How to open new window when i press submit button/submit button.

When i press a button, I need to capture an item value in current from and I need to pass that value to another form. The child form should open in the new form.
For that Iam using the java script, But when i use the java script my page is not able to re-size, scroll bars address bar and menu bars are missing. if any one did this kind of requirment please share with me how to solve this issue.

Re: How to show Popup window in OAF on click of a button

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  • How to open new window and generate oracle report from apex

    I had created an application that generates PDF files using Oracle Reports, following this Guide.
    And I followed 'Advanced Technique', so that users can't generate PDF file by changing URL and parameters. This is done for security reasons.
    But in this tutorial, when 'Go' button is pressed, the PDF file is displayed on the same window of apex application. If so, user might close the window by mistake. In order to avoid this, another window have to be opened.
    So, I put this code in the BRANCH - URL Target. (Note that this is not in Optional URL Redirect in the button property, but the branch which is called by the button.)
    But if the button is pressed, I get this error.
    ERR-1777: Page 2100 provided no page to branch to. Please report this error to your application administrator.
    Restart Application
    If I put the code 'javascritpt ....' in the Optional URL Redirect, another window opens successfully, but the Process to generate report job is not executed.
    Does anyone know how to open new window from the Branch in this case?

    G'day Shohei,
    Try putting your javascript into your plsql process using the htp.p(); procedure.
    For example, something along these lines should do it:
    -- Your other process code goes here...
    htp.p('<script type="javascript/text">');
    What happens is the javascript is browser based whereas your plsql process is server based and so if you put the javascript into your button item Optional URL Redirect it is executed prior to getting to the page plsql process and therefore it will never execute the process. When you have it in your branch which normally follows the processes, control has been handed to the server and the javascript cannot be executed and so your page throws the error "Page 2100 provided no page to branch to"... By "seeding" the plsql process with the embedded javascript in the htp.p() procedure you can achieve the desired result. You could also have it as a separate process also as long as it is sequenced correctly to follow your other process.

  • Missing options of "Enter Private Browsing" "Open new tab" and "Open new window" when right click (right context menu) firefox icon on taskbar

    Missing options of "Enter Private Browsing" "Open new tab" and "Open new window" when right click (right context menu) firefox icon on taskbar.
    i already tired complete uninstall and reinstall, but the options are still missing.
    print scr:
    Thank You in advance for help. Best regards

    ''jstavene wrote:''
    can find nothing under the tools menu for private browsing?
    Then it's not the same issue.
    If Firefox is set to '''Never remember history''', then you're in “permanent private browsing” mode, in which case the menu item ''Stop Private Browsing'' will be grayed out. Perhaps that's the case, and you don't find the menu item easy to see?
    * [[Settings for privacy, browsing history and do-not-track]]
    If that's not the case, then menu items can be hidden using the userChrome.css file. Check if it exists, and if it's there, rename it, then restart Firefox.
    In Firefox Nightly (what will become Firefox 20), per-window private browsing has been added, so the menu item under the Tools menu is gone. It's been replaced by New Private Window under the File menu. I don't suppose it's very likely that you're using such a cutting-edge test version of Firefox though.
    If that doesn't solve the problem, since it's a different issue, it would be best if you would ask a new question.

  • Finder Windows always open new windows when clicking subfolders

    since i upgraded to 10.5.6, my finder windows only open new windows when I click on a subfolder. this is no matter what I do with the setting in preferences.
    Also, my finder windows no longer display the side bars with folder icons.
    I searched my library (and whole computer) for the finder preferences .plist file and can't find it. (was going to delete it and re-create it).
    Any ideas here?

    Thanks for the star.
    The default of Finder’s Find will not search that folder, but you can change the pulldown menu just beneath where it says Search, from Kind to System files by selecting Other from that menu and then scroll down the next window and check the box next to System files. You’ll then need to change the pulldown menu next to that to “include” instead of “don’t include.”
    The next time you do a search using Find, that pulldown menu will have System files as an option, if you think you might want to search for something in your home folder.

  • Firerfox has stopped opening new windows when I ask it to; why is this and what can be done to regain this option?

    Firerfox has stopped opening new windows when I ask it to; why is this and what can be done to regain this option?
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == not sure - about 2 weeks ago maybe. I recently upgraded to vn 3.6.8

    This is a workstation first off, right? 60 lbs or so?:
    And you have 10.7.2, if not why not?
    Quad core 2.8GHz? 3 x 2GB RAM or more?
    Consider new Mac Pro comes with 1TB drive 50% is actually a lot. Most users off load non system stuff to one of the other 4 hard drive bays.
    As for youtube I do read and saw threads when Lion came out. Lion does not support Rosetta aka PPC/PowerPC code of any kind, plug-ins, drivers and software all. Check into Lion Community?

  • How to open new window with required size when clicking on image in a table

    There is an image column in advanced table. i want to open new window with required parameters(size, toolbar, status bar,etc..) and with that transaction context.
    can any one help plzzzzzzzz?

    You can also use OAF js function to open modal pop up:
    openWindow(self, '<url>','longTipWin', {width:900, height:400}, true); return false;

  • How to open new window 640x520

    When a user clicks on a button I want a 640 x 520 new window
    to open, preferably without the browser address bar. You can see
    the problem I'm having using target "blank" if you go to and
    click on the first button (for Grand Entrance.) BTW if you go
    there, please let me know how the flash file is playing for you.

    Hi David --
    I've used a DW extension called "Popup Link" with great
    success. You can
    specify not only the size of the pop-up, but you can also
    position it on the
    screen as well as determine which window attributes (address
    toolbar, status
    bar, etc.) are displayed.
    You can find it here:
    "David Mainstreet" <[email protected]> wrote
    in message
    news:fca10s$399$[email protected]..
    > When a user clicks on a button I want a 640 x 520 new
    window to open,
    > preferably without the browser address bar. You can see
    the problem I'm
    > having
    > using target "blank" if you go to and
    click on
    > the
    > first button (for Grand Entrance.) BTW if you go there,
    please let me
    > know how
    > the flash file is playing for you. Thanks.

  • IStore Config opens new window when done instead of the same window

    We are upgrading iStore from 1155 to 11510. Currently I am facing the issue that when I click on Done button in Configurator Screen, it opens up the returning page in a new window rather than the same window. This is not the expected behavior. Can someone help me understand how to suppress the new window and instead help the page appear in the same window?
    Thanks in advance.
    Arun G

    Does it work if you drag the tab slightly downwards in the browser window?

  • Firefox opens new window when link is clicked but the bookmarks toolbar is missing

    When I start up firefox, the original window displays my bookmark toolbar. But when I click a link where firefox opens a new window, not a new tab, the new window doesn't display my bookmark toolbar. I made sure that it was toggled to be on, and the original window has it, but the new one does not. I don't know how to fix it and it's really irritating because I use the toolbar a lot.

    see [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems|Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]]
    [[Firefox does not work - Common fixes to get you back up and running|Firefox does not work - Common fixes to get you back up and running]]

  • How to open new window in UIX page

    I'm using UIX for view layer. I have text input in the UIX form. When I click on a button, I want to open a new window with the URL built using the value from the input. I want to do it using javascript. Is it possible with UIX?

    Hi Krishnamoorthy,
    Look out the LovXXXX components demo in uix.
    See <script> demo of component guide. This should help you clearly understand the functionalities.
    See documentation of above UIX components
    Like providing handlers to HTML elements, you can attach event handlers to UIX components too. You can attach event handlers on onClick, onMouseOver,... on UIX components just as you would do in HTML.
    This link could be of some help to you.
    Vijay Venkataraman

  • How to open new window without loosing pageFlow context?

    I am using 8.1 SP 3.
    Here is what I need to do. I have a an anchor link in a jsp that needs to open a new window after executing an action in a page flow. That action forwards to a jsp that needs to be able to access pageFlow variables.
    So, I have the following:
    <netui:anchor target="_blank" action="timesheetSubmitView">
    Everything works fine, that is it opens a new window and keeps the pageFlow content, BUT the new window contains all of the portlets that were on the original page. What I need is a new window that just contains the jsp that my action forwards to.
    I looked through the various topics on this forum, but the recomended approach posted by someone to enable redirect does not work because weblogic is loosing the pageFlow context, so jsp errors out due to the fact that variable on a pageFlow is null.

    I had the same issue. A couple different things to try -
    1. There is a property called redirect in the action. Set it to true.
    That did not work for me, so I just used pageFlow variables and put things into the session. Bad way of doing it, but works :)
    In the action that loads the first JSP, put things into the session. Then in the timesheetSubmitView action get the stuff from the session.
    Write an onDestroy method that deletes the session stuff, when u are done with it.

  • How to open new window

    I have developed a JTable. What I need to do next is to have listeners for each of the cells in the table such that when the cell is double clicked, a new window should pop up.
    What listener needs to be implemented for this? Will the TableModelListener work?
    Any sample code, anyone?

    Add a MouseListener to the JTable. Look through some of the methods in the JTable class to see how you can find which cell was clicked.

  • How to open new window webi report using open doc?

    Hi All,
    i have created URL using open doc in Bi 4.0 .please find the below my code.
    workspace&sRefresh=Y" title="" target="_blank" nav="doc"></a>
    When i click on this hyper link it is opening in the same page not in new window but i want to see report in new separate window.
    Can any one please help .
    Thank you,

    In BI4.1 SP03, there are couple openDocument fixes related to workspace.
    When using an Opendocument URL to open a BI workspace, a timeout error occurs resulting in an HTTP 500 error
    message that reads: "Your session has expired".
    New Behavior:
    This problem is resolved.
    In Internet Explorer 8, if you attempt to view an Analysis workspace embedded in the SAP NetWeaver Portal using
    OpenDocument, the workspace will fail to load.
    New Behavior:
    This problem is resolved.
    What version of BI4.0 do you have?
    If the fixes above are related to your openDocument workspace issue, I'd suggest you to test it on a BI4.1 SP03 sandbox.
    Hope this helps,

  • Opening new window when performing cut, paste and delete on Audio Files

    This is 100% reproducible:
    When performing one of the following actions when editing audio files (not multitrack projects), it will open a new window with the same file:
    - Cut
    - Delete
    - Paste
    This happens on new files as well as opened files.
    The new window looks like this:
    This did not happen in SP2. Can anyone else confirm?
    Message was edited by: Erik K Veland

    Really??!! This solved it for you, your window no longer pops up when you perform an action?
    Did you move the layouts to another location and then SP3 created new layout files in that default location or did you set a preference for another location? Or did you just rename the existing layout?
    I am probably making this solution more complicated than it is, but those are my questions.
    Thank you, Ken

  • Firefox is continuously opening new windows when I double click something ot click on a page

    After the new update at firefox 29 when I click at a random place or click on where I need to type my email or password firefox opens a new window with adds and the website I'm working on goes to about:blank. What to do?

    Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of.
    You can try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software:
    * [ Microsoft Safety Scanner]
    * [ MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware]
    * [ TDSSKiller - AntiRootkit Utility]
    * [ Hitman Pro]
    * [ ESET Online Scanner]
    [ Microsoft Security Essentials] is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP if you don't already have one.
    Further information can be found in the [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

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