How to reinstall OS X 10.8 without internet?

Hey guys,
I had a crash on my Macbook Air MD231 - Mid 2012, and my system won't boot, and  unfortunately my friend erase my partition from disk utility.
Now I have three question
1)my internet speed is very low, for re-installing I have to download all of the OS X 10.8 from internet? or I can download it and install it via USB port?(how??)
2)I have to select this option ? "re-install OS X" , and what about size of that? (for example 4.2 Gb)
3)after installing , is there anyway to restore my dada? unfortunately I have not any backup
right now, after I turning my Mac on, it's automatically going to repair mode...
thnx for your kind

You will ultimately have to download it over the Internet.  Or I don't know, you could take your computer to an Apple Store and have them do it. on-install-disk/

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    That's correct. The external USB CD/DVD drive is not bootable and you will be not able to boot from the CD
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    then when i open it the file with a question marked poped up witch im assuming is because i dont have a oporating system installed.
    then once i tried opaning the utilites menu when it was blank and it started to do a internet recovery however a few seconds after that the globe would stop and say "apple/support - 6002f"
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    thank you ben

        Thank you for checking! We may need to completely reset the device. Are your contacts backed up to ? How about your pictures? They should be on the SD card.
    Here is how to reset the device:
    Once complete, check to see if there is a software available to update.
    Thank you,
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    Kind regards.
    Read Lion Internet Recovery section.

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    If you are transfering files, you can use disk sharing instead.  All you need is to connect the two computers together with an ethernet cable.  For gaming, not sure.

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    Hello MBP Rocket. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    I want timecapsule to be set up for me to use wireless printing and hard drive use without having to broadcast an internet signal (dorm rules). How do I do it?
    I assume that you still want to have the Time Capsule (TC) provide a local wireless network, just not Internet access ... correct?
    If so, just don't connect the TC's WAN port to the school's network.

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    You don't need the internet to have a network. Just setup the network like you normally would, as the local network will still be available even though there's no connection to the internet.

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    Try either:
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    I have a computer with out internet and i want itunes on it, is there someway i can get a disk with the program?

    you can either go to an apple retail store and let them know that you want the program burned to a disc and they will have one for you or alot of people go to best buy and do the same thing
    you can even go to a friends house and download the program to a disc and just bring it back home
    hope this helps:)

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    there are many apps which stream through internet but i want any type of solution in which i can listen local FM transmission without streaming/internet..
    Thanks to bear with me.

    The iPhone has no FM radio capability.

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    i have a airport extreme and time capsule setup via ethernet to extend the network in the lounge room - i have setup a wireless network which has full internet access
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    Yes, it is possible.. but you will need another wireless router to do it.
    Setup the wireless router as a Static IP device running DHCP and running a different wireless name to the apple routers. You will need to swap your device that is watching the video from the airport network to the new network to watch the movie.
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    You can't. You need to purchase replacement discs from Apple if they are available:
    Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775 or visit online Help for more information.
    To contact product and tech support: Apple - Support - Contact Apple Support.
    For Mac App Store: Apple - Support - Mac App Store.
    For iTunes: Apple - Support - iTunes.

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