How to Integrate with third party tool from peoplesoft

I have one page and in that a Loan Request button is there.
My requiremt is - once employee clicks the loan request button the third party window has to open with deatails of that particular employee eg: some particular informations like ssn,dob etc.
Please help me achieve this by detailed explanation including setups and coding.

I am able to open third part link and enter the datas as required in that page.
Please help me on second phase of the requirement:
Now once the employe enter the details like ssn and dob and click submit.Based on that ssn and dob,peoplesoft system has to send datas like pay details etc to third party system.
Please help me to solve this.It will great if i get step by step details including code and setup if required

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    Could someone please let me know , how to integrate DOCAVE third party tool to SharePoint.
    Using DOCAVE: How to do reporting for SharePoint farm.
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    How to do reporting using DOCAVE
    Latest versions available in market.
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    + to Dimitri,
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    Is there any way we can integrate DRM to export the same to table directly instead to files. If yes what are the steps we have to follow.
    Is there anyway we can customize DRM to execute queries or run batch
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    Thanks in advance,

    1. Use DRM Export to Table option, for that create an External Connection first for the Target Database and select the respective Tables to which you wish to Export the Hierarchy information.
    2. You can perform most of the DRM Actions via the DRM_BATCH_CLIENT.exe.
        Please refer to Using the Data Relationship Management Batch Client of DRM User guide.
    let me know if you have any issues.

  • Does Microsoft support disks which have been converted from MBR to GPT with third-party tools?

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    Besed on my research, Microsoft supports a fileserver cluster if the disks have been converted from MBR to GPT using a third-party tool.
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  • Need connectivity of SAP Oracle with Third Party tool with dsn

    Hi Friends,
    We need to access SAP's Oracle database with third party tool with the help of dsn creation. For that we need to create 2 staging tables and need a new segment for these tables. Our data will move from SAP transactions to these 2 tables and we want to fetch this data via dsn into another third party S/W.
    I am unaware of such kind of working, can you please help me how to create new segment and how to create dsn for accessing tables in this segment.
    Our requirement is as follow.
    The staging tables are required in the SAP database with user name and password. The user should have all access to the staging table only.
    Requesting your kind help on this issue. Please suggest for further processing of activity.
    Rgds, Krishan Raheja.

    Common way to integrate SAP (database) with third party Application is to use and implement SAP Connector (Java or .Net).
    Using this, you can fetch the data from SAP database to use it in Third party application.
    As per my understanding the method you mentioned, will void the SAP database license term.
    So Please check before doing such configuraiton. Also that method is NOT recommended..
    Rajesh Narkhede

  • Integration of ChaRM with third party tools

    Hi all,
    We are in the process of building the solution for Change Request Management implementation integrated with third party tool. 
    As the normal process for ChaRM is to work with the Service Desk functionality (to raise a ticket, then support message, change request, change document etc...), but what we need is create the change request, and change document directly with ChaRM without using the Service Desk functionality. 
    Did anybody come across this situation?
    Please share your experience. 
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Balaji,
    there is no problem, as I understand, you want to use ChaRM without Service Desk. OK, than you create directly a Change Request in CRMD_ORDER, the transaction type you have to select is SDCR (standard transaction type), you have to approve it and then you can create a change document, it is not necessary that you start with a Service Desk ticket like SLFN.
    You need configured TMS a SolMan Project with a Maintenance Cycle, thats it (but this is enough , don't forget the customizing).
    I hope I understood you correct

  • ChaRM integration with third party tool

    I have some talks withn customers regarding a scenario where Change Requests comes from a third party tool like HP Demand and Portfolio Management.  A possible scenario is when there is a request for change which goes for a complex review and process approval before going directly into the ChaRM creation, without going into a service desk ticket.
    I imagine a kind of web service similar to that of the Service Desk but in this case to work with the SDCR or SDHF tickets, so that external systems can interchange data with those Charm tickets.  Does anybody face such type of integration??  What other alternative path you follow for this requests which do not come form a incident/problem workflow?
    I appreciate your comments.

    look here:
    <a href=""></a>

  • Form to interact with Third party tool

    Hello All
    I an working with Forms 10g. I want my form to interact third party tool which is installed on the client's machine. My aim is to use the form to pass search criteria to the third party tool and display the results on the form. Is it possible to acheive this with available code such as Webutil or any other? Are there any documents which describe how to acheive this?
    Thanks and Regards

    is the communication with the other tool based on OLE2 or such techniques or is it as simple as host-command with parameters?
    In both cases webutil is the first approach for you. client_host and client_ole are packages and procedures, which gives you the power to work with the client-pc-applications.
    here is the link to further doc's
    try it

  • ASR netflow with third party tool

    Hi ,
    we have one issues where netflow data is not getting into the solar winds wireshark captures it shows netflow traffic is reaching upto the server.
    found one  forums and they highlighted one bug as below but its not affecting the release we are having.unable to find the exact bug ID in cisco .let me know if you can get any inputs and highlight the same.
    below is the links and current details
    current ASR version & related netflow config is attached.diesnt find any issue with the configuration .trying with another vendor tool as well and will check .
    show  ip flow export cache flow  
    IP packet size distribution (1317M total packets):
       1-32   64   96  128  160  192  224  256  288  320  352  384  416  448  480
       .000 .040 .023 .006 .004 .004 .030 .004 .002 .005 .004 .006 .002 .001 .000
        512  544  576 1024 1536 2048 2560 3072 3584 4096 4608
       .000 .000 .047 .029 .781 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000
    IP Flow Switching Cache, 0 bytes
      0 active, 0 inactive, 24710853 added
      417778 ager polls, 0 flow alloc failures
      Active flows timeout in 30 minutes
      Inactive flows timeout in 15 seconds
      last clearing of statistics never
    Protocol         Total    Flows   Packets Bytes  Packets Active(Sec) Idle(Sec)
    --------         Flows     /Sec     /Flow  /Pkt     /Sec     /Flow     /Flow
    TCP-Telnet           5      0.0        61    42      0.0      31.1      31.2
    TCP-FTP             52      0.0        20    85      0.0      14.3      30.9
    TCP-FTPD             8      0.0        71    51      0.0       3.6      31.1
    TCP-WWW         369465      0.0        15   694      1.3       7.2      30.9
    TCP-SMTP           417      0.0        84    98      0.0       5.8      30.9
    TCP-X                3      0.0         7   277      0.0       1.6      31.1
    TCP-BGP          10911      0.0         1    69      0.0       3.0      30.9
    TCP-other     19793896      4.6        28  1134    131.5       2.6      30.9
    UDP-DNS         320124      0.0         1    79      0.0       0.0      30.9
    UDP-NTP          65307      0.0         1    87      0.0       0.1      30.9
    UDP-TFTP           854      0.0         1    51      0.0       0.0      30.9
    UDP-Frag          1721      0.0         7    58      0.0       2.1      30.9
    UDP-other      3850147      0.8       192  1244    172.6       3.7      30.9
    ICMP            296732      0.0         3    62      0.2       4.2      30.9
    Total:        24709642      5.7        53  1193    305.8       2.8      30.9
    SrcIf         SrcIPaddress    DstIf         DstIPaddress    Pr SrcP DstP  Pkts

    HI Mike,
    If you have third party Document Management System, then you can post two different message, i.e. service order in transaction details of the third party tool with link to document which would be posted to third party Document management server.
    If you don't have third party document management system and what to use sap infrastructure, then you don't need to maintain attachment, maintain the link between the third party tool and SAP document repository, with some login utilities.
    Best Regards,
    Pratik Patel.
    Reward with points if it is of any help to you!

  • How can i download third party Softwares from Support tab in Apple site?

    Previously i downloaded third party softwares for mac like Browsers, Anti- Virus softwares from Apple site but now i can download only Apple products (softwares) not third party softwares from download links so any one please let me know the status.
    Thanks in advance,
    Suresh Balakrishnan.

    Apple no longer hosts a website for 3rd party software.  Instead it runs the Mac App Store, which offers a good range of software.
    If you are very keen for the apps and other things that are not in the Mac App Store, a good app to download is "Bodega" - which provides another app store experience.

  • How Bridge communicates with third party applications?

    Is it possible to communicate between Adobe Bridge and a third party application using Bridge SDK?
    I want to learn how Bridge can communicate with other application? Bridge SDK have samples that explain how Bridge communicates with other Adobe applications like Photoshop and Indesign. Can anyone guide me or provide me a sample where Bridge communicates with a third party application?

    As an example, this shows one way of getting a list of selected files from Bridge via Photoshop using C#
    using System;
    using System.Collections;
    using ps = Photoshop;
    namespace getBridgeFiles
        class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
                ps.ApplicationClass app = new ps.ApplicationClass();
                String Code = "var fileList;"+
    "if ( BridgeTalk.isRunning( 'bridge' ) ) {"+
    "var bt = new BridgeTalk();"+
    " = 'bridge';"+
    "bt.body = 'var theFiles = photoshop.getBridgeFileListForAutomateCommand();theFiles.toSource();';"+
    "bt.onResult = function( inBT ) { fileList = eval( inBT.body ); }"+
    "bt.onError = function( inBT ) { fileList = new Array(); }"+
    "var timeOutAt = ( new Date() ).getTime() + 5000;"+
    "var currentTime = ( new Date() ).getTime();"+
    "while ( ( currentTime < timeOutAt ) && ( undefined == fileList ) ) {"+
    "$.sleep( 100 );"+
    "currentTime = ( new Date() ).getTime();"+
    "if ( undefined == fileList ) {"+
    "fileList = new Array();}"+
    "fileList = decodeURI(fileList.toString());";
                String RC =  app.DoJavaScript(Code, null, null);
                ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
                list.AddRange(RC.Split(new char[] { ',' }));
                for (int index = 0; index < list.Count; index++){


    We have a custom OA-framework based project going live almost immediately. I am responsible for the piece that needs to
    integrate with a service provider, Alphatrust, that we use for signatures. My
    code worked fine in my local JDeveloper environment using a object
    to get a URLConnection. It turns out that my local configuration is defaulting
    to use Sun's http client that is included in the JDK/JRE, while the appserver
    has the configuration java.proto .handler.pkgs=HTTPClient which makes it use
    (I think) some version of the open source client at With this configuration my outbound
    request sending xml post data fails with a ClassCast exception thrown from
    HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.getSSLSocket( I have two
    candidate workarounds in mind.
    (1) remove the configuration java.protocol.handler.pkgs=HTTPClient.
    I have tested this option and it does fix the problem. However I am concerned that it may have unintended
    consequences, such as possibly breaking our Verisign integration.
    (2) place an alternate http client library on the classpath, such as Jakarta Commons
    HttpClient, and use it. But (a) I don't know exactly how to place extra jar's
    onto the classpath on the application server and (b) I don't know what the
    support implications vis-a-vis Oracle would be.
    Please advise. Would you recommond option (1), (2), or is there yet another option that I have not
    thought of? Please treat this request as urgent.
    Here is the java code, from my application module, that fails on the application server.
    OutputStreamWriter wr = null;
    BufferedReader rd = null;
    URLConnection conn = null;
    // System.getProperties().remove("java.proto .handler.pkgs");
    // if I uncomment the above line, it works, but I am concerned about
    // the impact on, for example, Verisign integration
    URL url = new URL("");
    conn =
    conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "text/xml");
    Object outs = conn.getOutputStream();
    // the last line above throws a ClassCastException

    Not sure if you have seen oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAUrl and whether it fits your scenario.
    OAUrl class is used for generating, modifying URL objects in OAF.

  • Trying to synchronize passwords with third party tool

    When we update the user mapped password for a user in the SAP Enterprise Portal application the password is encrypted by SAP Enterprise Portal and then placed into the LDAP user mapped area. 
    After a password is successfully reset with a 3rd party tool, a script is run and it takes the password and encrypts it and sends it to the LDAP user mapped area.
    This tool uses a passphrase to encrypt the password.  The passphrase must be the same as the passphrase that the SAP Enterprise Portal uses to encrypt passwords. 
    -Is there a way to login to the SAP Enterprise Portal to confirm that we are using the correct passphrase? If so please provide detailed instructions.
    Does anyone know how to check the encryption method for the user mapped area?

    I am interested in the answer to this question so I am inputing this message to move it up in the listings.

  • How to communicate with third party bluetooth device using LAbVIEW

          I am trying to communicate with a third party bluetooth device using LabVIEW, I am using a bluetooth dongle. I am able to discover the device and able to open the connection by specifying the service as serial port. But after that when I am trying to read and write data between LabVIEW and the bluetooth device (using Bluetooth Read & Bluetooth Write functions) its not happening.
    Dose anybody faced same kind of issue if so kindly guide me, this is first time I am using Blutooth protocol.

    I am able to talk with bluetooth / serial devices by using Labview protocol (not Wii dll). These are steps:
          Discover the bluetooth device in range (Bluetooth
          Get the address of the device
          Pass device address to Bluetooth RFCOMM Service to get service list
          Pass channel and uuid to Bluetooth open connection
          After that do write and read (Bluetooth Write / Bluetooth read).
      I hope it works for you.
    Take care

  • SAP Integration with Third party tools (WMS)

    Hi Guys
    We are  using SAP - WMS , ASRS(Automatic Storage and Retival system)  in warehouse for putaway and pick operation. We want to automate this process and came to know that this can be done using RFC .can anyone share his learing & idea about the architecture and way of working   also during installation what are the point we need to take care.
    Thks in Advance
    Manish Kumar

    COMMIT WORK is necessary after most BAPIs. What you describe is usually a result of calling BAPI without COMMIT WORK. The message tells you that document was created, but when you look into database, the document is not there.
    I'm not sure how to resolve this in case of the 3rd party software though. Maybe instead of just using a plain BAPI you will need to write a custom function module, which will capp BAPI and do COMMIT.
    Hope this helps.

Maybe you are looking for