How to implement the JDBC call over SSL on Oracle?

I searched the forums and google. It seems to support Oracle 9i JDBC call, Thin driver can not work and we should use OCI.
I referenced OTN Oracle java example about the SSL, it talked about the security socket but not anythingabout JDBC.
Who can provide a clear description and resource URL to tell how to make a simple implementation on JDBC over SSL.
Thanks a lot.

That article you referenced is referring to the JVM that runs when one runs java stored procedures. It has nothing to do with JDBC.
You have a unusual requirement (probabaly originated as the same place as your alias.)
Most of the time SSL is not needed for the database because the database and the applications that talk to it are already on a secured network.
You can investigate some third party drivers, I believe I recall seeing that one of them does SSL.
Alternatively you might look into a secure VPN connection. The connection travels over IP and tunnels other traffic through it. Given that the tunned itself is secure, the contents are as well.

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    Not sure why you posted into this forum?
    Note the header for this forum:
    This forum is dedicated to all other development-related questions which are not directly addressed by other forums. This includes Business Objects SDKs, products, or technologies which do not fall under BusinessObjects Enterprise, BusinessObjects Edge, Crystal Reports Server, or Crystal Reports (for example Desktop Intelligence SDK, Universe Designer SDK, Portal Integration Kits, Java User Function Libraries, and other third party technologies or development languages).

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    Database (JDBC) Adapter
    The JDBC Adapter allows access to any DB that allows a JDBC driver to access the DB. This driver is not supplied with the adapter but must come from the DB provider or a 3rd party. The adapter converts database content to XML and vice versa.
    Database content can be read with any SQL statement using a special XML format. This format enables SQL INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT, DELETE or even stored procedures. A message is always processed in one database transaction.
    Refer the following links for further assistance
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