How to prevent resizing photos during slideshow?

I'd like to know if there is any possibility to see the photos in their exact size, when I run slideshow? I tried to switch on/of that "Scale photos to fill screen" option, but this just changes the rule which side of photo is resized to fill screen .
I'd like to see small photos rather in their exact size during slideshow than resized to fit width or height of the screen. If it is not possible in iPhoto 06, can I manage it in iMovie? I've never used that app but I've heard something about slideshows and iMovie or iDvd..
Thank for your answers

hope this one hasn't been answered millions of times already...It has.
I'd like to prevent it altogether. Can this be done?Not really. You need to use the ComponentListener to handle the componenResized events. You can get multiple events by adding the following to you code. The problem is you get lots of flickering when you handle each event and resize the frame.

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    I have Adobe Photoshop 9.  I am a novice.  How can I resize photos in my files using batch resize?

    In the Editor, use File...Process Multiple Files.  See the Help for more info.

  • How do i resize photo attachment in icloud mail

    How do I resize photo attachment in icloud mail. The resize button does not appear as it did  before.

    Using iCloud mail online via a browser does not offer the option to resize the photo.  It's only available when emailing from iPhoto so iPhoto can do the resizing as it adds the image to the email.  Safari or whatever browser you're using doesn't have that capability.

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    How do you resize photos on a page of a book created in iPhoto '09? I can zoom in or out, but I can't figure out how to make a photo smaller. Is this just because I am working in a Contemporary book format, using a 2 photos per page layout? I'd like to work with maximum flexibility, like starting from the blank template in iWeb, where I can add any number of photos, text, and change all the sizes. Is this possible? Thanks.

    Welcome to the Apple user to user assistance forums
    How do you resize photos on a page of a book created in iPhoto '09? I can zoom in or out, but I can't figure out how to make a photo smaller.
    You resize the photo by clicking on it and zooming
    You can not resize the photo frame
    Is this just because I am working in a Contemporary book format, using a 2 photos per page layout?
    No they all work the same - see Liz Castro's page - - for a detailed description of iPhoto '08 layouts - all of those carry forward to iPhoto '09 plus there are new ones that she has not documented yet
    I'd like to work with maximum flexibility, like starting from the blank template in iWeb, where I can add any number of photos, text, and change all the sizes. Is this possible?
    Not in iWeb but you can do pages in any page layout program (word, pagemaker, pages, etc) and print to PDF using the send PDF to iPhoto option to create a totally custom page - see Old Toad's tutorial #19 - - for directions

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    Hello there!
    Please view this key concept on image resize.
    Also this FAQ on image size here.
    Please let us know if you have any further questions,

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    You need software for it. Do you have iPhoto installed? That is one possibility, but there are many others - you create the slideshow from your photos. Or, you can simply use Quicklook - see here:

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    Hi, see this : _WIN.html

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    Go to File>Save For Web and change Picture Quality your Picture Size Less

  • Rate & Delete photos during slideshow in iPhoto '09 (8.1.1)

    Generally, I like the new iPhoto. One thing I HATE is that I cannot find a way to delete or rate photos during a slideshow. In the last version, one option was a trash can, another was a rating. I use the slideshow to see the best, full screen detail of the photo. If it doesn't pass that test, I delete it. I can't find a simple convenient way to do that now. Am I missing something?

    Yes, I can do that. It means I have to click on EVERY SINGLE PHOTO and again to move between photos in order to cull photos. A joy of digital photography is the ability to take lots of shots and choose to keep the best. In the old version it was wonderfully easy to use the slideshow to rate and delete photos right from a "last import." I had to click only once to do it and only on photos I wanted to rate or get rid of. I was hoping there might be a way that I wasn't finding in the new version. What I'm hearing is that a really valuable feature of the old version has been eliminated.

  • How to save resized photo in the event

    I am having trouble saving my resized photo in my event. When I open an event, choose the photo I want to resize, and use the export feature, I am unable to choose my event as a place to save to. Any suggestions. What I end up doing is saving it somewhere else I don't want to based on my limited choices in the drop down and moving it to the event. This is a hassle.
    I also tried to resize the photo using the preview program and saving it to my event. THis way I at least got the option, but the saved file doesn't show up in the iphoto event, only in the finder when I view all of my photos.
    Any suggestions. In a perfect world I just want to upload photos from my camera, iphoto creates an event which is great. and now I just want to resize them and have the original and the resized photo in the same event visible in iphoto. Is this possible?

    Welcome to the Apple user discussion forums
    If you want to have two different resolutions of a photo in iPhoto (and I can think of no reason to have this) you have to export the photo in the second resolution and import that new photo into iPhoto
    You should never "save" anything into the iPhoto library - iPhoto is a database and you should never add or modify anything inside the iPhoto library

  • How do I resize photos to fit within Source or Program?

    I was able to do so in Source or Program before but no longer able to. Using PP5.5. Just setup my editing system, using exact same equipment, after not in use for four months. I had edited other projects where I had to resize photos and was always able to resize within the Source or Program monitor.

    Right-click any clip on the timeline and choose "Scale to Fit". Or set that up in Preferences (does not affect media already imported) so it is automatic. Can still be manually over-ridden on timeline on a per-clip basis. Easier than scaling a lot of stills one by one.
    Jeff Pulera
    Safe Harbor Computers

  • How do I resize photos to add to a document?

    please help, need to find a way to resize photos and add to document

    Rather depends on
    where the photos are? in iPhoto? Somewhere else?
    What do you mean by Resize? The length x breadth? The file size?
    What document? Word processor document? Something else? What app is making this document?

  • How do I resize photos in iPhoto using automator, I haven't been able to do

    Hi all, was in Sydney and took over 200 pics there 8.0 megapixels each. it takes forever to send them via ichat and would like to downsize them to 5.1 or 5.0. how do i go about getting them all downsized?
    Thanks all

    I'm guessing you don't intend to suddenly drop over 200 photos into an iChat session.
    I think you might as well scale them down instead of re-compress them. Just decide how you want to use them. For example, if they will be used for your desktop background, then scale them down to the screen resolution. You can find those numbers in System Preferences in Displays. Actually, that's probably a good size overall. Though, keep in mind your screen size is probably widescreen, so you'll want to try it out with an image to decide whether to go with the height or width while keeping the proportion constant.
    As for using iPhoto, if you have .Mac then you can share them pretty easily by photocasting them. You wouldn't really have to worry about scaling them down, however, it does offer you option to reduce the size when they are photocasted. I believe this keeps them the same size on your computer, but uploads them at the reduced size, so it'll be quicker to upload them and download by others while you keep the same quality on your computer. Just create an album and put a few photos in there that you want to share. Or select some photos and drag and drop them into the left side of albums until you see an outline around the whole left side, then a new album will be created when you drop them.
    I suppose you could share all 200 or so photos, but since you mentioned iChat it sounds like you just want to share one or two at a time and say "Hey, look at this one!". Instead, you can say "Hey, have you seen my Sydney photocast lately? Did you see the last couple of pictures I added?". You can change the photos in the album or just keep adding more and it'll appear to automatically update on everybody else's computers, too. Though, I think it's nicer when they have iPhoto to subscribe to the photocast instead of using an RSS viewer, since they can do anything they want with the photo when they have it in iPhoto, such as making it their desktop background, emailing it, have it as part of a slideshow, send an iCard (with .Mac), order prints or a photo book, etc.
    Of course, you could also send some of them to iWeb (which will offer to downsize them for you, about 800x600 for the largest I think), send them to Mail to email (which offers to three different size/quality levels while telling the total MB), and so forth all from iPhoto. In fact, if you actually dropped the pics into a new email message, Mail will have an option at the bottom of the message window to resize them in the same way before sending them.
    When you send some photos to iWeb, you can choose to have a single page of photos or to have them added to a blog. You might do the latter with a few of the photos if you'd like to add a special description, since each photo will be given it's own page in the blog.
    As Mike said, you can also simply have them scaled down by exporting them from iPhoto, available in the File menu once you've selected the photos. Though, you'd probably interact with them with the Finder at that point, such as drag and drop into a video chat in iChat or adding them to emails. You could re-import them to iPhoto and then decide whether to keep both copies, the higher quality originals or the scaled down versions. I believe iPhoto won't make you decide, so you'll have both in different rolls and can keep them separate or delete one set or the other.

  • Rating photos, during slideshow, iPhoto 9.6/Yosemite

    I used to be able to run a simple slideshow of images in iPhoto, and click on rating stars as it ran, great for easy photo sorting.
    I've updated to Yosemite & iphoto 9.6, and I can see how to do this anymore ?
    Any ideas?  Thanks

    Thanks Leonie, that does work
    When I do this it shows no clue on screen that the ratings have happened during the slide show, but I do see the ratings are there when its done.
    It used to show a nice big 1-5 star display you could click on
    Anyway, you've solved my problem
    Thanks again

  • Won't show entire photo during slideshow

    I have many old scanned pics of various dimensions and when I create a slideshow, many of them are not shown in their entirety (think cropped) before the next slide comes. I have selected the "scale to fit" option but that doesn't quite get it done. Resizing them would distort the images, right? If I had small portrait pics in there and a large landscapes, wouldn't they come out looking like Kai's Super Goo projects?

    I agree with the original post. I've got fairly regularly sized 4:3 photos, higher resolution than my screen, and I can't combine the Ken Burns effect and any other preference to ensure that I see the entire picture. Usually the top gets cut off - possibly because I have an iMac G5 whose aspect ratio is longer in relation to its height than my photos. The option to 'scale images to fit screen' doesn't seem to do anything either way - I would be happy with black bands at either side if I could get the whole pic but I can't. I can easily do this with GraphicConverter, a much simpler program. I am puzzled that people should be content to have slide shows where involuntary cropping takes place: and there's nothing in the Help file about it. Is it a Permissions problem?

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