How to get rid of "updates for HP printer"

I have a new problem concerning HP printer updates . Currently am getting a updater for new downloads for Hp2175 on my desktop, but there's nothing in this box to download and I can't get rid of the message box. It only allows me to click out of it. Do any of you wonderful mac folks have a clue?

You installed a hacked app, originally from the Mac App Store. It contains the receipt for a different app, downloaded using an account that you don't control. You need to identify and remove the hacked app.
Important: The app you need to remove is not necessarily the one named in the App Store notice. For example, if the App Store says you need to update "Twitter," the hacked app may be "Angry Birds" or something else entirely. Don't make any assumptions about which app you're looking for. To find it, you have to carry out a systematic search.
Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it:
Copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C).
In the Finder, press the key combination command-F to open a search window, or select
File ▹ Find
from the menu bar. In the search window, select
Search: This Mac
from the row of tokens below the toolbar. Below that is a popup menu initially showing Kind. From that menu, select  Other...
A sheet will drop down. In that sheet, select Raw Query and click OK or press return.
Now there will be a text box to the right of popup menu. Click in that box and paste (command-V).
The search window will show all the App Store products you've installed. Compare those search results with the list of your purchases from the App Store. To see the complete list, you may need to unhide hidden purchases. If any apps were download from the App Store using other Apple ID accounts that you control, sign in to the store under each of those ID's and check the purchases.
At least one of the items listed in the search window is not among your purchases in the App Store. Move each such item to the Trash. You may be prompted for your administrator password. Empty the Trash.
Log out and log back in. Test.

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    If you have layout showing you will see the borders of text boxes. Go to the View menu & choose Hide Layout & see if they disappear.

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    Yes, you do what Ivan Lara says

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    I just bought Acrobat Pro 9 w/ volume licensing because Adobe said this would fix a problem we are having. Every morning we have users that login and get a box that says that do not have sufficient rights to update Adobe. I need this gone. Obviously I can't give them admin rights. We are running on 5 terminal servers running 2003 server. I just need a hack or something I don't really care.

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    Turn Airplane mode on followed by turning on wi-fi access.
    The no longer activated SIM card will need to be inserted in the iPhone to restore the iPhone with iTunes if wanted or needed and to install a firmware update or to complete the process - the SIM card that was used with the iPhone when it was activated.

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    Only if you have an iPod 5. iOS 7 requires 512MB of RAM, and sadly only the iPod 5 has 512MB of RAM. If you have a iPod 4 or earlier iOS 7 is not an option. If you check your iPod and it states your iPod iOS is current then you are at your max. Hope this helps, Good luck.

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    In the transformation of the Open Hub,use BAPI....
    Create a target structure with all fields as type characters,move data from source structure to target structure in the BAPI using ABAP codes.When there is no value in character fields it would not show up 0's.

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    AFAIK Photoshop is not linked in any way with Apple's iCloud. So either you somehow linked the 2 together or it is not Adobe Photoshop you are trying to open.
    Maybe Apple's Aperture or iPhoto?
    If it is PS then select Yes and let it connect then once PS is open go to the Preferences and Un-Link them. Maybe in the Sync Settings in the preferences?
    Or in the Plug-Ins section you have "Enable Remote Connections" checked?
    Or in that same section you have "Allow Extensions to connect to the Internet" checked and you have a iCloud extension (Plug-in) installed?

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    We have a hp office jet 6500e709. We discovered tonite that something fell into it (maybe)& is keeping any paper from being fed into it. My dh tried to see what it is but wasn't able to see or hear anything. Does anybody have ideas as to what might be causing this?
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    I would suggest the troubleshooting steps in the document here.  If that does not resolve the issue please give some additional details - what exactly is the error message when you try to print?
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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  • The question as to how to get rid of Firmware notice was completely and successfully answered.

    How to get rid of the notice on printer screen that'The Firmware updat is on the server was completely answered by the advice given.Howard Peak

    Unfortunately CleanMyMac is as harmful, if not moreso, than MacCleanse. These third party cleaning apps are considered 'crapware' and can harm your system beyond repair. If you cannot uninstall them completely, as appears, it may pay to backup your data, reinstall avericks and migrate your important data back. You can try posting an etrecheck report and perhaps someone can help narrow down what you need to trash from all the areas that these programs have infected.
    etresoft  a long time contributer to Apple Support Communities wrote a very useful app he called etrecheck which helps in diagnosing many problems caused by third party installs etc.. Go to his website, read his information and from there download and run the program according to his instructions

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