8.

    I solved my own question through trial and error.
    Just select "None" on the dropdown selector (see screen capture, above) and the Open/Save dialog will revert to the older version.

  • Open and Save Dialogs Slow to Open and Populate

    In all of my apps, the Open and Save dialogs have become very slow to open and populate since installing Snow Leopard, when the machine is connected to a Windows server. Disconnecting from the server solves the problem; reconnecting causes it to reappear.
    This only happens on some of my machines, and not others
    Any thoughts on what this could be. The delay is significant (about 10 seconds in all).

    I've got the same problem. I've been charting the slowness, i.e. the time until the app responds and opens the save dialog box, and most apps hover around 2 minutes of waiting.
    My home network consists of a belkin n+ router (running only with the N radio, and WPA2 security), one ethernet-connected powerbook with a USB-connected hard disk (640GB+), and my MBP connecting by wireless. The USB HD is used as a Time Machine backup disk, and the backups are extremely slow, on the order of 2 GB's per hour at most.
    That said, I called up Apple Tech Support and they had me flash my PRAM, restart the machine, and Reset Safari (since that was the app I called about). These efforts, unfortunately, did not fix the issue.
    I will be passing on the fact that Tech Support's efforts did not solve the problem--maybe they'll get back to me on the issue. If so, I'll post it here.

  • Open and Save Dialog Box Font Size

    Greetings. Does anyone know how to change the font and icon sizes in Open and Save Dialog boxes in OSX 10.8? Back in Snow Leopard days, the parameters were stored in the users .GlobalPreferences.plist. But they do not appear to be there - or at least I don't recognize them in OSX 10.8. I recently started using a 27 inch Cinema Display, and the fonts are a bit small for me.
    I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

    Good question!  Do submit feedback to Apple.  Maybe if enough of us complain about this fundamental issue, they'll finally listen!

  • Open and Save Dialog Boxes Appear Briefly then Close

    Open and save dialogs on my MDD 867 flash briefly and then close themselves in my administrator account. All the other accounts are fine. This makes me suspect something in the Library. I just did a wipe and install plus Migration Assistant to no avail--which furthers my suspicion of Library problems.
    Anyone have any suggestions which file(s) could be the culprits?

    More than likely it's a conflict/corrupted amongst the various preference (plist) files. Log into a good admin account, backup the bad account's folder, delete the bad account, selecting the save data option (which is stored in /Users/Deleted Users/ as a disk image), recreate the bad account using the same username/password combo, log out and back into the recreated original account. If the problem's solved, open the saved data dmg file in /Users/Deleted Users/, open the /Library/Preferences/ folder from the saved data, open the current /Users/restored account/Library/Preferences/ folder, and slowly copy plist files from the saved data folder to the current one that don't exist in it. Log out and back in to ensure there's no conflict and things still work correctly. Resolving conflicts or identifying corrupt plist files is a laborious process. Good luck.
    See for more details on this process.

  • Open and Save dialogs are painfully slow. Is there a solution?

    Open and Save dialogs are painfully slow. Is there a solution?

    I pulled this part out of one of the topics Barney-15E linked to. It absolutely works! The glacially slow Finder response has been driving me batty in Mavericks. Each time I restarted, it would take forever to list the startup drive when I opened it. Open and Save dialogues were also painfully slow to respond. Now they all snap open and list instantly. I used TextWrangler to comment out the line in the file auto_master, then ran the automount command in Terminal.
    Working workaround:
    Use the following statements in Terminal.
    sudo vi /etc/auto_master
    In this file comment out /net with #  (#/net .....)
    sudo automount -vc
    Confirmed here too both for Open file sluggishness and Finder window population. Thanks Snaggletooh_DE!
    Couple of notes:
    (1) Some folks may be more comfortable using a GUI editor like TextWrangler instead of vi
         a) in the Finder use the GO menu and select Go to Folder
         b) type  '/etc' ( without single quotes ) in the Go to folder dialog box and press the Go button
         c) Right ( Control  ) click the auto_master file in the resulting Finder window. Select "Open with...." and use TextWrangler ( your choice )
         d) Comment out the line by inserting a '#' ( pound sign ) as noted in Snaggletooth_DE's instructions
         e) Save the file  ( probably need to authenticate with your admin password  )
         f) Do the 'sudo automount -vc' per Snaggletooth_DE's instructions. Will need to authenticate again.
    (2) Notice Snaggletooth_DE described this as a "workaround" because it bypasses an Apple bug. Presumably most people have not changed their auto_master file and it worked fine in Mountain Lion and prior. In other words: If you haven't done so already, please continue to submit feedback and bug reports to Apple for this issue.
    Kudos to Snaggletooth_DE for figuring out code is trying to look at network ( NFS ) volumes that maybe don't exist.

  • Open and save dialog boxes just show earlier and can't be sorted

    Mountail Lion has new open and save dialog boxes that are displayed in groupings by date and other variables.
    My Photoshop CS5 shows "Previous 7 days", "Earlier", etc. I can no longer adjust this sorting. Often, just the "Earlier" shows and current files are missing from the box. I used the sorting option but can't sort within the list.
    My inDesign files still use the earlier open and save dialog box. Where can I switch between these options?
    Photoshop Open:
    inDesign Open:

    I solved my own question through trial and error.
    Just select "None" on the dropdown selector (see screen capture, above) and the Open/Save dialog will revert to the older version.

  • Open and Save Dialogs Very Slow to Open and Populate

    In all of my apps, the Open and Save dialogs have become +very slow+ to open and populate since installing Snow Leapoard.
    This only happens on one of my machines, and not others. (I've unmounted all connected drives, just to eliminate that possibility.)
    Any thoughts on what this could be. The delay is significant (and feels like the old days of Windows, which I thought I'd left behind).

    The problem now appears to have gone away. The only change I've made is that I replaced an external drive that had recently died with a new one and gave it the same name as the failed drive.
    Could a the dead drive have left something behind (or failed to leave something behind) that is stumbled over (or looked for and not found) each time the file system was accessed, and that got cleaned up (or re-created) when the new drive was connected and renamed?

  • How to get rid of automatically created Mail and iCal accounts on client?

    I have recently setup an OS X 10.6 Server for our small office. I got the domain name wrong in the initial install and fixed this by doing a complete clean reinstall of OS X 10.6 server (now upgraded to 10.6.4).
    The problem is that one of the OS X 10.6.4 clients had been setup to talk to the server prior to the rebuild. Now on this client, I cannot work out how to get rid of or change the automatically created server accounts in iCal and Mail - everytime you login, these are recreated using the old domain name (and of course don't work).
    In Mail if you remove the server account (from Accounts in Preferences), it just pops back again. I even removed every trace of the old domain name from the file but when I re-open Mail that darned server account (with the old domain name) just pops up again.
    In iCal its slightly different in that you can remove the account and it stays away while you have iCal open. But as soon as you close and re-open it, that server account just pops up again!
    I thought it might be something to do with Kerberos and found a Kerberos file on the client which had the old domain name throughout it - I changed all these references to the new domain name, but still the same behaviour in Mail and iCal.
    This is doing my head in. Any ideas?

    I have the same problem. Every time that I open iCal on the client a new account is created and an error message shown that I cannot login. I can delete the wrong account in the iCal preferences. However, as soon as I restart, the account and the error message are back.
    How do I "unbind" and "rebind" a client? I searched the "Mac OS X Server
    Open Directory Administration Version 10.6 Snow Leopard" but the only reference to "binding" seems to be in the context of Active Directory which I don't have.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I cant update nor download any applications. My password was always invalid. And other username is prompted which is not my account. How to get rid of this apple id and use my account for download? I have registered this to itunes.

    I can't update nor download any apps in itunes. Prompted invalid password, upon checking the apple id was not mine. The id was [email protected] whic is not mine. Pls. Help how to get rid of this. Thank you.

    try and delete the apps and re-add them

  • My "Open" and "Save" dialog boxes in Logic Pro...

    Wondering if you've have had this issue. My Open / Save as well as any Import dialog boxes in Logic Pro have oddly spaced columns. I resize them accordingly (I prefer Column view BTW), get them looking right by holding the "Option" key while resizing to have all columns the same know, the same procedure you'd use in the finder.
    Anyway, each time a dialog box appears my "Sidebar" column along the left-hand side is like 5 inches wide, and each column to the right of that is very narrow despite my setting it up the way I'd like it to look during the previous Open/Save/Import.
    Is there a preference for this that I'm missing?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    P.S. I'm running Logic Pro 9.1.5 in 64bit mode (32bit mode also exhibits the same behavior).  I'm running OSX Lion, 10.7.2

    I posted a similar post regarding this observation.  It appears that only you and I are the only ones getting this behavior from Logic and Lion.  In all honesty, I don't think anybody cares or no one installed Lion for use with Logic yet.  In either case, it has been widely ignored.
    I too tried resizing, but get the same result every time.  Its not just open and save windows, its the same with all windows.  This gets especially annoying when ad    ding samples to EXS24.  Some people have different work arounds for adding samples to most things, such as the browser side window.  Regardless of any workaround, nothing solves the remaining window space problem.  This window bug is something that should not exist within Logic.  It makes Logic look like freeware.
    For many, Logic Pro X might be the ultimatum.  It might be time to jump ship.

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