How to save .pdf file using office word and excel

Can someone help me how to save .pdf files using office word and excel?  I reinstalled my adobe 7.0 pro in my new pc and before I was able to do it but with my old pc.

For anything after Office 2003, you have to print to the Adobe PDF printer. If you installed AA 7 on OS newer than XP, you may have to do a workaround to get it to work. With later versions of WORD you can always use the MS plugin for creating PDFs.

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  • How to download pdf files, & Microsoft office words, Excel files PC

    I just got my 3Gs a few days ago. I am so use of getting all my pdf files, words files na excel sheet into my phones so that I can work with when I am travelling. I am using a PC and do not how to do this even though I have Document to go software that allows me to work on this files. Please help

    You would have to use Documents to go or some other Apps to store them via the internet as the iphone does not support saving files.

  • When I convert my PDF file to either Word or Excel, the result is garbage and not usable.  What am I doing wrong?

    I have converted two PDF files to both Word and Excel.  The result is garbage and unreadable.  I want to edit the content of the PDF file and thought that this was the solution.  What am I doing wrong?

    It's probably not something wrong you're doing, just the way the file was
    created. You can look under File - Properties - Description and see what
    application and PDF producer were used to generate it. My guess is it was
    not produced using Adobe software.
    At any rate, there's no a lot you can do about it, I'm afraid. You can try
    re-frying it, ie sending it to the PDF Printer to produce a new copy, and
    then exporting that to Word/Excel, but that's about it.

  • How to save pdf file in database

    Dear All,
    my application is forms 6i and database is 8i,requirement is that how to save pdf file in database and users can view through forms

    I'll apologize up front for the length of this post. I have a few database procedures I created that write a file to a BLOB column in a table as well as retrieve the BLOB from the column after it stored there. I have successfully stored many different types of binary file to the database using these procedures - including PDF files. I have not used these procedures in a Form so I can confirm that they will work, but theoretically they should work. I'm including the code for each procedure in this posting - hence the apology for the long post! :-)
    Also, since these procedures reside on the database you will need to use Forms TEXT_IO built-in package to write your file to the server before you can use these procedures to store and retrieve the file from the database.
    These procedures reads and writes a binary file to a table called "LOB_TABLE." You will need to modify the procedure to write to your table.
    -- Author :  Craig J. Butts (CJB)
    -- Name   :  load_file_to_blob.sql
    --        :  This procedure uses an Oracle Directory called "IN_FILE_LOC".  If you
    --           already have a directory defined in the database or would prefer to use
    --           a different Directory name, make sure you modify line 21 to reflect the
    --           new Directory name.
    -- ==================================================================================
    -- History
    -- DATE        WHO         DESCRIPTION
    -- 12/11/07    CJB         Created.
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE load_file_to_blob (p_filename IN VARCHAR2) IS
       out_blob    BLOB;
       in_file     BFILE;
       blob_length INTEGER;
       vErrMsg     VARCHAR2(2000);
       -- set the in_file
       in_file := BFILENAME('IN_FILE_LOC',p_filename);
       -- Get the size of the file
       dbms_lob.fileopen(in_file, dbms_lob.file_readonly);
       blob_length := dbms_lob.getlength(in_file);
       -- Insert a new Record into the tabel containing the
       -- filename specified in P_FILENAME and a LOB_LOCATOR.
       -- Return the LOB_LOCATOR and assign it to out_blob.
       INSERT INTO lob_table (filename, blobdata)
          VALUES (p_filename, EMPTY_BLOB())
          RETURNING blobdata INTO out_blob;
       -- Load the file into the database as a blob., dbms_lob.lob_readonly);, dbms_lob.lob_readwrite);
       dbms_lob.loadfromfile(out_blob, in_file, blob_length);
       -- Close handles to blob and file
       -- Confirm insert by querying the database
       -- for Lob Length information and output results
       blob_length := 0;
          SELECT dbms_lob.getlength(blobdata) into blob_length
            FROM lob_table
           WHERE filename = p_filename;
          vErrMsg := 'No data Found';
       vErrMsg := 'Successfully inserted BLOB '''||p_filename||''' of size '||blob_length||' bytes.';
    -- Author   :  Craig J. Butts (CJB)
    -- Name     :  write_blob_to_file.sql
    -- Descrip  :  This procedure takes a BLOB object from a database table and writes it
    --             to the file system
    -- ==================================================================================
    -- History
    -- DATE        WHO         DESCRIPTION
    -- 12/11/07    CJB         Created.
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE write_blob_to_file ( p_filename IN VARCHAR2 ) IS
       v_blob      BLOB;
       blob_length INTEGER;
       out_file    UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE;
       v_buffer    RAW(32767);
       chunk_size  BINARY_INTEGER := 32767;
       blob_position INTEGER := 1;
       vErrMsg     VARCHAR2(2000);
       -- Retrieve the BLOB for reading
          SELECT blobdata
            INTO v_blob
            FROM lob_table
           WHERE filename = p_filename;
          vErrMsg := 'No data found';
       -- Retrieve the SIZE of the BLOB
       blob_length := DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(v_blob);
       -- Open a handle to the location where you are going to write the blob
       -- Note:  The 'WB' parameter means "Write in Byte Mode" and is only
       --          available in the UTL_FILE pkg with Oracle 10g or later.
       --        USE 'W' instead for pre Oracle 10q databases.
       out_file := UTL_FILE.FOPEN('OUT_FILE_LOC',p_filename, 'wb', chunk_size);
       -- Write the BLOB to the file in chunks
       WHILE blob_position <= blob_length LOOP
          IF ( ( blob_position + chunk_size - 1 ) > blob_length ) THEN
             chunk_size := blob_length - blob_position + 1;
          END IF;
, chunk_size, blob_position, v_buffer );
          UTL_FILE.put_raw ( out_file, v_buffer, TRUE);
          blob_position := blob_position + chunk_size;     
       END LOOP;  
    END;Hope this helps.
    -- If my response or the response of another is helpful or answers your question please mark the response accordingly. Thanks!

  • How do I convert a pdf file to a Word or Excel document?

    How do I convert a pdf file to a Word or Excel document using the Adobe software?

    There are a few ways to export your PDF file to Word or Excel files.
    Using Web UI:
    Log into with your Adobe ID and password
    Select “Export from PDF”
    Click “Select Files” button then choose your PDF file
    Select the format from the list below
    Check ON “Recognized text in” if your PDF file is scanned images to recognize the image to text
    Click “Export” button
    Click “Download” button in the progress bar after completion of exporting to download the file to your computer.
    Using Adobe Reader:
    Launch Adobe Reader X or Reader XI
    Select “Tools” and click “Sign In” link to sign in with your Adobe ID and password
    Select “Export PDF” then click “Select PDF file” link
    Select format from “Convert To”
    Click “Convert”
    Click “Download Converted File” link to download the file to your computer after the process is completed.
    Download Files:
    All exported files are stored at and you can login with your Adobe ID and password.
    Or at Web UI you can click “FILES” next to “TOOLS” at top or click “View All files” in the file list of “Export from PDF” tool( or “Convert to PDF” or “Combine Files” tools for PDF Pack users) that will redirect you to the above site(
    From Reader you can click “Store Files” under “Tools” and click the link of “Open Files”

  • How do I get a print to pdf file option from Word and PP?

    I have windows vista. How do I get a print to pdf file option from Word and PP?

    Do you own Acrobat? If so what version? If not what version of Word and PP do you have? Newer versions contain non-Adobe software for creating pdfs. If you do not own Acrobat that it would be best to check in a Microsoft forum on how to use Word to create pdfs.

  • How to read pdf file using file adapter

        How to read pdf file using file adapter?

    This may help you

  • How to print PDF files using java print API

    I was goign throw lot of discusion and reading lot of forums related to print pdf files using java api. but nothing seems to be working for me. Can any one tell me how to print pdf files using java api.
    Thanks in advance

    Can't seem to get hold of the example described in your reply below. If you could let us have the URL to get then it would be great.
    My GUI application creates a pdf document which I need to print. I want to achieve this using the standard Java class PrinterJob (no 3rd party APIs I'm afraid, commercial restraints etc ..). I had a stab at it using the following code. When executed I get the pretty printer dialog then when I click ok to print, nothing happens!
    boolean showPrintDialog=true;
    PrinterJob printJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob ();
    printJob.setJobName ("Contract.pdf");
    try {
    if (showPrintDialog) {
    if (printJob.printDialog()) {
    printJob.print ();
    } catch (Exception PrintException) {
    Thank you and a happy new year.

  • How to print Pdf files using Adobe Reader

    How to print Pdf files using Adobe Reader

    Open the PDF file with File > Open... in Adobe Reader and print it with File > Print

  • After I installed the recent Apple security patch, I can no longer save PDFs when using Safari. And Firefox no longer can open website PDFs. Any suggestions?

    After I installed the recent Apple security patch, I can no longer save PDFs when using Safari. And Firefox no longer can open website PDFs. Any suggestions?

    Dansyacht wrote:
    If the previous Safari suggestion doesn't work try the following:
    In Finder, go to Macintosh HD/Library/Internet Plug-ins and move AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin to the Disabled Plug-ins Folder.  Restart Safari.  If this works you may just want to delete that FUBAR plug-in.
    Thanks.  This was the solution for me.
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  • Using MS Word and Excel on Ipad Air

    I use MS Word and Excel 2010 on my PC and I work from home copying data (copy and paste) from an internet web site into these programs. I have ordered an iPad Air and want to go to the internet with it when I'm away and copy formatted data from a web page into a program on my iPad, then put these files (one a text file in Word and one a data file in columns in Excel in idrop box where they will stay until I get back home and copy them to my PC in Word and Excel. Can I do this? How?

    Thank you, that looks like the answer, now all I need to know is if the iPad will allow me to cut and paste.
    The web site I use is an online newspaper that I get information for mailing advertising. I sign in and go to text files and data lists and from there I open the office program and select, copy and paste. The Excel workbook page accepts the paste of the columns data exactly as they appear on the web page. Also the text section allows me to select just what text I need, then copy and paste into Word. They are not large files. I can fine tune the data later on my PC Office 2010 when I retrieve it from Drop Box.
    Up to now I have been doing it from my PC Office 2007 laptop when I'm away and it works fine and put them in Drop Box. Now I want to use an iPad, as my laptop is heavy and the battery is dead. I also plan on using iCloud. The apple world is all very new to me.

  • Will I be able to create fillable pdf forms from existing word and excel documents?

    Will I be able to create fillable pdf forms from existing word and excel documents?

    Yes you can. You may visit this link to check the workflow:
    Ajlan Huda.

  • Will Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) work on OS 10.9.2 aka Mavericks?

    Will Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) work on OS 10.9.2 aka Mavericks?

    Did you restart after updating?
    Have you tested in a new User to see if you have the same problems?
    If you want to do a complete removal and re-install see:
    Office for Mac 2011: Remove Office
    Did you delete duplicate fonts installed by Office 2011? This is often a source for crashes.
    See Font Management for  help:

  • How to update pdf file using adobe exportpdf

    can you update a pdf if you only have the export pdf product?  thx

    Hi canusbau
    You Cannot Edit a PDF File Using Export PDF. You can Convert PDF into other formats using this Service,
    Though You can Convert it to Word or any Other format, Make Changes in the Document and then Use MS Office Save as Adobe PDF option to Create PDF again.

  • How to remove a hidden text in pdf file with Acrobat Pro 9. How to save pdf file and remove hidden text?

    I made this file in indesign, the highlited empty spaces indicates that their is a hidden text and it pop up when searching for some words in pdf file. so how can I save pdf file to keep only the seen text ???

    Dear lrosenth,
    I went through some codes/suggestions in internet and I found that I need to have cmap file and cid font file for the respective font since pdf doesn't support unicode fonts directly.
    Can you help me to know where can I get cmap file and cid font file for tamil language font Latha(TrueType) microsoft font.

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    Hi All, I have made some testing while creating namespaces in Integration Directory. Now I want to delete the unwanted namespaces. Please help me in doing so. Regards, Soorya

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    For a couple of years, I have been experiencing a pesky problem with the Select File window.  Whenever I go to insert an image or update the path to an image on an dynamic page (.asp) , the Select File window opens up and looks really strange. The Fi

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    Today I installed Robohelp 7 onto a test machine and converted our Word help file. Everything LOOKS like it should be going fine and dandy. Obviously that isn't the case, or I wouldn't be posting here. We generate two help files - a WinHelp 2000 and

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    Hi I have just purchased Premiere Pro CC 2014 as a single app and am trying to find how to get the option to show Premiere Pro CS6 so I can install that to get Encore Installed. I have followed the online docs on how to do this but can not see an opt