How to move the CTI to the beginning to next clip in Timeline ?

Hi there,
Is there a shortcut to move the CTI to the beginning of the next clip ?
I wanted to do this:
My CTI now is the centre of clip1, I want to move the CTI to:
a) the end of clip1, then
b) beginning of clip2, then
c) end of clip2, then
d) beginning of clip 3, then
e) end of clip3, then
f) beginning of clip4, then
g) end of clip4
... etc ...
Is there a shortcut tab for each movement to (a) to (b) to (c) ... etc ?

Also, note that you have to use the track targeting selectors to indicate which tracks should be used in the clip head/tail navigation. If you have multiple tracks targeted, Page Up/Down will navigate to each subsequent edit point across all targeted tracks. If you only want to navigate on one track, select just that one.
A quick way to select or deselct all track targeting selectors is to hold down the Shift key as you click on one of the them; one click will select them all, and a second click will deselect them all. That makes it a little easier than toggling on and off multiple individual selectors.

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    Can this be done in FCE?

    Click on the first clip of the scene then hold down the Shift key as you click the end clip. Make sure the cursor is the standard selection tool - A

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    To do this you need to learn the details of how iTunes works.  For example, you just said, "leave my iTunes on my computer".  iTunes is the application itself so of course it has to be on your computer.  That said, I therefore don't know what you mean when you say leave iTunes on your computer.  The phrasing of your question suggests to me, if I may be frank, you don't understand how iTunes works fully and we can't just give you a "do this" answer and have it work out.  It would be too easy to make a mess of things.
    What are the iTunes library files? -
    More on iTunes library files and what they do -
    What are all those iTunes files? -
    Where are my iTunes files located? -
    Yes, you can download media and delete it again (but if it is from the iTunes Store there is the possibility you can't always download it again).  Of course if you want to keep a copy you can archive it.  I have done that with some files for which I have no room on my computer.  I transfer them to an external hard drive and delete the reference to the file (but not the file itself) from my library.  If I want a quick listen I go to the file on the drive and use Quicktime player or something else non-iTunes so I don't have to have it added to iTunes and delete again.  I don't know if that is the solution you are looking for.  I could leave the reference in iTunes but if the file can't be located by iTunes it will tell me there is a broken link = !  I guess I could live with that except I periodically scan my library for broken links and don't want it getting confused with ones I have done deliberately and ones suggesting I am really missing a file somewhere.
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    The simple solution for most people with computers with tiny drives (as most seem to be these days) is to put their whole iTunes library on an external drive and use it from there.

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    3. Switch to List view. All files are listed.
    4. Select all files and drag to the top folder
    5. Delete all sub folders manually.
    Problem: Pages files are not found, and maybe others aren't.
    This is a simple method and I'd like to stick with it.
    *QUES 1*
    What condition should I set within Find so that I can be guaranteed of finding all files?
    *Method 2*
    It was suggested in another thread that I use Terminal to move all files to the top level, but I couldn't get it to work. And there was a problem with files that consist of bundles.
    *QUES 2*
    What is the easiest way to consolidate all files within a folder to the top level -- assume no duplicate names -- and at the same time remove all sub folders?
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    Thanks for the suggestion of EasyFind.
    To find all files in a certain folder I typed in *[a-z 0-9] as a Boolean search (this thread won't let me post the exact characters required by EasyFind). That should cover every file I've ever named. EasyFind came back with "11719found/12316done".
    Any idea what the missing 500 files would be? I'm hoping they are files that I don't need to know about (invisible files, system files and so on).
    Message was edited by: Guy Burns

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    I need to insert some clips in the middle of my timeline, but can't stumble my way through it. 

    Use Your arrow pointer and select it by making a square over it and move slightly to the right.
    If You don't have all TimeLine visibly - then {Shift+z} and all will fit to be viewed.
    Yours Bengt W

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    If you see them in the Album, and you can double click on them to see them larger, then they ARE in the library section.
    Albums are "short cuts" back to the library, and if they were not in the library, they would not be in the Album either. 
    To locate which event the images are the following:
    - launch iPhoto and select the album where you can see all the images
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    - this will then launch the event that the image is in

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    ''Duplicate post, continue here - []''
    I want move Firefox tabs to the bottom like opera
    but the code of userChome.css
    #content > tabbox { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }
    does'nt work,
    and tabmix can do this,but current version of tabmix is incompatible with Firefox 4.

    You can get the development version of Tab Mix Plus which works with Firefox 4 from
    The author of Tab Mix Plus has stated that he is almost ready to release a new version of Tab Mix Plus.

  • One second of black appearing at the beginning of each clip in timeline.

    I just got FCP and I'm having an issue.  Every time I put a clip from the event brower into the timeline, there's a second of black at the beginning of each clip.  This is only between clips, not the first one.  If I move a clip to the front, there's no second of blackness before it, but now the one that was put second has the blackness that wasn't there before. 
    I see in preferences, there's a transition setting, but it won't let me set it lower than one.  I figured this had to do w/ transistion effects, but could this be doing it?
    Both video and project are 720p HD 30p Stereo.
    I've googled all kinds of word combinations, but can't seem to find a solution.
    Any help?

    Complete mystery to me as well, and when I have something odd like this, I trot out the following suggestion:-
    Corrupt preferences can create a vast range of different symptoms, so whenever FCP X stops working properly in any way, trashing the preferences should be the first thing you do using this free app.
    Shut down FCP X, open PreferenceManager and in the window that appears:-
    1. Ensure that  FCP X  is selected.
    2. Click Trash
    The job is done instantly and you can re-open FCP X.

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