How to make the scroll bar in flex automate to focus on the new ui component added in the canvas?

Hi all ,
There is a canvas container where am adding charts in separate windows.
So whenever a new chart is added the scroll bar needs to set the focus on the present chart window.
For this i made the functionality for the canvas container to scroll whenever a new chart is added using the below code
canvasContainer.verticalScrollPosition = canvasContainer.maxVerticalScrollPosition;
But the calculations for the vertical position are not precise...
Is there anything else I should do to make the scroll happen automatically as the chart windows get added in the container ??
Any suggestions pls

Many many thanks to Frank,
In the css,use the follwing style settings to hide the scroll bar
visibility: hidden;
visibility: hidden;
visibility: hidden;
visibility: hidden;

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    System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars.
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    Open General preferences in System Preferences. You can set the desired scrollbar behavior there.

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    You may have switched on [ caret browsing].<br />
    You can press press F7 (on Mac: fn + F7) to toggle caret browsing on/off.
    * Tools > Options > Advanced : General: Accessibility: [ ] "Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages"
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    hi Samberl
    thanks a lot for the fast reply.
    I was dragging folders from main folders on the laptop-desktop  onto the external drive icon - to copy them across....
    Your suggestion sounds very promising -  I didn't know about 'cloning'.
    Yes the idea is to backup the laptop -    I thought I would just move it all now, new - and then keep saving/dragging physically   across to the new drive myself each day or two...
    Would this be the sizeof the internal hard drive = c.500 gb  ?   =   under the HD icon on desktop is written  : 
    " 499.76gb , 311.5 gb free  " 
    I can erase and start agin on the new external drive - so this plan is to make two partititions, rather than the one at present, and make one of them 500 gb ?
    I have found CCC [carbon copy cloner] googling - looks good.
    When CCC site says it backs up  the hard drive - would this  mean all my files  [over 100 gb] that are mostly  in folders on the desktop, plus the others in itunes, iphotos etc found in the HD icon,  would all copy across successfully [wherever they are in the computer ]  ?
    thanks again, hope you can clarify these things and then I will go for it. 
    It would be great and amazing if this 'lack of permission' message doesn't show up in the process of doing this ccc transfer - hopeful!

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    System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars:
    Make sure that "Always" is selected.

  • How do I temporarily hide the scroll bars ?

    How do I temporarily hide the scroll bars ?

    I assume that your post in [[/questions/906990#answer-291125]] ended up in the wrong thread and should have appeared here.
    The only thing that changes if you run the code in the Scratchpad is the disappearance and reappearance of the scroll bar in the current tab. You do not see anything in the Scratchpad. So you need to switch back to the browser window.
    You can test it with this code, that should make both scroll bars appear:
    <blockquote>In Scratchpad I ran both:
    In the 2nd one I got:
    17:48:57.826 |x unexpected end of XML source
    @ Scratchpad:1'''
    For the 1st one I got no activity, only a blinking cursor.
    any other ideas ?
    Good luck and merry Christmas, Bill

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    Thanks Mohammad for the reply.
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    Type '''about:config''' in Location (address) bar
    filter for '''layout.scrollbar.side'''
    Right-click the Preference and Modify it to '''3'''
    You may need to reload any pages open to have scrollbar move to left after Preference change.

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