How to remove duplicate songs in iTunes?

Please advise me how to remove duplicate songs in iTunes? Thank you

THIS is how you remove them, Once you done this...Press and Hold Command on All Music and then Delete and your Done.

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  • How to remove duplicate songs from Itunes

    I've consolidates my music in Itunes 11.01. Playlists are just getting crazy with duplicates.
    I want to eliminate duplicate music files, as well as eliminate the references in the interface.
    Then sync my new IPad.
    When I manually erase a duplicate in Windows Explorer, I'm left with a "!" indication in Itunes that the file cannot be found... duh.
    I want to find either an easier way to eliminate duplicates without Windows Explorer, or
    a way to select all the "!" references in Itunes interface and delete.
    Help please from a completely organized person who hates Apples "intelligence" at thinking it knows what I want, and not providing
    adequate help under "remove duplicates" in its help index.

    How to find and remove duplicate items in your iTunes library -
    Posts by turingtest2 about different types of duplicates and techniques - and (Note: The DeDuper script is for Windows).
    May 2014 post on iCloud duplicates -
    Show exact duplicates (Mac and Windows) - (commercial)
    iTunes Duplicate Song Manager - (commercial, free trial) - finds duplicate files on computer, not specifically iTunes
    I would do it manually.  As you can see from turingtest2's post, some duplicates are not really duplicates.
    I would also review how you add media to iTunes.  It should not be producing all that many duplicates.

  • How to find duplicate song in "itunes 11" ?

    How to find duplicate song in "itunes 11" ? - Why apple delete this function ?

    Your response is not clear.  Are you referring to Apple's lack of information?

  • HT2905 How to remove duplicate songs from the iPhone when the duplicates are not listed in the iTunes library on the computer.

    How can I remove duplicate songs from the iPhone4. The duplicates are not listed in the computer iTunes library.

    The simplest thing may be to back-up and then restore the iPhone. If you don't fancy that then remove all media that is currently synced to it, then double check and manually remove any media that remains on the device, before reselecting your sync options.
    If you've been manually managing the device and your library doesn't contain copies of all your media then see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • How do I remove duplicate songs in itunes 11

    How do I remove duplicates songs inside of iTunes 11?

    Two Windows scripts to make playlists of Duplicates and Exact Duplicates. Use shift-delete to remove selected tracks from the library as well as the playlist.
    There is also my DeDuper script if you don't want to do it by hand. Please take note of the warning to backup your library before deduping. See this thread for background.

  • How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes 8

    Is there an easy way to delete duplicate songs in iTunes 8?
    A friend of mine with a large CD collection and I share music. The trouble is that in the process of exchanging music we have created quite a number of duplicates.
    Is there a way to automate identifying and removing duplicate songs?

    you aren't missing this. Show duplicates is NOT a tool to allow to simply select all and hit deleted. It is showing you the duplicates, one beside the other, to allow you to discriminate two songs having the same name but that may not be duplicate. For exemple, they may be two different version of a same song and that you want to keep them. For this reason, automated process are somehow risky to loose also song that you want to keep.
    however, if you still want to proceed with an automated script, you can find some at
    Personnally, I would still discriminate duplicated songs manually by reviewing the list of "show duplicate" to avoid deletion of song I wish to keep. I also have a quite large library and found many songs having the same name and not being duplicates.

  • Should I remove duplicate songs from itunes before connecting new ipad2

    Bought new iPad2.  New to Apple.  Have to connect to iTunes.  Should I remove all duplicate songs from iTunes first, before connecting new iPad 2?

    Download the zip, and run the program you find:
    If you're leery and want more references, do a search for "Quickscripts" and you'll see what people have to say about it!
    Good luck!

  • How can delete duplicate songs in itunes

    how can i delete duplicate songs in iTunes?

    I have the same problem, where my music library shows duplicates of just about everything I put in iTunes now. It began about a month ago. As far as looking at Date Added, well they are duplicates all put on at the same time. It isn't a matter of the title showing up later, or my having accidentally added the same song twice (say, from different sources or compilations). This is a problem with Apple I think because it just began a month ago and I changed no settings, nor did I do anything else. It just began to happen out of the blue. Anyone know about this?

  • How to delete duplicate songs on itunes

    how do you delte duplicate songs on itunes?

    no need to use any script, no need to pay "duplicate cleaner apps".. duplicates appears on your iTunes folder or where you pointed ... Open your music folder where you located them, you can see duplicated items... for example "Hells Bells.mp3" and duplicated one "Hells Bells 1.mp3" and the other duplicated one "Hells Bells 2.mp3"...
    just cmd+space and search 1.mp3...
    Choose "Show all in finder" ...
    Choose all of duplicated mp3 items...
    Delete them.
    If there is more than one or two duplicate, go ahead.. search for 2.mp3 or 3.mp3... choose duplicated items.. delete them..

  • How to remove duplicate songs even though I had just already removed them

    Can you help plz
    I have removed duplicate songs and then sync ipad to remove these songs but it's not removed any of the duplicate songs were am I going wrong I have my account on manually managed

  • HT2905 how do i find and remove duplicate songs in itunes 11.1.3?

    i transferred my itunes to a new computer today, and somehow half of my library was duplicated. no i cant seem to find a way to get rid of the duplicates without selecting them one at a time. any ideas?

    Apple's official advice on duplicates is here... HT2905: How to find and remove duplicate items in your iTunes library. It is a manual process and the article fails to explain some of the potential pitfalls.
    Use Shift > View > Show Exact Duplicate Items to display duplicates as this is normally a more useful selection. You need to manually select all but one of each group to remove. Sorting the list by Date Added may make it easier to select the appropriate tracks, however this works best when performed immediately after the dupes have been created.  If you have multiple entries in iTunes connected to the same file on the hard drive then don't send to the recycle bin.
    Use my DeDuper script if you're not sure, don't want to do it by hand, or want to preserve ratings, play counts and playlist membership. See this thread for background and please take note of the warning to backup your library before deduping.
    (If you don't see the menu bar press ALT to show it temporarily or CTRL+B to keep it displayed)
    Alternativey see this migrate iTunes library post, you may want to revisit the transfer method.

  • How do I duplicate songs in iTunes?

    I want two versions of some of my albums. I plan on having the normal albums and then having edited versions where all the skits and stuff are skipped. But i can't because i dont know how to duplicate songs. Im using the latest version of iTunes by the way. Can somebody help? Thanks.

    Right click on a track from the album and click Show in Windows Explorer. Select the tracks you want in your edited album and press CTRL+C to copy. Browse to <Media Folder>\Automatically Add to iTunes and press CTRL+V to paste. Sort the Songs view on Date Added descending (click the small bliack triangle to flip the order if needed) then select the new copies of the tracks, press CTRL+I to Get Info. and change the album title (e.g. add [Edit] to it) or the two sets of tracks will be listed as one big album with duplicate tracks. Once you have it as a separate album you can adjust start and end times of songs if needed.

  • How to delete duplicate songs from itunes

    I created a playlist on itunes and there are a lot of duplicate songs. I tried deleting it but itunes will not let me do it? How do i delete duplicate songs?

    I clicked on show duplicates and it show all duplicates but when i click on one song and hit delete nothing happens, it does not delete the duplicate song from my playlist. How do i delete these songs????

  • How to add duplicate songs into iTunes?

    Contrary to what many people want to do, I wish to add duplicate files into my iTunes library. I am in the middle of adding a new set including the B-side songs that were originally left out of the release of an album.
    All of the songs are already in the library (including the B-sides, imported individually), however I wish to import the copies I have purposely made. I don't want to create a new playlist or anything like that.
    As I understand, with iTunes 7, it does not import duplicate songs (or what iTunes thinks are duplicates - they are recorded from a different source; vinyl, not CD). It does not even give me a warning or anything at all, it just does nothing when I select the folder or individual files.
    How can I force-add dupes into iTunes on Windows? As I understand, on Mac you can add dupes by holding down the option key.

    Hi, William.
    Do the two different files have the same name?
    If so, could you use Windows Explorer to rename the file itself so that, for example, if one is 07 The Reckoning.m4a the other is 07 The Reckoning Vinyl.m4a.
    You should be able to add the renamed file to your iTunes Library - with or without then changing any of the tag information that iTunes itself displays.

  • I recently removed duplicate songs in iTunes. Now my library has a bunch of songs with exclamation marks by them.  How do I get all my iTunes working again, but remove all the duplicate files?

    I had manually deleted a number of duplicate iTunes that I originally have as mp3s.  I want to only have one iTune of each song, but they do need to be working copies.  However now, I have a bunch of iTunes that will not play now and they have an exclamation mark beside them.  How do I get these working again and still only have one copy of them?

    I suspect you might have been suffering from logical duplicates. See this  thread for a discussion of the topic. Restore any files that are in your recycle bin, import any disconnected media either by adding the media folder to your library or using a tool such as iTunes Folder Watch. Once the files are back in your libray you can use the methods I outline in that thread or my DeDuper script to tidy up.

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