How to get rid of the old songs from iPhone that do not show up in iTunes?

Every time I delete my entire iTunes library and sync iPhone with it, my music is still loaded with old songs but do not appear on my iTunes. And when I add new songs to my library, the new songs get mixed with old songs.
How to get rid of the old songs?

hey buddy....u have to delete the songs from ur iphone....i have got the same issue.....songs are not showing in itunes!!!!!

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    SOLUTION: Some Music Won't Play After Upgrading Your iPhone To iOS7
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    Please explain your problem in much more detail, included EXACTLY what you did and EXACTLY what happened, using clear English, if you want anyone to be able to help.

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    See this support document. Remove iTunes gift album "Songs of Innocence" from your iTunes music library and purchases - Apple Support

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    From the OS X Finder, hit Command+Shift+G and enter the path to /System/Library/CoreServices/
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  • How do I delete songs from iPhone that are not in my iTunes library. "Swiping" to delete it does not work as the delete option does not appear.

    Just tried to remove all songs by changing synch entire music library to selected playlists, didn't select anything and says 0 songs at top, however the 5 **** songs that I'm trying to remove are still left on my phone!! This is so stupid but bugging me so much!!

    Hi, Jixx0615.
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    When you try to delete from a device running iOS 7, make sure to hold your finger on the song for a few seconds before swiping to the left. This should expose the red Delete button.
    Try Again,

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    Sounds like a key on the keyboard is stuck down. Does it disappear if you disconnect the keyboard?

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    Okay this is what you have to do because I had the same exact problem:
    First thing is to remember just because you don't use your e-mail address anymore doesn't mean it stops becoming an account with Apple.
    Theres a couple of ways this could have got started. It be best if he told me A little more about what you know and that way we can figure it out precisely together.
    But I was say to make sure that you're connected to the Internet.
    try to reset your apple id (email address that you use with apple as an account) password by going to
    Apple provides two ways the reset your password
    1) correctly answer your birthday and answer security questions
    2) send a reset password e-mail through a process called e-mail authentication
    If you are unable to do either one of these you will need to stop and call Apple and speak with a special department called account security. They will need to verify your identity against records you might have on your account but do not see at this moment. They could then send an reset e-mail to whatever e-mail address you desire as a workaround. ( If they can verify you are the account holder)
    The other method is only if you have  on made an "edit "  to your primary Apple ID, but forgot to sign out of settings iCloud first.
    To clarify, you would have changed the  pre-existing E-mail address to a new different e-mail address that you would rather use now.
    in order to fix this problem,  you need to go back to and revert the new e-mail address back to the old e-mail address temporarily.
    You do this by clicking on the word "edit" to the right of the primary Apple ID.
    You're switching it back to the old e-mail address so that way it matches what is on your settings >ICloud section on your phone.
    Once it matches again, then you want to click on the words sign out or delete account at the bottom.
    Once you have done this ....then you can change (EDIT) your e-mail address back to the one you want to use on the website (
    This should resolve your issue. THis is still leaving me to assume alot so if theres more you can share i can give you a more precise answer if this doesnt resolve your issue.

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    Settings App > Music > Show All Music > turn toggle off. Restart music app. Or is that what you tried?
    If so, go to Settings > Cellular > switch music and iTunes off. Keep in mind that you'll need to turn this back on to shop/download from iTunes.

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    Some of my songs are listed twice on my iPod itself.  However, when I plug the iPod into my computer, the songs don't show up twice in iTunes when I click on device/music. How do I get rid of the duplicate songs on my iPod?

    that is odd! that should not be happening.
    Are you syncing your songs right off of itunes itself? because it should be syncing over to the ipod however it is listed in itunes.

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