How to snap to grid in Keynote 6?

How do I enable snap to grid in Keynote 6.0?
From the Keynote 09 manual (the most recent manual I could find):
To turn on master gridlines:
1 Choose Keynote > Preferences, and then click Rulers.
2 Select either or both of the horizontal and vertical Master Gridlines checkboxes.
(...etc) The check boxes mentioned under step 2 are no longer there. How does this work now?

Thanks, but I see no grid option or equivalent. I see a way to align objects to each other, and to some manually placed guides, but no grid.
In Keynote '09, I had set up the grid at 10 pixel increments. I deliberately did not align objects to each other, because there are so many objects on a slide, some of which may be off-grid. This grid setting seems to have been lost when upgrading from '09 to 6.0, and I must now rely on more accurate eye-hand coordination.

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    In Garageband there's an option to "snap to grid lines" which means that when you click on the grid it will automatically snap the playhead to one of the lines, so it's always on a perfects beat. Does this option exist in Logic Pro 9? How do I turn it on? Thanks!

    Left Click and Hold on the Ruler Bar and then move your pointer left or right and it will snap to the Bar
    Or.. even simpler is to use the comma and period keys on your keyboard to move the playhead forwards and backwards by exactly one bar, snapping to the bar.

  • How to make my own grid and perform a "snap to grid" effect?

    Hi! I am a newbie in flash and I am trying to create a puzzle like game (a chinese puzzle game called tangram). I am wondering what kind of functions should I use to create a "triangular" grid i.e. something similar to this ? What should I do to make the movie clips to perform the "snap to grid" effect to this grid?I have tried to draw my own grid and used the "cacheAsBitmap" function to implent it, however it doesnt seems to be working. Is there any suggestions or tutorials to this problem? Thank you very much.

    Well, the project you are taking is not a simple one. It requires quite an experience with AS3. It is not a few lines of code but an understanding of Flash display list model and how objects can interact. In addition, there is no a single solution but rather wide array of possible approaches depending on use case.
    To illustrate, the code below draws a mesh that replicates the image in your first post. Do you think that this is enough from the standpoint of your AS3 knowledge to get you started?
    This code needs Flash 10:
    var side:Number = 400;
    var s:Sprite = new Sprite();
    var g:Graphics =;
         Vector.<Number>([     0, 0, side * .5, 0, side, 0,
         side * .25, side * .25, side * .75, side * .25,
         0, side * .5, side * .5, side * .5, side, side * .5,
         side * .25, side * .75, side * .75, side * .75,
         0, side, side * .5, side, side, side
              0, 1, 3,
              1, 2, 4,
              0, 3, 5,
              1, 3, 6,
              5, 3, 6,
              1, 2, 4,
              1, 4, 6,
              2, 4, 7,
              6, 4, 7,
              5, 6, 8,
              5, 8, 10,
              6, 8, 11,
              10, 8, 11,
              6, 7, 9,
              6, 9, 11,
              7, 9, 12,
              9, 11, 12

  • How to make every folder in finder snap to grid

    Hi, does anyone know how to make every folder in finder snap to grid? Without having to go one by one into the view options?

    Open a folder, CMD+J, set it up as you want it, and click on the Use as Defaults button. That will set it for all unopened folders. For those previously opened and having other settings, you'll have to reapply it to each.

  • Hi.  I have Snap To Grid and By Kind enabled in Lion but it's not working.  When I trash an icon, instead of snapping the remaining icons to the By Kind grid, a space is left where the trashed icon was.  Any suggestions on how to get Snap To Grid working?

    Hi.  I have Snap To Grid and By Kind enabled in Lion but it's not working.  When I trash an icon, instead of snapping the remaining icons to the By Kind grid, a space is left where the trashed icon was.  Any suggestions on how to get Snap To Grid working?

    Where are you talking about the Desktop?
    I don't see where it is possible to set both Snap to Grid and By Kind they seem to be mutually exclusive.
    And then
    If I have Snap to grid set I get the behavior you describe. If I have By Kind set the icons stay together and close up the space from the deleted icon.

  • How do you disable snap to grid?

    This featured was listed as being added with the update to version 1.4, but I cannot find how to turn it off.  I have looked all through the app, and the separate Settings app, but I haven't been able to find the option anywhere or any updated documentation that describes where the option is.  Does anyone know where it is; maybe I am overlooking something obvious.  Thanks.

    This is the label that will be displayed in the TImeline once you are zoomed in all the way to indicate the new snap status. BTW affects also the manually moving of the Playhead.
    This is the article on Apple's website that explains the details
    To turn off "Snap to Grid," pinch-zoom to the maximum level in Tracks view or when editing notes in regions. Pinch-zoom again and "Snap to Grid off" will appear on top of the Tracks area.To turn "Snap to Grid" back on, pinch-zoom out.
    Hope that helps
    Edgar Rothermich
    'I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.'

  • How do you remove snap to grid in Garageband 10.0.2? I can't find it anywhere.

    Basically in older versions of Garageband, there used to be a setting under Control >> Snap to Grid and you could toggle it on and off. In this new version, I found that a lot of different, basic things that I knew how to do are no longer there, or are way harder to do. Snap to grid is one of those things, and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know how to turn off snap to grid?

    Choose Edit > Snap to Grid from the "Edit" menu.
    The "Snap to grid" option is not always visible. I am seeing it only, when a software instrument track is selected, the track editor window is open for that track, and  a region in the track is selected.

  • How do you turn off snap to grid in Logic Pro x

    How do you turn off snap to grid as in garageband was quite simple...
    But I don't seem to get to grips with this in logic ....
    I have options of smart ...and so on ....
    I want to be able to move eg an imported audio file to start wherever I want so not to snap to the nearest beat or bar...
    Anyone know??

    Technically you cannot turn it off, but you can choose a very fine resolution which in effect boils down to having it off: ticks. For accurately lining up audio you can use Samples (the smallest snap value, probably equates to GB's off setting?).
    I have F5 to F8 assigned to snap values bar, beat, division and tick. Very handy.
    The Frames values obviously come in handy when working to video, though there's no law agaist using it without video.
    Note that they are ordered from big to smallest.

  • How do I get icons to snap to grid?

    how do I get icons to snap to grid?

    Hi, is this on a Mac?
    One the Desktop or in a Finder Window, highlight one icon then select all, then choose Finder>View>Show View options.

  • How to implement Snap to grid in QT

    Hello everyone, I want to implement snap to grid functunality in my project. I have different entitites which are drawn on graphicsview on mouse click . Also there is grid drawn with the drawBackground method. How can I implement Snap to it. 

    This forum is only for SQL Server Reporting Services. Is your scenario related to this topic? Can you clarify your requirement?

  • How to disable folders snapping to grid on desktop

    I want to disable snap to grid of all folders, icons, jpegs, etc. on desktop. What I want is ability to move stuff around randomly.

    Right click on the desktop and click on Show view options and deselect snap to a grid.

  • How do I Snap to Grid permanently?

    Good day to you.  Something about my iMac I find (minorly) irritating, so I would like your input, please.
    Each day, I get the crossword puzzle from the New York Times.  On my iMac, these have their own folder that I keep on my Desktop.  Both during the day _&_ upon shutdown the previous night, as View I say, Snap to Grid.
    But Lo & Behold when I start-up my iMac in the morning, the files in my Crosswords folder show just a-little Out of-Place.  So _daily_ to show my Crosswords folder the way that I want, I _must_ say, Snap to Grid.  (This grows Tiresome, as-in Droll.  ZZZZ.)
    Does anyone else notice this with his or with her files in the Finder?  Please let me know if you do.  Thank you.
                        (Were I a Skeptic I would say, "This bad behavior is just a reason to Upgrade in the future, where Upgrading = More Money."  Yuck!)

    Make sure you follow the exact mapping I posted.  The actual file will be named:
    To repair permissions:  The short version:
    Go to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility and select your volume and then select Repair Permissions.
    Same directions are also in the OS Mac Help Menu.

  • Pen tool: handles snapping to grid not functioning

    Since it was not answered by the Adobe Illustrator CC staff, I'll ask again:
    I use the handles snapping to grid functionality extensively when creating icons and other detail-intensive shapes. How do I re-enable this feature, or is it necessary to revert to an older, more functional version of Illustrator?
    This is very frustrating, such a simple feature and, for no logical reason, it has been removed from Illustrator. Makes me regret updating and paying for Illustrator CC.

    there was a discussion on this when the feature was first removed. did you see it? I think a support staff member posted in it, but nothing positive...
    edit: yeah, it was just people complaining and the staff guy stating that this was indeed the case.
    Re: Have anchor points snap to grid changed?

  • Why doesn't the desktop 'snap to grid' work with Snow Leopard?

    I've recently upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard and I do a lot of work with photo folders which I keep organized on my desktop. Since upgrading the 'snap to grid' function in the view options of the desktop preferences has stopped working. For some reason the folders and files on the desktop keep snapping off the screen or on top of each other so that I cannot find them easily. I've had to turn off the 'snap to grid' and the desktop no longer looks organized and is not easy to navigate. Why is this happening? AND, how do I fix it? It seems to me the snap to grid shouldn't have gone out the window with an upgraded OS. I'm very organized and borderline OCD so this is FRUSTRATING me to no end!!!
    Anyone have any ideas?

    It's working for me in 10.6. Try moving this file in your Home Folder/Library to the trash -- don't empty it yet.
    When finished go back to the Desktop>View Options and select Snap to grid.
    If that doesn't do it, open Terminal in utilities and copy/paste this command, then hit return. Don't attempt to type it in by hand. If you make a typo or get the spaces wrong, there could be a disaster. When finished go back to the Desktop>View Options and select Snap to grid.
    rm ~/Desktop/.DS_Store

  • Can I turn off the snap-to grid?

    In the Visual Studio 2008 BIDS report designer, is there a way to turn off the snap-to grid feature?  When I'm resizing columns, the snap-to grid feature is making that process difficult.

    I tried the CTL while moving and it didn't work.
    I am using VS 2013 in VB I found from googling that the key should be "ALT" while moving.
    Not claiming you were wrong by any means, just how I solved the problem in VB making windows forms.

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