How to restore my itunes after clean Leopard install

I made a complete backup of my MAC hard drive before doing a completely clean install of leopard.
can someone tell me what I need to do (and where to go) to get the data off the backup image to make itunes work like before?

Copy the entire iTunes folder including music to the new location.
Click on the iTunes icon to start it, then immediately press an hold the Option key.
iTunes will ask to Create new library or Choose existing library. Select Choose existing library and select the library in the folder you just moved.
You will not need to set the iTunes prefs -> Advanced.

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    Another post says that the solution is to install iPhone/iPod Touch SDK update under Software Update. I did this and am still having no luck. I have a 1st Gen iPod Touch and when I connect it to my MacBook, it doesn't show the syncing screen on my iPod, nor does it register under devices on my iTunes. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? When I installed Snow Leopard I did a clean install and restored my computer from Time Machine. So, a problem may be that it doesn't think my iPod is registered under this computer. Is there anyway I can check and see if that is the problem?

    Your post solved the same problem for me. Thank you so much! And thanks to JaketheSnake for starting this thread. iTunes used to start up automatically whenever I connected my iPod Touch, but a couple of months ago it quit doing that. I didn't think much of it as I just clicked on iTunes in the dock and opened it and went on my merry way. I just figured something in the last iTunes update changed it's behavior. But lately I noticed that my iPod Touch would be in the source list while it was syncing and then it would sometimes just disappear. I was too lazy to start a thread, I guess, because I just thought someone would tell me to "restore" my iPT and I had gotten used to my little "work arounds". But now it's fixed, thanks to both of you.

  • Disk Full Error after Clean Leopard Install-MacPro

    Reformatted drive into 2 partitions, Leopard Install, update to 10.5.7.
    After Reboot disk full error-plenty of space available.

    Well, we can't help without more information than that to go on...

  • Can anyone tell me how to restore my itunes library and playlists? After I downloaded mountain lion my library is missing and my devices can be synced to only one library ...the missing one

    can anyone tell me how to restore my itunes library and playlists? After I downloaded mountain lion my library is missing and my devices can be synced to only one library ...the missing one

    That .itl file actually is the library -- at least the critical part of it although the library is actually many files and folders.
    Try starting iTunes and immediately hold down the option key.  When it asks, guide it to the .itl file.
    It's really hard to say without being able to poke around your computer.  Upgrading should not delete the old library, but still it happens to the very, very few which is why we make backups before updating.  If the old library file is gone then so are your playlists.  You can always see if the following is of any use:
    iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists -

  • HT4061 How to restore my ipad after downloading itunes?

    How to restore my ipad after downloading itunes?

    Try restoring the iOS device if backing up and erasing all content and settings doesn't resolve the issue. Using iTunes to restore iOS devices is part of standard isolation troubleshooting. Restoring your device will delete all data and content, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar information, and will restore all settings to their factory condition.
    Before restoring:
    Verify that you are using the latest version of iTunes.
    Back up your device.
    Transfer and sync content to your computer.
    Restoring your iOS device
    Connect your device to your computer.
    Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it appears in iTunes. Select the Summary tab, and click the Restore button.
    Click Restore.
    After a restore, the iOS device restarts. You should then see "Slide to set up". Follow the steps in the iOS Setup Assistant.
    If needed, restore your device from a previous backup.
    If restoring does not finish successfully or if a restore error appears, see iOS: Resolving update and restore alert messages.
    Additional Information
    If your device is continually restarting, not responding, or showing the Apple logo with no progress bar or a stopped progress bar, place the device into recovery mode and try restoring again.
    Devices with cellular service should activate after a restore. If activation is not successfu, see the options below.
    Your iPhone may display one of the following messages when you attempt to activate it:
    "Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable."
    "The iPhone is not recognized and cannot be activated for service."
    "iTunes was unable to verify your device."
    Perform the following steps if you receive one of the messages above:
    Restart the iPhone.
    Try another means of reaching the activation server and attempt to activate.
    Try connecting to Wi-Fi if you're unable to activate using a cellular data connection.
    Try connecting to iTunes if you're unable to activate using Wi-Fi.
    Restore the iPhone.
    If you receive an alert message when you attempt to activate your iPhone, try to place the iPhone in recovery mode and perform a restore. If you're still unable to complete the setup assistant due to an activation error, contact Applefor assistance.

  • TS1717 how to restore my itunes music library when an apple download stuffs up

    how to restore my itunes music library when an apple download malfunctions

    Empty/corrupt library after upgrade/crash
    Hopefully it's not been too long since you last upgraded iTunes, in fact if you get an empty/incomplete library immediately after upgrading then with the following steps you shouldn't lose a thing or need to do any further housekeeping. In the Previous iTunes Libraries folder should be a number of dated iTunes Library files. Take the most recent of these and copy it into the iTunes folder. Rename iTunes Library.itl as iTunes Library (Corrupt).itl and then rename the restored file as iTunes Library.itl. Start iTunes. Should all be good, bar any recent additions to or deletions from your library.
    See iTunes Folder Watch for a tool to catch up with any changes since the backup file was created.
    When you get it all working make a backup!

  • How to restore safari bookmarks after osi update

    how to restore safari bookmarks after ios. update

    The only way is to restore from a useful backup, if you have one.
    If you sync the iPad to iTunes and use Time Machine regularly, you would likely have the appropriate backup to restore from. In that case:
    Restore the iPad backup set from Time Machine from a date before you overwrote the bookmarks. The location of the backup is ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ (you can get to it by pressing Cmd+Shift+G in the Finder and entering this path).
    Connect the iPad, run iTunes and restore from the backup.
    If you use iCloud Backup, then you can restore from iCloud and choose which date's backup you'd like to restore from. You can check if you're using iCloud Backup by opening the Settings app on the iPad, then going to the iCloud submenu and looking at the status right below "Storage & Backup", where it would say "iCloud Backup is off." (or "iCloud Backup is on.", as the case may be).
    In any case, keep in mind that restoring from a backup means you lose all application data changes after the date of the backup.
    Also see Restoring from a previous iCloud backup.

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    Follow this article if you have forgotten the passcode for the lock screen:
    iOS: Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode

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    how do I reinstall itunes after reformatting windows 8?

    If you didn't back up the library but have content on an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • How do I regain ITunes after pc crash

    How do I regain iTunes after pc crash

    Restore your lost data from the most recent backup you made of the PC before it crashed.

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    how do you unlock iTunes after you have bought them? A few of the songs i have bought are already unlocked but i can't unlock the rest. i want to put the songs on to another mp3.

    Go into itunes preferences for burning and set it for audio CD.
    THen burn an audio CD and use it like any other audio CD.

  • HP Photosmart C6300 printer/scanner not working after Snow Leopard install

    HP Photosmart C6300 printer/scanner not working after Snow Leopard install
    Reinstalling etc does not work - does anyone else have the same problem or a clue as to how to fix this?

    I got a C6280 and the scanner does not work anymore. I am for 6 days in contact with HP. The last printer driver install form the apple web site does not open the image of HewlettPackardPrinterDrivers.dmg because of an invalid checksum. The skipping of the validation gives and error in the install.

  • Cannot restart after failed Leopard install

    Attempted to install Leopard on iBook with appropriate processor speed. Installation fails. Reran installer and let DVD be checked. States problem with DVD. When I try to restart the computer, it will not restart. Spinning wheel just keeps spinning. I cannot get the DVD to eject.
    I have already had to pay to have 24" iMac fixed after failed Leopard install, 2-3 hours trying to get through to Apple, and prior to posted comments on installation problems on the web site.
    So far lousy product and very lousy service/support.

    To eject the disc -
    Once you eject the disc, gently clean it before reinserting it. Some dvd drives are very fussy about the media.

  • Clean Leopard Install - Can't get Photos back in Right (tripling, etc)

    Hi. I did a clean Leopard install then loaded my iLife '06. I have my "iPhoto Library" on my external. This contains folders 'originals', 'modified', 'data', and other accoutremonts. In iPhoto, I selected "Import" and thought things were going well till I saw 1) triple copies of each photo 2) no import of my tags for each photo, albums, folders, etc. I see 2000, 2001, 2002, etc. but no 'Canada Vacation', etc.
    So, knowing I still had them on my external, I deleted over 10,000 photos from iPhoto to start anew. Then I figured the triples were coming from 'originals', 'modified', 'data' so I tried just importing "originals". This put only 1 copy of the photo in iPhoto, but it's a jumbled mess with no tags, sections, etc.
    I checked the help section but am still not 'getting it'. Could someone point me in the right direction or explain what I should do here to get my iPhoto back to where it was pristine/organized? I'm befuddled.

    I fixed my problem by accident. I merely dragged my "iPhoto Library" from my external to "pictures" in my home directory.

  • How can I get itunes to download and install?

    How can I get itunes to download and install?

    You need to install it - just downloading does not necessarily install it. If you double click it, does it open an installer window? Or, can you simply drag it into your Applications folder (if it is not showing in Launchpad)?
    FWIW, your downloads folder is just a temporary "holding" place for your downloads - once you have installed applications or moved other files where they belong, you can empty that folder.
    PS - If this is what you downloaded, it is a disk image (.dmg) which means you need to double click it; you then need to move the icon and install it.
    Out of curiosity: is it working well? I'm curious because it is rather dated software.

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