How to resize and maintain height and width ratio IR image column

Hello, I am upgrading from 3.2 to 4.1 reports that include images in report columns. I have had good success with this except for one thing. If the height and width is fixed it distorts the photos, and if I do not have fixed dimensions the image may be too large depending on the original dimensions of the :P1_PHOTO item which is File Browse... BLOB column. I do not want to restrict users ability to upload large image files, or files with different dimensions, but I want them to display as a thumbnail size proportional to the original dimensions in the report, or maybe I need a different approach? Report region template is No Template. I appreciate any suggestions.
select decode(nvl(dbms_lob.getlength(photo),0),0,null,'<img src="'||apex_util.get_blob_file_src('P1_PHOTO',id)||'" height="75" width="75"/>') photo from table.
I tried using percent i.e.: width="10%" that does not work.
I have tried several variations of <style> in page HTML header to change column width, but the image size does not change.
td[headers="PHOTO"] {
#apexir_PHOTO{width: 75px;}

Try to go with max-width / max-height. However, if you have IE browser, hang on for pain. For some ideas, some links: (ignore object-fit, it is not yet supported on most browser)
etc. Be sure to try out your chosen solution on the target browser(s)!
IE is just nasty :(
What i have done before is not to have my browser scale my images, especially when the images can be large(r) and you expect quite some traffic. All those extra (kilo)bytes won't help it load faster. I just added an extra column in the table, like photo_thumb, and create a scaled version of the uploaded picture when it is being inserted.
For example, i have the following process on my apex page, and i'm using wwv_flow_files.
Have some code:
     v_id number;
     v_small_photo blob;
     v_large_photo blob;
     v_mime_type apxt_contacts_img.mime_type%type;
     v_content_type apxt_contacts_img.content_type%type;
      SELECT blob_content a, blob_content b, mime_type, content_type
      INTO v_small_photo, v_large_photo, v_mime_type, v_content_type
      FROM wwv_flow_files
      WHERE name = :P3_FIND_PHOTO;
      IF lower(v_mime_type) NOT IN ('image/jpg', 'image/jpeg') THEN
         raise_application_error(-20001, 'File for upload is not a jpg!');
      END IF;
      -- Rezise the photo so that it is proportionally 125*125
      -- ordimage is an oracle type able to manipulate all sorts of pictures
      ordimage.process(v_small_photo, 'maxScale=125 125');
      -- If contact is of type personnel, then no need to store
      -- a large photo since it wont be displayed
        v_large_photo := NULL;
      END IF;
      -- Delete previously uploaded picture
         DELETE FROM apxt_contacts_img
          WHERE contact_id = :P3_ID;
      END IF;
      -- Insert the data into the contacts_img table as a
      INSERT INTO apxt_contacts_img
      -- Remove the image from the apex wwv_flows_files table
      DELETE FROM wwv_flow_files WHERE name = :P3_FIND_PHOTO;

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    in flash/as2 i used to do this little trick/work-around i
    found in a forum (, i think) to find out the width and
    height once the loaded image listener checked the loading process
    and came back "complete"... in the code below, "imgLoader" is the
    movieClip the image was loaded using
    imgLoaderListener.loadClip(urlString, imgLoader).
    iTot = imgLoader.getBytesTotal();
    iLoad = imgLoader.getBytesLoaded();
    if (iLoad == iTot && iTot > 4) {
    imgH = imgLoader._height;
    imgW = imgLoader._width;
    that all make sense?!
    basically, it's as simple as this: i need to find something
    similar to the above for as3 that will tell me the width and height
    of a dynamically loaded image after it's done loading...
    so there ya have it. i appreciate any help any of you can
    throw my way! thank you so much for even reading this!
    : : michael

    I assume you have probably already figured this out, but just
    in case, there should be an event to listen for after which you can
    get the height and width information successfully. I can't remember
    the exact name, however. Experiment and see which one works

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    Transparency and layers are not supported in Aperture. You can import png-files or psd files with a transparent background and export the originals unchanged, but as soon as you edit them, the transparent background will be lost.
    Aperture is an application to manage photos and not graphics compositions, sorry.
    -- Léonie

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