How to improve mp4 video quality in adobe premiere CS6????????

please help me,, i want to improve my mp4 video qualitty in adobe premiere CS6 how can I?

What are your source clips exactly (container and codec).
Post a screenshot of your export settings.

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  • CCME : how to improve the video quality on VideoOverIP

    I'm testing Video OVer IP between a CCM and a CCME.
    Whe the call is on, the video quality are different :
    from the CCM, it is very good
    but from the CCME, the quality is less good.
    So how can I do to improve this quality.
    Best regards

    You can improve the video quality on VideoOverIP with QoS. The primary goal of Quality of Service (QoS) is to make network service better and more predictable by providing dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter and latency, and improved loss characteristics. QoS achieves these goals by providing tools for managing network congestion, shaping network traffic, using expensive wide-area links more efficiently, and setting traffic policies across the network.
    Troubleshooting Quality of Service for VoIP:

  • How to improve poor video quality in iMovie?

    I have a movie in iTunes (version 10.6.3).  When I play the video, the quality is good on my Mac, on my iPad 3 and on my Apple TV.  The Apple TV is hooked to a 42-inch LCD TV.
    Next, I open the video file (MP4) using QuickTime Player.  I use the Edit and Trim commands to create a 1-minute segment from the video.  I save the segment from Quick Time Player.  The saved segment is a MOV file.  I drag and drop the MOV file back into iTunes.  When I play it from iTunes, the quality still is good on all my Apple devices - no noticeable difference from the original.
    Now, I import the MOV segment into iMovie 11 (version 9.0.8).  At import, I tick the Optimize Video check box and I select the Full - Original Size setting. Once imported, I select Share > Publish To iTunes.  I do not make any changes to the video clip in iMovie.  I publish to iTunes using all five size settings: Mobile, Medium, Large, HD 720p and HD 1080p.  Once in iTunes, I play the video again.  Now the quality is poor, lots of pixelation in all five size settings.
    iMovie appears to be doing something to the video to degrade its quality.  Maybe I have a setting wrong somewhere.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent the degradation in video quality?  Thx

    Hey Brad, the MP4 movie in iTunes is 806 MB.  The segment I trimmed in QuickTime Player and saved as an MOV file is 18 MB.
    When I export the MOV segment from QuickTime Player to my desktop, the export format options that appear are: Movie; 480p; 720p; and iPad, iPhone 4 & Apple TV.  Which do you recommend?
    When I do Share > Export Using Quicktime in iMovie, there are a bunch of Export and Use options.  Which do you recomend?


    HI, I have a video I am making to explain mathematical calculation which I produced using keynote; This video was made by exporting the keynote document using quicktime; then edited with iMovie and exported using quicktime with the following  option:
    compression DVCPRO50 - PAL,
    compressor: high
    Scan mode : Progressive
    Aspect ratio : 16:9
    Size Dimension : PAL 720 X 576 16:9
    Audio 48000
    On toast, the video was imported to the DVD-Video window and using the following encoding optios the video was burn on the dvd.
    Video Format : MPEG-2
    Average Bitrate: 7.5
    Maximum Bitrate: 8.5
    Motion Estimate: Best and the Half-PEL was ticked
    Other available optins in the window is Automatic.
    the video I finally obtained on dvd was blur/not sharpe and fade in colour compare to the original videos.
    Any help on what I can do to inprove the quality of my video on dvd?
    Skimy Kinyot.

    Hello Tom,
    Let me clarify: Typically, I am viewing the material on a flat screen TV.
    But it was also projected on a big screen in a movie theater for a film festival. (DVD player plugged to a projector)
    For the TV screen, I would say the quality is not great but acceptable.
    But on a large movie theater screen the artefacts are very visible.
    What can I do to improve the quality for a projection?

  • How do I open or import my mp4 video formats into Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 without a blur?

    I use a Sanyo Xacti Vpc-cg10, and it imports mp4 files, but I can't seem to find out to import and use my videos to edit. I've tried finding a preset to use with the format but they all have a blur to them. Please Help!

    Have you tried dragging your footage to the NEW ITEM button to have CS5 create a sequence that matches your footage ?

  • How to improve the video quality send by lync 2013?

    we have one sip client  make call with lync 2013 client, and each other support MS rtv video capabilities, after the sip session begin, then video rtp packet send on each directory, all the time our client send 720p video codec to lync 2013 client
    , but we only receive the lower format video codec from lync 2013 , and the video format is changed all the time ,some times is 720p then 960*544, then 960*720, or 630*360,,etc. we wonder how can lync client send stable 720p video codec, and we have acheive
    the funtion accord ms-rtp.pdf document, and our client can calculate bandwidth using rtcp step accord ms-rtcp , then we should do what else in order to get stable 720p from lync 2013...thank you.

    thank you
    now we realy have enoght network bandwidth, is heigher to 4-6Mbps, so I think which is in one right work enviroment.
    Now I notice that the video format received from lync 2013 at the begining of the call is 720p,  and some times change to 960*720, or 960*544, but for many time it may be change between these three  formats, but in some times the video format would
    change to 640*360, once which change to this mode then it would keep in this sitiunation for long long  time, and would never chanege to the heigher ones so it is one incredible things.
    how could we change this sitiuation to get one good video format for heigher video effect.

  • How to improve the video quality of jpg clips

    I am using several jpg stills in my sequence. They look like crap when I output to QT. Any suggestions?

    Regardless of the pixel dimensions of your original images, they are rendered to FCP's current Sequence settings. That might be as low as 720x480. The rest is thrown away.
    Make sure you view the files in QuickTime Player 7 not QT Player X and set the preference check box to use High Quality playback.

  • How to render mp4 video with 4 audio channels?

    How to render mp4 video with 4 audio channels?

    Hi Aineaine,
    Welcome to Adobe Forums.
    Please refer to the below article for multi channel audio.

  • How to embed mp4 in PDF  through Adobe Standard?

    How to embed mp4 in PDF  through Adobe Standard?

    That's available in Acrobat Pro.
    See the features matrix

  • How do I view videos that need Adobe Flash Player on my iPad?

    How do I view videos that need Adobe Flash Player on my iPad? If this device does not support Adobe Flash?

    Skyfire is Not the answer! Bad reviews and you have to pay to try.
    I used Puffin Free Browser. Worked perfectly with a 14 day free trial for Flash. It worked well for Flash videos so I would buy the full version.

  • How to read mp4 video

    I am start working with Labview 8.20 to do a project which have to contain some videos. I already have searched in this forum some information/code examples how to play mp4 videos (or other well-know formats like avi, mpeg...), but I didn't find nothing that I think it would help me.
    Could someone give me some help or example codes that I can use?

    I've been awhile without working with LabView, but I've seen the link provided and found then a page that I thought it was what I was looking for. ..
    However, I copied this code (which can be seen in annex) and place a sample video, but not getting results. Could be by incompatible versions of LabView? I'm using version 8.20.
    I apologize if my question is basic, but as I had said, I started working with these types of programs recently and so I don't know much about it!
    code.pdf ‏117 KB

  • How do I edit the video audio in Adobe Premiere Elements 10

    I want to edit the video audio, so that I can get rid of some of the sounds and background noises.  Also, how do you import Plug-ins into Adobe Premiere Elements 10?  I have trial versions of Adobe Audition CC and SmartSound.  Thanks in advance for your help!

    What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on? And, very important, what video card/graphics card  does your computer use.
    If a NVIDIA GeForce card, then that needs to be looked at first because of the serious and known Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue which is described in one of the announcements at the top of this forum.
    SmartSound is an feature included with Premiere Elements 10. Why are you looking at any trial version of SmartSound?
    As for Adobe Audition CC, I was not aware that this is a plug-in. As far as I know, Adobe Audition CC is an application that Premiere CC can integrate with as a CC application which Premiere Elements is not.
    See the following video tutorial
    Clean up Premiere Pro audio clips with Audition | Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials
    Look at the price tag afterward, probably on subscription rates?
    Please check out the Premiere Elements 10 audio effects, especially those related to noise reduction.
    Have you looked at the free audio editor named Audacity and its noise reduction opportunities?
    Please give more details in support of your Adobe Audition CC being a plug-in if you are confident that it is.

  • Improving iChat Video Quality

    Is there anything one can do to improve the video quality on iChat. The image looks great on Yahoo Messenger and Skype but it's really fuzzy, blurry, distorted, pixelated when using iChat.

    First have you set the Quicktime streaming setting, goto sys prefs/quicktime/streaming/streaming speed, set to 1.5mbps
    In ichats prefs click on video and change bandwidth limit to 500.
    Restart iChat.

  • When uploading to Facebook how can I remove the "via Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Elements Uploader" ?

    Hi everyone,
    I am slowly getting to grips with Premiere Elements12.
    When uploading to Facebook how can I remove the "via Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Elements Uploader" ?
    I see there was an earlier posting ( which was for version 8, and I can understand the issue, but, (assuming its the same issue) has a remove tagline feature been installed??
    Is this also the same in the Pro version?
    Thanks in advance for any good info

    Offul Duster
    I do not know if Premiere Pro CS6 CC offers an upload to Facebook export. Strictly an Elements Windows person here.
    The Premiere Pro Forum is a good place to ask about that.
    I do not have any Facebook accounts, so I cannot answer your specific Facebook question, but generalizing I can offer the following suggestions.
    If your issue with Publish+Share/Computer/Social websites/Facebook is with tagging, you might want to check the Facebook web site for the Video Manager section of it (or that by some counterpart name). I know that YouTube at the YouTube web site allows the account holder to go into Video Manager and manage his/her tags for the file uploaded there and displaying. Have you been there and done that type of thing for your Facebook upload.
    Please see
    Please review and then let us know the outcome.
    Thank you.
    Add On...As suggested in your inserted link, in Premiere Elements can you export to file saved to computer hard drive and then upload that file from there to Facebook at the Facebook web site without the tagging issue?

  • Converting Nokia N95 MP4 videos for use with Premiere Pro?

    What would you say the best way to convert Nokia N95 MP4 videos for use with Premiere Pro is?

    This "
    How do I convert my files?" entry at the PPro Wiki might offer some insight.

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    I am running version, and it tells me that there is a new version available ( I download and install version  And that works just fine.  But as soon as I close the desktop app, and restart it, I'm back to vers

  • What is this effect called?

    I was wondering if someone knows the name of this effect. Basically, see how throughout the entire movie there is this soft black fade in the background. Whats that called? Sometimes videos do the same thing but the surround

  • Why do i keep getting error message u43mid207?

    I'm trying to update CS5, and keep getting error message u43mid207.  I'm trying to open raw files made with a Nikon d800 camera and photoshop raw needed to be updated.  My firewall is turned off.  I'm not sure how to fix this.

  • Exporting to or converting to a Broadcast Format

    Hi, I've created a short, 4 1/2 min video and exported it, 1280 x 720p using H.264, into a mp4 file.  A friend of a friend showed it to a local TV station.  They want to broadcast it.  They want it in Beta SP or HD CAM or XD CAM.  I've no idea what I

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    Using transcation SQ01-Sap Query in the HR module is it possible to restrict users to specific queries. I have assigned users to user groups, but this does not appear to prevent users outside of the group running the query. All users concerned have a