How to package different content so that the same license can be used for all content.

1)      If packaging all the content at the same time, use the same instance of DRMParameters every time you call MediaEncrypter.encryptContent().  All content packaged using the exact same DRMParameters object will be associated with the same license.
2)      If packaging content at different times, but want to have all the content associated with the same license, you need to use V2KeyParameters.setContentEncryptionKey().  The first time you package a piece of content, you would use ContentEncryptionKey.generate() to generate a new key/license ID.  To use the same key/license for later content, you need to store the info in ContentEncryptionKey, so you can pass in the same values later for the new content.

To package content at different times using the same license, you need to implement the following:
Call ContentEncryptionKey.generate to generate a new key and license ID.
On your V2KeyParameters, call setContentEncryptionKey and pass in the object generated in step 1.
Call MediaEncrypter.encryptContent and pass in the V2KeyParameters (via DRMParameters), as usual.
Store the contents of ContentEncryptionKey, so the same values can be used again later.  The key, license ID, and packaging date should all be stored.
When you want to package additional content using this license, lookup the stored key, license ID, and packaging date and pass these into the ContentEncryptionKey constructor to create a ContentEncryptionKey instance.
On your V2KeyParameters, call setContentEncryptionKey and pass in the object generated in step 5.
Call MediaEncrypter.encryptContent and pass in the V2KeyParameters (via DRMParameters), as usual.
The media packaged in steps 3 and 7 should now be protected using the same license.

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    What I would like to do is attach this file - possibly as a pdf - to an email using the same print routine ( with some additional code obviously)
    You need to install a printer that 'prints' to a PDF file.  Then send your document to that printer and attach the file.  There are several available, free and commercial.
    There are other formats which may be suitable.

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    I've been adding a collection of tv series I have on DVD to iTunes 9.1.1, it all worked fine initially, I opened each video up of a series of tv programs and used the "Set Poster Frame" option to capture a frame of the program to use as the artwork for that program.
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    Although cover flow shows each video has having the same artwork if I Get Info each video it clearly shows it having the correct artwork so why cover flow is messing around like this I don't know.
    I've tried deleting the album artwork cache in the itunes folder, didn't work. I even tried deleting my entire itunes folder which I have separate from my library and the hidden prefs file in my actual library, but that didn't work either.
    Interestingly enough, if I re-add all the videos they automatically get listed as films and go under the film tab. When looking at them under their cover flow correctly shows every episode with the right artwork:
    As soon as I change the Get Info options tab from Film to TV program either for one video or all of them, then cover flow screws up again.
    Any idea how to fix this annoyance?

    The weird thing is, it worked before. I encoded all the videos previously and had them all listed and didn't encounter this problem, but I noticed I'd forgotten to decomb/detelecine the videos so I deleted everything and re-encoded it all. AFter filling the tags out and setting poster frames again I was thinking of making life easier by just pasting the same artwork for every episode, so I did, but didn't like the results so I deleted it again (I selected every video, used Get Info and pasted the artwork that way).
    I think it was after this that the problem started to occur. In any case I've been through every episode and made sure the name, series, episode and episode id fields are all filled in with incremental values and they are. I even made sure the Sort Name field was filled in on every video. But this didn't work either.
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    We just moved into a new house and need to know if our Apple TV can be used to stream content to the TV in the living room and the TV in the garage, or if we simply need to buy a second Apple TV.
    The TV in the living room and the TV in the garage are both wired to the same Denon two-zone receiver. The living room is where we watch all of our TV and listen to most of our music. But the garage doubles as a home gym, so I'd like to be able to either watch videos like P90X and Insanity -- they're all in my iTunes library now -- or listen to music while I exercise. Perhaps this is possible due to the two-zone capacity of the receiver.
    I don't need to be able to stream content to both places at the same time, by the way. This is just for the mornings when I want to work out. Right now, the Apple TV is connected to the back of the receiver in the GAME input and works beautifully in the living room. The TV in the garage is yet to be installed, although the wiring back to the original zone is already done. Again, all the speakers and wiring for both TVs will be in the same receiver.
    Is the Apple TV capable of doing what we need it to do, or do we need to get another one?

    I bet you are searching in the wrong forum for solution.
    Since you have a receiver, witch is able to transmit two different signals to two different TVs (just the matter of switch - i suppose?), than, the media being sent from Apple TV just has to be redirected to the 'right' TV witchever you use at that moment.
    Different story with the Audio. Dont know if you using the Speakers on the TV's or on separate Audio Systems.

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    You can contact iTunes support via this page (these are user-to-user forums) : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page

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    Either scan mode or FPGA interface. You can't use both in one project.
    Setup a safe mode project or double the target in one project.

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    Is there any easy way of finding the list of queries that has cost center (0COSTCENTER) used in them? Please let me know.
    Thanks for your help.

    or try to create and run this program (SE38)
    Where-used list of an attribute (either display or navigational)
    tables : RSZRANGE, "table
    data : begin of IT_RSZSELECT occurs 0,
    iobjnm like RSZSELECT-iobjnm,
    eltuid like RSZSELECT-eltuid,
    end of IT_RSZSELECT,
    begin of IT_RESULT occurs 0,
    iobj like RSZSELECT-iobjnm,
    iobjnm like RSZSELECT-iobjnm,
    infocube like rszeltxref-infocube,
    compid like rszcompdir-compid,
    txtlg like rszelttxt-txtlg,
    laytp like rszeltxref-laytp,
    end of IT_RESULT.
    data : iobj2 like RSZSELECT-iobjnm,
    l_count type I.
    select-options : IOBJ for RSZSELECT-IOBJNM.
    write :/ 'Infoobject : ', IOBJ+3.
    write at /20(30) 'Name'.
    write at 50(15) 'Infocube'.
    write at 65(30) 'Query Tech Name'.
    write at 95(50) 'Description'.
    loop at IOBJ.
    l_count = 0.
    concatenate '%' iobj-low into iobj2.
    select iobjnm eltuid
    from rszselect
    into table it_RSZSELECT
    where ( iobjnm in IOBJ or
    iobjnm like IOBJ2 )
    and objvers = 'A'.
    loop at it_RSZSELECT.
    it_result-iobj = iobj.
    it_result-iobjnm = it_RSZSELECT-iobjnm.
    select *
    from rszeltxref
    where teltuid = it_RSZSELECT-eltuid
    and objvers = 'A'.
    Query description
    field txtlg
    select *
    from rszelttxt
    where eltuid = rszeltxref-seltuid
    and objvers = 'A'.
    Query technical name
    field compid
    select *
    from rsrrepdir
    where compuid = rszeltxref-seltuid
    and objvers = 'A'.
    it_result-infocube = rszeltxref-infocube.
    if it_result-infocube = ''.
    it_result-infocube = rsrrepdir-infocube.
    it_result-compid = rsrrepdir-compid.
    it_result-txtlg = rszelttxt-txtlg.
    it_result-laytp = rszeltxref-laytp.
    append it_result.
    sort it_result by infocube.
    loop at it_result.
    l_count = l_count + 1.
    write at / l_count.
    write at 20(30) it_result-iobjnm.
    write at 50(15) it_result-infocube.
    write at 65(30) it_result-compid.
    write at 95(50) it_result-txtlg.

  • Why isn't ICoud sending a verification email to my email address if the same email address is used for both my ITunes and my ICloud accounts?

    I cannot get my music that was previously purchased through ITunes on another computer to play on my laptop because I donnot have ICloud to transfer all of my previousely purchased music. Icloud and Itunes has the excact same email address listed but I have not recieved a verification email at all. Does anyone know what I need to do?

    Hello Imuscella,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions
    You can edit or delete your rescue email address at My Apple ID. To edit your rescue email address:
    Navigate to My Apple ID using your web browser.
    Click "Manage your account"
    When prompted, sign in using your Apple ID and password.
    Click Password & Security
    You'll be asked to answer 2 of your 3 security questions before you can make any modifications. If you are unable to remember your answers, you can choose to send an email to your rescue email to reset your security questions.
    Note: The option to send an email to reset your security questions and answers will not be available if a rescue email address is not provided. You will need to contact iTunes Store support in order to do so. 
    Best of luck,

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