How to handle Scrollbar's event in the Form Block !

I want to create three Block like
Block : X-axis , Source From View
Block : Y-axis , Source From View
Block : Cell , Source From Stored Procedure.
The relation is (X-axis , Cell) , (Y-axis ,Cell).
Then , if i scroll X-axis or Y-axis Scrollbar , then Cell will change !
Problem : If X-axis Cursor record does not change , the Cell's Data will not refresh.
Can tell me how to handle the scrollbar's event , Thank.

Thank you.
The Cell's behavior is a matrix , the relation will execute when X,Y record is changed !
if you move the scrollbar , will chanage block's data , but the cursor record does not change another!.
If i use JaveBean to handle it , possible ?
Using Form 6i .

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    Hello Expert...
    How to handle Text  change event in source.
    Please define the Event when i change the text in textbox..
    currently i am using the Lost focus event but it is only occur when tab focus lost from that text box.
    So please required solution ASAP..
    Abhinav Lalpurwala
    Edited by: Abhinav Lalpurwala on Aug 5, 2011 3:19 PM

    Catch the et_VALIDATE event, when InnerEvent = False and ItemChanged = True.
                If pVal.EventType = BoEventTypes.et_VALIDATE Then
                    If pVal.InnerEvent = False And pVal.ItemChanged Then
                        'TODO Your code here...
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                End If
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  • How to handle double click event in a text control

       Will u please send me information on handling double click events inside text control and also about locking and unlocking of DB tables for updation.

    Hi Prabhavathi,
    Here is how you handle double click events in Textedit control.
    1)Create a custom control in screen (say TEXT_CONTROL)
    2)In main program,
    a) Declarations:
    data: obj type ref to cl_gui_custiom_control.
          text type ref to cl_gui_textedit.
    b) Create the instance of custom container
    c) Create the instance of textedit control.
    3)Now to handle double click events , create a local class as follows.
    class shail_event definition.
    public section.
    handle_doubleclick for event dblclick of cl_gui_textedit .
    class shail_event implementation.
    method handle_doubleclick .
    here do the coding for handling the double click.
    4) Create an instance of the handler class(ie.ZSHAIL_EVENT).Let it be named hand.
    5) Define varibles for event.
    DATA: i_events TYPE cntl_simple_events,
          wa_events TYPE cntl_simple_event.
    SET HANDLER hand->handle_doubleclick for text.
    wa_events-eventid = cl_gui_textedit=>event_double_click.
    wa_events-appl_event = 'X'. "This is an application event
    APPEND wa_events TO i_events.
        CALL METHOD texte->set_registered_events
            events                    = i_events
            cntl_error                = 1
            cntl_system_error         = 2
            illegal_event_combination = 3
            OTHERS                    = 4.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
         MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    These are the basic steps needed for handling events in Textedit control.You can go to SE24 and type CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT to find the associated events of the class.
    If you want the program, kindly send your mail-id so that I can mail it to you.

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    Go to Settings>iCloud>Calendar>On then Off. Toggle the on/off setting. If you want to use iCloud with the calendar, leave it set to on.

  • HT2513 how do I schedule daily events in the same sequence

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    Hello LeatherneckDevilDog,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with duplicate calendar entries.  I recommend reviewing the following articles to resolve issues with iCal duplicates:
    iCloud: Resolving duplicate calendars after setting up your calendar application for iCloud Calendar
    iCloud: Advanced Calendar and iCal troubleshooting
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • How to handle vendor discounts based on the qty / value procured.

           How to handle vendor discounts based on the qty / value procured.
    a.       Scenario: you have entered into a contract with vendor that you will buy goods worth Rs 10000/- and if you buy goods worth more than 100000 the vendor says he will give a discount of Rs 5000/- @ the end of the year.  
    i)                    How to handle this sceneriou2019s with SAu2019s
    ii)                   What does STD SAP offer.
    Sapman man

    For the discucount condition type, you have to maintain scales.
    Take Condition type -  Discount Value ( RB00)
    Discount Value ( RB00) - Means Fixed discount. For this condition type, you have to maintain Scale basis as Value scale 'B' in the condition type customization.
    Transcation : M/06
    Select your condition type RB00 and click on the details icon.
    In the Scales block, you have to maintain and save.Calculation type = Fixed amount
    Scale basis = Value scale 'B'
    For this condition type, you have to maintain scales in the inforecord.
    Transcation : ME12
    Select this condition type, click on the Scales icon. There you have to maintain like
    From : 10,0000            Rate: 5000.
    It means, if the document value is reached 10,0000 then discount is 5000rs. If the value islessthen the 10,0000 then no discount.

  • How can I close a category in the form central form without closing it as error?

    How can I close a category in the form central form without closing it as error?

    I'm still not sure I follow - let me see if this is right.  You want to have users signing up for something using a FormsCentral form and then when something is full you'd like that section to show as "Closed" or full so nobody else can sign up for that particular event/day/time?  If that is the goal FormsCentral does not have any logic to close certain portions of the form.

  • How can I format a field in the form creator?

    How can I format a field in the form creator? It's putting the same text in all the fields within a table. I want each field within the table to have different text. As soon as you click out of the table, all the text is the same.
    I even changed the fields from a text box to a drop-down list so a person can make their selection, which will be a quantity from 0-9. There are two of these such fields. You make your selection in each, click off the table and both fields show whatever I selected in field 1. The original Qty I selected in the bottom field was a 5 but it changed it to whatever is in the top field on it's own. I've added a screen shot.

    This behaviors usually happens when you create the fields but  a copy paste command from one of the fields. The copy paste command assumes that your intentions is to maintain a copy of the field in two separate locations (e.i, a form field  "company name" printed in each and every page of a multi-page form document.
    Go to the properties fields of each field and make sure  to assign unique form field  names.

  • How do I make a button onj the form which will submit and send the pdf as an email?

    how do I make a button on the form which will submit and send the pdf as an email?

    You can set up a button with a "Submit a form" action and use a mailto type URL to specify the email address you want the forms sent do. If you want to send the entire PDF, select that option and not FDF or anything else. The mailto URL should not include any spaces and the "mailto" part should be lowercase, like:
    mailto:[email protected]
    This will attempt to initiate an email using the users default email client. If the user does not have one set up or there is some other problem, the email might not get initiated. If it needs to work with Reader versions prior to 11, then the form needs to be Reader-enabled, which you do in Acrobat 11 by selecting: File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools

  • How to attach a PDF file TO the form so that recipients can access the file as a resource?

    How to attach a PDF file TO the form so that recipients can access the file as a resource?

    Sorry we do not support this. What you can do though is add a Formatted Text element and add a link to a PDF. To insert a link add some text, select the text and right click on the text (or look under the Insert menu in the top right of the scene)

  • How do i repeat a section of the form can i copy and paste?

    How do i repeat a section of the form with out creating it again.

    Is there anything special about your drop downs (lots of choices)?  Are the drop downs part of the selection?  You may need to select all of the fields in the section then add the drop downs to the selection by using control-click (command-click on Mac).

  • How to handle value change events of select list in custom component?

    My HelloUIComp code...How to handle events for "Select"...if i choose option1 from select then one text box is to be displayed in custom component and if i choose another option then some other text box is to be displayed in custom components...
    public class HelloUIComp extends UIComponentBase {
        public static final String account="custom.account";
        public static final String RENDERER_TYPE = null;
        HtmlCommandButton button = createButton();
        //HtmlSelectOneMenu select=createSelect();
        public void processDecodes(FacesContext context) {
             Calling the lifecycle method "processDecodes" on the
             internal button is absolutely critical to create action events
        private HtmlCommandButton createButton() {
             FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
             HtmlCommandButton newButton = new HtmlCommandButton();
             //newButton.setOnclick("return func_1(this,event);");
             MethodBinding binding = context.getApplication().createMethodBinding("#{pc_MyProjectView.go}", null);
             return newButton;
      /*  private HtmlSelectOneMenu createSelect()
             HtmlSelectOneMenu selectCategory=createSelect();
             return selectCategory;
         public void encodeBegin(FacesContext context) throws IOException {
              String style = (String)getAttributes().get("style");
              String startdate = (String)getAttributes().get("startdate");
              String enddate = (String)getAttributes().get("enddate");
              //String add=(String)getAttributes().get("add");
              ResponseWriter writer = context.getResponseWriter();
             writer.startElement("table", this);
            writer.startElement("tbody", this);
            writer.startElement("tr", this);
            writer.startElement("td", this);
            writer.writeText("Account Category", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.writeText("Reg-No", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
            writer.writeText("Account-No", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
            writer.writeText("", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
            writer.writeText("Start-Date", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
            writer.writeText("End-Date", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.startElement("select", this);
            if (style!=null)
                   writer.writeAttribute("style", style, null);
            writer.startElement("option", this);
              writer.writeText("Select", null);
              //to access data
              Account accountObj;
              AccountData accountDataobj;
              List listOfAccounts;
              int noOfAccounts;
              accountDataobj=new AccountData();
              for(int i=0;i<noOfAccounts;i++)
              writer.startElement("option", this);     
              accountObj=(Account) listOfAccounts.get(i);
              writer.writeText(accountObj.getCategory(), null);
            writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.startElement("select", this);
              if (style!=null)
                   writer.writeAttribute("style", style, null);
              writer.startElement("option", this);
              writer.writeText("Select", null);
              for(int i=0;i<noOfAccounts;i++)
              accountObj=(Account) listOfAccounts.get(i);     
              writer.startElement("option", this);
              writer.writeText(""+accountObj.getRegNo(), null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.startElement("select", this);
              if (style!=null)
                   writer.writeAttribute("style", style, null);
              writer.startElement("option", this);
              writer.writeText("Select", null);
              for(int i=0;i<noOfAccounts;i++)
              accountObj=(Account) listOfAccounts.get(i);
              writer.startElement("option", this);
              writer.writeText(accountObj.getAccountNo(), null);
              //writer.startElement("option", this);
              //writer.writeText("00200155", null);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.startElement("input", this);
              if (style!=null)
                   writer.writeAttribute("style", style, null);
              writer.writeAttribute("readonly", "","");
              writer.startElement("td", this);
              writer.startElement("input", this);
              if (style!=null)
                   writer.writeAttribute("style", style, null);
              writer.writeAttribute("readonly", "","");
         public String getFamily() {
              return "HelloFamily";

    NewEclipseCoder wrote:
    How to handle events for "Select"...if i choose option1 from select then one text box is to be displayed in custom component and if i choose another option then some other text box is to be displayed in custom components...Two ways:
    1) submit the form to the server and render the desired textbox depending on the option.
    2) render all textboxes and use Javascript/DOM to display/hide them depending on the option.

  • How to perform an autocheck event when the field changes in ALV

    Hi everybody,
    how can I build an event or something which would make my 'wa_fieldcat-checkbox' set to 'X' (auto checked) everytime an editable field in the ALV is changed manually by the user?
    I want to perform this task in order to avoid asking the user to manually check the "check box" field everytime wants to make a change, since after the user's changes in the ALV I want to sort the itab with the check box column of the edited items.
    Denis M

    Hi Denis,
    For ALV a FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY is available.
    The FM, has events as importing option.
    EVENT - Basically this is the FM to handle Event's. When the user needs to do
    some event operation like when double clicking the a particular field we need to
    perform some operation.   These events are captured by this FM.
    slis_ev_data_changed -- To capture user command
    slis_ev_user_command -- To capture data changed.
    Also please refer the below link in scn. This shows sample code to capture ALV grid data changed.
    Hope this will solve the problem.

  • How to handle check box events in alv tree.

    i am working in CL_GUI_COLUMN_TREE class.Also using Check box. Now i want to handle events for check box . I am new to ABAP Objects.
    Pls expaline in detail or send code
    thanks in advance,
    senthil kumar.r

    Hello Senthil
    Have a look at the sample report
    . The crucial points are:
    <b>(1) Register the required events at the control</b>
    * define the events which will be passed to the backend
      " checkbox change
      event-eventid = CL_GUI_COLUMN_TREE=>EVENTID_checkbox_change.
      event-appl_event = 'X'.
      append event to events.
          EVENTS = EVENTS
          CNTL_ERROR                = 1
          CNTL_SYSTEM_ERROR         = 2
      IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
        MESSAGE A000.
    <b>(2) Set the event handler</b>
    assign event handlers in the application class to each desired event
    <b>(3) Define and implement event handler method</b>
        " this method handles the checkbox_change event of the tree
        " control instance
        " show the key of the node and the name of the item
        " of the clicked checkbox in a dynpro field
        G_NODE_KEY = NODE_KEY.

  • TS3714 how can i set an event in the calander to repeat on 2nd thurday of every month

    how can i get an event to show in calander every 2nd thursday every momth

    Try the app "Week Cal".

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