How to save Fillable PDF form created in XI - So Acrobat Reader can fill out and send back

Hi, Im extremely hopeful someone can help me with this question, Ive had extreme luck with this question site, you have all been amazing.
I have created a fillable form in Adobe Acrobat XI and I have saved my work and Im ready to send the form to my client.
I have been told that I need to save my file in a manner that the general public that does not have Acrobat XI, and mainly has acrobat reader, will be able to open, fill my form out, and send back to me completed.
How do I do this.
Ive run a couple tests with coworker and its not allowing the saving of the information that she filled out.
Does anyone know how I need to save and distribute this form so I get it back filled out from my clients? that probably have only reader?
thanks in advance for your help.

I think I figured this out???? My pdf tester has gone to bed, so hopefully I will know by morning if this is my solution......
Open the PDF in Acrobat XI (the form you have saved that is ready to be filled out to whoever you distribute the form to).
Choose Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader (Acrobat 8/9) (if you have XI do not do this step, but do step 4 for XI)
File > Save As >Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features (Acrobat X) (Its actually not in save as, but in save as other)
Save the PDF using a different file name, you will be using this new file to be the file you will distribute.
When you now open the PDF in Adobe Reader you will be able to fill the form and save the data and then send it back to the author that is requesting the form to be filled out.

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    To do what Dave indicated you need to do, it depends on what version of Acrobat you have:
    Acrobat 8: Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader
    Acrobat 9: Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader
    Acrobat 10: File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features
    Acrobat 11: File > Save as Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (includes form fill-in & save)
    I wonder what it will be next time?

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    It happens automatically. You don't need any code to trigger it.

  • How do I convert a pdf file to a word document so I can fill out a form

    hhow do I covert a pdf file into a word document so I can fill out a form

    If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro all you have to do is open up your document and at the top left click on File and then click on Save as Other and then click on the first option Microsoft Word.

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    I hope its not preview.

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    I aware of that; I created the forms to be saved, completed and submitted
    using Adobe Pro in the faculty lab.  I then had the school put Adobe Pro on
    my computer to tweak the forms when I needed.  However on testing forms now
    on my computer, I can not fill out and SAVE the information to submit when
    completed.  Perhaps my Adobe Pro is corrupted and needs to be
    re-installed?  If I go to another Mac computer and use the same created PDF
    forms, complete them, save them, I am able to submit the completed form and
    the information can be seen.  I cannot now do this on my Mac now that I
    have installed this Adobe Pro.
    *Professor Carol HirshHealth and KinesiologyA-1134512-223-6023Fax:
    512-223-6709Austin Community CollegeRiverside Campus1020 Grove Blvd.
    Austin, TX  78741 *

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    I had a 40 pages pdf document ...which i divided into 8 parts and converted each of these 8 documents into fillable pdf forms using Life Cycle Designer...
    Now How can I merge these 8 files together.?
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    Bernd Alheit wrote:
    how to create an portfolio?
    In Adobe Acrobat use File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files...
    Won't work with files created in Designer. You'll just get the same error as the OP.
    A PDF package is the only option available for Designer forms.
    (although you WILL get that option after you let "create from multiple documents" fail.)

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    Is there a way to save in PDF form from View Responses withouth including blank fields? More specifically, my form has several fields that have action (Show/hide) depending on the values. Once form is submitted and I am reviewing it from View Response tab, I use "save as PDF" button to save/download my completed form, however when I open it, it shows blank fields as well. Is there a way to somehow specify not to include blanks. If there is no way it would be a nice feature to have. Please let me know.

    No, the PDF is always going to show all fields, the "Show/Hide" does not affect the PDF we generate.
    I will soon post a Form for users to submit feature requests, keep your eyes out for an announcement in the forums for it and you can submit this request.

  • How do I put a fillable form on our website so people can fill it out and send back to me

    How do I put a fillable form on our website so people can fill it out and get it back to me.

    This is a bit of a broad question, let me try to understand your needs a little better.
    Are you looking to use FormsCentral to either create your form or create the form and collect and manage the responses?  Are you looking for a web/HTML form or a PDF?
    FormsCentral allows you to create web/html forms that when they are submitted the data is sent to FormsCentral and in a Paid level subscription you can configure Email Notifications to email the results to you, they are also always available in FormsCentral to view and analyze.  For the web/HTML form you can simply add a link to the form on your website, or the web/HTML form can also be "Embedded" into your web site (there is Embed code on the Distribute tab).
    FormsCentral can also create a PDF form, the PDF can either send the responses to FormsCentral like the web form with the same options (Notifications etc), and can also be a PDF form without a "Submit" button where you can then add a Submit button of your own that would email the responses to you.  This requires having Adobe Acrobat to edit the form and add your own Submit button.
    If you do use PDF see this FAQ on PDF in the web - we do not recommend "embedding" the PDF into your web page, do not have the PDF open in the browser, the users should download the PDF and fill it out using the Free Adobe Reader:

  • Create a Doc for Filling Out and Sending On

    I'm trying to create a document for pricing quotes.
    The idea is that I (designer) create a document (writable) for a client to fill out, save (unwritable), and send to customers for price quotes.
    I've tried:
    creating text boxes - but when the document is filled out and saved, the client is still invited to change the fields (we don't want that!)
    creating signature boxes - which pulls up a lengthy and complicated signature field
    signing the document with multiple signatures - a hassle I wouldn't wish on a client
    going to the "sign" field of Adobe Reader, clicking "Add Text," and saving the document. - The save option still leaves the text editable upon reopening; the email option requires an echo account, which we're not looking for because we aren't actually creating legal documents.
    Any advice? I could really use it!George Johnson was helping before, when I hijacked Island Lady's thread (eep! sorry about that!)
    I'm using InDesign to create the document, saving into Acrobat Pro, and and/or reading in Adobe Reader (which my client will be using).
    A sample of the document is HERE

    Here are the preliminary instructions I'm sending to my client:
    Open the Document in Acrobat Reader 11.0.07
    Click on “Sign.”
    Click on “Place Signature” -or- if you’ve already done this once, click on the corresponding arrow, then click on “Change Saved Signature”
    Select “Type my signature”
    Type the word/s you would like to type in the “Enter Your Name” field (never mind that it’s not your name )
    Click “Accept”
    Drop the word/s in the text field you would like them to go in.
    Repeat until the form is filled out.
    Click “Signed. Proceed to Send”
    Click on “Save a Copy”
    Rename your document so that a copy is saved for you to email to the customer.
    Email your document using your own email program.

  • How can I open documents that I have had emailed to me to fill in and send back as it's not allowing me and I am paying for it ???

    I have had an email from work with an attachment to fill a form out, I have opened it up in adobe and paying for me to be able to fill it out and send it back I am on my I phone can anyone tell me why the document won't open please??

    Would you provide more information about what you are trying to do?
    Are you trying to open a PDF attachment on your iPad/iPhone?  What do you mean by "the document won't open"?  Do you want to know how to open a PDF attachment?  Or does the PDF document fail to open when you try?

  • How to receive fillable PDF forms from clients & be able to save them?

    Hi everyone,
    So I have been having trouble with this for a while now.
    Basically for work, my assignment was to create a PDF that could have fillable forms and a button at the bottom of the page sending to my coworkers' emails.
    How it would work:  Once a person fills out the form and presses the send button at the bottom of the PDF, it would send to my coworkers' emails and they could save the documents with the fillable data.
    Everything works except for the saving process.  Once my coworkers receive the email, they get different error messages that look like the following (and they CANNOT SAVE the PDFs... so it makes the whole idea worthless):
    Here is how the messages read:
    1) First image on the left: the box reads "Save a Blank Copy of this Form"
                                         underneath it it says "Data typed into this form will not be saved.  Adobe Reader can only save a blank copy of this form.
    2) 2nd image:  the box reads "Sending Data Files by Email"
                         underneath it says "Please note: This form contains an email submit button.  Clicking this button will email a data file containing data you type into this form.  However, the form itself will not be sent.  Remember you cannot save a completed copy of this form with Adobe Reader 9 or later.
    3)  3rd image:  reads "the file you are attempting to open contains comments or form data that are supposed to be placed on.  This document cannot be found.  It may have been moved, or deleted.  Would you like to browse to attempt to locate this document?
    So, I was wondering if there is any way around this.  Is there away to have the PDF sent back to my coworkers so they can then save the FILLABLE PDF and organize it in a folder. 
    If there isn't... then is there a way to have it send back to my coworkers and have them print out the fillable PDF and organize the PDFS coming in that way?

    Yes, you just need to Reader-enable the document, which will allow Reader to save the complete PDF form. When you set up the Submit button, choose the option that sends the complete PDF, as opposed ot just the form data (FDF, XFDF).
    To Reader-enable a document in Acrobat 10, select: File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features
    Do this as the final step when preparing the document to be sent out.

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