How to get the guid of currently opened page programatically

Can any one of you please let me know how to get the guid of a page at database level which is opened currently?
The requirement is I need to grab the url of a page which is currently opened by the user.
Is there any way to get it from accessing the tables like wwv_things or wwpob_page$.
Please suggest me how to get it.

Hi Ravi,
You may wanna explore the two API's (wwsbr_all_folders and wwsbr_all_items) and make a bridge to get the name of the portlets that appear on the page.
something of the following nature should be enough to take you where you want to go. here is the GUID of the item you are looking for.
SELECT DISTINCT c.display_name,,c.updatedate
FROM portal.wwsbr_all_folders a, portal.wwsbr_all_items c
AND = c.folder_id
AND a.caid = c.caid
AND c.itemtype = 'baseportletinstance'
order by 3 desc
this will work in the portal but not in the sqlplus or any querying tool. for that purpose, it will work once you establish the context of user.
hope that helps!

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    Its very simple......y cant u prefer google...Bad
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    learn to search in google..

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    Here is some information from the FDK Programmer's guide page 115:
    IMPORTANT: A valid text range can span multiple paragraphs, subcolumns, or text frames.
    It cant span multiple flows, footnotes, table cells, or text lines.
    It is possible for a document to have no text selection or insertion point at all. This can occur in
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    Many thanks in advance!
    Best Regards,
    Ellen N. Zhao

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    hi all,
    I need to get the number of currently active external modes. This can be done by calling function THUSRINFO. But this only works propperly, if you are logged on only once. If you are logged on more than one time then the function returns several entries in the parameter USR_TABLE. The entries mainly differ in the first parameter TID (type UTID, INT4) "terminal-identification" but how can I know which is the valid one for my current session. Functions TERMINAL_ID_GET, SPH_TERMINAL_IDENTIFY and SPH_TERMINAL_ID_GET dont work.
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    Thanks in advance,

    tables: usr02, usr41.
          modes like sy-index,
          u_MODES LIKE MODES.
    select * from usr02.
      select * from usr41 where BNAME = usr02-bname.
          ID 'TID' FIELD usr41-TERMID
        IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
          u_MODES = u_MODES + MODES.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
        write:/ usr02-bname, u_MODES.
      clear u_modes.

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    RajEndiran wrote:
    Can anyone please let me know how we can get the class name of a page or region in oracle apex?What do you mean with class name? The name of the template (e.g. the css style class name)?
    I would also like to know how we get the DOM object ID for particular item.Use firebug or inspect the source code of the rendered page to see the object IDs. Other then then, the typical ID of page items is the name of the item. For regions you can set your own ID.

  • [CS3] How to get the parent spread of a page?

    I have the page UID.
    How to get the spread of this page?
    Alois Blaimer

    You'll also need an IDataBase*, from any object in the same document.
    Then you can follow IID_IHIERARCHY one up to the kSpreadLayerBoss, two up to the kSpreadBoss or just refer to the hierarchy root.

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    Clear the cache by adding the following to each jsf page.

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    The problem is that how can I get the words into LabVIEW from the Voice board? I can pre-run the ViaVoice, pre-open the Voice board, and pre-save the Voice board as a .doc file or a .txt file, But the ViaVoice can’t save the doc/txt file antomatically as the speaker adds new words on. What should I do?

    the attachment

  • How to get the name of current monitor?

    I have a script which is used to get some application data. The script take parameters such as "LOB" so it can query data for different department. When it found something, it raise an event in event log.
    Therefore this script is used by several different monitors. Each monitor calls the script by passing different parameters. To better understand the event was created by which monitor, I want the script can get the name of monitor which calling it and they
    list it in the event log too. 
    Currently, I am passing $MPElement$ as one script parameter so I can get the monitor's GUID. Then get the name by running powershell command. Is there an easier way to get the monitor name? Thanks!

    The best way to do this is to put the monitor name as a property bag in the script and pass that to your event details. Otherwise, we're looking at querying the database each time the monitor generates an event, and this is overhead that is really not
    necessary. The other option, which is just even worse in terms of performance, is to use powershell to query the SDK for the monitor name. Both of these options are not going to be a good solution, because now you need to implement action accounts that can
    either query the database or the sdk.
    Jonathan Almquist | SCOMskills, LLC (

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    I press f1 key, and it tells me CALP-ENDPA, but CALP is struct.

    please try MBEW for your requirement. you will get the material price in it.
    Ninad Kshirsagar

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    Hi all,
    I want to know if there's a way to get the name of the currently logged in user in the network.
    SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV','OS_USER') won't work for me because our users do not loggin in portal.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello, I had the same problem. Here is a smaller version to find the Group of the current User.
    The VI get the members of a Group and match it with the Username.
    Note :
    If the User belongs to multiple Groups the the VI returns only the 1st Groupname
    If the User belongs to no Group then the VI returns "unknown Group"
    The VI is written with LabVIEW 2010 and TestStand 4.2.1
    current user ‏20 KB
    TestStand get Group of current User.PNG ‏43 KB

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    I have a jsp form page wherein i input the data form the user and get these values on the action servlet.
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    Please suggest the solution.

    getParameterMap() returns a Map[1] with all parameters; the parameter name is the key and the value is the value of the parameter in the form of String arrays.
    You have to iterate over the Map and get values as you see fit. Search for a tutorial/ example/ sample for using Maps. I'm sure you'll find loads that will do a better job at explaining.
    People on the forum help others voluntarily, it's not their job.
    Help them help you.
    Learn how to ask questions first:

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