How to save a numbers file to a pdf file of multiple pages instead of one giant long page?

How to save a numbers file to a pdf file of multiple pages instead of one giant long page?

Hi DW,
Numbers 3.2.2
Instead of Menu > File > Export To,  use Menu > File > Print...
That takes you to Print Preview.
In the Print Setup panel, Click on the Print... button lower right (it won't print yet).
That opens the Print Dialogue.
Click on the PDF Pop-Up Menu lower left.
Choose Open PDF in Preview or Save as PDF.
That will have page breaks and will be full sized.
Print from Preview.

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    Just for clarity, I'm not forcing a download. The user will click a button.
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    Nancy O.
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  • How do I save a scanned document as a PDF file?

    How can I save a scanned document as a PDF file.  I'm using a Photosmart C6280.
    This question was solved.
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    If you still have the document re-scan it using the Solution Center saving it as a pdf file.
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    I am not a HP employee.

  • How to save an image as a PICT resource file?

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    If you have Resorcerer from "ancient times" it of course can handle resource forks since that's was it's goal in life.
    There are lots of icon creation apps these days.  Do a search for "icon" on to see what's available.  For example that search finds:
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    I just installed my MG5420 printer and when I scan an image I do not see an option to save the file as a .pdf file.  Is there a scan utility to assist in scanning documents?  There was a utility for my MP800 printer that made this very easy.

    Hi delach,
    It sounds like you may not have the My Image Garden software which allows you to scan documents to PDF.  You can download the software by following these steps:
    Go to Canon's Support & Drivers website at:
    Enter your model name into the Model Name field, then click GO.
    Select your operating system in the Select Operating System and Select OS Version dropdown lists, respectively.
    Expand the Software section by clicking the red triangle.
    Click on the file named My Image Garden.
    After reading the details and disclaimer, click 'I Agree Begin Download' and save the file to your computer.
    Once the download is complete, double-click the file from its download location to begin the installation.
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    Try Exporting. There are also number of useful Export PDF presets that come with design.
    What do you want to do with the PDF?

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    Dear Sir/Mam,
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    We need to populate dynamic data in the pdf file for this we may use text boxes
    We need to set the font name for the text box and embed that font in the pdf template (Eg:Font to be used in textboxes is "RotisSansSerif-Bold")
    Please let us know how to embed the needed fonts in the pdf file?
    Once user exports the pdf file, even if user doesnot have the fonts installed in his system the text need to be displayed in the same fonts,how to acheive this?Eg:if we define "RotisSansSerif-Bold" as font in the textboxes,after exporting the data the text need to be in the same font.
    Fonts will only installed in the application server and not in the client system
    The mentioned requirement need to work on below mentioned specifications
    OS:Windiows-XP,  Browser:IE
    OS:Mac osx, Browser:Safari

    There is a similar post just a few away from yours. I will suggest what I would try. Open your job settings file (press or print preferred to get all fonts) and then select the properties and the font tab. At your font to the always embed list and you will likely need to uncheck the subset box. Then save your job settings (give it a name that is meaningful to you, you can not use the settings file you started with as they are read only and I do not recommend changing that). Maybe that will do the job. Of course that is for the creation of the PDF, I forgot you were talking about a form. You might check the form field properties, but I suspect you have already tried that. Guess I don't play with forms enough. Others may be by to answer.

  • How can I convert an odg. file to a pdf. file?

    Hello, how can I convert an odg. file to a pdf. file?
    When choosing Drawing as template in OpenOffice, it saves projekt as odg. which apparently gives difficulties compared to pdf.

    Try this:
    Let me know if it helps,

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    Dear Adobe Acrobat Forum,
    I would like to add a link to my .pdf file.
    Once clicked on, I would like the link to send the user to another place in the same .pdf file
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    I've tried to resolve this on my own by going to both Acrobat help section and the InDesign help section as well as Googling "Acrobat 8 link" or something similar.......but to no avail.
    So, can you please tell me how I can add a link to a .pdf file?
    I'm using Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional.
    I have been creating .pdf files using the File > Export feature in Adobe InDesign CS3 (for the Mac).

    Have you tried in Acrobat 8 to:
    Choose Link tool.
    Then choose as shown on as on this Graphic
    Then when clicking next you should be greeted with this:
    Choose open a file or open a weblink depending upon what you want to do.
    You try some of the other choices. once you select what to do save as a copy and try. If This one doesn't work try some of the other choices in the first graphic. other panes will open up similar to second graphic except there will be other choices.

  • HT1040 I have an iphoto book saved as a PDF file, how do I order the book from the PDF file?

    AGGHHHH! I have just finished hours of work, making an album on iphoto. I finally finished placing about the 300th photo, all cropped, edited, etc etc. I wanted to check that all the photos were in, so I hit the "clear placed photos" button, thinking it would just leave me with any I'd missed, & instead it wiped my whole album!! Is there any way I can restore it? If not I did save it as a pdf file. How to I purchase the book using the pdf file?

    The way is to restore it is to restore your backup from before this happened - that is why you must have backups
    As to purchasing form a PDF - not from Apple - check for web wervices who claim to be able to  - google brings up sites like PrestoPrint - not recommended - not tested - simply found

  • How can I convert a PDF/A file into a PDF file with Acrobat Pro X?

    How can I convert a PDF/A file into a PDF file with Acrobat Pro X? I'd like to modifiy the file which I have only as a PDF/A.

    There's two answers if you want to modify the file:
    You can temporarily turn off PDF/A Mode in your preferences, so they don't open as read-only. The problem would be if you do something to the file that violated the PDF/A standard, so you should always run a Preflight check afterwards to make sure.
    If you want to remove the PDF/A header tag, use Preflight again - it's on the Print Production Panel in Acrobat X Pro (which may be hidden, use the options menu on the Tools Pane to show it). There's a profile called "Remove PDF/A information" - choose this and press Analyze and Fix. Nothing else about the file will be altered but when you save and reopen it all the editing tools will become active.

  • How can I reduce the size of a pdf file for emailing?

    I want to send a pdf file which is 8 mb, it has bounced in an email because it is too big, how can I reduce the size of the pdf file for emailing?

    Sometimes a simple "Save As" will reduce the file size slightly, but probably not enough to pass the <8 mb threshold of your recipient, as you need.
    You've probably seen it, try the next option in the Save As menu, "Reduced Size PDF," and make it compatible with the latest version possible, again considering the recipient. This suggestion assumes Acrobat X. You don't say which version you're using, but this tool was available at least going back to Version 8, but in a different place, you'll have to hunt.
    If all that doesn't work, you could remove some images from the source document, which also will reduce the overall size.
    Best luck.

  • How to transfer a mac document into a pdf file to open on a microsoft computer.

    how to transfer a mac document into a pdf file to open on a microsoft computer.

    Choose to print it, click on PDF, and then Save as PDF.

  • How do I move folders with subfolders (containing pdf files) from my pc to ipad 3 to use in adobe reader

    How do I move folders with subfolders (containing pdf files) from my pc to ipad 3 to use in adobe reader

    You need to connect the ipad to the computer and open itunes.
    Open the ipad and go into settings, icloud. Tap on "Documents and Data" and turn that on to sync to icloud.
    Now go back into itunes and it should pick up your ipad already and tap on the ipad connection. There will pop up some taps on the center screen for sync options. Go thru each one (summary, info, apps, music, tv shows, podcasts, itunesU, books and photos) want to click on "Books".
    To the left click the arrow next to the ipad under Devices.
    The arrow will point down and open the sub menu, click on the "Books" sub menu here. You will see in the center window current books, PDF currently on the ipad.
    Next go to the top and click on "File"  (file, edit, view, controls, store, advanced, help) and click on "add folder to library"...... it will bring up your computer file system in a seperate window. File the folder your looking for and add it. This should get the folder set up to sync onto ipad thru itunes.
    For additional ease in doing things on the middle window of itunes click back on summary, scroll a bit and you will see "Backup", click on "Backup to icloud". Then under "Options", check "Sync with this ipad over WiFi".
    This will allow you to wirelessly sync your itunes and your ipad without having the ipad connected to the computer with a cable. You just have to be on the same wireless network.
    If in itunes you add something like a pdf or photo, when your on your ipad open the Ibooks or Iphoto app and it wull update the file system to match your itunes account. The sync with with anything you do in itunes and it works the other way around also. If you save files, photos, books on the ipad, using the ipad (app store purchases, games, books)....the ipad will update to itunes next time your on the same network.
    FYI - both the ipad and the computer have to be on.
    Itunes updates (changes you make thru itunes), does not need itunes to be open for update content to update to the ipad. This is because it updates to the cloud.
    Updates from the ipad to itunes will need itunes open on the computer. So it can sync with the cloud info.

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    how to save diagramm in HTML format or PDF it

    You have two alternatives. First of all, there are many utilities, some of them free that can put a "printer" on your printer list that really writes a PDF file. The one I use is free, called CutePDF. Once you have one of these installed, saving to PDF is as simple as print the diagram, choose the printer associated with your utility, then name the file.
    I'm not sure if it is in your version of Designer, but all of the latest versions of Designer have a "publish diagram" utility. Just drop down the Utilities menu from the RON or the Design Editor. The bottom selection should be "Publish Diagrams...", which will open a dialog window. Choose the diagram(s) you want to publish, select Publish to File, enter a file name, and select a graphics format from PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP or TIFF. You can easily add the file to an HTML page inside an &lt;IMG&gt; tag.

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