How to remove a skin from a component during runtime

If I have a component with a skin:
<s:Button skinClass="skins.ButtonSkin"/>
And want to remove that skin and to have it default to the Spark skin from AS3, whow do I do that please?

Thank you.
The visual feedback should be immediate, correct?

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    I embed a Component (<i>BasisComponent</i>) in a new created Component (<i>MyComponent</i>) to use some funcionality from it. Therefor, I have to map some ValueNodes from <i>MyComponent</i> to <i>BasisComponent</i> during designtime to transfer the data. I thought, I could use External-Context-Mapping for that. That means I've created a ValueNode in <i>BasisComponent</i>'s InterfaceController and declared it for ExternalContextMapping (let's call it <i>ExtNode</i>.
    Because I want to use this basis functionality from different embedding Components (<i>MyComponent1, MyComponent2</i>, etc.), I can't declare the structure of <i>BasisComponents ExtNode</i> yet, it's just an empty ValueNode.
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    kr, achim

    Let me use your example and explain what in fact will work when you are creating attributes/nodes only at design time.
    Let us define context in BasicComponent as:
    - MyRoot (0..n, selection 0..1, singleton)
    |-MyInt (int)
    |-MyString (string)
    Say, ComponentA has the following context structure:
    - rootNode (0..n, selection 0..1, singleton)
    |-attA (int)
    |-attB (string)
    |-attX (string)
    Then you can easly map rootNode of ComponentA to MyRoot of BasicComponent, attA -> MyInt, attB -> MyString, attX left is not used for mapping.
    Same is true for ComponentB with
    - RootOfBNode (0..n, selection 0..1, singleton)
    |-attIgnored (date)
    |-attA_INT (int)
    |-attB_STR (string)
    |-attY (string)
    ComponentB.RootOfBNode -> CU of BasicComponent.MyRoot, attA_INT -> MyInt, attB_STR -> MyString, attY and attIgnored are not used for mapping.
    However, if context of ComponentA is defined as
    - rootNode (<b>0..1</b>, selection 0..1, singleton)
    |-attA (int)
    |-attB (string)
    |-attX (string)
    ...then you are out of luck -- wrong cardinality of node.
    Moreover, this case also fails
    - rootNode (0..n, selection 0..1, singleton)
    |-attA (string)
    |-attB (string)
    |-attX (string)
    Here all attributes are strings so mappings will be incomplete. To fix this you need at least fake attribute in rootNode.
    And mostly important fact: if you can't map nodes in designer due to mismatch context structures the any dynamic (at run-time) mapping will fail as well in majority of cases.
    Valery Silaev
    SaM Solutions

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    In my knowledge the SD card slot doesnt has a any additional helps like the PCMCIA slot to remove the card.
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    The only way to fix this is for your friend to delete all the content, on his/her phone, obtained using your ID. Fact is, that's called stealing. There is no other fix.

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    "DuoMi" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:gnojbf$2sg$[email protected]..
    > How to remove a node from XMLList
    > I want remove the first node from XMLList
    > and how to get the combobox all values string:
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    > <value>2</value>
    > </date>
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    I think something like
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    When I use the formula to sum the values from a few cells, there is a zero in the sum cell when the other cells are empty.
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    /Johan Strömbeck

    Please try the Mr. Laurence's suggestion first. Then, we may try the other workarounds.
    1) Go to Excel option> Advanced>Display Option for this worksheet> Uncheck Show a zero in cells that have zero value
    2) Go to Conditional Formatting>New Rule>Format only cells that contain> Value equal to 0> Format the color with white
    Hope it's helpful.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to remove a package from package structure?

    Hello profs,
    i have a problem. I add a package 'A' to another package 'B' in the package builder.
    Now i don't know how to remove package 'A' from the list of package 'B'.
    I have not found in the docu of package builder how to remove a package from the included list.
    Has somebody an idea how to do it?
    Thanks a lot.

    I found out that the relation between the packages saved in table TDEVC.
    Field PARENTCL contains the surrounding package 'B' of the package 'A' field DEVCLASS.
    At the moment the only way to remove the package is to modify the table.
    But i look for another possibility for this issue.
    Best regards

  • How to remove a DC from DTR?

    Hi all,
    what is the best way to remove a DC from the Development Configuration Perspective?
    The DC was created by myself and is not used by others.
    Thanks for your help
    [How to remove a DC from DTR?;

    We recently released a note which describes how to delete a DC (with certain limitations): SAP Note 864515.
    Link to the Note :

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    Dear Birendra,
    You can NEVER remove a Device (for Billing Related or FULL removal), since you need to save a Removal read while doing the removal. Hence, you can not create a MR ( Reason 01/02/03/06/16/17/21/22), without a Active contract. This is a Basic Metering Rule.
    You will have to do the removal on the same day of the Move out.
    Any additional questions?

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