How to make a navigation bar with buttons that stay highlighted

I have Dreamweaver MX 2004. I know how to make a simple nav
bar, but how do you make it so it's like the Apple website, with
buttons that stay highlighted on the appropriate page?

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>I have Dreamweaver MX 2004. I know how to make a simple
nav bar, but how
>do you make it so it's like the Apple website, with
buttons that stay
>highlighted on the appropriate page?
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  • Is their any tutorials on how to make a navigation bar with drop downs in Dreamweaver CC now ?

    Is their any tutorials on how to make a navigation bar with drop downs in Dreamweaver CC now that they do not have the spry option?

    bbull2005 wrote:
    Preran, why wouldn't Dreamweaver include it's own menu/navigation bar widget?
    I can't answer on Preran's or Adobe's behalf, but I think you'll find at least part of the answer here:
    Adobe decided to discontinue development of Spry in August last year, and Dreamweaver CC made the switch to using jQuery UI widgets and effects. One reason for dropping Spry was that it failed to work correctly in some browsers. Judging from the fact that the jQuery UI menubar is now "on ice", creating a flyout menu that works reliably across all devices is proving more difficult than originally envisaged.
    Because all other widgets in Dreamweaver CC use jQuery UI, it's a reasonable assumption that Adobe hoped the jQuery UI menubar would be ready in time, but it wasn't.

  • How to make a scroll Bar with buttons

    Hi all,
    I am using Flash cs6 on an iMAC running 10.7.2
    I would like to know if anyone could please point me to a tutorial, showing "how to create a scroll bar with buttons". I am having a heck of a time finding a tutorial.
    Many thanks in advance.

  • How to create a navigation bar with custom made buttons?

    I'm used to work with a similar program as Muse. In there we can create a single button and link them together into a navigation bar. I have tried all sorts of tutorials but none of them is discussing this possibility.
    To summorize. The idea is to create a button in photoshop and to use this as a theme to build a navigation bar. Possible or not and how? Thanks for assistance. Rgds Rufin

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for your reply.
    No, not really. I used to work with XARA up till now. And being an Adobe Cloud user I think it a bit silly using two different systems. In XARA I can create a custom button and turn them into a navbar. For your information I include a few links to sites I created with Xara and I would like to know if I can create the same type of navbars with Abobe Muse. I already found out that all the other functions are available and some work a lot better in Muse, but I’m stuck on the navbar issue. I know I can create a button in Adobe PS and use it in Muse. But I didn’t manage to figure out how to create a navbar in Muse on basis of a button created in PS. or or
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    Onderwerp:  How to create a navigation bar with custom made buttons?
    How to create a navigation bar with custom made buttons?
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  • How to make a navigation bar overlap a banner image

    Whilst trying to code a website for a class project, I came across an issue. I would like to have my nagigation bar overlap my banner image, like you can see on this webpage and I was wondering how I would go about doing that. I'm not even sure where to start with doing it, as every time i attempt to make it work, all it does is push the rest of the webpage down.
    I'm using Dreamweaver CS4, and if you need to see any of my code, just let me know
    Thanks in advance

    Without getting into all the effects used on the site you linked above, simply create your menu container and apply an overall  background image behind your menu with CSS
    background: #fcf url(images/menubg.jpg);
    If on the other hand, you want images within your menu itself, this tutorial is particularly helpful in showing exacly where to apply the images.
    And yes, seeing your code is invaluable, and by far the best way to do this is to upload your work on a server,
    We usually need to see ALL your files to solve your issue quickly and accurately without a lot of guessing and questions back-and-forth.
    Just rename a copy of your problem page  (such as "test.html")  and upload it to your server (with any associated files) in whatever folder the original page was located, and simply post a link in the Forum and tell us your problem.
    This saves you having to cut and paste miles of code into the Forum for the page and all the dependent CSS, JS etc. files.and saves us from having to recreate all your files, find your images and then repair your code and test the solution for you.
    I trust this is helpful.

  • How to Incorporate "fade" Into the Navigation Bar with iWeb?

    I started wondering about and exploring this topic in another thread. I would like to make the navigation bar shine brightly and then slowly fade whenever the cursor overlaps the navigation buttons. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? For an example of what I'm looking for, please visit This company is a website builder that has, as one of its features, the fading navigation bar option that I'm looking to incorporate into iWeb. Just look at some of their featured websites for an example. I also found the following doing a google search. Any thoughts and ideas of how to get this feature on my iWeb designed website would be helpful. Thank you.

    Leave all files in the folder as you downloaded them. Drop the index.html file on the browser icon. You will then see what the menu will look like when published on a page. Edit the index.html file to your needs. Your edits will be shown in the browser window (save file upon edit - don't worry, you can still undo in most editors - and refresh the browser window).
    If required, also edit the main.css and image files.
    When done, copy the contents of the index.html file into a HTML snippet in iWeb. Position the snippet to exactly where you want it to be (height and width accordingly) and publish. Upload the other files manually and make sure that their path on the iDisk/server matches the path mentioned in the index.html and main.css files.
    As you will have gathered, you need to understand some HTML and CSS. You may acquire understanding and knowledge by trial and error.

  • How to align navigation bar with banner?

    Hi i need to align my navigation bar with my banner how can i do this?
    i have attached a picture of how it looks in chrome 1280x1024
    I used Anthony Marchese's guide to do it ( but it will not align ive tried everything!!
    also how can i resize a div??
    please help??

    1  <!doctype html>
    2  <html>
    3  <head>
    4  <meta charset="utf-8">
    5  <title>MusicAtTheD's - the home</title>
    6  <link href="css/styles.css"rel="stylesheet"type="text/css">
    7  <style>
    10  #body {background-image:url(images/washedddd.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-positi on:center center;
    11  background-attachment:scroll;
    12  }
    14  #navbarOFF li {
    15  font:17px Arial;
    16  display:inline;
    17  list-style-type:none;
    19    }
    20  #navbarOFF a {
    21  background-color:#09F;
    22  color:#fff;
    23  text-decoration:none;
    24  padding-top:15px;
    25  padding-right:28px;
    26  padding-bottom:15px;
    27  padding-left:28px;
    29    }
    30  #navbarOFF a:hover {
    31  background-color:#F90;
    32  color:#666;
    34    }
    35  body {
    36  background-image:url(images/washedddd.jpg);
    37  background-repeat:no-repeat;
    38  }
    39  </style>
    40  </head>
    42  <body bgcolor="#999999"leftmargin="70"
    43  " topmargin="50">
    44  <div id="header"> <img src="images/websitefinalll.jpg" alt="banner" width="752" height="161"></div>
    45  <nav>
    46  <div id="navbarOFF">
    47  <div align="center">
    48  <ul>
    49  <li><a href="#">the home</a></li>
    50  <li><a href="#">the boys</a></li>
    51  <li><a href="#">the gang</a></li>
    52  <li><a href="#">the studio</a></li>
    53  <li><a href="#">the band</a></li>
    54  <li><a href="#">the music</a></li>
    55  </ul>
    56  </div>
    57  </div>
    58  </nav>
    60  </body>
    61  </html>
    1  #body {
    2  background-image:url(images/washedddd.jpg);
    3  background-repeat:no-repeat;
    4  background-position:center center;
    5  background-attachment:scroll;
    6  }
    7  #header {
    8  height:160px;
    9  width:800px;
    10  margin-left:auto;
    11  margin-right:auto;
    13  }

  • How to find the navigation bar at the apps, PDF reader Lite? after i zoom in, the navigation bar dissapear~ what should i do to make the navigation bar reappear?

    How to find the navigation bar at the apps, PDF reader Lite? after i zoom in, the navigation bar dissapear~ what should i do to make the navigation bar reappear?

    Yes it will be in your page template. You just need to move #NAVIGATION_BAR# substitution under the #LOGO# substitution tag, probably something like this should work

  • Navigation Bar with template

    I'm administering a web site I inherited from someone else
    who did not use templates as part of designing. Since I took over
    in November 2005 I created a template and began to implement it
    little by little on all the pages. I haven't done it to all of them
    because I notice that the navigation bar dosen't work the same on
    all pages.
    home page
    working page w/out template:
    none working page w/ template:
    working page[L=working page w/out template
    I know he used javascript to do this but i'm not sure what
    code is the one determineing the bar that is highlighted according
    to where on the menu you click.
    Thank you for your help.

    sarahpeller wrote:
    I'm creating a site in Dreamweaver 8. I've placed a navigation bar with roll-over images in the template for the site. In the navigation bar settings, I set the first button to link to "healing.html", second to "resources.html" etc. But when I preview this in my browser, the links are not working. I get this error message:
    File Not Found
    Firefox can't find the file at /Darwin/Users/sarah/Sites/amy_martin_pt/Templates/healing.html.
    This directory looks correct except for the "/Templates" part. I didn't specify that the healing.html file was in a folder called "Templates". I don't know how to fix this or why Dreamweaver is automatically doing this.
    Can anyone help?
    As has already been said have you defined your site correctly at the outset? Site>New Site>Local Info etc?
    Plus you are correct your pages should be in the site root folder NOT the templates folder. Only .dwt files should reside in that.
    I assume that you have saved the template to your defined site folder and created a new page from the template and saved that?

  • How can I start any application with buttons

    Hello, I want to start any kind of applications with Buttons. I want to make me a GUI with buttons and with one button I want to start Outlook, but I dont know how this will work!
    THX for your help

    Runtime class exec methods
    If your Outlook executable is in different path ... import*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    public class Test2 extends JFrame implements ActionListener
       public Test2()
          setSize(300, 200);
          JButton b = new JButton("Outlook Express");
          getContentPane().setLayout(new FlowLayout());
       public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
             Runtime runTime = Runtime.getRuntime();
             Process proc = runTime.exec
                         ("C:\\Program Files\\Outlook Express\\msimn.exe");
          }catch(IOException ioe){System.out.println("Wham");}
          catch(InterruptedException ie){System.out.println("Bop");}
       public static void main(String[] args)
          new Test2().setVisible(true);

  • How to make a scroll bar!!!

    i need to know how to make a scroll bar in flash cs3! can
    anyone help me with this??

  • Navigation Bar with Segmented Control

    I've been looking everywhere for this, I just don't get it ...
    I'm completly new to iPhone development and the last few days I've been playing around with it.
    Here's what I want: a navigation bar with Segmented controls (like you would see in the App store with 'New' and 'What's Hot') and when you select a segment, a view will be loaded, Just like it is in the App store, and then you can switch between the segments.
    I've been looking and the only thing i've found is how to change the background color:
    - (IBAction)changeSeg {
    if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 0) {
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 1) {
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor blueColor];
    if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 2) {
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor greenColor];
    Thanks in advance! (it's probably very simple but I just can't find it)

    I implemented something similar. In my case the view was a UITableView, so I simply set the data source and delegate to a specified UITableViewController based on the segmented control and then reloaded the table.
    If there is a better solution, I would also like to know about it.

  • How to make Dynamically Shortened Text With "Show More"

    Hi there! i want to know how to make dynamically shortened text with show more or read more in my website using HTML 5 pages  or ASP.NET ?
    example like these paragraphs 
    Lorem Ipsum är en utfyllnadstext från tryck- och förlagsindustrin. Lorem ipsum har varit standard ända sedan 1500-talet, när en okänd boksättare tog att antal bokstäver och blandade dem för att göra ett provexemplar av en bok. Lorem ipsum har inte bara överlevt fem århundraden, utan även övergången till elektronisk typografi utan större förändringar. Det blev allmänt känt på 1960-talet i samband med lanseringen av Letraset-ark med avsnitt av Lorem Ipsum, och senare med mjukvaror som Aldus PageMaker.
    Det är ett välkänt faktum att läsare distraheras av läsbar text på en sida när man skall studera layouten. Poängen med Lorem Ipsum är att det ger ett normalt ordflöde, till skillnad från "Text här, Text här", och ger intryck av att vara läsbar text. Många publiseringprogram och webbutvecklare använder Lorem Ipsum som test-text, och en sökning efter "Lorem Ipsum" avslöjar många webbsidor under uteckling. Olika versioner har dykt upp under åren, ibland av olyckshändelse, ibland med flit (mer eller mindre humoristiska).
    I motsättning till vad många tror, är inte Lorem Ipsum slumvisa ord. Det har sina rötter i ett stycke klassiskt litteratur på latin från 45 år före år 0, och är alltså över 2000 år gammalt. Richard McClintock, en professor i latin på Hampden-Sydney College i Virginia, översatte ett av de mer ovanliga orden, consectetur, från ett stycke Lorem Ipsum och fann dess ursprung genom att studera användningen av dessa ord i klassisk litteratur. Lorem Ipsum kommer från styckena 1.10.32 och 1.10.33 av "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (Ytterligheterna av ont och gott) av Cicero, skriven 45 före år 0. Boken är en avhandling i teorier om etik, och var väldigt populär under renäsanssen. Den inledande meningen i Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet...", kommer från stycke 1.10.32.
    Den ursprungliga Lorem Ipsum-texten från 1500-talet är återgiven nedan för de intresserade. Styckena 1.10.32 och 1.10.33 från "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" av Cicero hittar du också i deras originala form, åtföljda av de engelska översättningarna av H. Rackham från 1914.

    Moved to the main Dreamweaver support forum.
    There are several ways you could approach this. Here's one you might try:
    Give the first paragraph an ID, such as "first", and wrap the paragraphs you want to hide in a <div> with another ID, such as "more". Then add the following block of JavaScript just before the closing </body> tag of the page:
    var first = document.getElementById('first'),
         more = document.getElementById('more'),
         trigger = document.createElement('span'); = 'trigger';
    trigger.innerHTML = 'Show less';
    function toggleDiv() {
      var state = more.className,
           text = trigger.innerHTML;
      more.className = (state == 'open') ? 'closed' : 'open';
      trigger.innerHTML = (text == 'Show more') ? 'Show less' : 'Show more';
    if (trigger.addEventListener) {
        trigger.addEventListener('click', toggleDiv, false);
    } else if (trigger.attachEvent) {
      trigger.attachEvent('onclick', toggleDiv);
    } else {
      trigger.onclick = toggleDiv;
    This gets references to the "first" paragraph and the "more" <div>. It also creates a <span> with the ID "trigger" that's appended to the "first" paragraph. The rest of the script defines a function called toggleDiv(), which toggles the "more" <div> open and closed, and changes the text in the "trigger" <span>.
    You also need to create the following style rules for the various elements:
    #trigger {
        text-decoration: underline;
        color: blue;
        cursor: pointer;
    #more {
        transition: ease-out .7s;
        overflow: hidden;
    #more p:first-child {
        margin-top: 0;
    #more.closed {
        height: 0;
        -webkit-transform: translateY(-600px);
        transform: translateY(-600px); {
        -webkit-transform: translateY(0);
        transform: translateY(0);
        max-height: 600px;
    #more + p {
        margin-top: 0;
    This solution hides the text and creates the "trigger" <span> only if JavaScript is enabled in the browser. It should work in all browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.

  • One Page Scrolling Site with anchors and a navigation bar with submenus

    I create a one page scrolling site with some anchors.
    Now I want to have a navigation bar with submenus, i.g. one navigation leads to "projects", but within projects I need 6 submenus for every project.
    How can I realize this in muse?

    Create a Manual menu and link to the anchors.
    Widgets Library/Menus/Horizontal
    In the Options pull out screen: Menu Type: Manual
    Mark each menu box you create and link to the specific anchor.
    Refer to this section of a site I created that mimics what you want done:

  • Navigation Bar with Rollovers inside to extend all the way across x-axis

    I have a dreamweaver cs4 question. I need to have a navigation bar, that lines up with a background image that DOES not move when scaling the webpages in and out. The images must have rollovers, is there a way to either insert a repeating x-axis image and placing text on top and adding a script element to make the text rollover links?
    All I need is a navigation bar with rollover links in the middle that extends all the way to the sides of the page regardless of browers or screen size.
    Currently I have a divtag with rollover images and a background image that has the same image as the divtag so it looks like the navbar goes all the way across, but when I zoom in and out the background image or the div tag moves just by 1 pixel making them not lined up. example here: its more evident in google chrome
    Please help! this is killing me and I dont have much scripting experience so I am trying to do this using the UI elements.
    Or is there a way to prevent the background image from resizing when zooming in and out, like a fixed or absolute dynamic to apply to the background?

    If you quit using position absolute for a basic layout, you will be amply rewarded.
    Going through many of the posts with a similar topic you will find out why.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How do i view voice memos on my iPad

    I recorded a voice memo (guitar struming for rhthym study) on my iPhone, synced it to macbook, added it to a play list.  Play list syncs to iPad, but without the memo! How do I make the memo transfer over?

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