How to set up the communication channel for third party idoc

I am trying to send an idoc from an sap 4.6c system to an third party system. The third party system is supporting idcos with trfc.
My problem is to set up the communication channel in the integration builder (configuration) for the third party system. The idoc is waitung in XI to transport.
My settings are:
adapter type: idoc
transport protocol: idoc
message protocol: idoc
adapter engine: integration engine
rfc destination: xyz (is working fine)
interface version: sap release 4.0 or higher
port: ??
sap release 46c
My problem is the port. should i set up a port in idx1? But the third party is not an sap system and so i dont have a client.
On the xi i have defined a port in transaction we21 (transactional rfc) for the third party with my rfc destination xyz. But if i enter that port in communication channel i got error messages.
Thanks for any help.

Hi Christian,
yes, you have to mainztain that port in idx1.
First ypi load the rfc-metadata from an SAP referenzsystem and afterwards copy this metadata to the third party port.
For further details check the onlinedocumentation "IDoc Processing with the IDoc Adapter" XI -> runtime -> adapter
Good luck,

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  • Sender Communication Channel for Integration Scenario IDoc - XI - IDoc?

    Hello All,
    One general question. I have to configure an IDoc - XI - IDoc Scenario. For this Scenario I have to configure an Receiver Communication Channel (IDoc Adapter) to the Backend System but what about Sending Communication Channel for the Sending R/3 system.
    Is the (IDoc) Communication Channel from Sending system to XI required to configured?
    Many thanks in advanced!

    Hi Jochen,
    for sending IDOCs from SAP to XI, sender IDOC adapter is not required. when XI will send the IDOC to a SAP system, then receiver IDOC adapter is needed.
    Rajeev Gupta

  • How can i get different Condition Type for third-party Purchase Order?

    Hi, experts,
    for standard PO my Schema works well. now I want to get a different condition type for third-party purchase order. I try to extend field catalog (Pricing Purchasing). The Field PSTYP exists already. However, it is not provided in the field catalog.
    How could i do?

    Hi Rene,
      If you are seeing fields in the field catalog but are not seeing this field when creating the condition table then the field  probably does not exist in the KOMG structure for allowed fields for condition structures. KOMG  represents the total of KOMK and KOMP which are the pricing communication structures. If your field is not there then you need to append it to item data in INCLUDE KOMPAZ in KOMP since this is an item level field. If it were a header level field you would append it to include KOMKAZ in KOMK.  The inclusion of new fields in KOMK or KOMP automatically means that they are also included in KOMG.
    After doing this you will see the field when creating a table. There is further documentation on this process in the IMG under SPRO-> Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Conditions-> Define Price determination Process -> System Enhancements  - View the documentation associated to this node in the IMG
    Hope this helps,

  • What are the key questions for third party order process?

    hi all,
    what type of questions can i receive for third party order process?
    pls.. do the needful
    thanks to all.

    Hi arun,
    Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales
    Customize the third party sales in summary:
    1. Create Vendor XK01
    2. Create Material – Material Type as "Trading Goods". Item category group as "BANS".
    3. Assign Item Category TAS to Order type that you are going to use.
    4. A sale order is created and when saved a PR is generated at the background 
    5. With reference to SO a PO is created (ME21N). The company raises PO to the vendor.
    6. Vendor delivers the goods and raises bill to company. MM receives the invoice MIRO 
    7. Goods receipt MIGO 
    8. Goods issue
    9. The item cat TAS or Schedule line cat CS is not relevant for delivery which is evident from the config and,   therefore, there is no delivery process attached in the whole process of Third party sales.
    10. Billing     
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create Sales Order
          Order Type
          Sales org, distr chnl, div
          Sold to
          PO #
    SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created with a third party sales order
          Order Number
          Goto Item Overview
          Item ->Schedule Item
    SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created
          Key in the PR number
    SD -  3rd party sales order Assign the PR to the vendor and create PO
          Key in the PR number
          Toggle the "Assigned Purchase Requisition"
          Check the box next to the material
          Assign Automatically button
          Click on "Assignments" button
          Click on "Process assignment"
          The "Process Assignment Create PO" box , enter
          Drag the PR and drop in the shopping basket
    SD -  3rd party sales order Receive Goods
          PO Number
          DN Number
          Batch tab , click on classification
          Serial Numbers tab
          Date of Production
          Flag Item OK
          Check, just in case
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create Invoice
          Invoice Date
          Look for the PO , state the vendor and the Material
          Check the box
          Clilck on "Copy"
          Purchase Order Number (bottom half of the screen)
          State the baseline date
          Simulate & Post
          Invoice Number
          *Invoice blocked due to date variance
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create a delivery order
          In the order screen , go to the menu Sales Document , select "Deliver"
          Go to "picking" tab
          State the qty and save
    SD -  3rd party sales order Create a billing document
          Ensure that the delivery document is correct in the
          Go to edit -> Log
    Pl. be clear on this process.
    Also understand how migo and miro are handled.
    The item categories used.
    How the company knows of the shipment of goods to the customer.
    How returns are handled.
    Hope it helps. Please reward if useful.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

  • Distribution channel for third party sales

    Hello Gurus,
    May I know what is the distribution channel or type of it I should or could use for third party sales order creation?
    I have configured the ITC etc but not sure the distribution channel to use from the standard SAP provided ones.
    Or I can use any without affecting the process?

    You can use any without affecting the process.
    3rd party process is controlled by - item cat. group, item category, schedule line cat., etc.
    At some places, separate order type or dist ch are used only for Reporting purpose.

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    Searched forum - hope I didn't miss solution for the following:
    Using PE3 in Windows XPSP3
    Tried for the first time to add narration to a project. Was using a stereo/microphone headset. Got nothing but noise. Could record in Windows recorder and Audacity. However, the microphone as part of the set would not work in Windows Audio Hardware Test Wizard. The set was using a sound chip on the motherboard.
    A friend of mine has the same OS, motherboard and is using PE3. He too had never tried adding narration - but tried with a USP connected set, and was successful.
    I removed my stereo set, and connected a USB set. To make sure all settings were reset, I did a cold reboot. The USB set worked in Windows Audio Test Wizard. I opened my project again, and in Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware, clicked AIIO Settings. Unchecked the old set (Realtek) in both the Output and Input Ports area, checked the USB Audio Device, moved to the top of both lists.
    Then tried to add narration and got the error message "Your current audio hardware selection does not have any input channels. Please use Preferences>Audio Hardware to correct this problem.
    Thinking that maybe this was a preset for the project and couldn't be changed, I started a new project, no video, just tried to add narration, and got the same message.
    The entries in the columns in the ASIO Direct Sound for Full Duplex Setup menu for the USB Audio Device in the Input section are: 2048, 0, 1, 16, Yes
    The only one of these that seems to be able to be adjusted is the second number - the Offset (Samples). The Audio Channels number is set to 1 and doesn't seem to be changeable. Suggestions?

    When working with Audio in most NLE's, i.e. Premiere Elements, or Pro, there are basically three areas that can affect how the Audio is handled on one's system. First, there is the Sound settings in Windows (from Control Panel). Next, the Audio card/chip probably/possibly has a console to make settings at the card/chip level. Last, and these are really two locations, but I'm only counting them as one since they are both in the NLE - Edit>Preferences>Audio & Audio Hardware. This is where Steve is referring to. Check all settings, and I'd suggest doing so in the order that I listed them above: OS, Audio card, then Premiere. A Mute, or by-pass in the first two, can override the settings in Premiere, and you may have its setting correct, but still not be able to effectively use your hardware.
    The exact settings chosen will depend on the exact hardware that is properly installed. Without knowing all of your hardware and other settings elsewhere, one cannot give you a definitive answer. Ideally, in the settings drop-downs, you *should* see your hardware listed. Look closely, as these can be a bit cryptic.
    If you are still unable to get your hardware working properly, a fourth place to look would be Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager for your Audio hardware. Check that Device Manager sees your hardware, and that it is working properly.
    If all is set up properly, but still not working, report back with exact specs on your system, including all of your Audio hardware. There are possibly some more steps that can be taken. I will not mention them now, as they *should not* be needed. If you do need further assistance, please list every option in all of the drop-down lists from Premiere, so we can know what your choices are.
    Good luck,

  • How to set up the inspection plan for the material in super BOM

    how to get the accurate inspection plan of the IQC for the material which was class item in a super BOM?
    I've gotten the characteristic value from the sales order, and get the PO after MPR. The problem is how to specify the target value and the range of inspection characteristic in inspection plan, because the value is temporary?

    I think you need to create MIC which linked with the configuration characteristic, and specify "inspection by configuration" for the inspection type.
    then the configuration value in the sales order can be transfered to the inspection lot when production released or goods receipts if you use inspection type 03 or 04. that means the value range for the MIC will be determined dynamically for each sales order.
    Regards, Winnie

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    12 iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    Was MSN working before you set up the router? I don't see why it would be the router. I've never seen problems. Do you have a firewall turned on?

  • Sender communication channel for  HTTP and IDOC

    Why the sender communication channel is not necessary for HTTP and IDOC

    Because they lie on ABAP stack ie on Integration that they can process directly but other adapter lies on Adapter engine.

  • Modifying the init-params for third-party handler without redployment?

    I have a custom handler used for authentication as a third-party jar file. This handler has some of the init-params which are configured in web-services.xml deployment descriptor. Typically these init-params change from one test environment to another. So user can change these parameters, but for every change I would need to redploy the application in each environement.
    Is it possible to change these init-params dynamically once application is deployed? I would like to change it after my EAR file containing webservice is deployed and before a webservice invocation is made by the client.
    Any help/guidance will be much appriciated...

    Duplicate post please do not respond to it. thanks.

  • Hi all.. what is the item category for third party returns

    Please also include a brief about third party returns procedure

    In third-party order processing, your company does not deliver the items requested by a customer. Instead, you pass the order along to a third-party vendor who then ships the goods directly to the customer and bills you. The standard sales order automatically creates a purchase requisition for the materials to be delivered by the third-party vendor.
    In this scenario, the vendor sends a shipping notification. The incoming invoice from the vendor updates the billing quantity, so that the customer-billing document is only possible after entering the invoice from the vendor.
    <b>If the customer does not accept</b> the delivered goods from the third party vendor, the customer disposes of the goods. A credit memo is issued to the customer reversing the revenue and cost of goods sold. Then a MM credit memo is created for the third party vendor. A statistical goods receipt reversal is performed for the goods in order to close out the original purchase order. The vendor credit memo may initially be blocked for payment, if previous agreement for this with vendor exists.
    And REN would be returns item category. But you can always have your own cutomized item category if there are any special requirments from the business.
    Hope it helps. Please reward if useful.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

  • How can I force the close of a third party ActiveX server.

    We have a third party ActiveX executable that refuses to shut itself down once in a while. And when I say once in a while, I mean one out of every 20-30 times it's attempted. All termination commands are being sent and recieved properly, and all refnums are being closed. No errors are ever generated, all operations report successful, but the thing just won't die. Problem is of course, that if we attempt to restart our software after the ActiveX app fails to terminate, it generates server execution errors when trying to open a new instance. We are not expecting a speedy resolution from the third party, but it is becoming a great inconvenience for our customers. I would like to be able to kill the process thro
    ugh the OS as a last resort. Problem is, to do that I need a ProcID. Is there any way to retrieve a ProcID for the ActiveX server through LabVIEW? Alternatives and suggestions are welcome.

    Hello codeman,
    Thank you for your inquiry regarding closing a third party ActiveX server. It sounds like the third party application is having trouble closing. There are several Windows Utility VIs available that could help in this case. One of the Utility VIs is called Get Window Refnum and should return an instance of a Windows window. The following links are great resources when dealing with this issue.​F34CBB76E852563FC007AEFC7?OpenDocument​ay_epd4?p_guid=B45EACE3EF4556A4E034080020E74861&p_​node=DZ53008&p_submitted=&p_rank=&p_answer=&p_sour​ce=External
    Other responses similar to these can be found on the website by clicking the support tab at the top
    of the home page. Then search for �refnum instances� from Technical Resources at the top of the page or topics similar to this. I hope these resources help. Let me know if I can further assist you.
    Shea C.
    Applications Engineering

  • How to create Credit or Debit Memo for Third party orders

    Dear All,
    Is it possible to create Credit or Debit Memo for the Third party Orders.
    Is there any standard procedure to do that?
    Kindly explain.

      What is the scenario, why you want to create Cr/ Dr memo?
    Any credit / Debits memo to the Customer, SAP have provided the standard functionality which can be used across the different types of sales.
    - but if you are looking for issue Credit / Debit memo to the vendor which can be done using Tx: FB60
    Reazuddin MD

  • NI9203 - Need to know how to set up the FPGA code for multiple NI9203 modules and how to calibrate the data

    Hi. I'm using the NI9203 module to detect pressure, temerature and flow rate of water in a cooling system. I have 17 different inputs coming in therefore i'm using 3 NI9203 modules. I've used the example provided with labview as a base for designing my code. The example can be found here : Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.0\examples\CompactRIO\Module Specific\NI 9203.
    I've had no problems when testing this code out for a single NI9203 module but when i add code for 3 modules the code will not compile as my resources are over mapped. Is there a simpler way to program the FPGA code.
    That said how do you go about calibrating the data that's received from the module. Preferably i'd like to write a vi to do the calibrating. Just need help on how to go about writing this vi

    Hi havok,
    Firstly, I would use constants to configure the modules, it'll save some resources on the FPGA.  I'm not typically changing the settings on the fly, so using constants whenever possible helps.  I would also take a look at the following KnowledgeBase article on other changes you can make to the FPGA VI to compile the code:
    The best changes you can make are to use fewer arrays and front panel elements.  This can be done by using a DMA FIFO or constants on the block diagram. 
    Now actually calibrating the data will require you to do it on the host side.  There is an example VI called Binary to Nominal that changes the raw data to something more useful for datalogging, display, etc.  It can be found in some of the example VIs, or in the following link: 

Maybe you are looking for

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