How to open document from business content in weby dynpro ?

Hello experts,
I've cretaed a webdynpro where I want to display a document which is attached
to a product in tx commpr01 in business content.
I've tested method o_cl_crm_documents->get_with_url , but
there I do not get a url in webdynpro.
Does anybody know another method/fm to display such a document from
business content in webdynpro ?
Thanks and best regards

Hello Mr. Jung,
I'm sorry but I didn't find this method linktourl.
In my web-dynpro I'm getting the url for my document after
cklicking on the selected row.
Then I just want to give this paramter to this linktourl method
and open the document.
How can I implement this method ? which class ?
Thanks Gerd

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    Tcode RSA1
    Click on Business Content tab on the left side or
    use tcode RSORBCT
    This would take u to the BI content area
    Here click on Object Types
    Change the settings on the right most screen according to your requirement
    like voodi mentioned for grouping and install
    then on the right find Datastore object  Technical name ODSO
    Click on the on it and hit select objects that appears underneath
    A new window will appear here search for  0CFM_O01
    and hit Transfer Selections.
    Now your selection would appear on the right most column on the workbench
    Hit on the check mark icon to activate the business content which is next to grouping and if it is faded try hitting the install button and select install from the list.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.

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  • Just upgraded my system to snow when I open documents from my memory stick, its in 'pages' not do I fix that??

    Just upgraded my system to snow when I open documents from my memory stick, its in 'pages' not do I fix that??

    Did you click on the little triangle? Did you select one of the document files before pressing COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window? If the panel is closed it looks like this:
    If you then click on that little triangle gadget you get this:
    A temporary solution is to CTRL- or RIGHT-click on the document file, navigate to the Open With item, and select from the sub-menu.
    The first method makes the association permanent. This method only applies to the currently selected document.

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    for copying the cube whose copy is to be made should be available in infoprovider tab in modelling of RSA1.
    first you have to install the business content cube ,so that it is found in the Info-providers tab in modelling .
    for that,first go to business content option found in the modelling tab of t-code RSA1 .
    find the cube and transfer it to the right and execute . It will be available in infoprovider tab of modelling .
    then you can create a copy as we do normally .

  • How to install sources for infobject from business content

    I have 16 infobjects for which we need to move to prod and there are no connections to it but the infobjects are active and some are i modified state, like no datasources, infosources, transfer rules etc., Can you please tell me the approach to install all the necessary for them. I mean how to find and how to install, please help if any documentation is available.

    Hi daniel,
    Inorder to  install the business object, you will be require to follow the following steps :
    i)Go to RSA1 (Admistrator Workbench) for installing the Business Content. Navigate to object you want to install. Now you want to install the info object then select Info Object.
    ii)Select your Info Object say 0MATL_GROUP (material Group).Click on Transfer selections.
    iii)Now when the info object is selected. It will always be in default selection (Only Necessary object), Now if you want to install the various other things like data source, transformation rule etc as you specify in query
    iv) For that go to grouping select IN DATAFLOW BEFORE AND AFTERWARDS. One more thing If you want to specify the Source system then u can do it by clicking on that Yellow Box (symbol specify the source system) adjacent to BEx (Truck Symbol). This mainly used for the things like transformation, update rule etc  as you want.
    v)Now you want to see if there can be some predictive error then go Install  --> Simulate Installation.
    vi)Now important point to note is MATCH(X) or COPY. Now suppose you already have the Material Group install in your system in Active version. Now here if you didnu2019t select the MATCH check box then your   A-version Material Group will be overwritten by the D-version Material group provided by SAP.
    vii)For ur more understanding lets take the example say  you have  added two customer specific attribute to Material Group now twist is SAP has also just release the enhance material Group with two additional attribute. Now  you are very curious of getting this two attribute in your already active Material Group. For this you will be required to install the material Group from Business content. If you forget to check the Match option then your customer specific attribute will be lost. So to retain them we have to check the MATCH(X) 
    Hope it will help. 
    Deepak Machal

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    How do I change the preferred application to open documents from Libra office to Microsoft office?

    Select a document of that type in the Finder, choose Get Info from the File menu, click on Open With, select the desired application, and press the Change All button.

  • How to open document to PDF from ALV

    Hi ,
      how to open document to PDF from ALV on clicking (hot spot)

    something like this:
    line_fieldcat-fieldname = 'vbeln'.
    line_fieldcat-ref_tabname = 'I_vbeln'.
    line_fieldcat-hotspot = 'X'. " Shows the field as ahotspot.
    line_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Notification '.
    APPEND line_fieldcat TO i_fieldcat.
    i_callback_program = ws_repid
    i_callback_user_command = 'MY_USER_COMMAND'
    and rest of parameters,
    selfield TYPE slis_selfield.
    IF ucomm = '(Function code of action, say click, or enter'
    CASE selfield-fieldname.
    WHEN 'QMNUM'. "Notification
    IF i_tab-qmnum NE space.
            commandline = '/F /IM "ACRORD32.EXE"'
            program     = 'TASKKILL'.

  • How to find the right primary key for DSO from Business Content

    According to best practice design, it is reccomended to make a  DSO where all fields from Business COntent Datasources are transferred.
    But, how to find the right primary indeks ?
    Any good suggestions ?
    For many of the Business Content dataflows there are not DSOs present, so ther e is no tip to get from the dokumentations as gfar as I have found.
    best Regards

    Hi Ingrid,
    Your question will be perfect in case if you are going for a Custom cube.
    You will not have any problem when you create a Datasource in R/3 level even if it is been built on a single table or on view.
    Only point that you want to know how to design my Key fields in ODS.
    This will be purely depends at what level that you want to bring the data.
    If you run the data source in RSA3 and check for Each GL if you have 10 liine items and you want all the 10 line items to be transfered to BW.
    In this case you need to check what is the unique combination of fields that is making this lineitems to exists as 10.then include all those fields into Your ODS Key Fields.
    This way you can have 10 records for that perticular GL in both sides, by which u will make sure that the data is been completely transfered.
    If in case if you clude your own Key fields then you will get the correct Total in report for each GL but you can't see all those 10 line items.
    For any case you need to figureout how many records that you want to take into BW based on that check the fields that makes it unique and then add them to ODS Keyfields that will solve your requirement.
    I think this will clear your doubt.
    Best Regards,

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    I have a requirement to create a program which will extract the pdf SD billing document from archivelink content Repository and will save pdf files on application servers's directory.
    We have business Object, Content Repository ID, Document type know for this.

    use FM : ARCHIVOBJECT_GET_TABLE to get the content in bin format..
    then use open dataset, transfer dataset, close dataset to store that in OS level.. task done..
    you can even use GUI_DOWNLOAD if you want to download it to presentation server.

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