How to search for files using wildcards * and ?.

Hi All,
I've been searching the forum for a couple of hours now and have been unable to find a good example of how to search a directory (Windows OS) for a file using wildcards * and/or ?. Does anyone out there have a good example that they can share with me?

Hi All,
First of all I want to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to my question. All of your responses where greatly appreciated.
I took the example code that was posted by rkconner, thanks rkconner, and modified it to allow me to search for files in a directory that contain * and/or ?. Yes, I said and/or! Meaning that you can use them both in the same file name, example: r??d*.t* would find readme.txt.
I've posed my complete and thoroughly document code below. I hope it is very helpful to other as I have searched many forums and spent many hours today trying to resolve this problem.
* File Name:
* Date: Jan 9, 2004
* This class will search all files in a directory using the
* asterisk (*) and/or question mark (?) as wildcards which may be
* used together in the same file name.  A File [] is returned containing
* an array of all files found that match the wildcard specifications.
* Command line example:
* c:\>java WildcardSearch c:\windows s??t*.ini
* New sWild: s.{1}.{1}t.*.ini
* system.ini
* Command line break down: Java Program = java WildcardSearch
*                          Search Directory (arg[0]) = C:\Windows
*                          Files To Search (arg[1]) = s??t*.ini
* Note:  Some commands will not work from the command line for arg[1]
*        such as *.*, however, this will work if you if it is passed
*        within Java (hard coded)
* @author kmportner
public class WildcardSearch
     private static String sWild = "";
      * @param args - arg[0] = directory to search, arg[1] = wildcard name
     public static void main(String[] args)
          String sExtDir = args[0]; // directory to search
          sWild = args[1];   // wild card to use - example: s??t*.ini
          sWild = replaceWildcards(sWild);
          System.out.println("New sWild: " + sWild);
          File fileDir = new File(sExtDir);
          File[] arrFile = fileDir.listFiles(new FilenameFilter()
               public boolean accept(File dir, String name)
                    return (name.toLowerCase().matches(sWild));
          for (int i = 0; i < arrFile.length; ++i)
     }     // end main
     * Checks for * and ? in the wildcard variable and replaces them correct
     * pattern characters.
     * @param wild - Wildcard name containing * and ?
     * @return - String containing modified wildcard name
     private static String replaceWildcards(String wild)
          StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
          char [] chars = wild.toCharArray();
          for (int i = 0; i < chars.length; ++i)
               if (chars[i] == '*')
               else if (chars[i] == '?')
          return buffer.toString();
     }     // end replaceWildcards method
}     // end class

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    There is no simple, one-shot solution from within FrameMaker. The Wildcard option does not give you a full-fledged regular expression search engine, although that would be nice. The official explanation of wildcard character options is here: .html
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         public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException
              //reads the user input
              BufferedReader userInput;
                        userInput = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
                        String s = userInput.readLine();
                        //quits the system               
                        //if user does not key in anything, prompt msg appear
                        else if(s.equals(""))
                             System.out.println("Command Syntax: java ListFiles <filename>");
                             System.out.println("<filename> - The full name of a file and extension (i.e., test.txt)");
                        else if(userInput != null)
                             String t = "c:";
                             File f = new File(t);
                             String[] files = f.list();
                             char[] qwet;
                             boolean test = false;
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                                       test = true;
                             //if file does not exist
                             if(test == false)
                                  System.out.println("File Not Found");

    well, i think the best solution would be make a recursive search through the directory tree. I don't know if you are familiar to this, but the functions that searches for the file would look like this:
    public String searchFile(String name) {
      File[] roots = File.listRoots();   // List all file roots (in windows the different units, c:, d:, etc.)
      for (int i = 0 ; i < roots.length() ; i++) {
        String aux = recursiveSearch(roots, name);
    if (aux != null) {   // If the "recursiveSearch" returns something different than null is that the file is founded, so we return the path.
    return aux;
    return null; // If we get there nothing has been found
    private String recursiveSearch(File f, String name) {   // f is the directory to search for the file with name "name"
    File[] childs = f.listFiles();
    for (int i = 0 ;i < childs.length ; i++) {
    if (childs[i].isDirectory()) {  // If that is a directory we search inside
    String aux = recursiveSearch(childs[i], name);
    if (aux != null) {   // We have found it inside this directory
    return aux;
    } else {  // Is a regular file
    if (name.compareTo(childs[i].getName()) == 0) {   // If the file is what we want we return his path
    return childs[i].getCanonicalPath();
    // If we get here is because the file is not inside the directory or any subdirectory on it
    return null;
    You should just call the function searchFile(name) with the name of the file you want to search. If it finds one with this name it will return his absolute path, and if he doesn't the desired file he will return null.
    If you don't understand anything just ask.
    (Note: i have not tested this code, so can be some mistakes, but it think it is almost correct. mmmhh don't now why, but [ & ] appear in my code as < & >. Just replace them.).
    Hope that helps.

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    Also you can use an OUTPUT clause ( need to modify your DML operations)
    create table itest ( i int identity not null primary key, j int not null unique )
    create table #new ( i int not null, j int not null)
    insert into itest (j)
    output inserted.i, inserted.j into #new
    select o.object_id from sys.objects as o
    select * from #new
    drop table #new, itest;
    The example below shows code that uses OUTPUT clause in UPDATE and DELETE statements to insert rows into an audit table.
    create table t ( i int not null );
    create table t_audit ( old_i int not null, new_i int null );
    insert into t (i) values( 1 );
    insert into t (i) values( 2 );
    update t
       set i  = i + 1
    output deleted.i, inserted.i into t_audit
     where i = 1;
    delete from t
    output deleted.i, NULL into t_audit
     where i = 2;
    select * from t;
    select * from t_audit;
    drop table t, t_audit;
    Best Regards,Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP,
    MS SQL optimization: MS SQL Development and Optimization
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    Remote DBA Services:
    Improves MS SQL Database Performance
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    There's an open source utility called zgrep. You can probably get it from .
    Roger S.

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    You can enable the Finder to include System files in its search
    In a Finder finder window select Kind then Other… locate System files in the list and click the checkbox.

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    I am trying to get an array of all instances in a process so I can get some the data and use it to populate some dropdowns. I am using a custom, AJAX-enabled JSF presentation to call a server-side-no method in my component model. My code looks like this:
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    Fuego.Papi.ClientProcessService cps = new Fuego.Papi.ClientProcessService();
    Fuego.Papi.InstanceFilter filter = new Fuego.Papi.InstanceFilter();
    filter.searchScope = SearchScope(ParticipantScope.ALL, StatusScope.ALL);
    filter.addAttributeTo("projVar", Comparison.IS, "projValue");
    things = cps.getInstancesByFilter(filter);
    foreach (thing in things){
         logMessage("Thing - " + thing.activityName + ".", "INFO");
    I think the code is failing at line filter.create(cps), but I can't be sure. When I launch the screenflow, I am presented with an error about invalid arguments for method signature [nameOfMethod]. I can't debug the method either because of this error.
    If I remove everything south of cps.connect();, I can loop through the project vars defined in the process. I am using a ClientProcessService because I want to use the existing session from the workspace to get this data. Any thoughts?

    I think you're just missing the processId in your logic ("/OrderEntry" in the logic below). Your use of "projValue" won't work unless you're looking for the hard coded string "projValue".
    // Create objects used by the filter that searches the engine
    ClientBusinessProcess cbp;
    InstanceFilter instF;
    // Connect to the process that is currently running.
    // In this example, the process name is "Order Entry"
    // (no space characters).
    cbp.connectTo(processId : "/OrderEntry");
    // create the filter
    instF.create(processService : cbp.processService);
    // filter based on instances done by ALL participants in any
    //   activity between the Begin and End activities
    instF.searchScope = SearchScope(participantScope : ParticipantScope.ALL, statusScope : StatusScope.ONLY_INPROCESS);
    // Get the orders with a order status of "Rejected"
    instF.addAttributeTo("projjVar", Comparison.IS, "Rejected");
    . . .Dan
    orderCount = length (getInstancesByFilter(cbp, instF))
    return orderCount

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    now do some xl sheet stuff or Vlookup  those material which are not come in EINA table are the material for which  Info record is not maintain

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    Is there a way to search for files using more than one keyword on the search field?

    Use the Find command (menu Edit) and in criteria at the right side is a plus sign to add another criteria and set it to your custom wishes.
    make a choice in results and you should be OK

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